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TRL Cancelled .....again

Out. Of. Touch. Waste of $ from the jumpoff

Two more rounds of layoffs coming

I've heard pretty consistently that two more rounds of layoffs are coming, one in May and another in July. I haven't heard any details as to who will get hit. Start using up that PTO!


quote from Bakish : source "The domestic linear TV business is not ... a substantial driver of growth going forward. We have very modest expectations there... read more

A lot of small layoffs

its called surgical layoffs -- small batches of layoffs (100 here, 50 there) -- and it will continue to happen. it avoids bad press with jaw-dropping large scale layoffs. Read this in another thread and I thought it hit the nail on the head. Not only... read more

Good Morning Bob

Team, While we had planned to share an update on our Media Networks structure during Bob Live tomorrow, in light of recent media speculation we wanted to reach out today to clarify a few points. First, I’m pleased to share with you that Sarah Levy... read more

Anybody thinks that reported number is too low?

Seriously, from what we've been hearing has been going on in various departments, does anybody actually buy the reported number of 100 employees who were laid off? Frankly, to me this sounds much more like damage control than anything else. While I... read more

100 million

As per this article .below .Viacom’s wants to save 100 million by laying off 100 people.. Let’s say those hundred made 100,000 dollars times 100 that would be 10 million.. But if you fire near 1000 people times 100,000 dollars That’s now 100 million... read more
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As for today

The date of the rumored layoffs were correct but the magnitude was over hyped. Not to limit the damage of those who were let go but the actual number was closer to 100 not 1000.

Velocity Layoffs Update

Anyone has more info about Velocity? No posts or replies to be found here. Thanks!
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Bob's Email

Team, I know there’s been a lot of news in the past week – over the last year, in fact – about change (or potential change) in this company. I think it’s important to remember that so much of this change, while not always easy, has made us stronger... read more

Is it over?

Bakish just sent out an email about today’s changes. Does that mean it’s done?


Does anybody know what kind of severance Viacom is offering to those being laid off today? There was talk about some changes being made to the severance package, so I am wondering if it is still the usual or have they managed to find a way to... read more

Digital Teams

digital teams seem to be taking hits which is especially sad because i think the company needs to strengthen its digital businesses if its to compete and evolve beyond a tv company.


About 12 people in tech that i know of at 345 has laid off and a bunch at nick web team
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Layoffs on VH1

From production and creative leadership, redundancies from MTV/VH1/Logo continuing to become one entity.
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800 Employees Laid off by Viacom

This should go to the media as nobody is covering it. The cuts seems to be massive and are hitting wide and deep - the rumor is that 800 employees got cut, it's across the departments with IT, sales and marketing carrying the heavy brunt of the hit... read more

Some info, please!

Any chance we can get some info from somebody who knows what's going on? My wife is at work right now, and she was so nervous before going in today, I hated seeing her so stressed out. I can't really call her anymore since everybody there is on edge... read more

MTV Brand Creative- Layoff count as of now

So far the layoffs for MTV/VH1 that I've heard of have been VP of Marketing and Production Operations, A Senior Director of Brand Creative, A Creative Director, and A Supervising Producer. Not to mention multiple freelance writers whose contracts... read more

Buckle up, here we go

Just heard it started, and that it will be over in a few hours. Not a first hand information, though, so take it with a grain of salt. There are a lot of rumors about how many people are getting the boot this time, so anyone having more info -... read more

Has it started?

Everybody in my department is tense but as of now, nothing has happened. Anybody knows if any layoffs took place? If they have, anybody knows what got hit the hardest? Which location or department? If they haven't, well, I guess we are in for more... read more

Will it bleed into Wednesday?

I just want them to do it already. The anxiety of not knowing if I have a job or not is so unsettling. I've had to put life plans on hold because I don't know if my income status will change or how long it will take me to find a new job. Even if I am... read more
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Play by Play

Can we get check ins today so everyone is up to date. Right now it’s 7am. I’m at the office. No sign of management or HR.

Viacom has a great culture

Regardless of what the stock market shows, Viacom is a great place for people and personality. The culture is great, we've worked for years to cultivate great people into success stories. The only caveat is that we haven't had any content in the past... read more

viacom is a great place to work

sad to hear about layoffs. viacom has some super great people. some bad apples. who doesn't? i don't thing the people in charge have the knowledge to make decisions like this. SAD!

Working with Viacom for years

I'm sad to hear that Viacom is pursuing layoffs to counteracts it's inabulity to produce viewable content. I wonder how far these will go and how many good people they plan to get rid of.

Is it just devs?

Wondering if this is just going to affect devs and then the rest will be reactionary?
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Will all Viacom Channels be hit?

Anyone know if all areas of Viacom will be hit? I’m talking besides the big 6... TV Land, Logo, NAN, CMT, VH1? Just trying to plan my week accordingly.
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