Topics regarding layoffs at ViacomCBS

Topics regarding layoffs at ViacomCBS


The only thing better than retirement is being retired while you're still working at the company.

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my favorite thing to do

Watch all the CBS errors, especially during live sports, and know that the place is loaded with bloated meeting dwellers who'll bamboozle the management levels above them and do nothing to fix the problem. It's riotous!

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The damage is irreparable

I'm leaving soon and I don't think I'll look back too much. I'll finally get some relief when I leave. However, I’m still sorry because I think this company could have done a lot better. When people leave, it may be easy to replace them. However... —  read more 

Any place is better

Even working at McDonald's would be an improvement in many, many ways (sadly, for some it would be an improvement in pay as well.) I wouldn't advise this place even to people who are desperate for a job. Why punish them further? If you're smart... —  read more 


It's always productive when you have a manager who looks at his subordinates as so many monkeys in a cage, meanwhile genuflecting to his own upper tier but offering little to the industrious common cause. THAT'S a prize but never a surprise.


Blueness once again invades CBS air, and at the end of two good football games. As Vince Lombardi would have said, "WHAT THE HE-L IS GOING ON OUT THERE?" I suppose you could chalk up the technical SNAFUs to the pandemic, but that's as weak an... —  read more 


It's highly unlikely any layoffs are coming as they can hardly keep employees as it is. Even in higher-paying union areas, people are leaving because many of the other areas are comprised of people now working from home which has bred obvious... —  read more 


PBEs need to walk out now more than ever. Viacom’s “contract” employees need to stand up for themselves now more than ever. The company cannot function without you.

The most toxic atmosphere

An incredible amount of backstabbers, arrogant mediocrities and people who can’t spend a day without spreading gossip. That’s the company’s current culture. I have not experienced such toxicity in any company in which I previously worked. Can a... —  read more 

comparison with others

There used to be healthy competition here. Now it seems to me that the company no longer encourages any healthy competition which implies stimulation of better performance, but a very toxic comparison with others which results in backstabbing... —  read more 


Contrators, if we want to get paid we have to make sure our manager is in a good mood for them to sign the time sheet. Email pushers get hired and contractors get the short end of the stick. sick of this sh-t.

Say Bye Bye and Bye Losers Good riddance. The way CBS treated their employees this is the least that can happen to them Keep selling yourself until you have... —  read more 

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See Yah CBS Studio Center Or shall I say see yah suckers. I'm so glad I left that horrible company. I hope they all slide into the ocean.

Return to Office PBE

I’m a project based employee not tied to any projects and was hired during the pandemic/ my contract continues to be renewed. I did not receive the survey back in March on what my opinions were for returning to the office but I am required to do so... —  read more 

Viacom CBS Merging

Some big company like Comcast or Amazon will scoop up Viacom CBS for pennies, I would say they are worth about 10 cents total these days. So glad I left that company and the future is so bright

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