Topics regarding layoffs at Wayfair Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Wayfair Inc.

It's not just us

A whole bunch of companies have started the year with layoffs, including eBay. This su-ks because it's going to make it that much harder to find a new job. Not only are some major companies not hiring but firing, but there will be many of us vying... — read more 

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Layoff bullsh-t spin

Wayfair has recruited vast numbers in Vietnam, Philippines, India, Turkey, Jamaica and THEN made 1650 redundant. For example, teams that handled a load of different tickets, they are all put on notice of redundancy on Friday. Today there is a... — read more 

Al hands

No one should believe anything they are saying. When they claim they are going to hire, but notice how they highlight India. This company is going to out source everything. No question.

All hands meeting

Anyone who believes this all hands meeting is a blind id--t. There is absolutely no room for advancement. They just demoted l4 and l2s. Where are you going to go? There are no leadership opportunities. Period. End of story.


As an l6, I feel I have to share this information. There are plans to continue to do mini layoffs over the coming months. This will not impact Frontline in any significant way. However, if you are an l4 or an l3 in a stretch assignment, your are... — read more 

It's not over

The l3s population was decimated with a few remaining. There will continue to be mini layoffs with the l2 population reporting directly to site leads. The plan is to get rid of most of all l3 by the end of the year.

At least we know now

Thanks to our European colleagues for letting us know the info was correct and the layoffs have started. I wasn't able to sleep due to all the stress and I don't think that's going to change in the next few hours, but knowing it's coming is still... — read more 

Jan 19 Layoffs

Senior Management let it slip that they received an email stating that they should be expecting layoffs on Jan 19th. Please take care everyone. This company clearly doesn't.

January 19 layoffs

Can you please let us know where this info came from? I don't want to stress over it - I have plenty of things to stress about in my life without adding unnecessary fuel to it - unless there's something really happening later this week. I'm... — read more 

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