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Lay offs

More this week More in March And then more till June 2020 Then life goes back to "Normal".

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Marketing... Consumer products?

Why do these team even exist? Such a tiny percent of money is made from marketing & licensed product- how did we ever justify all those executive salaries? Time for a reality Check. Hopefully the underlings that survive can claw their... —  read more 


Tech work streams at Viacom and CBS have already been kicked off with Business, Tech and External partners in the areas of Employee Technologies, Vendor Management, Software Engineering, HR and Financial Systems "Discovery" to create a business case... —  read more 

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This Week

Consultants are in the 1515 office this week and are meeting with execs to discuss ideas

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When is it starting?

I heard it would start after Presidents Day. Which it now is. Earnings call is this week as well. Remember not everyone here works at the same location so if you hear or see something say something. If possible keeping the unhelpful comments to a... —  read more 

Is this happening here?

This cannot last

My current "one job" is technically three jobs, multiplied workload from prior re-orgs. Because of this, I work till 9pm often and I don't see my wife or kids much. So many people are in the same boat. It's ridiculous how this company thinks it... —  read more 

ViacomCBS Cuts Diversity Staff Amid Consolidation According to sources, five members of CBS’ nine-person corporate diversity team have been let go or have been told that their positions are likely to be eliminated. Among those affected... —  read more 

Lay Off

Lay offs will affect all lines of business, monumental attempt to produce a clearly understood revenue stream - massive changes coming to all groups. Hope we can hold on to the talent, we have precious months to get it all sorted. Layoffs will be the... —  read more 

Joe Exits

Layoffs at Viacom to continue in April

Layoffs will pick up in April. The state of New York requires employers to notify it when it plans to layoff more than 250 people. ViacomCBS notified the state of New York that it plans to layoff more than 250 people. Check the video. ViacomCBS news... —  read more 

Quiet here?

Is it just me or has comments and traffic here been down a lot lately

Here we go again

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The new year.

All has been quite. When do you think the purge will begin?

Layoffs Begin With a Trickle

Will it turn into a flood?

2000+ layoffs According to this article they are looking at 2000 job loss. No word on when.


Anyone else expecting to come into work Dec 5 with a ViacomCBS branded Buff in their desk?

Must be nice

Synergy “But it is just the place-setting for the $500 million in synergy savings that ViacomCBS chief Bob Bakish has promised to deliver over the next 12-24... —  read more 

CBS Folks

Most of the comments seemingly come from Viacom employees. Are there any CBS perspectives?

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