Topics regarding layoffs at Wayfair Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Wayfair Inc.


This was a hard day. Wayfair fired many talented and brilliant leaders. This is a low blow and is a great and heavy loss which the company will never recover from. They fired people who embodied their ridiculous People Priciples culture. Many... —  read more 

Wayfair Sucks

I have lost my appetite. The company sent out new opportunity emails to the associates impacted. During this 10 minute meeting, all the impacted associates cameras and mics were turned off and two very happily smiling women told the associates that... —  read more 

Sc--w this company

What a joke. Load up with as many consultants as possible, and then slash workforce. This company is no better than some person creating a Shopify drop shipping company from their basement.

Question about layoffs

Considering that most of the orgs were impacted yesterday, does that mean that layoffs are done? It would be nice to know that all employees who were impacted have already been notified. Or do I have a reason to worry about next week and more... —  read more 

Utah pay increases

Why are employees in Utah getting a cost of living increase and other states aren’t? This seems really unfair. Last year only Utah and Maine got the cost of living increases

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Layoffs Coming

It sounds like layoffs are expected around Q2 announcements. I am hearing 10% across the board. Be prepared as the housing market decline will be a struggle for W in the coming months!

Whats going on?

My manager got moved to an hourly position taking phone calls, this is a worrying sign. It wasnt just her but it was multiple customer service managers. Im very concerned about the future. Anyone got any insight into what is going on?

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When will it start???

I keep hearing that layoffs are coming but nobody says when. I've been on pins and needles for days now. I wish the company was more transparent about the whole thing instead of having to try and find out on the internet and hope somebody who knows... —  read more 

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It's going to be ugly

A new tech center in India does not send good signals to the US based folks. This will save $400M but what about process, quality, itd. It'll be hard. I would not be surprised if people start to flee soon.

New hires

So I have been with Wayfair for a year and a half, all of customer service works virtually yet call center people get paid at least $3 more. The new hires with no experience make more than me. Management wont address the pay differences, they sweep... —  read more 

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