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Posts regarding layoffs at Warner Chilcott Ltd.

(Wed 02/19/14 00:13:49 UTC)

Let's see what they are planning to do to Forest Labs

We know way too well what Actavis does to the acquired companies, so downsizing and job cuts on a massive scale should not surprise anybody.

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(Thu 11/21/13 06:46:14 UTC)


Folks are being pulverized - 400 will be out (US Specialty Brand Sales), district mgrs, sales reps, execs and mgrs.

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(Thu 10/03/13 00:50:33 UTC)

Drugmaker Warner Chilcott announced it will lay off 88 employees from its Rockaway facility, a day after receiving final regulatory approval for its merger with Parsippany-based Actavis. New Jersey requires employers provide 60 days notice before laying off an employee, which the company did. The ... read more


(Mon 09/16/13 21:19:29 UTC)

Just had two doctors ask me if I was getting laid off? I was like WTF are you talking about? Ends up the Bayer rep is going around telling offices that WC is getting ready to lay off a significant amount of Bayer reps. Stating that they should be aware, and reinforced that their will not be any ... read more


(Thu 01/31/13 07:34:52 UTC)

Used to be a great company, now many folks hate it over there - my wife is still with WC but I left in 2010 and I feel pretty good about my decision. Good luck to all I left behind, I know that you are going thru a rough period but I wish you all the best.


(Mon 01/21/13 19:13:20 UTC)

WC rocks

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(Wed 07/18/12 08:23:30 UTC)

just google for "warner chilcott layoffs" and you'll figure out what's going on. there is like 2 article every week on how the company is doing poorly and will have to cut.


(Tue 09/20/11 20:20:29 UTC)

i've been with warner chilcott for a year now. cannot complain, i have issues with some co-workers as they appear not to have a good work ethic but other than that WC is rather good company to work for. i cannot quote any cases of layoffs as i am not aware of any folks leaving the company but at ... read more

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(Fri 06/17/11 00:24:55 UTC)

Another round of layoffs is coming in July. I cannot confirm this but this is something that I have heard from a source that is yet to fail me. Overall, I think we are targeting to let 20 to 30 folks go. Now, this just might be a rumor, I work at WC but I cannot confirm this based on something that ... read more


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