Topics regarding layoffs at Disney

Topics regarding layoffs at Disney

Dear Disney

Dear Mickey, We have a lot in common, you and I. We share a birthday: November 18. My dad’s nickname was Mickey. There’s more. When you purchased Lucasfilm you acquired the rights to some books I wrote. STAR WARS, the novelization of the... —  read more 

Here is an idea Disney

Reduce hours from 40 to 32 for everybody. For every 4 people who are reduced you can bring back another person. Disney would actually save money because its less benefits they have to pay. Reduced salaried pay by 20%. Temporary stop 401k matching... —  read more 

CEO’s comments on reorg

I read an article about the CEO’s public comments on Disney’s major restructuring and I couldn’t help but notice frequent mentions of one hundred: *I am 100% confident that this is going to play out exactly as we intended. It’s going extremely... —  read more 

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Disney World = about 77% of the park reservations are booked for the next quarter. Thanksgiving is almost booked to capacity. (Remember Disney World is open at limited capacity.)

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Disney Corporate Layoffs

While the focus is on Theme Parks, Studios and ESPN, Disney is quietly laying off hundreds of Cast Members at the corporate level as well. Yesterday (11/04/2020) much of our Dept. was asked to leave. I have been on furlough since April and was let... —  read more 

How soon?

When do you think Disney will announce more layoffs? There was some blowback after the last round, so I'm hoping they might actually wait for a bit before they decide to pull the trigger one more time. Although, considering that the almighty dollar... —  read more 

This is ridiculous!

New restrictive reopening guidelines for Disneyland do not make any sense. They don’t care about thousands of employees losing jobs at all! It will take years to repair this damage. Good luck to you people! From the news:... —  read more 

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Disney Aspire program

Those Cast Members participating in the Disney Aspire program may be able, depending on the program in which they are enrolled, to complete their program or current term. For current enrollees in a non-degree program (such as GED, Rosetta Stone or... —  read more 

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Nobody is safe

I thought at least some of the more popular acts were safe in the long run, I guess I was wrong. The Disneyland resort plans to lay off more than 200 actors as the “Frozen” and “Mickey and the Magical Map” live shows lower their curtains for good... —  read more 

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