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Why I left

Disney was fun, and very much an experience that was undeniably special. It was a job though. I know so many college graduates including some from Harvard who have fought to keep that $13-$14 an hour job. Begging to return. Lost and... —  read more 

Committed to myself

I was in the last group of furloughs and for the first few days afterwards I was hesitant on whether I should stick it out or move on. But I had to ask myself, who should I be more committed too? So I started sending out my resume and got some... —  read more 

Plenty at WDI still have jobs

All Managers and above were not furloughed from WDI Glendale. This is c-ap. Bob Weis are you reading this? Your people that decided who is essential and who is not kept all the Highest paid people! Doesn’t make sense. Bob weis bring the people back... —  read more 

Disney Lobbyists

Hopefully Disney's high-paid lobbyists, both state and federal, are pushing for more "emergency" civid-related unemployment. Cast members need it desperately. For example, I will not have rent money this month.

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Let Us Know

I hope that Disney lets us know something before the holidays. Many of us will be needing to find a new place to live by November/December. With Federal UI ending, thousands of cast members will be in dire straits.

Sodexo - Walt Disney World

Sodexo, the company that provides food services at employee cafeterias for Disney Cast Members at Walt Disney World in Florida just announced that they are laying off 150 employees at Walt Disney World. Not enough work, as resort hotels are mostly... —  read more 

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HR letter

I just received notice from the post office that a letter from Disney HR is coming in todays mail. Has anyone gotten this letter yet? This is a WDW cast member that’s asking.

FURLOUGH = not enough income

With so many people on furlough, for most unemployment is not enough while we wait for callbacks. Some are fortunate if they are a 2+ income family, but there are others like myself who rely on a single paycheck to support our own families. I am... —  read more 

This will be bad

The number of people slated for layoffs sometime in near future keeps growing every time we get any morsel of information on what's coming. Disney really should be more transparent when it comes to layoffs. Some of us understand that cuts are... —  read more 

Info about layoffs

Universal in Orlando has just announced that it is closing its hotels and that 1,291 employees will either face permanent layoffs or be put on a further "indefinite" furlough, with no end in sight. Six months into the pandemic, tens of thousands of... —  read more 

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Disney Apps

Disney should really look at if it wants to stay in the kids app business. None of the apps are in the top 200. Those that are newly created or revised stay in the top 200 for a few weeks since purchasers soon realize the numerous technical issues... —  read more 

Info sources on Cuts

I hear all these rumors of layoffs coming but haven’t heard anything from management. Will this affect corporate jobs or those working in the Parks themselves ? I’m thinking if they lay-off now, a year from now they’re going to be hurting for... —  read more 

Job security at Disny

Are there really people who work for Disney who think there is such a thing as job security here? Unless you've joined within the last year, you should really know better than that. Disney is known for small, stealth layoffs that fly under the radar... —  read more 

Still Hurting

Many Walt Disney World salaried Sales, Marketing, Finance, HR and Technology are still furloughed, and considering they’ve done without us for 14 weeks we will likely be laid off permanently. Hopefully they make that decision soon because without the... —  read more 

Disney values

So, corporate offices are still closed for health safety reasons but we have to go to back to work and interact with thousands of people each day, majority of who couldn't care less if they are positive or not and if they are infecting us? Good to... —  read more 


With more than 49,000 cases of COVID-19 in Florida over the past week, Disney is still set on opening their parks with no testing available to their actors. By putting profits over safety, Disney puts workers and audiences at risk.

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