Walgreens Boots Alliance Layoffs

Topics regarding layoffs at Walgreens Boots Alliance

IT Layoffs

Read up... More slashing with the focus on slashing bonuses, laying off IT employees and any overhead. The spiral of destruction is accelerating. Things are not getting beter indeed. Last year, the Deerfield-based pharmacy chain had already cut... —  read more 

Rite Aid Merger Floaters

They keep telling us that floaters will convert with their home stores. For areas that already converted, did they layoff all or some of the floaters?

Walgreen's Store manager Layoffs

About two months ago Walgreens made redundant three store managers in the Phoenix, AZ area. All three store managers were good performers, each had more than 20 years of tenure with the company... That's significant - it sends a signal to all of us... —  read more 

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