Topics regarding layoffs at ViacomCBS

Topics regarding layoffs at ViacomCBS

Raise Freeze

I hear that CBS employees were notified that there will be no increases this year. Viacom employees have been informed this will be the same for them when their merit increases are due on the first of the year. Has anyone heard anymore information on... —  read more 

Game Over

The Week Old Hollywood Finally, Actually Died The streaming services are in charge, and bringing a ruthless new culture with them. The New York Times / Ben Smith (Archived at ) Aug. 16, 2020, 8:43 p.m. ET For... —  read more 

Out-placement service?

Has anyone used this service provided by LHH? Worth it? It seems like a lot of time wasted to just get someone review my resume. Something tells me that's all it really is, whereas it bills itself as having access to "hidden jobs," whatever that is. —  read more 

SpongeBob Live Aug 11 2020

Alright boys - It's that time again. It's the Wednesday before earnings and we have a Bob live next week. Do we expect the stock to pop with the word of another round? Do we think it's us peanuts getting laid off or another round of upper cuts.

Operations Center

So it seems the purchase of the old HBO Operations Center on Long Island is happening. Showtime, MTV Networks/Viacom as well as CBS will be heading there to be under one roof. Wonder if they will put other positions there to save $ on NYC rent and... —  read more 

Bonuses this year?

Are employees still getting bonuses this year with all this craziness? If so, when does CBS typically get their bonus since legacy Viacom is on their schedule now? Around the holidays or in Jan? Thank you

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