Volkswagen AG Layoffs

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Volkswagen is laying off 30,000 people

It's official now, negotiations ended, and the final number of VW jobs to be cut is 30000. Somewhat comfort, it's "just" 5% of workforce, and they promised there will be no forced layoffs. Nevertheless, it is still huge. Not sure how many worldwide... —  read more 

VW Switches to Electric by 2030

Try to predict where oil demand will go: Volkswagen is the latest car maker to announce a move to electrify its entire range of automobile... —  read more 

Massive layoffs coming to Volkswagen

7,000 jobs to be cut in the next several years. They say most of it will be through attrition - but am I the only one who finds that suspicious? At least we know majority of it will be in Germany... —  read more 

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