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Oil Equipment, Services & Distribution
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Job cuts not over

Halliburton Company: Our Customers Will Soon Face a Drill or Die Future

Latest Layoff Figures__30th November 2015

What effects the oilfield?

I hear that when election time is near the oilfield is always effected by this...true?

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It is getting worse in Houston

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Oklahoma Leads The World In Seismic Activity As 2015 Quake Count Tops 5,000

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Oil Jobs Lost: 250,000 And Counting, Texas Likely To See Massive Layoffs Soon

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Weatherford - Wait For $4

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The 5 Things Weatherford International's CEO Wants You to Know

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Latest Layoff Figures__23rd November 2015

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Weatherford Int'l (WFT) Stock Gains on Rising Oil Prices

More locations to be closed this week. Good luck to all.

Analyzing the 14% US Onshore Rig Count Fall in the Past 12 Weeks

Weatherford Aberdeen

Must be the only division hiring right now, create a position for an employee to run down to retirement and hire in a guy from Mena?????

Latest Layoff Figures__16th November 2015

Weatherford PPE Requirements - What I witness on a regular basis

Safety is coming put on all your ppe! Let me act like i care and try to get things looking right around here. Wait? Safety is coming? They're still employed with Weatherford? Never mind time to take a nap in my office. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Kingwood Updates????

كل المصريين هم الحمير

Overtime at Huntsville

Something Very Strange Is Taking Place Off The Coast Of Galveston, TX

Anyone else not get direct deposit today?

Ex SLB manager seeking senior executive role in Weatherford

I understand that Weatherford love to hire ex SLB guys as we are recognized for recruiting the best and developing them into world class leaders. For this reason I am seeking a senior role in Weatherford where my skills would be appreciated and put... read more

Overtime at Houma

Soon...Nobody ever said who Wes Byrne's new girlfriend is.

Oh Shit. Merry Christmas

Latest Layoff Figures__10th November 2015

Why is Weathrford the best people company in the world? we want to hear it from you our employees!

thanks and there will a prize of an all expenses paid weekend for two in Dubai for the best story

Merge files

Helpful suggestions , Speaking of which , if someone are looking for a service to merge PDF files , my friend found a tool here also here

Clown college

The new semester starts next week. All weatherford employees should be able to pass this course easily.

Spencer road meeting

What is going on at Spencer Rd police at front gate said something about board meeting ??

H.r in benbrook!!! Layoffs?

About the Mktg changes

What's going on here? Does anyone know the scoop? I work in a PL that has a Coms Mgr that was put in place by Corp Mktg. No need for her, we already have a gal that did/does most of this stuff, so we were all wondering why this even took place. Some... read more

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Share and Oil price

WFTs share price increasing and Oil price increasing is this a start on the road to recovery

Correction__Latest Layoff Figures__2nd November 2015

I saw a post a few days ago about Wes B. Who is his new girlfriend?

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