Topics regarding layoffs at W.B. Mason

Topics regarding layoffs at W.B. Mason

Oh checks

And the checks Come marching in And the checks come marching in Ohhhhhh how great for that class action Keep those checks keep marching in Where is the coverage in this? Seriously!? I know the OP industry is boring but how has no one reported... —  read more 

WB owners

Don’t have a reputation you scream and yell at your employees. After all you have employed so many people, including myself, providing us with the financial stability we all need. You have a great company, great people. Don’t scream or curse at your... —  read more 


I was furloughed. I moved on. Have a great job now with a company that actually cares or at least gives the impression they care. I urge you to look around. Seek better, cause there's nothing good about that company. Have friends that are still... —  read more 

$270K Fraud

Saw your post - still making the $270K - Still not a fraud just moving along and playing the game… Better than you did obviously. :( Happy all you studs got a reality check and furloughed. I sleep well at night. Thanks for all the accounts if you... —  read more 

W.B is awesome

I’m a content marketing rep, I mean sales rep, and I was told to say I make over $300k a year, I mean I make over $300k a year…….. damn it, let me start over. I’m a rep at mason and I make a billion dollars a year. Everything here is great. We... —  read more 

WB Update

I’m a rep - I made $200k plus last year. I’m on pace to do the same this year. Definitely different world and I miss all of the reps - Obviously not the same beast and the vibe is missing which sucks. Crazy how fast things can change. Not going... —  read more 


Nothing makes me happier knowing that Leo never actually hit $2 billion. another thing that makes me happy is remembering the national sales meeting with that stupid growth chart and then saying “we have never been down YOU, besides 93 because of a... —  read more 

Mason is stuck in the 90s

I've been at a few companies since Mason and all were miles ahead in regards to sales strategies and technology. Using zoom phone and conducting virtual presentations with zoom, using slack, salesforce, and gong. mason's stuck in the 90's - maybe... —  read more 

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