Topics regarding layoffs at Weatherford International Ltd.

Topics regarding layoffs at Weatherford International Ltd.

Changes we need

There are many changes that most of us would like to see, I think. Unfortunately, the leadership is not interested in our opinion, but what would you say are the priority changes that Weatherford urgently needs?

Safety Audits

I remember seeing all the labor and documents and pictures taken and end result was no enforcement but just burning up money. I also remember many days of free lunches and watching birds and watching fish jump.


Over the last few weeks the stock has lost almost half it’s value. The confidence level of this market sector has lost it’s grip. Oil is still over $100 and this company is still bleeding cash from all orifices. The financial strategies of punishing... —  read more 

Sink of Float

WFRD stock price is minus $7.40 from the high just last month before the disinterest 1Qtr results reported a week ago. The investor board that bailed us out want to get their money back. They have no idea what they’re dealing with and why it’s not... —  read more 

Sink or Swim

What difference at this point does it make. Most of management are deplorables in a basket. Weatherford has lost all of it's talent and charisma. They are not capable of making logical decisions any longer. Just a matter of time before their an... —  read more 

More leaving at WHR

They just lost many more years of experience. I bet over the past few years they’ve lost over 500 years worth of hard working knowledge. Good luck replacing It or supporting the projects… It’s time to get out of here guys!

Culture of incompetence

I think the criteria to get a management position here is to be clueless but great at a-s-kissing. If you're clueless, you're not a threat to anybody above you. And if you are good at a-s-kissing, they know you'll just nod your head and say yes to... —  read more 

We don’t care anymore!

If they want to add more work to my plate, they can. From now on, it won't get done. They keep cutting people, their positions and expecting the rest of us to do their work. Well, I'm done. If that means I'll be shown the door, so be it. I'm past... —  read more 

*** Moody's Review ***

Weatherford INT Ltd is in a highly competitive operating environment which poses elevated execution risk to its ongoing business transformation. While the industry continues to improve, further stabilization is needed to sustain profitability and... —  read more 

Crash and Burn

Déjà vu, Weatherford International plc is expected* to report earnings on 02/17/2022 before market open. The report will be for the fiscal Quarter ending Dec 2021. According to Zacks Investment Research, based on 1 analysts' forecasts, the consensus... —  read more 

New Wireline VP.

It was about time to change out this position. Let’s hope that the new VP will quickly realize that his Global team has been playing hide and seek for the pass few years. A large portion have been collect hefty salaries and hiding out of country... —  read more 

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