Topics regarding layoffs at Walmart Pharmacy

Topics regarding layoffs at Walmart Pharmacy

Realignment news?

So on our conference call today the market leader reiterated that there is a realignment coming to D1 but whether or not it will affect pharmacy is still being discussed. This is the second time he mentioned that should I be worried layoffs are... —  read more 

Walmart pharmacy not approving pto?

Walmart pharmacy scheduling coordinators have been instructed by home office to put a hold on reviewing or approving any walmart pharmacist pto until further notice. Anyone hear anything about this? Plans of more cuts and disruptions?

Pharmacy layoffs again?

I’ve heard from a few places that Walmart plans on keeping their pharmacies closing at 7, meaning losing two hours a day M-F which will undoubtedly lead to hours cuts. Both pharmacist and techs, that probably means 10 hour days with only one... —  read more 

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Happy to be gone in Wisconsin

I too was told that my RxM position was no longer needed. Conicidence that I was hired 11 plus years ago and the new RPh's are being hired at a much lower wage? I think that the computer program (S3G) that figures out how many RPh's are needed per... —  read more 

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Market director layoffs

Market director layoffs would be a great start, but if we're going to fix all the ills, we certainly can't stop there. Regionals and VP's need to answer for the fubar this company's pharmacy division has become. They made all the decisions that... —  read more 


I would never have believed it 20 years ago, but apparently the field is being saturated with younger, cheaper graduates. I also believe, what with the huge spike in the pharmaceutical industry's profits over those same last 20 years, there is... —  read more 

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Volunteering for pay cut

Sounds crazy but have you looked for Rph job opportunities- slim to none. Is there any merit to this idea of going to your DM and volunteering to have salary decreased. Do you think it would offer protection from future layoffs?

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What's the best alternative?

I did a little digging on this site, and what I found scared me. The situation seems to be the same across the entire industry - just look at CVS for example. This means that those who were laid off and those of us who are still not safe have very... —  read more 

Discussing Pharmacy Retail Layoffs

Pharmacists, Techs Discuss Pharmacy Retail Layoffs source below... JUNE 28, 2019 Layoffs impacting Walmart pharmacy departments across the country set social media abuzz this week with former employees sharing news of their job losses. Social media... —  read more 

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"Respect for the Individual"

I hate to cynical, but then we worked for the company that boasts that it espouses "Respect for the Individual" as a core value even as it is terminating, without warning, the very people who worked to grow their business. So there's that. However, I... —  read more 


Today I was informed there will no longer be any pharmacist overlap period meaning 12 hour days. We fill 280 rxs per day. Where is the concern for patient safety? Also was told all stores in district (11 stores) will be cut about 30 hours each. 330... —  read more 

Arizona Pharmacy Jobs

For anyone located in Arizona WellCare is hiring multiple positions. I have been a tech since 2007 and have been at WellCare for the last 5 years and I LOVE it. I will never go back to retail or hospital. I have 40 hours a week with frequent OT and... —  read more 

You are no longer needed!

I was already at a store pulling solo 12 hour shifts/closed from 1:30-2 for lunch everyday, no overlap, yet was told my position was “no longer needed.” I helped get my former store to be one of the most profitable in the market. It was really just... —  read more 

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