Topics regarding layoffs at Disney

Topics regarding layoffs at Disney

Disney world

If I will get lay off , will I get Disney world pass still , for life or something like that ? I like to go there. I like to ride on the ride , take photo with Mickey mous ; and also. I like to have the cotton candy. Tasty, tasty, tasty!!!

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Look Who Just Woke Up

In a new corporate disclosure, Disney acknowledges that its controversial political and social agenda is costing the company and shareholders. In its annual SEC report, Disney acknowledges that “we face risks relating to misalignment with public... —  read more 

Cuts confirmed

Disney also said it plans to continue to “aggressively manage” its cost base, increasing its cost-cutting measures by an additional $2 billion to a target of $7.5 billion.

Lost Decades

So a price target for DIS for me is $57, this level is basically assuming the value in 2011 is inflated to 2023 dollars. 2011 was after the value stabilized from the Great Recession but before DIS went on merger mania in an attempt to own all... —  read more 


The longer he stays... the further the decline will be. I just cant stand so many talented people being let go. Films and shows deteriorate, Revenue drops, profitability plummets...all the while, management goes on with raises and shares of stock... —  read more 

ABC Sale

All but a done deal with Nexstar Looks like it's only ABC, no other properties included (for this deal) Likely to close in the coming weeks, probably sooner Not ideal for Disney but warranted given a desperate situation


ABC and ESPN ratings down 40% from last weekend FY ends Sep 30 Multiple rounds of cuts starting as soon as October, no later than end of December No confirmed total numbers but in the 5-digit territory Studios and DGEC to be hit hardest and most... —  read more 

ABC et al.

The only 2 offers for the linear division are from nexstar and byron allen, either of which are valued less than we are going to have to pay for Hulu. Let that sink in…

This is just wrong

There's no money for employees, writers, or actors, but there is always money to pay out executive bonuses. Which keep increasing. The greed of those on the top will end Disney.


GEC could be sold off to nexstar for pennies on the dollar. Putting those of us who remain with the new owner in the same category as the CW. I think about where this company was 10 years ago, let alone 3 years ago, and I’m just like WTH happened?... —  read more 

Charter Dispute

Everyone in the linear industry knows John Malone has been making cable deals since the 70s, and he's currently the primary stakeholder in WBD as well as Charter who is going hard after Iger right now. Meanwhile, Comcast is pushing the Hulu sale up... —  read more 


Hulu sale moved up to this month and currently valued at more money than we have on hand. Get your resumes ready. This is absolutely insane. —  read more 


I see a lot of bickering but the bottom line is almost a decade's worth of value has disappeared over the last 2 years and the only reason that seems to make any sense is the one that gets SOMEONE here hot under the collar. If you have another... —  read more 

The Hulu Put

Ok, so Disney has about $10B in cash and another $10B in available credit, roughly $20B in available monies. The floor for Hulu is valued at $9B. Assuming they don't lose any more money and assuming The Marvels turns out not to be a success on the... —  read more 

Disney For Sale

In a post that was previously removed from this board for some reason, it was noted that Tom Staggs and Kevin Mayer were brought back into the fold by Bob Iger to assist with the sale of their linear division(s). I left a reply on that post noting... —  read more 

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Earnings & Layoffs

early buzz is that earnings are looking... not so great. obviously. but also talk iger and team may announce going the meta route, meaning more layoffs to show wall street they're serious about savings. hulu/d+ will merge in december so that's likely... —  read more 

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