Topics regarding layoffs at Disney

Topics regarding layoffs at Disney

Is this guy for real?

"From my first phone interview to the present day, I have felt so valued by everyone I have interacted with, particularly those in HR and my immediate supervisor. Disney truly understands that how they treat their employees directly affects the guest... —  read more 

Worried about Omicron

Is anybody else worried that the rise in cases could lead to furloughs and layoffs once again? Many big companies are already postponing their return to the office and some closings could easily follow. The only thing that's giving me some hope is... —  read more 

Bob Iger

What are your thoughts on the possible return of Bob Iger as the CEO? Everybody seems very excited about the prospect, but I don't think there's much difference between him and Bob Chapek. If somebody thinks the change would bring improvements for... —  read more 

Severance for store employees

I'm wondering, did any of the store employees receive any kind of severance? I'm going to go out on a limb and say that any part-time employees didn't receive anything, but what about the full-timers? Were they also screwed over like so many of the... —  read more 

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Disney Store closings

Kelly Tyko USA TODAY Sept. 15 was the last day for many Disney Store locations. The Walt Disney Co. previously announced plans to close nearly 60 of its full-size retail locations across the country "on or before" Sept. 15. As of Sept. 14, the... —  read more 

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Where are you now?

I found myself landing a job that involved relocating. It’s in a different industry and I just couldn’t pass it up considering a family member helped me get in. I don’t think of Disney often anymore, not like I did when I was furloughed last year. I... —  read more 

I turned them down

And it felt so damn good! For months I waited for a callback while others were returning to work and nothing. Now they finally decided to call me when they can't find enough people who want to work at all. Well, sc--w them! I've found a better... —  read more 

Laid-Off Issue

In my department, greater than the majority of people were laid-off we’re overweight. No matter how positive our performance reviews... our senior executive never welcomed “fat” people, never considered for a promotion. Then, COVID and we were let... —  read more 

Would you come back?

After big layoffs, I found a job in a small company where I am very happy with the atmosphere, but I earn just enough to pay the bills. If nothing else I was making little more money at Disney and I'm debating whether to try to apply for a job again... —  read more 

Finally more hiring!

Disneyland Resort in California is looking to bring on several Cast Members to the team. With a variety of different job types — ranging from attractions to safety team leader — you now have an opportunity to bring magic to Guests each and every day... —  read more 

Why is Disney So PC?

Why is Disney only PC? Will it cause additional issues for cast members? Who will be most impacted and lose they’re jobs in the next round coming soon? Why are most cast members especially in the parks not following four of the five keys?

Have you gotten the call?

I wonder what criteria will be used when calling back people to work now that we know the resort will be reopening on April 30. Everybody I've spoken to so far said they're yet to receive their call (this includes me, of course.) Are any of the lucky... —  read more 

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