Topics regarding layoffs at Victoria's Secret

Topics regarding layoffs at Victoria's Secret

What happened in a nutshell

New documentary explores the cultural shift that brought Victoria's Secret to its knees The cultural phenomenon that was pre-2020 Victoria's Secret, with its televised ling--ie catwalks and salacious TV ads, may be at times hard to fathom in a... — read more 

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This was to be expected

As somebody mentioned already, Victoria's Secret has been struggling for years. We have had leadership issues and direction issues which all contributed to the failing results. I like my job but I've been looking for alternatives for months expecting... — read more 

Criteria for layoff decisions

I feel sorry for everyone who is affected. I hope at least that the best and most talented ones did not get laid off. It would be awful if they were cut and those whose positions greatly exceed their competences survived

Be prepared for major layoffs

Victoria’s Secret refers to Ukraine war and inflation as it offers dismal first-quarter outlook Victoria’s Secret seesawed in after-hours trading Wednesday after the ling--ie retailer issued a downbeat outlook for the coming quarter, cautioning... — read more 

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More store closures soon?

There's a rumor going around Victoria's Secret is going to make more announcements of store closures as soon as next month. Is this true? Is there any way to know if our store is among those being shuttered?

What happens if Wexner steps down?

I believe this is the question that keeps popping up in heads of all of the employees. It’s not that we have been moving in the right direction and that some sort of change wasn’t needed, but It seems that change could come in the worst possible... — read more 

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