W.W. Grainger Inc. Layoffs

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WOW How about that?!?

11.4% share price drop in ONE DAY! $25 drop per share... Congrats guys!!! That's on the United level. That's just sad.

Grainger vs Amazon

Amazon is hiring Grainger is laying off Amazon stock price rising Grainger stock price being prop up by buybacks Grainger invites you to golf Amazon has lower prices Government is Amazon largest cloud customer Goal is to leverage and add MRO Amazon... read more

Grainger layoffs

Grainger & Slavik families must have a exit plan like top 1%
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Grainger layoffs

Grainger & Slavik families have a exit plan like top 1% or they have no Idea GWW is going down . If it's the latter they should FIRE their financial managers A good analyst getting behind the SCREEN could expose the BS in a few days I only have a few... read more

Dying of small cuts.

Consultants can not rengineer almost 100 years of growth and success. They are the only ones growing their business by way of Grainger's cash position. Grainger needs leadership that believes in the human side of the offering and the men and women... read more


DA. "On line knowledge center" Great example of waste of money & no idea of customer needs
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BUYBACKS. Is mgt wasting shareholders money & destroying value? Could the money better spent in other ways ,such as reinvesting in the business or paying dividends ?

Grainger layoffs

OLD RULES ARE OBSOLETE ! Time to sell real estate Get rid of printed catalogs Focus on US CANADA MEXICO STOP BEING DISLOYAL TO WORKERS Acquire / merge /consolidated with other BEST IN CLASS distributers in MRO,Auto Parts & other sectors to build a 21... read more
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Grainger Layoffs

It is starting to show how painfully behind GWW is in the digital revolution Loosing market share at a accelerated rate they are more focused on managing the decline and keeping the stock prop up

Get out now !!

They are laying off 850 people so they can hire 2-300 more for lower pay... They want to get rid of all who have profit sharing. The new hires are only getting 401k. This new stupid so called pricing strategy is a joke. How long did you think it... read more

Grainger layoffs

our MRO purchasing is under intense review. New VP ( a kid ) wants LOWEST COST NO EXCUSES Jeff Bezo has given us unbelievable pricing I will miss the Masters & relationships but my job is more important Sorry Grainger National Account Customer

Grainger layoffs

Oh -Top 1% is safe! ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜ƒRumor has it they are averaging $4000. -an-hour- ๐Ÿ˜€for the really tough job they have screwing you - ๐Ÿ˜œthe other 99% Bet they cannot look you in the eye ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž Your only hope is to revolt๐Ÿ˜ก & get a union like the TEAMSTERS โค๏ธto... read more
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W.W. Grainger Layoffs 2017

Redundancies, RIFs, Layoffs, Job Cuts, Surplus, there is a ton of names for pink slips but do you really think that we'll be affected here in Lake Forest.
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Sales management to report to headquarters for a meeting mid November? NDAs being signed everywhere over pricing? It feels like all functions in the US are walking the green mile?

Competition for Grainger

Grainger was once an empire, until these companies like Fasten, Amazon, Uline, are all getting ahead of this company. The door to door Era is going to vanish soon, and the tech savy companies will surpass the old Grainger. Expect their stock to begin... read more

Restructuring and Layoffs in Ecommecer

The online model is moving towards Zoro and Grainger Tech (the secret website that is being worked on) . Grainger.com is being used just to keep the good ol boy network that shops at Grainger afloat.
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Grainger Leadership

WOW. Saw article ETF 's with largest GWW exposure are selling Is management communicating strategy to troops or just staying in penthouse out of sight? It's time like this we find out just how good our leaders are .
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Stock price

LOOK OUT ---- stock about to break 200day moving average Top 1 % insider sells shows a lack of confidence they can turn things around Good old boys. --Board seems to not be aware or lack the balls to get involved Sad to watch !

The writing is on the wall...

HUGE drop in sales. HUGE drop in share value. Less sales + decreased margins + drop in share value / share buyback = huge cost cutting and/or layoffs. The current/former employees of Grainger (if they hold stock in the company) don't hold nearly the... read more

Roanoke, Tx

Has anyone heard anything on DC936 located in Roanoke? People are looking for jobs hardcore and people are moving departments. Word on the street day shift manager is not doing well with employees telling all they need to stay until all work is off... read more

Branch Closings

Which branches are closing? The stock buy back is clearly propping up the stock price... When is Ryan going to get fired? Just turn this company into McMaster/Amazon Supply and get it over with. Talk about a slow death... It's agonizing at this... read more

Granger layoffs

Does anyone know how much stock Jim Ryan has sold in the last 2 yrs & how much he still owns Amount of $20-30 million seems seems unreal
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RUMOR Outside Search firm specializing in EX Digital tech talent looking for Ryan's replacement HR is not involved Board wants young tech savvy OUTSIDER Who can turn things around They are talking to Senior executives at MRO Integrators,Google,EBay... read more

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