Weatherford International Ltd. Layoffs

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Just sitting at work not doing a dam thing we are so slow and with furlough my check looks like a unemployment check Just freaking lay me off

don't Hodor too long

Geez, where does the time go? Who knows! but the money at Weatherford stays in the upper managements pockets, not yours! I quit last month after over 6 years and I was forced to by that stupid furlough. Its was not because I over spent! It was... read more

Oil $50 yay!

Brent crude hits $50 for the first time in 6 months. Gonna go home and party, high sparrow style!

Closing shop

For those of you who had to close down a shop were you all offered bonuses to stick around? If so, how much? Worth it?

Oh Dear !!!

Hold The Door...

TO THE UNEMPLOYMENT OFFICE! Line's getting long, and these Hodor's that WFT as Senior Management are about as brain dead as Hodor is.

So True

I have learned this company only keeps the people that f* up or keep people that have no idea what they are doing! WTH is wrong with this company?

H1B visas....

Well guys I've done my part on trying to get some of the guys that's over on H1B visa deported. The lady and gentleman that interviewed with was real interested. Hopefully it all comes together and we can get few of these suckers out of America!

Unemployment Compensation

has anyone else had their unemployment compensation benefits declined because of Weatherford? i worked there for 4 years and now i don't have enough weeks to collect unemployment, how is that possible? i got told Weatherford didn't turn any... read more

That feeling

So how do these managers sit there and talk to you like everything is ok when you talk about your new truck that you just bought knowing all the while that the fn shop is closing? Buddy buddy all the while your getting canned the very next day. You... read more

Bakersfield Pumping Unit Division

When is this location going to be shutting its doors ? The management it has now sucks balls!!! Surprised they are still open they don't know how to manage they need to pull their head out of each other's asses .

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