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Glad I left

So glad I left WFT. This is where the haters say good ridance.... Nothing bad to say about the company. They treated me well early on. Just don't like who they become. I couldn't play along. No hard feelings on my part.

Q3 coming to a close - what do we expect

With Q3 coming to a close will they survive much longer? Have not heard any new news on the OneStim closing, however we know they are going to be hit with a 30M charge this month to close out the SEC fine from the tax issues (resolved this time last... read more

too much

Some berson really look into the Oman Operations. It is phamaly businez these guys are having. From Top to bottom is Egyptian. All family pepol are in all positions. So many persons are fired from other countries and they come to Oman and are given... read more

No more work

So they are telling us we can not take anymore work and be lucky we can drill the ones we have. Are you kidding me.


LOL,was sent message for an interview,they replied back later on afterward's that they sent it by mistake to me,OMG do they still have incompetent bodies still there after I been gone,probably better off where I'm at now,no more corporate B S,

Kingwood closing by Q1 2018

Hearing that Kingwood will be shutdown by EOY (2017). Believe they have some cushion on the lease of the building into Q1 of 2018 but not much. Also hear they have not finalized on outsourcing as of yet. How in the heck does one make a call like this... read more

Union update

I understand we have communicated with the local postal workers union because of our similar work ethic and determination to be the best in our industry. We have similar goals like not letting bad weather slow us down from competition of the job to... read more


Weatherford always has been a complete dumpster fire. Bless your easy to short stock.

WHR flooding

I am thinking when I go in on Tuesday I will find a snake or two at WHR.

Good luck to everyone

My life boat is here. I'm getting off this titanic. Bye WFT and message board friends. I'll miss discussing what 1 share of stock could buy us.

More changes at Weatherford?

So a lot of changes in the "C" Suite at WFT this year so far, how much more will be coming I wonder. Question for the board here - how long does it take for an effective management team to affect change in an organization, WFT in this case? Given... read more

Managers thinking they are above

Why do the managers think it is ok to treat their employees like peasants? If it wasn't for their workers they would be closed. They yell and dictate everything treating them like little children. Then have enough trust to run around in company... read more


What is the latest news on the OneStim joint venture between WFT and SLB ??

New North American Finance fella

Does anyone know anything about this new North American Finance Fella from Canada? I have not seen the old HAL guy around and the new guy is making some changes. Also, I heard some other finance folks came down from Canada. Is this true?

Weatherford Management defined

A woman in a hot air balloon realized she was lost. She reduced altitude and spotted a man below. She descended a bit more and shouted: "'Excuse me, can you help me? I promised a friend I would meet him an hour ago but I don't know where I am". The... read more

Does this make any sense?

The CEO is about to bless us all here in Kingwood with a visit so for the past week handful of people have been running around like headless chicken trying to tidy up the facility so it's presentable to His Majesty. Now keep in mind that there have... read more

Are company trucks still being abused?

Is the shield still letting people have company trucks who dont deserve them? Im sure theyre using them for personal use on company dime, while the rest of you fools dont get a raise and have to use your own money for gas.

LWD is dead

LWD is dead. Weatherford is, if they survive, going to end up back to running casing/tubing, software (as that is the new love child and they have teamed with IBM), and Artificial Lift. The rest is going to be cast aside and even some of the groups... read more

Weatherford is failing

Weatherford is failing and we all know this. I still do my job everyday cause i am limited on choices to where I can go due to small town. Management is a joke and anyone with eyes can see this. Weatherford is a joke in the field and that is sad that... read more

My opinion: Kingwood will be closed soon enough

Kingwood will be closed soon enough. What work is being done there now will be outsourced and the management that remains will either go to Huntsville or SJP. Once they took this and split it among 4 different VPs, each with their own goals and the... read more

Layoffs last week

I heard of some layoffs in the kingwood location. I am not sure how many. Any other location with layoffs?

Payroll deposit name change

Did anyone noticed a name change on your bank transaction for this month payroll? Used to be weatherford internetional payroll, now is something else. Are we getting divested? Has anyone heard anything?

This will not help Weatherford

The company has forced out all the people that really cared about the company because they were devoted, and in the company's eyes made to much money. It is all about $$$, what you have left are the cheapest labor and bottom feeders that were too... read more

Hand injurys

Be careful out there guys. I make sure to have my own meds and bandages just in case of a small cut from a paper clip. I know someone was written up because of they cut them selves.


I really dislike my supervisor because of the way we are treated now. I remember when it was more like working with family members even though we were from all nationalities. The LWD tool line is just not the same anymore. We thought things were bad... read more

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