Topics regarding layoffs at ViacomCBS

Topics regarding layoffs at ViacomCBS

Fire Sale

Loop Capital analyst Alan Gould upgraded his rating on the stock to "Hold" from "Sell" on news of the cash infusion, but kept his price target at $14. He outlined a "bull case" for the shares that envisions Paramount selling at least some of its... —  read more 

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Oh how I wish the project base employees could come together at a time like this. Unionize! He-l, something. The amount of fellow coworkers I have that have been promised for years they’d be made staff is disgusting. They’re doing the same exact work... —  read more 

W2 Status After Layoff?

Hello! Wondering if anyone else affected by layoffs in 2022 got their W2 mailed to them yet? I still haven’t and do not wish to reach out to the company personally… they definitely had my correct address.

Layoffs loom....

CEO and execs said on the earnings call that Paramount is eyeing meaningful and sizable cost cuts involving both labor and non-labor expenses by end of this quarter. Will we see another December 2008 replay before the holidays? Predictions to... —  read more 


Along with the hiring freeze comes rumors of buyouts, mostly in news, but could be all over. Six months, which is a lousy deal. Considering the awful management decisions in the last three years, they should offer 2 wks./yr. and people would spin the... —  read more 

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MPD West

The entire CBS Television City MPD West department was shut down today and everyone fired. NY had been stealing all their work and finally migrated all the west coast files over there and then flushed everyone. Hope that entire sh---y company burns... —  read more 

Hiring Freeze

Does anyone know what’s going on with the hiring freeze? Length of time, etc? Or possible explanations. I’ve been told they aren’t filling any positions for those who leave.

Stop the testing madness

The president said last night on our network that the pandemic is over so why are we still testing? Management say's its the unions setting the policy, if that's true stop costing so many union and non-union workers work. Most every other network has... —  read more 

Bob’s Abortion Rant

who else here with a uterus had to painfully listen to Bob flounder around to try to justify why paramount keeps donating to anti-abortion legislators. also i just hate these bob lives, there’s barely any helpful information. the merit increase... —  read more 


The company has hired upper and middle management with track records , usually two to five years at a clip in their résumés, of downsizing. Check out some of these folks on LinkedIn. One listed acumen of handling M&A (mergers and acquisitions) while... —  read more 


Rumor is people are quitting within a specific area of Viacom/CBS, now Paramount rebranded. Who runs this area and why aren't they being dealt with properly? Perhaps the company has sunk to a new low point where the philosophy of "why lay them off if... —  read more 

The Big Joke

People are still working from home while essential staff has no ability to do so; never has. Yet, compensation from the company for essential workers vanished a long time ago. Time to bring back the compensation or bring back the non-essential... —  read more 


Protests in front of 1515 wouldn’t take long to get attention. ViacomCBS needs to acknowledge the absurd about of freelancers it has in full-time, staff positions simply to avoid paying for benefits. THERE ARE MORE OF US THAN THERE ARE THEM!!! It’s... —  read more 

Jobs are still aplenty

I started looking after a friend warned me that with the recession looming, now might be my last chance to leave my current job and find something equal or better. Well, I've been looking for the past month and I've already had several interviews and... —  read more 

raises among the lower

It has come to the attention that company has given raises to those who earn under 60k. Major adjustments for some. Nothing to the employees over that amount. So if are are 15 year employee making over that threshold, even a dollar, you get... —  read more 

Hybrid Working Models

In NYC, and other cities, given the uptick in violent crime and as----t in general, one would think the logical move would be for the company to provide hybrid models for ALL employees, not just management/clerical. Instead, ViacomCBS seems hellbent... —  read more 


Given the plethora of veeps running the abysmal CBS morning show, and two co-presidents to boot, it's inevitable layoffs of the underlings must occur. Remember, this is the network that fires TDs when ratings slump.

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