Topics regarding layoffs at Walden University

Topics regarding layoffs at Walden University

Borrower Defense Claims Surpass 750,000. Consumers Empowered. Subprime Colleges and Programs Threatened.

As of January 2023, there are more than ¾ of a million Borrower Defense claims against schools. And each month, about 16,000 new claims are added. Those claims are disproportionately made against a number of for-profit colleges and formerly... — read more 

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Isn't there someone you can bribe?

"Laureate Education Inc. (LAUR) is fighting for survival. The international for-profit system of colleges is no longer backed by the Clinton Foundation. Its founder Doug Becker was ousted in 2018 with an enormous golden parachute. And its rich and... — read more 

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Possible national class action?

The current domestic cases include: (1) On October 5, 2016, a student filed suit against us and Walden University in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Ohio in the matter of Latonya Thornhill v. Walden University, et. al.... — read more 

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LAUR raises $490M in IPO...

LAUR raised $490M in its IPO, less than half than they expected to get. The company will need to cut costs to make profits.

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Higher ed assembly line

"Walden University has 206 full-time instructors for more than 50,000 students."

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Student X

Tell me how you feel about this.

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Laureate Rewards Club

Someone's making out like a bandit.

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Justice Department Probe

"The U.S. Department of Justice is investigating Walden University, an online for-profit college, over allegations it misrepresented aspects of a nursing program to students and an accreditor, according to an SEC filing....The company has launched... — read more 

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Let me provide a brief update on our planned acquisition of Walden University. We remain enthusiastic about the complementary programs and online capabilities that brings to Adtalem. The acquisition of Walden University plays an important role in... — read more 

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Debt Sentence

Student loan default is a traumatic, stigmatizing experience. Because of that, many working people keep the pain of their student loan problems to themselves. Can you feel it? Do you feel any guilt at all... — read more 

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Definitely not a love letter

"Despite the tremendous opportunity at the Company, we have serious concerns about the ability of the Board of Directors (the “Board”) and management team to realize the Company’s true potential, allocate capital appropriately, and capitalize on its... — read more 

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Sale to Adtalem completed

"The transaction, which closed on the terms previously disclosed, resulted from Laureate's efforts to explore strategic alternatives for each of its businesses in order to unlock shareholder value... — read more 

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Student loan debt numbers

In 2014, Walden University's student debt numbers were horrible. What do the numbers look like now?

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FTC Warning

"The Federal Trade Commission this morning announced a new initiative to combat deceptive and unfair practices in the for-profit higher education industry. At a press conference, FTC Commissioner Rohit Chopra and Bureau of Consumer Protection... — read more 

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New Walden President

Worked for McKinsey...

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Sweet v Cardona

How many Borrower Defense claims have been made against Walden University?

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"Soul Machines Partners with Adtalem Global Education to Launch Digital Person that Reimagines the Future of Health Care Career Development"

"Soul Machines, the groundbreaking company pioneering the creation of autonomously animated Digital People, has partnered with Adtalem Global Education, a leading health care education company, to launch Linda, a Digital Person that reimagines health... — read more 

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