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So I’ve heard there is restructuring coming from the Dm level up. Does anyone know what that looks like? My DPR is going to corporate and mentioned they aren’t promoting people to replace DPRs that’s are leaving.

What does Pulse look like in your store?

Basically the entire chain has been indoctrinated to Frontier and the Pulse ways of working. With budget reductions, busy pharmacies, etc, what does a weekly Pulse meeting look like in your stores? Are you even doing it? Are your DMs watching Pulse... read more

Walgreens Topix Forum

Now that Walgreens Topix Forum is gone (forever) can we start to have discussions here. I am OK to go to any other site but this one at least has some W employees who are willing to communicate. Thoughts?

Welcome Topix Walgreens Forum Users!

The Topix forum has been closed down. I hope people will migrate over to here because there was such valuable information posted hourly and daily on the Topix board. How can we get the word out to all come here?

Severance question

So years later, the merger has actually gone through and layoffs are starting to happen, can anyone tell me what severance packages is wag offering. Is it 3 months pay or is it only 2 weeks pay per year of service? I'd like to know the same thing. In... read more
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They are coming up with BS lies to fire the store managers. My husband and his father were both with the company for over 15 years. They fired them both for stuff they did not do I would get out of there before you are screwed over too. Now ASMs have... read more

Live well store and spending acct

Anyone else getting screwed by the live well/ spending acct? I received an email mid November 2018 stating I had over $70 million in it, I was surprised and even called them and was told it was correct and to be sure and use it by end of year or it... read more


How does a team member call a store when it’s closed? I forget what you have to dial to make it ring thru


Has anyone had a recent increase in couponers wanting to do multiple transactions (Like 20+ transactions)? I feel like I’m stuck. We need sales and it’s the end of the world if NPS is bad, but we just don’t have time for soo many transactions. Anyone... read more

What can be done?

OK, assuming a 50% payout cut that means every store manager and RxM DM and I DPR all just got screwed. CEO is taking all the money – we are all mad about this and nobody is talking about it. They are cutting retirement benefits, healthcare is more... read more


Why did PTO accrual change for salaried employees with the WWS change, is corporate aware of this and will they fix the glitch?

DTR IT Layoffs

I lost my Walgreens DTR IT career job that l could of kept till retirement and many other Walgreens Corporate IT field service technicians could of kept their jobs if an unquailifield person with only an AS degree named Dave Reed was not put in... read more


cannot access employee.walgreens.com also, kronos is down again anyone knows what's going on? do we still have it? man...

Walgreens is in chaos

This company is in utter and complete chaos! The entire Walgreens is utterly disorganized. We have management that is easily threatened by anybody with new ideas that would shake up the status quo. We also have leadership that never stands up for... read more

Too many lies

We were told for three months during two other stores' liquidations that our store would remain open. We helped close those other two stores while still also working at our own store. They even let us hire in a new cashier, sent her for her tests/bg... read more

Walgreens cutting hours

stores are loosing hours ours went from 375 a week to 310 so no one will get more then 20 hours most were getting 35 to 40. Same here. This is pretty much more efficient than layoffs since a bunch of people will decide to quit on their own and look... read more

Kronos from Home or on Mobile

Is anyone able to log into Kronos at home or on a mobile phone. I am hearing that some folks are enabled to do so and can see their hours but I cannot. Is there a trick? Also, someone told me that a special license is needed and it's expensive for... read more

IBM soon to lose the Walgreens Contract

Well, here it is folks, IBM is on the verge of losing the Walgreens contract due to mismanagement of field support staff, just a few week shy of the 1 year anniversary of the contract. IBM will be forced to "find" a replacement field service for... read more

Converting Rite Aids to Walgreens

I heard that some of the Rite Aids that were bought are getting fully converted to Walgreens. Curious as to how that whole process works? Does the store shut down? Are there new systems installed? Any special sales or promotions? Do all the employees... read more

reorganization in IT?

Was there a reorganization in IT? Three employees from my department are moving to other departments. Two were transferred, and one claims that a job was created (it does not show on the organizational hierarchy chart), she interviewed for it, and... read more

How does Walgreens handle this?

Looks like 185 Fred's stores are being acquired by Walgreens. We still don't know which ones exactly, but it would be nice to know what to expect if our store is on the list. Anybody here knows more about how Walgreens handles acquisitions? Are we... read more

75 stores are closing now

I bet its more than that. When the merger is finish than we get more word on how many stores are really closing.. Amazon is also taking over the retail industry and more people will be out of work. 102 million out of work.. Smh!!

Zero loyalty

We were told by our MVP a year and a half ago that 2/3 of all store managers would not make it. 1/3 would quit or retire. 1/3 would get fired. The last 1/3 would be ok. If you've noticed the trend so far it's been true. You just need to figure that... read more


https://www.google.com/amp/s/mobile.reuters.com/article/amp/idUSKBN1JA29L Also going after amerisource, cardinal... What effect do you think this will have a store level?

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