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I finally got the call, walked in the office...

I knew it a couple of months before it happened. it didn't take a genius to figure it out. A few key things were shifted away from me with no good explanation as to why, I was consulted less on things that I would have been heavily involved in... read more

Viacom Layoffs 2019

This thread is for info about potential Viacom Layoffs in 2019 or any other relevant information?

News about Velocity?

Anyone heard anything about changes for Velocity? Possible that Velocity / WhoSay / Awesomeness will merge into a single creative unit? Sean’s speech today to “not worry about which team will be working on what” has me thinking there could be some... read more
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Kevin Kay Out

The man who greenlit Spongebob gets shown the door. Who are the other "senior-level colleagues" Bob mentioned will be leaving?

How does severance "offset" payment work?

I was laid off and received severance payments where if I am earning salaries elsewhere during the severance payment period, my severance will be "offset" by my earnings. Does that mean if I earn $100 in salaries at another company, I will need to... read more

Definitely in the "stealth layoff" mode

So I see three designers were let go and I also know of three engineers that were let go and they weren't fired, it was definitely layoffs because they all got packages. I think this is the way it's going to go for a while, death by a thousand cuts... read more

Demystify the negotiations of severance packages

Advice I repeatedly hear is to “be sure to negotiate your severance”. But I imagine when you’re being told that you are getting let go, it’s probably too late to negotiate. Plus, your bargaining power has lessened since they no longer need you. I... read more

Stealthy layoffs, a few at a time?

Is it just me, or is this the latest style of Viacom layoffs? Stealthy, just a few people at a time kind of thing? We used to have regular rounds of layoffs and then be safe until the next one, but now it seems we hear about another layoff of two or... read more

Viacom severance

Anyone knows how exactly severance is calculated? There is a lot of confusion about it. Found this post in another thread, but some say it’s not accurate packages: NOT everyone gets the two part package Upper level titles get the 2 part package.The... read more

The new role of EVP of production-useful or not?

I don’t know if you noticed but Viacom has a new management position:Executive Vice President of Production. I’m usually against the piling up of expensive manager positions, but in this case I can say that we needed something like this. This... read more

Performance Reviews

Nothing written this year...AAAAANNNDDD old reviews are basically being purged. WWWHHHHYYYY?? why no paper trail Is this clean up before a merger or sale

This needed to be said!

Man, stop telling people to ignore the negativity, it's pretty hard to ignore the negativity when my department has gotten CRUSHED in the last two rounds of layoffs. Great benefits and great bonus (and that is not a guarantee) mean nothing if you're... read more

Any news?

Anyone hear of anything happening in September? LDW is coming up, which has made things oddly quiet, but almost too quiet. What departments would be affected by September's lay offs? any words....?

Layoffs at AwesomenessTV, welcome to Viacom

Looks like AwesomenessTV staff is learning what's it like to be a part of Viacom from the get go. Nearly half of the employees are being laid of (around 100 people) before the end of the year. I'm really sorry for the folks losing their jobs, but... read more

More layoffs?

With the next quarterly earnings call coming up, has anyone heard of more layoffs happening this week?

More info on latest acquisition

For those wondering why and if this acquisition was a good idea, here's a nice article that gives a pretty detailed overview of the situation: Why Viacom Bought Awesomeness on the Cheap... read more
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Hollywoods looking a little... clean

I've been noticing a few sets of desks being cleaned out and sitting unoccupied. Not sure if those people have been fired or just moved. I've seen it on a few different floors and Im not sure what departments they are all in. Anyone heard anything... read more
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Viacom buys AwesomenessTV

Who cares about layoffs, worsening working conditions and nonexistent morale when we now own AwesomenessTV!!! Because that was the one priority we should have been focusing on and spending money on out of all of these other completely irrelevant... read more

Lodge Layoffs

I hear the cashiers in the Lodge are being laid off and replaced with some kind of self-checkout system. Supposed to happen at the beginning of September.

Future looks bleak

I'm not sure what those on top think they're doing, but I don't think they know themselves anymore. To say the future looks bleak at Viacom is an understatement. Our entire business strategy makes no sense (unless the goal is to go out of business -... read more

Budget Presentation

Budget presentations are almost here Any chance layoffs could happen before then? I could see this being touted as a cost saving measure
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What Went Wrong?

How did Viacom become the weakest of the mass media companies? We've been floundering for years... With the merger looking like a non-possibility, is there really any realistic hope of a "comeback"? Is it more likely that Viacom will simply be bought... read more

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