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Orlando Layoffs Pile Up - 145 Laid Off

See the link below for details. This 145 new layoffs that are hitting Orlando, we'll see what 2018 brings but it's not a good start for anyone: https://www.bizjournals.com/orlando/news/2017/11/17/heres-why-disney-plans-to-lay-off-145-workers.html
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MASSIVE layoffs coming to Disney in mid-December

the rumors are true. There are massive layoffs unlike any ever seen at Disney coming in mid-December. The politicized hatred of our lawfully elected President Donald J. Trump has caught up the the corporation and several thousand layoffs will occur... read more

Disney To Cut 200 Jobs at ABC

Walt Disney would be cutting about 200 jobs. Following the news, the stock entered red territory and ended down 1.64% on about 11 million shares traded on Oct. 12, 2017. http://alphastreet.com/b003560d
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ABC to start with mass layoffs soon

They are going after ABC - ABC is bleeding money and they will need to start controlling things over there - this is gonna get brutal very quickly and I'd expect cuts in 1000s - not sure how many folks they have - I am guessing at least 10,000 but it... read more
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Disney Apps

I don't understand how Disney continues to support it's app division while having layoffs in other divisions. As soon as a new app is released, it has so many technical issues, it never stays popular for long. The apps either had a ridiculous price... read more

Disney ABC layoffs September 2016

No posts here but there are layoffs in ABC right now (September '16) - there are many rumors that 2017 will be brutal so get ready if you work for ABC. Not sure about the rest of Disney, they have pretty aggressive when it comes to job cuts - any... read more

Does Disney care about cast members?

I am a Disney Photopass cast member, I cannot share more details about myself as I do not want to get laid off or terminated because I am sharing this info. Anyhow, here is a gem our management came up with. The starting pay for Photopass cast... read more

Disney Layoffs 2016

What is the likelihood of Disney layoffs in Burbank in 2016? Please let me know if you have any information.

Cast Member Layoffs and Resignation

I've spoken to numerous cast members that are looking to leave. I think this was Part 2 of their plan...first lay a large group off, then let another chunk of disgruntled employees leave on their own. It's coming.
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Disney Reverses Layoff Decision

Disney reversed its decision on layoffs after news broke out on visa abuse (see http://www.nytimes.com/2015/06/17/us/in-turnabout-disney-cancels-tech-worker-layoffs.html?_r=0). I suggest you guys pay attention on who you need to train to replace you... read more
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A Mess in IT

Contractors are running the show and reporting directly to the VP. Cast members are being repeatedly brushed aside. I really think they are preparing for another round of layoffs.

disappointed shareholder

I am a disappointed shareholder and here is what I was told Thank you for contacting us regarding recent media reports about the information technology restructuring at Disney Parks. We greatly value the contributions of our Cast Members. We take... read more

Lake Buena Vista, FL

Many of our folks were let go, many stellar performers were cut so Indian resources working for HCL and Cognizant can bring in more folks on H1B visas and being paid 60k, and very poor benefits. Disney has no loyalty to crew members, they say they do... read more

How much is Disney employee discount?

I have a friend that works for Disney in the IT group and wanted to ask him if I can use his discount to buy some movies. I do not want to ask him if I do not have to, so wanted to find out how much is Disney employee discount. Anybody has more info?
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Radio Disney Layoffs 2014

We are cutting 184 jobs in local ad sales and operations - cannot be a bigger cut - Disney is brutal - closing / selling as well
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OBOX Solutions is an IT Staffing company currently hiring for a number of clients. We are looking for talented IT Engineers, Developers, Project Managers, Business Analysts and QAs.We also are hiring for several levels of Management. Send your resume... read more

Oh, well...

Epic Mickey 2 was not that much fun, and had some major issues and glitches. I never even heard of the Tron game, so it must have blown. Disney Infinity is fun, but flawed. Leveling up the character after completing the missions is tedious, very time... read more
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Disney Interactive Downsizing (February 2014)

The LA Times just published on this topic - there is a lengthy article in the WSJ as well. It looks like we'll go through the cuts this week, but let's wait and see. The LAT noted several hundred to be cut, yet no WARN notices have been filed so I'd... read more
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Pixar - Emeryville and Vancouver

It looks like 60 will be go here at Pixar HQ in Emeryville... Back in October we shut down Pixar Canada (Vancouver), roughly 80 folks. That's 140 this year. Pixar has 1200 employees, you do the math, it's over 10%. 2014 might be even tougher
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This is a straight up hire and fire company

This is a straight up hire and fire company. Which is fine if you are paying top dollar for talent but Disney does not, and instead leans on its name. Unfortunately, it also attracts lower quality people overall and those that do stay around are... read more
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This is a straight up hire and fire company

This is a straight up hire and fire company. Which is fine if you are paying top dollar for talent but Disney does not, and instead leans on its name. Unfortunately, it also attracts lower quality people overall and those that do stay around are... read more
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