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work from home assignment

If you were deployed and do everything in your power to not work from home like you said when you filled out the survey than you should be forced to 24 hours or let go.

Jumping Ship

I know by no means that is scientific. But just want to get an idea of people who were actually trying to get out because of the commission change. Who is looking for a way out? And why?

Anyone tapping into their 401k?

Anyone here taken a 401k distribution through Fidelity? If so, what was the process like? I'm really concerned things will spike again and more lockdowns will go into place. I'd really like to have more money stashed up just in case - and getting... —  read more 

Personal I'm glad it's a CC

I'm glad the new thing we are pushing is a CC. First its something new. Second it's not b—s— like HUM or TMP+++++with tech protect and personal cooking service. It's a CC it's simple it's useful and it's really easy for a customer to understand... —  read more 


If we’re gonna get screwed over with our pay can we at least get new uniforms instead of this awful denim on denim situation?

Verizon Credit cards

Is there an ulterior motive to us now offering credit cards, I mean other than making money on interest of course. Are we eventually going to move from DPP’s to “finance” new phones to customers having to use a Verizon credit card to purchase a phone... —  read more 

Just Offer Packages:

I mean, I know upper leadership visits this forum. Why aren’t you just offering packages to your employees? Some people cannot work in the stores, some people cannot work from home, and NOBODY — or at least very few — will move to PT roles... —  read more 

Moving on

We have got to adjust and move forward. No more complaining. It is what it is.


Anyone know how telesales will get paid going forward? What is the at risk? What’s the highest multiplier that can be hit?

Credit Cards

I am all for the “one team” changes but why the hell are there individual goals for the credit cards? Typical Verizon since day 1 that i started with this company , talking out of both sides of their mouths

Did the math.

If you step down from 40 to 32... Dependent on area base pay blah blah. You will lose 9-12k a year on top of what you already lost.... Who is gonna do that?

Facebook boycott

Why has Verizon boycotted advertising on Facebook? I can't find a real answer. Anyone have any knowledge on this?


If we transition to telesales do we see a pay cut to our hourly pay? Also what is the at risk incentive for telesales. The call they had today had limited information.

Verizon should look what happened to Circuit City

I have been through this before. Circuit City went from salesman based commission to a store commission. They sold it as it would be better for the customer.. some sh– they are feeding us now. The top sellers just stoped working as their pay went... —  read more 

Verizon Closing CC, Stores & Outsourcing

Verizon claims to be a fighter for BLM, and at the same is and has closed locations that employed minorities, and is moving those jobs to India, Philippines, and others countries. And also outsourcing many departments to Company's that pay employees... —  read more 

Open Your Eyes?

This is not a base pay increase. The “target” is BEST CASE SCENARIO meaning that if you’re decelerating, that insignificant base pay increase will be MEANINGLESS. This pay structure is massively f’d. Leadership knows it, don’t let them pull the... —  read more 

Commission Changes

With the new commission changes, is there any incentive to do well? Am I missing something?

Be Careful Changing To Part Time

I had really been thinking of going to the 32 hour schedule because depending on how much they up the hourly I may not miss that much and could make it up doing something on the side. However, did you notice in the training when you click the 40 hour... —  read more 

Retail - Touchless

For the people that are working retail, how are your regions/districts talking or implementing touch less retail. I work in the former west area and just feel that they keep pushing it. We can see the pressure the DM and GM is getting. I think that... —  read more 

Is it time to call the union?

How is this even legal? I just need solid numbers. And did you catch any movement to part time is permanent. Just offer VSP and let us go.

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Reps have one cards to play

Reps have one card to play call the u word if enough cards get signed per the nlrb all changes get paused until a contract is put into place and existing work conditions that are in place stay. At this point people are losing but loads of money and... —  read more 


Stores that are currently closed Sundays before Covid 19. How many managers did you have 1GM 2SM or 1GM 1SM 1LLS?

At risk roll call ( rep level)

I work in Pennsylvania and our at risk is $1350.00 per month. I know that hourly pay is based on demographic so someone who works in NYC makes more per hour but do we all have the same at risk ?

Solid numbers?

Does anyone have any solid details on how last years achievement will affect the base pay increase?


What person in leadership is responsible for this denim atrocity? They think it fits where we are going. Fk them, make them wear Denim every day.

Serious question for the heavy hitters

Do you really think you are going to be able to do this job going forward making 30-50% less in pay? I mean basically the expectations are still going to be there. I think VSP’s should have been offered .

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