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Layoffs started up today at Viacom

Business is business but to get 100 million dollar package and keep your job while looking to layoff the people that helped create and maintain the company is just sad and disgusting. Wonder what kind of package the employees that maintained the... —  read more 

Merger Finally.

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Well, now what?

Any predictions on when things are going down? How long before the merger is announced? Or do you think there's still a chance it'll fall through?

What is the best alternative to Viacom?

I'm done being a sitting duck and just waiting to be laid off every day. I've updated my resume, and I'm ready to start searching for an option to leave on my own. I'm just not sure where to start, to be honest. All the companies in our field seem to... —  read more 

Nick lay-offs

I heard Nick took some hits today? Any further information? What departments? Locations? Etc. Also any other nets affected?

Starting to hear rumblings about big June/July layoffs

I haven't heard anything credible in a while, nothing that I would post anyway but I have now heard from multiple, pretty well placed sources that they are looking to move quickly on the merger and have started planning large rounds of layoffs just... —  read more 

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Bets on Bob

1515 people say he is a lock for top job combining cbs and viacom the street has doubts thoughts on this who takes bob's job? —  read more 

95% Individual Multiplier

Anybody else hearing that Chris McCarthy mandated 95% individual multiplier for most of staff bonuses with only Director and above receiving 100%?

This week at Nick

Lots of stuff going on at the top of the food chain at Nick. The latest, EVP Shelly Sumpter Gillyard out, her job rolled in to the responsiblities of a Viacom SVP. Also just hired a new SVP of Programing, dude from Disney. Hopefully this is more than... —  read more 

Why are we losing so many of our best?

Is it just me, or has anybody else noticed we are losing some of our best employees in droves? What's going on? I know Viacom is not what it once was, but I honestly don't think situation is that bad to cause this kind of exodus among the most... —  read more 

There will be more of these layoffs

They’re doing layoffs in small amounts. I have to say that there were no big surprises for the coordinator to vp level layoffs that I’ve seen. Really just dead weight collecting a paycheck. Why keep people just based on tenure or personality, when... —  read more 

Nick axes Glitchtechs crew

The entire crew got the ax today with zero warning. 1st season is supposedly in the can but still has no solid air date.

Week of 1/7??

Is something happening next week??? Feels like a wipeout is coming

Viacom Layoffs 2019

This thread is for info about potential Viacom Layoffs in 2019 or any other relevant information?


I'm actually surprised that there haven't been more layoffs at Nick, especially in Animation. They virtually have no shows. When I started 9 years ago there were more than 12 animated shows in production. Now there are only 3 or 4, at best. There has... —  read more 

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Nick Layoffs

Two people were let go in CP this week. Do we know if this is going to continue before Christmas?

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