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Wal-Mart System

Wal-Mart is systematically getting rid of black managers especially in the south! Women are also a target and if black and female forget it! Just like Target the majority of blacks are under paid hourly employees. In 2018 in Ins southern district... —  read more 

Vision center

Anyone hear anything about vision center, was told opening soon with new procedures and restrictions but someone just said they heard all were gonna be closing for good. I don’t know what to believe but I know I don’t like surprises.

Class action lawsuit over stolen sick time

Has a class action been filed for theft of our accrued sick hours? If not I'm going to look into it. Misleading employees into believing they're earning sick hours (for personal use) when in fact they are not is so unbelievably wrong. People were... —  read more 

Make things better...

Executives need to train walmart managers how to talk to an associate. And a good manager comes a long way with in the customer service and associates. You lead by an example and no matter how busy a manager is you still have to make time for... —  read more 


Is GWP going to affect the frontend? Cashiers..cart pushers and etc. Or is it just in departments?

Assistant Manager cuts. (Real Info)

Ok. Here it is. All store managers have been sent a form where they are to rate all of their assistant managers in multiple performance categories (not a yearly evaluation form, this is different). All of the assistant managers for the entire market... —  read more 

Why is this taking place?

This entire situation is insane. Millions of people sitting at home everyday being paid approx $1,000 each week while some us in retail, grocery, health care workers, etc are going to work and making less. How in the world did someone come up with... —  read more 


I've been an employee of Walmart for 11 years. They did away with my position. And I decided to take the severance pay. My issue is they're offer was for a little over $1,200. Is that exceptable? Am I missing something? Cause that amount doesn't... —  read more 


At store 992 in Tulsa our Fresh Cap program is quite a joke. I don't think it's run the way it's suppose to be. We aren't allowed to cap and pick the old produce first, we have to work the new freight down on the pallets, then cap everything. Same... —  read more 

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Wal-Mart Damm near k--led me!

21 years of service - from hourly to Ast. to Co. to my greatest success (my thought) and the worst mistake of my career to Store Manager. Was always that go to associate to go fix processes / procedures at multiple stores. The Mgr. that got things... —  read more 

Ok, here goes.......

I think COVID is a scam. Wait a minute—lemme clarify this. COVID is very real, people are catching it, people have died, all true.. But I think how it's all been handled, processed in the media, disseminated and legislated by our... —  read more 

Hold on filling dept manager positions

Our store was told that we are not allowed to fill any dept manager or academy positions. Store mgr said that home office has given the direction. Anyone hearing anything?

GWP 2020

Did anyone here anything about GWP going live this Monday. And what will happen to the APASMs, OGP Managers and ACCM?

Upcoming Changes - Get Ready!

Signals identifying upcoming changes. Mkt mgrs attending a meeting in the middle of January before the YBM meetings. Year Beginning Meeting store manager meeting moved to the end of January, versus usual time end of February to middle March. Early... —  read more 


I've heard new rumors about GWP. Is it true that it will be rolling out third quarter to supercenters? Can anyone elaborate?

A question for store mangers

I have a question for any store mangers or to anyone that might have an answer to my question. Can a store manger still rehire you if something pop up on your background when trying to get rehired? Any help will be appreciated!

GWP Rollout

Hearing they’re going to drop full GWP in stores this month. Can anyone confirm?

Is my full time position going away?

So I was offered a full time dsd position back in December and if I don't remind personnel I only get scheduled 25-28 hours. Is the position going away because I'm the only dsd person at my store?


Any news about the gwp roll out? Q2 is in 2 days what positions are being eliminated this quarter. How many coaches will there be once this is fully rolled out. What about the tle and ap asm

Who is next to be replaced?

So, now that Walmart is cutting costs by bringing in even more robots to replace us, who do you think will be next to be cut? What positions are the most vulnerable?... —  read more 

Claims Elimination...any other news ?

I remember when the rumors of PC/TC's being eliminated came to be, rumors of Claims being eliminated popped up as well. Any validity to those rumors? I keep hearing of stores running new Claims pilot programs and what not, but I never heard what... —  read more 

Tested positive in San Diego

This may be rumor, but, through the grapevine two associates may have tested positive at a Wal-Mart in San Diego. From a credible source, management is afraid they may close the store. Assuming this is even true, why would management be more... —  read more 

Store closing at 5pm

Are all Walmart’s now going to be closing at 5pm? The ones in my area have been closing early since Sunday

Stay Safe

I’ve only been with Walmart for 4 months. I started in February as an ASM trainee and was hit with my Academy training being postponed because of Covid 19. I am fresh out of the Academy training by only 2 weeks and here we are with riots along... —  read more 


Does anyone know if there is any paperwork that can be filled out by a doctor to except you from wearing a face mask? Are face shields allowed instead of a face mask? I was so miserable today at work. Over heated and getting sick from having mask on... —  read more 

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