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I find the decline of Viacom so sad

I loved working here when I first started, I worked on cool projects with super smart people, it was the first season of Jersey Shore and numbers were off the charts. Now it's like a pale shadow of what it used to be, half the smart people are gone... read more
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Any action today?

Rumor has it, were in for more rounds every day this week. But, has anyone heard or seen anything today? Its quiet in the Hollywood office so far...

Jobs being moved... Not cut

I can confirm at least 12 of these jobs are being moved to non US regions because of cheaper labor. These jobs aren't being cut nor are teams getting smaller... they're just moving.

100 is too low

Everywhere I look, the number of those who were laid off yesterday is reported at around 100. That can't be right, can it? We know how many departments and locations were hit, and none of them were only one person. Is Viacom trying to hide the actual... read more

Having trouble sleeping

Am I the only one having trouble sleeping ahead of today? I realize most of the people said yesterday was it and there will be no more layoffs at Viacom for the rest of the week, but regardless here I am in full panic mode. I guess I won't believe it... read more

Media Coverage (Viacom May 2018 Layoffs)

Variety: 100 Laid Off by Viacom Hollywood Reporter - Viacom Chops 100 Deadline - Viacom... read more
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Had a few folks let go. A couple in HR. I think it was two in CMT as well - not sure, might have been bigger.

Just talked to an SVP

She says it's all over, no spill over into Wed and Thur as some folks were predicting. I really hope she knows what she's talking about but she sounded fairly confident. Typically she shares nothing, not sure what changed things this time - maybe... read more

What about tomorrow?

Can we expect more layoffs tomorrow or will today be it? Today has been stressful enough that it would be nice to know that I can actually relax a bit at the end of the day. What were previous rounds like, anybody remembers? All in one day or spread... read more

Any layoffs outside of US?

It seems to me that once again we get to pay the price for the fact that other countries have better legal protection for workers than we do. From what I'm seeing only US employees are being affected by this round of layoffs and everybody else is... read more

Age Discrimination

Are there any indications that there is some age discrimination happening in this round of layoffs?


I know the last thing people who have been laid off want to do now is come here and answer our questions, but in case somebody is here who knows the answer I still have to ask: what kind of severance are we talking about in this round? There was talk... read more

how is it done?

how are layoffs done at viacom? is there a phone call? are you called into a meeting with your manager? they simply come to your desk and walk you out? do you get a chance to get your stuff? i'm sitting here and stressing out more than is good for my... read more

Why are we still hiring?

Good people are being shown the door today in droves, and yet the company has dozens if not hundreds of job openings right now. There are 79 open positions in New York alone!! How in the world is this okay? And before somebody says it's different... read more

May 15 layoffs

It has started... Also, anybody thinks that the lawsuit timing is awfully convenient?

Is May 15 Still Happening?

With escalating rumors that Bob will only get a seat on the Board, is there a chance all other restructure is on hold? No one seems to have heard anything.

May layoffs at Viacom

Layoffs have already been slated for mid-May prior to the announcement, that hasn't changed. May 15th is the date I've heard the most. Where did this information come from? This is the first I'm hearing about May layoffs, and trust me when I tell you... read more

Laid Off?

It's not your fault. The execs were shortsighted and did not properly play this shift in the industry landscape. We got caught naked with nothing to show - the decline will take a while abut I do not think we can recover. I'll be switching industries... read more

TRL Cancelled .....again

Out. Of. Touch. Waste of $ from the jumpoff

Two more rounds of layoffs coming

I've heard pretty consistently that two more rounds of layoffs are coming, one in May and another in July. I haven't heard any details as to who will get hit. Start using up that PTO!


quote from Bakish : source "The domestic linear TV business is not ... a substantial driver of growth going forward. We have very modest expectations there... read more

A lot of small layoffs

its called surgical layoffs -- small batches of layoffs (100 here, 50 there) -- and it will continue to happen. it avoids bad press with jaw-dropping large scale layoffs. Read this in another thread and I thought it hit the nail on the head. Not only... read more

Good Morning Bob

Team, While we had planned to share an update on our Media Networks structure during Bob Live tomorrow, in light of recent media speculation we wanted to reach out today to clarify a few points. First, I’m pleased to share with you that Sarah Levy... read more

Anybody thinks that reported number is too low?

Seriously, from what we've been hearing has been going on in various departments, does anybody actually buy the reported number of 100 employees who were laid off? Frankly, to me this sounds much more like damage control than anything else. While I... read more

100 million

As per this article .below .Viacom’s wants to save 100 million by laying off 100 people.. Let’s say those hundred made 100,000 dollars times 100 that would be 10 million.. But if you fire near 1000 people times 100,000 dollars That’s now 100 million... read more
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As for today

The date of the rumored layoffs were correct but the magnitude was over hyped. Not to limit the damage of those who were let go but the actual number was closer to 100 not 1000.

Velocity Layoffs Update

Anyone has more info about Velocity? No posts or replies to be found here. Thanks!
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