Topics regarding layoffs at Varian Medical Systems Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Varian Medical Systems Inc.

Varian is a sinking ship

The hardware might make money but Varian better drop that software with that management and all those people under them - Varian has a bad name in the industry. They have lost nearly 40% of their client base in the last 5yrs. They have tried to save... — read more 

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Varian supports sexual harassment

A coworker told me that she didn't want to conduct a peer review because I am a girl and she doesn't know how to talk to me. I told Management about this incident. They didn't do a thing about it. That woman left Varian on her own accord for another... — read more 

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OSS - the sinking ship

Man, are we ever going to be rid of Corey? How many years are going to keep dragging this bs cloud migration out before he gets the hook? It's been what 8 years now of trying to do software?

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site closures?

any news about siemens plans for 2022 and beyond? switzerland site really in discussion about move to germany completely with employees being offered relocation packages? if siemens start to shutdown sites in emea I wonder what will happen — read more 

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Varian = office full of psycho's

Varian Medical Systems: worst management, worst product, a sinking ship full of the shittiest people you will ever meet. It's like they are all on the same shitty drug that doesn't make you happy or relax it just makes you angry, argumentative and... — read more 

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