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An opportunity is ahead

An opportunity for all the racist directors, VPs, and the little first line managers is coming. Many already realigned the teams in preparation for layoffs. They are waiting for the right opportunity which seems to be coming soon. Today’s quarter... —  read more 

Time to leave

Getting a serious offer / interview from Google- many other very astute coworkers have already accepted- lots of brain drain will go there. Dell has has infiltrated Vmware management and it appears they will milk the long standing reputation of... —  read more 

VMWare Tanzu

Is vmare tanzu pre sales really hiring?? I have got an interview with them but wondering in this economic condition what is the reason behind hiring in pre sales org.

Fraud investigation and layoffs

A probe into vmware security fraud started yesterday by the ex California attorney general. Glad to see this fraudulent, racist company under some investigation. Hopefully, investigation for The failing startup acquisitions that end up in the... —  read more 


What means when company has central tools team, and central team say developer tools need managed by team using tool? Does central team have value? Close central team not hurt bottom line?

Retaliatory firing

Anyone been through retaliatory firing? I've been at vmware for 5 years. My manager (who I had for about 6 month) threatened to fire me. I know the reason. It is pure retaliation. What advice is out there? NSBU Palo Alto

App Modernization

App Modernization is extremely tone deaf and rude for anyone who did not come from the new acquisitions and end up in the new BU. Do you think that the people who built the revenue streams are happy with the implication that their software is... —  read more 

Just got sacked from VMware PSO

Boss called this morning. I don't envy his position. Got sacked after 6 years with the company and nothing, but positive reviews year after year. Nice severance package and an opportunity to find another job within the company. This is just how it... —  read more 

Meeting Tomorrow / Burlington

I have an unexpected 1:1 meeting scheduled with my manager tomorrow. She typically do not do things like this, so I am pretty certain I'll get the axe. I am in Burlington, Ontario, Canada...

And it has begun!

A lot of people got 1:1's set up yesterday(5 in the HCS platform engg team, 2 in SRE are the ones I know) at EUC Bangalore. It was always clear this dev owns quality b—s— was a way to move the QAs into dev teams and fire them stating "business... —  read more 


Meetings have been booked and internals have been laid off.


I got the invite today. The 1x1 meeting will be with a SVP, I am in EU GSS... Why SVP? I am not a manager...

Epic2 survey of Q4 again

I feel that the leadership really is out of touch. They don’t see racism that we suffer from. Instead, the empower Indian directors to control minorities and promote Indians. Oh well, we received another survey. Nothing is taken into... —  read more 

Doom day

Yearly layoffs happening today. It started in Europe, let’s see how it goes in the US. Not-so-competent management letting go of people they don’t like to hide their own incompetence. If you get an invite for a 1-2-1 with your manager, you... —  read more 

BUs hit by budget freeze until layoffs in January

After doing a full round of interviews I had a recruiter tell a candidate they have had an offer. After discussing the details of the offer over the phone, the next day, due to the layoffs in January, several BUs have had their recruitment budgets... —  read more 

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