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Hand injury

I wanted to know if i received a cut (very minor) and did not report it if I am in trouble?

Very interesting.

Not so fast

My angel

I just bet that she didn't see an angle. There was no bright white light, and she doesn't read a Bible any more than I do. I interviewed, and got hired. Today is my day. I will bet my life and pay tyths of 10 or 20% of my earnings to a church. You... read more

Possible solution

Flooding an idea to improve the stock purchase program. How about every employee taking a 20% contribution to the stock program but receiving double the shares back? I am willing to give it a try.


Turns out my coworker and friend had it out for me. We’ve been working together for several years and became, what I thought, were good friends until I found out from my manager that they had been reporting my criticism about the company and... read more

Still with WFT?

If your still at WFT, you can't imagine what its like to work for an organization that genuinely cares for its people. A management team and owners that believe in and trust their employees. A company without backstabbing, cutthroat, ignorant... read more

WFT Severance packages.

Just a heads up to the fellow WFT employees. A few of our guys received severance packages but it wasn't nearly what it should have been. After they had a lawyer get involved they received substantially bigger severance packages. Something to keep in... read more

WFT Labs is $500k+ short on the qtr

They were sending hourly ppl home early yesterday. Keep cleaning the same spot over and over again. Buckle your seat belts we are in for a bumpy ride with Krishna.

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