Topics regarding layoffs at Disney

Topics regarding layoffs at Disney

Who has been called back?

Laid off brethren and sistren, how many of you have received that coveted call? Please tell me your phones are all abuzz and they're not actually bringing in new people when so many of us are still available. Can you imagine a bigger level of... —  read more 

Time to accept reality

I love this company, I love what it represents, I loved my job, I loved bringing smiles to kids faces...but I've come to realize Disney doesn't love me back nor did it appreciate my efforts to always go the extra mile. I was furloughed then brought... —  read more 

More bad news

I just read that most people have no plans to visit Disney World before 2022. That means that those of us who were hoping that we might be called back this year are out of luck. This really is not the kind of news I needed right now. Finding a new... —  read more 

This was inevitable?

The last day for Blue Sky will be in April. The number of Blue Sky employees being impacted numbers 450. I used to work here. Somehow I assumed that this would... —  read more 

How is this possible?

How is Disney still among the top five most admired companies in the world? Do people really care that little about the way this place has been treating its employees in the middle of a pandemic??? I know this place has a strong brand, but I was... —  read more 

WDW Parks CMs

Went to three parks in January. The CMs, frontline and leaders/managers, do not seem like the CMs of pre-Covid day. They are not Disney-friendly, barely say a word, just go through the motions. The good news though, is that that many demographics... —  read more 

Touching bases

How is everyone who was laid off doing? I hope you are hanging in there and have found a replacement. Many of us lived and breathed for the company and its okay to admit that. I was upset and angry but life goes on and I found myself in a better... —  read more 

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Hypocrisy at its best

The whole thing is a good read but this is the most important part: This summer, Bob Iger, outgoing CEO of Disney, and incoming CEO Bob Chapek both announced they would forego about $1 million each of their salaries — but not included in that... —  read more 

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She should be in charge

Abigail Disney Talks Brand Erosion and Executive Salaries in Latest Interview, Says The Walt Disney Company “Needs to be Saved From Itself” Abigail Disney, the granddaughter of Roy O. Disney, is once again expressing concern about The Walt Disney... —  read more 

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32k U.S. employees

I know there was supposed to be 32k altogether by March but it feels like we are already well beyond that number. And we are nowhere near done so the number will just continue to climb. In all honesty, I think Disney is trying to save face and hiding... —  read more 

Dear Disney

Dear Mickey, We have a lot in common, you and I. We share a birthday: November 18. My dad’s nickname was Mickey. There’s more. When you purchased Lucasfilm you acquired the rights to some books I wrote. STAR WARS, the novelization of the... —  read more 

Here is an idea Disney

Reduce hours from 40 to 32 for everybody. For every 4 people who are reduced you can bring back another person. Disney would actually save money because its less benefits they have to pay. Reduced salaried pay by 20%. Temporary stop 401k matching... —  read more 

CEO’s comments on reorg

I read an article about the CEO’s public comments on Disney’s major restructuring and I couldn’t help but notice frequent mentions of one hundred: *I am 100% confident that this is going to play out exactly as we intended. It’s going extremely... —  read more 

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