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Breaking News from WFT HR

It was disclosed today that Liferdog was released from WFT. It was determined he was incompetent and redundant in his role. Although he thought he was indispensable, his role was outsourced to a local janitorial firm.

Has anyone heard?

Are we getting rid of ISDT?? I've seen unusual activity and different people in St James - understand they're 2 companies looking to buy us. WIS and NOV WIS are currently looking at many of our International locations. They needs to depart many SLB... —  read more 

Ethnic nepotism in ALS

Watch out the VP of ALS is surgically ripping apart the core of a once great ALS segment and empowering his useless buddies/ minions. Again another example of people put into position when they are not ready to lead. The blind leading the blind... —  read more 

Weatherford gone within 12 months

Per the newly released 10-Q: In response, we quickly increased and accelerated our workforce reduction plan, reduced certain management and employee pay, reduced other operating costs, and initiated further consolidation of our operations... —  read more 

Drilling services shut down in the Permian

WFT has pulled all of its assets/ shut down its office and layoff all of its field personnel (4 hands left) in the midland district. Sales managers are sending letters to operators stating that WFT will not take more work until further notice... —  read more 

Weatherford Announces First Quarter 2020 Results

Not looking too good, is it?? On a GAAP basis, revenues for the first quarter of 2020 were $1.2 billion, a decline of 2% sequentially and 10% year-on-year. Reported operating loss was $822 million in the first quarter of 2020 compared to a combined... —  read more 

RIF'ed Today

I was RIF'ed today and wanted to let people know that your accrued vacation time will not be paid out to you UNLESS you live in these state: AK, CA, IL, LA, ND, MD, CO & WY. I was surprised by this and lost a few days. TAKE YOUR VACATION on a... —  read more 

Closing down MPD

WFT to close down MPD and sell remaining assets to NOV. Shame, one of the best product lines.


Scottish workers will only be exempt if you love your line manager ie being a crawler unfortunately as nobody is good you will all suffer especially divisions involved with drilling Severance package will be poor as we have little funds sorry but... —  read more 


Got the call last week from weatherford, I live in Colombia so things are just as bad as everywhere else, it seemed to be such a pretty year back in January


With potentially 6K layoffs ahead of us, does anyone know what our severance package looks like nowadays if any? Please?

What’s really going to happen with us?

Are we going to be furloughed or just laid off? I really would like to know. I hate not knowing. Management does not communicate with us. Sh– is dead out here in Kern county oilfields.

Garbage company that’s sinking!

This company uses the good employees & keeps the trash on the payroll . Office politics at its best. I gave Weatherford loyalty & all I got in return was stress. They laid me off and I couldn’t be happier. Only stay if your apart of the good ole boy... —  read more 

Take This Job and Shove It

I ain’t working here no more. Making me be exposed to this death causing epidemic ain’t going to happen no more. You been grasping at straws to keep this so called company afloat, cutting my pay and wanting me to work with this exposer. You sit on... —  read more 

News release coming this week

Be expecting a news release this coming week. Brace yourselves it will be upsetting, many changes coming down on massive layoffs to attempt to keep company afloat.

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