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Morrison Knudsen Veteran Boise

So, As an old vet that once worked all the way threw MK to boise locomotive and Motivepower. Hows those unions working out for you boys from GE? Make any headway? keep your wages?
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Wabtec Has No Obligation

Slawson will push and push until GE sells the plant , done . The overpaid spoiled followers are not smart enough to realize Wabtec owes nothing to them , but can offer them their re-employment . Let them work elsewhere for 14 - 18 an hour like many... read more

all union plants must eventually close

You can't stay in business with a union. everyone knows this. 90% of the unions plants have been closed in the past 25 years, it's inevitable, no way to compete globally with that mentality

Interested Observer

The former GE plant in Erie is under new ownership . In effect , unless prior agreements were made between the purchaser and unions , the union has no authority to dictate to the new owner . " the lunch bucket " is all the worker has invested as the... read more

Wabtec UE 506 Erie negotiations.

We at the Erie General electric plant soon to be wabtec are not going to except anything less than what our pay is now and also won't except mandatory overtime or work schedule changes so if wabtec thinks is going to tell us UE506 members what to do... read more

Wabtec Layoffs 2019

What's your prediction as it relates to the possibility of Wabtec Layoffs in 2019?
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WABTEC is just a corporate takeover machine

Guys, I'm sorry to say, it is becoming apparent to me that WABTEC is just a corporate takeover machine to increase shareholder earnings and stock value. What does that mean for us? If you get bought by them like we have (Motive Power Boise) they will... read more
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How does Wabtec get along with its unions?

As a soon to be wabtec employee and a former GE transportation employee how well does wabtec treat its union people.?What can we exspect wabtec to do when our contract is up in june. 2019 ?UE LOCAL 506 MEMBER ERIE PA.


The layoffs took place in 2016 - I am not sure what's going on as I moved on. In 2016, a small contracting company that Wabtec purchased about 8+ years ago laid off an estimated 40+ across the country within the past month due to "downsizing". Most... read more
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Wabtec Layoffs 2018

This is going to be a short note - I heard there will be layoffs in our corporate office in Wilmerding.
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