Topics regarding layoffs at Disney

Topics regarding layoffs at Disney

Will layoffs start again?

We've had a nice period where Disney couldn't get enough employees so layoffs were out of the question. But now that a recession is closing in, I'm starting to worry we'll be facing layoffs again. Am I overthinking this or should I be worried about... —  read more 

Disney needs to keep their politics to themselves. You’re there to make entertainment NOT political statements through character advancement!

Leave our children alone! They are not yours to influence and intimate! You want to be who you are, then have the same respect for others and their children without passing your political agendas on them subversively or even out in the open! Shame on... —  read more 

*grabs popcorn*

'Extremely awkward': Bob Chapek and Bob Iger had a falling out, they rarely talk — and the rift looms over Disney's future

Comeback to Disney

I was laid off in a very difficult period and in a very ugly way, along with colleagues who also lost their jobs when they needed the job the most. I still sometimes come to this forum to see what’s going on. I really can’t believe there are... —  read more 

Recovery- Next Chapter?

I am one of the 30,000+ cast members that was laid-off December 2020. Crushing! I had only been in my position for a couple of years, an entry-level position in my dream field, and I loved every minute of my work day and team members. The current... —  read more 


I really thought that after the worst period of the pandemic, now that we have the vaccine, there would be a significant recovery in this company. Sure, the situation is much better, but will this ever be a workplace like it was before the... —  read more 

This is a travesty

Imagine spending who knows how much money on litigation to deny a former employee who suffered a stroke severance pay of $44,000? And imagine the court actually siding with you? I still can't understand how Disney manages to keep its reputation... —  read more 

The moment of truth

We'll know on Wednesday if the current management has managed to improve things in the last three months or if we're continuing the downward spiral. I'm hoping for the latter as it means the top bras might finally be held accountable for their... —  read more 

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