Topics regarding layoffs at Verizon Communications Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Verizon Communications Inc.

Stressful work environment

I've been here long enough to know that nothing will change for the better. Every day is terribly stressful. Not only that, but Verizon is constantly finding new ways to create an even more stressful environment for their employees. This is... —  read more 

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Hans came in in 2017, propped up this 5g house of cards, created fanfare which was smoke and mirrors, built key global, high powered contacts (blackrock and world economic forum) for himself, made $100m off the backs of shareholders and employees and... —  read more 

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The BOD Was Woke Long Ago

The Board of de generate s has been a political correct woke sinecure for the connected in crowd for more than a decade. Until this board is bounced, which will never happen because of Blackrock, the company will be stuck in the muck. The SEC needs... —  read more 

Verizon Health Insurance

I am a new employee. I have Anthem BCBS. Co-insurance and deductible are very high. This was the default picked by HR. Is there any other Plan which I should have taken? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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What a joke of a company

I have been miserable since day one and I am currently looking for any way out of this mess. The work we do on the front lines doesn’t compensate nearly enough for all that is expected of us to do. They respect us the least and pay us the least and... —  read more 


Work from home has been extended again. Stay on top of your locals, district, and national! Call them once a week until they’ve got it straight. WE WANT WORK FROM HOME to be permanent!

Tami Erwin's Net Worth

The estimated Net Worth of Tami A. Erwin is at least $13 Million dollars as of 26 April 2022. Ms. Erwin owns over 23,647 units of Verizon Communications Inc stock worth over $1,058,779 and over the last 3 years she sold VZ stock worth over... —  read more 

Change is coming

Bad Q1 results, Hans is noticeably absent, poor stock performance, job openings aren’t being filled. The Board of Directors have had enough. We’ll have a new CEO in less than 3 months.

Diversity SVP necessary?

Do you think we really needed to hire an SVP level diversity executive? I feel like there has already been a lot of attention and effort placed in this area. Felt like we had moved the needle based on all of the continued we're a top employer for... —  read more 

2023 talks

Union and Verizon are already talking extensions. This would be great as it gives the market time to bounce. Leaving right now is too expensive, look at the beating 401k and pension are taking… many who paused last offer are having regrets, and... —  read more 

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