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West Hardy and CT layoffs next week

The hatchet man (Dave College) will chop heads next week. I hope he gets the right people this time but I doubt it. He will protect his "son" Pickett even when he is worthless and unquified for the job. Probably backstabber, lying Gill and "yes" man... read more

Derek Herndon - Saved by Daddy

I got the axe a while back, but still talk to a handful of guys at Creek Road. Sounds like Jeff, the machine shop "supervisor", protected his worthless, piece of sh-- son. I guess that's what happens when mommy and daddy enables him his entire life... read more
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Weatherford ALS has a buyer?

Rumor is they are furiously counting only ALS inventory due to possible sale. Although, I find it hard to believe they would sale ALS globally, they might be willing to part with the North American or just the US division. I've heard Benard bemoan... read more

And Now What?

WFT's executives and VP's built a quasi strategy based on the takeover of Baker by Halliburton. However, this deal is dead. So what now? I think Baker will be coming back, perhaps a little smaller, but stronger. Can WFT poor quality of service and... read more

Confusionism...a quickie

Confucious said: When turds hitting turbines, true charachter of man is revealed. Instructions: print this out, fold into origami frog, leave floating in whiz puddle... Result: Karma points increase by 45.... Life: One-up!!! ☆☆☆☆☆Please come return... read more

In RE., Mr Safety..We need more safety guys...

Just found this in my email.... From the Desk of BERNARD DUROC DANNER:: cc: Your Immediate Stupervizer Avec and oui oui, me hardees or some sh--, Dear Mr Safety, We've invested 40 billion dollars and executed by legal injection 15 focus groups... read more

Layoffs when are they coming to CT?

I heard from a talker from CT that there are no more layoffs coming to that facility. If they have no RSS tools coming how can that be? They worry about the under paid hourly while they have 5 supervisors acting busy and under 15 employees there (do... read more


Go f--- yourself Weatherford and your furloughs it's not worth working here anymore

Oil demand collapses
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Sit and ponder on this: +Forced vacation time ×No more matching on 401K ÷Insurance down graded

Real life survivor the oilfield turns

Just watch your co workers turn against you. Every man/woman for themselves. I see it in our shop everyday. It's just like the survivor show...the less people there are...the more stabbing of the backs. They start forming an "alliance" ..."you save... read more


Shop in Ohio closing doors!
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Weatherford COROD Bakersfield Truth

Hope the overpaid mechanics (David Acuna, Alex fatshit) have fun going to rosedale. There bullshit hours they pretend to work. Ive watched them for years mess around (watch videos, vape, and play grab ass in the trailer for a minimum of 1-2 hours... read more

Watch your vacation hours.

A couple days ago I had plenty, but today when I went to submit my next furlough my vacation hours were wiped clean. Looks like my time has come to an end.

We need more safety guys!!!

We need to get more safety guys on staff. I am constantly running across individuals cutting corners, someone is going to get hurt unless safety comes to the rescue.

missing weatherford

I for 1 miss working at weatherford. I had good friends and my more senior bosses treated me very well. my direct supervisor has a lot to learn but that's how it is supposed to work. I hope that I can return when things get better.

Another disaster by weatherford?

There is currently a story going around my facility (west hardy) that some genius sent an RSS to one of our biggest clients that was built using a scrap driveshaft. Apparently this resulted in a twist off downhole and 1 very pissed customer. Is this... read more

Global Staff
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