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Competition is only going to increase... So jump ship

Our customers cannot or will not read! Have you rung anyone at a register this week? How many people just stare at the random obligatory Red Nose Please Give Us Money So We Can Profit Off A False Flag Charity(tm) screen that pops up for every single... read more
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How to shoplift from Walgreens

Walgreens Shoplifting Duo Captured On Surveillance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nwoJidAtXfs 36,748 views Shoplifting Walgreen's https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gDR0tRIqi5w 2,158 views OmahaPoliceDpt Walgreens Shoplifting... read more

Store manager bonus

What do you guys think about the new bonus plan? Do you think its even achievable? Whole district has to hit to be eligible? Just want to hear other thoughts

Welcome Topix Walgreens Forum Users!

The Topix forum has been closed down. I hope people will migrate over to here because there was such valuable information posted hourly and daily on the Topix board. How can we get the word out to all come here?

Massive IT Layoffs

So, if they are openly removing 100s of millions in IT spend, guess what's gonna happen to Walgreens IT headcount. Granted there will be more impacts on IT contractors, consultants and other 3rd party vendors but the employees will get impacted too -... read more
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Sm leaving Wags for CVS

Hahahaha, good luck with that! Get ready Because CVS does not have any fs hours, many times you the store manager are the only employee on duty with NO cashier. Slow stores are by their self up to 7 hours a day. And while being the only one on duty... read more

Walgreens cutting benefits for retirees...

https://apple.news/AlhJGt24dSlS9tMuFNSiGQg Corporate claims it’s only temporary, while they come up with a new plan for 2020, but we’ll see. Better not retire from wags this year...
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Bye Bye

19 years with Walgreens and my time has come. I was just applying for jobs to see whats out there and landed a job at CVS starting me at 3k more than im making now with WAG. I know cvs has its issues, but they will not be going anywhere soon due to... read more

Cutting major hours and employees

Walgreens is giving us 10 days to decide if we want to stay with the company or leave. They are going to be cutting major hours and letting employees go. They want to have shift leads work cashier shifts and give CSAs less hours. There will only be... read more

T-b-cco Products and the Underage Cashier

From what I understand, come September 2019, a new policy will prohibit the sale of t-b-cco products to any Walgreens customer under the age of 21. Does this mean that a minor cashier will have to call a "Code 21" for a sale of c-gare--es? Working a... read more

Mandatory Photo Shifts for Full-time Associates

With the reduced front-end hours, full-timers are not affected but part-timers are. Fair enough I suppose. However, as a part-timer who just got done with a grueling four day stretch of mid-shifts in photo, I have to say these full-timers should be... read more

What does Pulse look like in your store?

Basically the entire chain has been indoctrinated to Frontier and the Pulse ways of working. With budget reductions, busy pharmacies, etc, what does a weekly Pulse meeting look like in your stores? Are you even doing it? Are your DMs watching Pulse... read more

Walgreens Cuts Hours & Lets Shoplifters Walk

I work at Walgreens to supplement my retirement and have relied on 38-42 hrs. per payroll period. I am now cut down to one shift per week. Walgreens is famous for shoving customer service down our throats yet by cutting employee hours, which yields... read more


Has anyone had a recent increase in couponers wanting to do multiple transactions (Like 20+ transactions)? I feel like I’m stuck. We need sales and it’s the end of the world if NPS is bad, but we just don’t have time for soo many transactions. Anyone... read more

Walgreens sold a Iowa store on Grand Ave

It have begun! Stores are about to close that underperforming. Stocks fall to 49.33 today. https://yourvalley.net/yourvalley/business/surprise-business-iowa-co-buys-walgreens-on-grand-avenue-for-2-3-million/

Cutting hours or people?

My DM told me and my SM we wouldn't have to do any layoffs, just to cut everyone's hours. He said we were allowed to cut full time employees to part time causing them to lose their benefits because they will just be eligible for Covered California... read more

Wait it out or leave?

Does anyone think it would be better to wait it out and keep working for Walgreens in case it gets better, or would it be smarter to look for another job and jump ship?

Walgreens another sears situation

Walgreen doesn't care about there employees anymore thanks to boots alliance and keeps cutting hours which in turn cuts your pay. If you want to qualify for food stamps work for Walgreen. They don't even give there full timers 40 hours. You can't... read more


With all the b---s--- happening with the company, I believe it's time to protest to make sure everyone outside of Walgreens knows what's really going on. All the attention gathered from us will have to make some noise that pessina would have to hear... read more

Walgreens Topix Forum

Now that Walgreens Topix Forum is gone (forever) can we start to have discussions here. I am OK to go to any other site but this one at least has some W employees who are willing to communicate. Thoughts?

Walgreens doesn't care about SHRINK

Does anyone else think the new "non-bias" policy is ridiculous? They literally want us to treat shoplifters better than actual customers. Like, yeah, don't accuse people if they just look suspicious but 99% if they look shady, they ARE. There have... read more

List of Walgreens stores closing

Do you have a list that outlines what Walgreens stores will be closed in 2015? If you do not have a list, do yoyu maybe have information about a store or two that might be on the chopping block.

Kronos from Home or on Mobile

Is anyone able to log into Kronos at home or on a mobile phone. I am hearing that some folks are enabled to do so and can see their hours but I cannot. Is there a trick? Also, someone told me that a special license is needed and it's expensive for... read more

More Walgreens closings any time soon?

We have a lot of people leaving on their own, which wouldn't worry me if it wasn't the managers and their darlings - makes me think there is something behind it. Do we know if there'll be any more closings sometime soon? I don't want to worry for no... read more

News articles

Why are there never any news articles about the Walgreens layoffs or over working people sounds like if Walgreens has to do some damage control in the public’s eyes thing might change. Just a thought.

Severance question

So years later, the merger has actually gone through and layoffs are starting to happen, can anyone tell me what severance packages is wag offering. Is it 3 months pay or is it only 2 weeks pay per year of service? I'd like to know the same thing. In... read more

Walgreens remodeling for Beauty 2000

So Walgreens can afford millions of dollars to rebrand and remodel their stores but can't afford to keep employees who earn $600/month. This isn't going to save the company
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Walgreens struggles

Check out this new article.. https://www.barrons.com/articles/walgreens-healthcare-stocks-51554388654

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