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Do you still believe?

Do you still believe in the lies and perpetual denial of our fearless leader - sarcasm - during his earning calls?

Typical posting on this site

I have big news. Can't give details because it's mostly just rumors anyway. Nonetheless, can't wait until such and such date. So and so is finally getting fired. I hate this company so much, but don't have the skills or "the balls" to leave. I think... read more

Career changes

I know a guy who was screwed over by Weatherford so badly he's going to law school.. anyone else use the layoffs as a jump start on another career?


Come on all weatherford shops wake i know you had lunch but do something!!

What's up

Really quite on here. Everyone gone or just busy. Its over. Time to go fishing. Chris call me.


How did casedhole in Canada perf 120 meters off depth?

The last day's of little Red!

With all the layoffs that means the only people left are most likely someone's brother end law are ex wife's best friend are just plain ole A-- kisser good luck on getting anything done ! One Weatherford chuckle chuckle lol thank God Y'all let me go!

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