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Layoff's coming in engineering group

I've heard there will be another reorg. this time with many lead/engineering managers going in Houston. Budgets are continuing to be slashed and jobs will be cut. Can anyone confirm?


Are you losing or making money? Worth it?


Farewell and thanks for all the fish

Dooms days nearer for PCP and Corod in Canada

Heard from the sources of weatherford pcp and corod in edmonton that they are dead slow, most of the businesses being lost to lifting solutions since they bought rig services from weatherford. Ex weatherford employees running lifting solutions. Since... read more

Severance changes

Anyone who has been with this company for many years will be screwed. If you think you will get a decent severance when you get let go you are dreaming. WFT put a cap of 9 weeks regardless of your tenure. Plus they will not pay for any paid leave you... read more

Guar gum?

The production of guar gum is no longer a core focus for the company," Weatherford President and CEO Mark A. McCollum said in a statement. Since when did WFT make Guar gum to where they sold it?? FRAUD!

This company is a joke

This company is a joke. Lot's of unjustified positions like computer and pencil pushers, sales ppl that don't do f all but show up to work 1 or 2 days a week and collect a bonus/commission check. Inventory management positions that haven't a clue how... read more

What is the endgame?

What exactly is Weatherford's endgame? What is the goal of our current business strategy? From where I'm standing, it seems like we are aiming to go out of business within a few years. If that's the goal, then we are doing great. I doubt thought that... read more

Intervention Buddies

‘’Intervention Directors ’’ punching more holes everyday in Weatherford sinking vessel thru the idiots buddy,,,,,,, Experts are quitting everyday

59 day layoff again on rotational basis

this company is playing with livelihood and again doing 59day layoff to new batch in canada abd recalling old batch so they don’t have to pay severance pay.... dirty and filthy game....

Info on possible cuts

Rumor has it that fishing (ISDT), engineering big cuts on people and capex are all on the chopping block with private investors looking to buy it. Mark and his cronies believe it’s not the business they want to be in. Wireling / Formation Evaluation... read more
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GE - Baker - Weatherford

So, what are the odds that we see come sort of combining of product lines from the GE announcement of shedding Baker and the need for Weatherford to sell Business Units to manage their debt? Seems like the timeframe (2-3years) would be workable as... read more

Labs - when will it go? Whatelse?

So, when will labs get sold? It was announced and yet it seems to drag out. Did the buyer get scared away they would be judged harshly for picking up a turd? While we are talking about sales, what about rigs? Seemed they said it was going and then it... read more

Moral is crushed

I am fairly new to the company. From what I can tell most of the seasoned employees moral is crushed. It doesn't take long to tell how unhappy they are with the company and it's future. Is it true you guys went 4 years without any pay increase? The... read more

S---ing the life out of the good people

I want to start by saying, if you ever consider working for this The leadership on all functions care nothing for their people nor the hard work they put in to sustain the company. It is borderline criminal, the things they do to... read more

Camp Hope

I am very proud to be a part of this company that stands up for my fellow USN and other branches of the military veterans. I know it is hard times and we need to support our people and other veterans. My fellow teammates here at WHR want to thank the... read more

Organic Research and Development

Sadly Weatherford (BDD) never understood the value of organic R&D. He believed in R&D through acquisition. The problem with this is twofold. First Weatherford almost always paid a premium price to acquire new technologies. Second it is static. The... read more


Cost of living in midland is not sustainable. Schools are crap, no daycare availability, private schools have waiting lists so deep no one can get in, medical care is poor and waiting lists for Doctors, home prices are ridiculous and nothing to do... read more

Just sell it

Sell everything to anyone so we may have a chance to keep our job and what stock we have may be able to grow with someone else who has a board that can add 2+2 and have the answer be 4 not -44

One stop shop?

While browsing the classifieds at work, I saw an email about transformation. Apparently they will build a “Walmart like” supercentre to house all the different product lines ?

This is what happens when...

This is what happens when you change managers (VPs, Directors, Managers) every year. They come in, spend very little time figuring out who did what, put their friends and/or family members in important positions, take their big salary, and then get... read more

Labs R US

way too much nepotism.....

if you are related and good golfing buddies then you have job for life, it doesn’t matter how horrible at the job. i know a guy who is a supervisor, he broke every company rule there is and still has a job. He sleeps at work, half the time on his... read more

Daily report

I find it a real pain to have to file a daily report on what I will be working on for that day. It is especially hard when there is nothing to do.

Remember to Book the lowest fare .

Name/Title Total Cash Equity Other Total Compensation Krishna Shivram Former President and Chief Executive Officer $1,971,402 $3,985,264 $5,459,542 $11,416,208 Christoph Bausch Executive Vice President and CFO $887,969 $2,292,891 $629,000 $3,809,860... read more

CEO top execs salaries
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