Topics regarding layoffs at ViacomCBS

Topics regarding layoffs at ViacomCBS


The audience is shifting to the creator economy - youtube is stealing the audience, and the fact that the NFL is migrating there is all the proof you need. actors and writers stomping their feet are like horse and buggy manufacturers going on strike... — read more 

Sale Imminent

Netflix has explored Paramount for its studio business, and with Paramount on shaky ground, Wells Fargo recently called its breakup "inevitable," stirring speculation of a sale. Netflix also looked at MGM before Amazon bought it for an eye-popping... — read more 

Fire Sale

Loop Capital analyst Alan Gould upgraded his rating on the stock to "Hold" from "Sell" on news of the cash infusion, but kept his price target at $14. He outlined a "bull case" for the shares that envisions Paramount selling at least some of its... — read more 


Oh how I wish the project base employees could come together at a time like this. Unionize! He-l, something. The amount of fellow coworkers I have that have been promised for years they’d be made staff is disgusting. They’re doing the same exact work... — read more 

What's going on with cuts?

Has there been any news lately? A while ago this week was whispered about as the possible timing for more layoffs, I'm trying to determine if that is happening or not. I personally think that having any more cuts at this point would be a huge... — read more 

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W2 Status After Layoff?

Hello! Wondering if anyone else affected by layoffs in 2022 got their W2 mailed to them yet? I still haven’t and do not wish to reach out to the company personally… they definitely had my correct address.

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I don’t care about twitter, but removing ourselves from most peoples’ primary source of news is asinine. When you hate the customer, they are just going to hate you... — read more 

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Layoffs loom....

CEO and execs said on the earnings call that Paramount is eyeing meaningful and sizable cost cuts involving both labor and non-labor expenses by end of this quarter. Will we see another December 2008 replay before the holidays? Predictions to... — read more 


Along with the hiring freeze comes rumors of buyouts, mostly in news, but could be all over. Six months, which is a lousy deal. Considering the awful management decisions in the last three years, they should offer 2 wks./yr. and people would spin the... — read more 

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MPD West

The entire CBS Television City MPD West department was shut down today and everyone fired. NY had been stealing all their work and finally migrated all the west coast files over there and then flushed everyone. Hope that entire sh---y company burns... — read more 

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Hiring Freeze

Does anyone know what’s going on with the hiring freeze? Length of time, etc? Or possible explanations. I’ve been told they aren’t filling any positions for those who leave.

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Stop the testing madness

The president said last night on our network that the pandemic is over so why are we still testing? Management say's its the unions setting the policy, if that's true stop costing so many union and non-union workers work. Most every other network has... — read more 

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