Weatherford International Ltd. Layoffs

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Did you guys get the email? The EPSS is rolling around again! How's that working out for you s---ers that put money into it? Think you'll be able to buy lunch at McDonald's with the money you made-after fees and taxes? LOL Meanwhile my personal stock... read more


They are putting GPS tracking in all Weatherford work trucks.


Looks like our new CEO has not wasted much time turning WFT in to his very own mini me Schlumberger project even Bernards seat is still warm.


Heard Wellhead was being shut down this week in West Texas.....this company just keeps getting better and better. They should just go ahead and file bankruptcy and then at least everyone would know what is going on and stop living day to day not... read more

Another UK facility to close

After great Yarmouth and Tewkesbury its Just been announced that Arbroath manufacturing is also closing down it looks like WFT are getting out of the UK before brexit begins.

Kingwood open??

Kingwood open? Staying open? Heard there was serious layoffs there.. Who is running the place?

Compensation for those with the power to leave

So is the company going to compensate those who have stayed and not jumped ship or continue to short change us. If you are strictly an oil and gas worker, this doesn't apply to you. Accountants, H.R., Engineers, Scientists, what say you? Is it time... read more

Katy Texas

Does anyone know what they are doing with that warehouse in Katy Texas? The one they shut down back at the first of summer I think is when they closed it. Heard they were doing something else with it?

3 Benbrook

An IT guy and 2 others. Their group and maybe one more were being kept on in one of the buildings that wasn't sold off

Is it worth staying?

For those who are employable elsewhere, is it worth staying with Weatherford? Are you looking at abandoning ship?


Everywhere you look were hiring more SLUM and letting more WFD people go. When will it stop? Rumors of more layoffs still on going!! Good luck all.

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