Topics regarding layoffs at W.W. Grainger Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at W.W. Grainger Inc.

Grainger, a sad story

After 30+ years of service and being laid off, it is sad to see that a once great company who used to care about their employees like family, has fallen to such a low level. William Wallace Grainger must be rolling in his grave to see how his once... —  read more 

What if I want to return?

Once the economy is back on track, I'd like to re-apply for my old job. Will there be an issue due to severance I received when I was laid off? I know many feel differently, but I really loved my job at GWW and getting the walking papers was a... —  read more 

Just got canned

And I'm in sales. Hard to believe after all these "we are working hard to ensure job continuation for our employees". Grainger is 100% kool-aid. They could have cut my salary or furlough us, instead, they decided to lay us off. Some with more than 30... —  read more 

Furloughs coming?

I see that there is a current program where folks can volunteer to not work and not be paid to handle their family needs. The email mentions that people doing (not working and not getting paid) that this will be potentially helping Grainger by... —  read more 

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Branch traffic DOWN

So, just looking through the past few annual reports, branch traffic is on a downward spiral (will calls especially). The local store in my hometown now as 3 employees working at it (several years ago there were 9 full-time employees). At this rate... —  read more 

Ryan GONE - πŸ˜„πŸ‘

Board finally woke up or did Ryan a very smart guy decided to take the MEGA $$$ and run History will show he led the decline Grainger is at least five years behind & on the way to becoming THE NEXT SEARS Not so sure Board or DG have a clue on how to... —  read more 

Grainger vs Amazon

Amazon is hiring Grainger is laying off Amazon stock price rising Grainger stock price being prop up by buybacks Grainger invites you to golf Amazon has lower prices Government is Amazon largest cloud customer Goal is to leverage and add MRO Amazon... —  read more 

Grainger, Talent Loss

I am watching the organizational direction and have engaged multiple employees former and current. Grainger is moving quickly away from what made it a destination for top talent meaning it is no longer about it's own people. Moreover its about key... —  read more 

Yet another Re-org

Product management, indirect procurement inventory and supplier performance all have to reinterview for their jobs, this has become the new normal many of these groups have gone through layoff process multiple times over the last five years. You have... —  read more 

Grainger Amazon

Alliances are the key to survival GWW 20th century businesse model is obsolete Disrupters are eating middlemen alive GWW will be another Sears if they don’t quickly adapt.

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Grainger layoffs

There is a God our prayers answered Ryan , Jardin Finally leaving, πŸ˜­πŸ˜©πŸ˜…πŸ˜­πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ Will the Board see they do not get golden parachutes. ? Or are they blind to the damage they have done to hard working loyal employees . Probably NOT Like Dave Grainger & Jim... —  read more 

The Decline of GWW

GWW. In downward spiral AMZN is approaching $1000 AMZN is driving GWW to lower prices Top 1% continues to dump stock Don't worry Jim Ryan has a committee keeping an eye on AMZN . It painful to watch this once awesome company decline

Stock price

LOOK OUT ---- stock about to break 200day moving average Top 1 % insider sells shows a lack of confidence they can turn things around Good old boys. --Board seems to not be aware or lack the balls to get involved Sad to watch !

Grainger layoffs

Grainger & Slavik families have a exit plan like top 1% or they have no Idea GWW is going down . If it's the latter they should FIRE their financial managers A good analyst getting behind the SCREEN could expose the BS in a few days I only have a few... —  read more 

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