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What Went Wrong?

How did Viacom become the weakest of the mass media companies? We've been floundering for years... With the merger looking like a non-possibility, is there really any realistic hope of a "comeback"? Is it more likely that Viacom will simply be bought... read more

Hiring, Firing, Rehiring

I honestly dont think hr depts communicate between hiring and layoff and (re)hiring. I have seen numerous people laid off with significant severence, only to be hired back after the payout is over. It's odd.
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Stop hiring amid layoffs!

I was hired by Viacom less than six months ago and two weeks ago I was laid off. At the time I had two offers, and I decided to go with Viacom because it seemed to be the "safer" option. Boy, what an id--t I've been. Now can somebody please explain... read more

Thinking July layoffs aren't over

I am hearing that there will be more cuts in MTS, specifically in software engineering. I have only heard this from one source, has anyone else heard this information?


It's pretty common knowledge that the Amsterdam office will be closing, there will be some people still working there but they will likely end up at a much smaller office or whatever the equivalent of We Work is in Amsterdam.
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Cool Springs Layoffs

They're laying off the entire office.... Roughly 80 people and 20 are staying. Jobs moving to Hungary.

Constant layoffs

Honestly the layoffs have not really stopped for years now. Everyday I hear of another handful of folks let go. The larger ones are slated for late July/ early August. This time around, big day layoff dates have not been leaked. Like I said though... read more

Layoffs coming up

Any ideas which teams will get impacted next? Are they just targeting full time employees? Or are they targeting part time and contractors as well? You don’t have to tell me full details, just name the teams

Re-Run Layoffs

Viacom has already reduced the creative and content staff, as the production of re-runs and single digit rated shows don’t require (talented) staff. Bob must like re-runs, and there is a faint rumor Viacom may be rebranding as Are there... read more

More info on layoffs

I can confirm there will be a huge round in July or early August. I can't say which departments it would hit, because it would give away my identity. You don't have to worry about a thing if you have a good relationship with your manager and/or have... read more

Et tu Cyma?

I never thought I would see Cyma out the door but it looks like Sarah Levy wants it all and wants only her people in positions of power despite the fact that Cyma made Nick what it is today which is to say, one of our only profitable networks.
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Layoffs happening today

Two people I know just got laid off (in MTS) not sure how many more and some are being told they will be laid off in September. It's really awful here.

Is there any way to find out if you're on the list?

Barring that, can you ask for a package? I've been here a while, long enough that a package would lead to a nice summer for me and if I am on the list, I would like to wait it out. If I'm not on the list then I'll start my job search in earnest or... read more
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More layoffs

Is there any more info on the next round of layoffs? Everybody seems to be in an agreement that more layoffs are coming but nobody is offering any details on them. Has there been any indication on when and where they will be taking place? Or is it... read more

I find the decline of Viacom so sad

I loved working here when I first started, I worked on cool projects with super smart people, it was the first season of Jersey Shore and numbers were off the charts. Now it's like a pale shadow of what it used to be, half the smart people are gone... read more

Any action today?

Rumor has it, were in for more rounds every day this week. But, has anyone heard or seen anything today? Its quiet in the Hollywood office so far...

Jobs being moved... Not cut

I can confirm at least 12 of these jobs are being moved to non US regions because of cheaper labor. These jobs aren't being cut nor are teams getting smaller... they're just moving.

100 is too low

Everywhere I look, the number of those who were laid off yesterday is reported at around 100. That can't be right, can it? We know how many departments and locations were hit, and none of them were only one person. Is Viacom trying to hide the actual... read more

Having trouble sleeping

Am I the only one having trouble sleeping ahead of today? I realize most of the people said yesterday was it and there will be no more layoffs at Viacom for the rest of the week, but regardless here I am in full panic mode. I guess I won't believe it... read more

Media Coverage (Viacom May 2018 Layoffs)

Variety: 100 Laid Off by Viacom Hollywood Reporter - Viacom Chops 100 Deadline - Viacom... read more
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Had a few folks let go. A couple in HR. I think it was two in CMT as well - not sure, might have been bigger.

Just talked to an SVP

She says it's all over, no spill over into Wed and Thur as some folks were predicting. I really hope she knows what she's talking about but she sounded fairly confident. Typically she shares nothing, not sure what changed things this time - maybe... read more

What about tomorrow?

Can we expect more layoffs tomorrow or will today be it? Today has been stressful enough that it would be nice to know that I can actually relax a bit at the end of the day. What were previous rounds like, anybody remembers? All in one day or spread... read more

Any layoffs outside of US?

It seems to me that once again we get to pay the price for the fact that other countries have better legal protection for workers than we do. From what I'm seeing only US employees are being affected by this round of layoffs and everybody else is... read more

Age Discrimination

Are there any indications that there is some age discrimination happening in this round of layoffs?


I know the last thing people who have been laid off want to do now is come here and answer our questions, but in case somebody is here who knows the answer I still have to ask: what kind of severance are we talking about in this round? There was talk... read more

how is it done?

how are layoffs done at viacom? is there a phone call? are you called into a meeting with your manager? they simply come to your desk and walk you out? do you get a chance to get your stuff? i'm sitting here and stressing out more than is good for my... read more

Why are we still hiring?

Good people are being shown the door today in droves, and yet the company has dozens if not hundreds of job openings right now. There are 79 open positions in New York alone!! How in the world is this okay? And before somebody says it's different... read more

May 15 layoffs

It has started... Also, anybody thinks that the lawsuit timing is awfully convenient?

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