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This will not help Weatherford

The company has forced out all the people that really cared about the company because they were devoted, and in the company's eyes made to much money. It is all about $$$, what you have left are the cheapest labor and bottom feeders that were too... read more

Hand injurys

Be careful out there guys. I make sure to have my own meds and bandages just in case of a small cut from a paper clip. I know someone was written up because of they cut them selves.


I really dislike my supervisor because of the way we are treated now. I remember when it was more like working with family members even though we were from all nationalities. The LWD tool line is just not the same anymore. We thought things were bad... read more

Long Term outlook for Weatherford

Realistically what's the long term outlook within the next 5 years? I'm a former employee who got out of the oil industry when an opportunity arised. Will Weatherford file bankruptcy? Will the company continue to downsize?


The stock appears it's on life support. A few blimps , but pretty much a low flat line. Pull the plug doctor , we've all suffered enough.

Brown hat

I am happy leaving this place now and hope the rest of you will get the message one day and wake up. I just wanted to say by to all by and hope you find peace and don't let brown hat run the roost like the only rooster there. Have a beer over the... read more


Who knows what is going to happen in Houston with IT? There are lot of A$$ lickers, a lot managers and almost no one who really works. They are becoming a (very) expensive fat cow and doing nothing!


If you have 2 people putting a bug in one persons ear, hopefully you will talk with other employees.


I have an interview for a shop technician at Houston Manufacturing. Any suggestions hints?

Big changes in ALS

Hearing rumors that there have been some big management changes in the group with some senior folks being pushed to the side? Anyone with info on changes? Is it good?

Sensing a trend

I was just reviewing some of the other oil and gas businesses that are on this useful website. Many of which are clients of WFT. It seems several of their posts are VERY similar to ours! Stock crashing , oil crashing (maybe for good) poor management... read more

C---roach armageddon society

The only two things living on this planet after Armageddon should have been us c---roaches and rats it now seems Weatherford will also survive along side us
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This can't be good.

Stock is hovering 1 cent above the all time low 3.86. Forget the little caesers and subway promotional footling. It's at mcchicken and value fry status.

What’s WFT’s cost reduction target?

What’s WFT’s cost reduction target? As of March 31, 2017, Weatherford’s management has laid off 2,500 employees of the total planned reduction of 3,000. WFT also ceased operations in six manufacturing facilities in 1Q17. In fiscal 2016, it saved... read more


I hear there are big layoffs away to happen in Aberdeen? Any ideas of numbers ?


The stock is tanking, a major corporate reshuffle has to be fast tracked. SLB is also holding off the joint venture payment which is needed to cover debt.


Odessa area is the LAST place they should be looking to close. If it wasnt for the permian and midcon regions wft would fold. Shut down the rockies and California. Tx, Ok, La is where its at right now. Focus on productive areas. ND is done. Odessa... read more

Odessa WFT ALS

FURLOUGHS and layoffs for past 3 years. Doubled up on work with no raises. Now more layoffs, employees that get to stay are the lazy come in late everyday employees. Now they say UNITS eventually will be assembled in North Dakota or Colorado. They... read more


Fellow WHR comrades be careful out when driving after dark the neighborhood lost two more people to being shot. RIP.


The management at corporate level is and has been the worst which leads to corporate hiring the same types of management downstream. You are witnessing the results in real time..

Probability Of Bankruptcy

or stocks, Probability Of Bankruptcy is normalized value of Z-Score. For funds and ETFs it is derived from a multi-factor model developed by Macroaxis. The score is used to predict probability of a firm or a fund experiencing financial distress... read more

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