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Lost contract

I heard rumblings today while in engineering that a big contract was canceled. I heard it from two sources and am trying to confirm.
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NESR Corporation Heard that Bernard is the main shareholder in this company. 1.2 Bn PP company in the M.E and the CEO is X- SLB president? Did you know where WFT money go now ??

Mark M CEO and Bible Thumper

Mark is going to squeeze operations to reduce costs so he can distribute more Bibles. Think about that. He wants all of us to work harder by putting in more hours, if you read his message in this Youtube video. Before, it was Halliburton, now it is... read more

Constructive dismissal

If the new organization chart came out and your position is there but someone else's name is in the box, you have been constructively dismissed. contact a lawyer and get suing


Kenya is shipping samples of natural gas recently discovered in rural Kajiado to the US for laboratory tests, Energy ministry officials said. State-owned National Oil, which owns the exploration bloc where the gas was found, said the decision was... read more

LOL WFT stock

I bought in at 3.21. I have the change to spare and took the bet. Right now WFT is trading slightly above 4. Cashing out and taking my wife on a nice weekend to pamper her. Thanks WFT!

How to fix a sinking ship ( WFT)

If WFT do not make some drastic changes before the holidays this ship will sink and sink it will. I do know how they are not going be able to meet Q1 of 2018 target (March). The bank / banks / investors are not going to be to happy. They could recall... read more

Aberdeen centre to become a soup kitchen

Word is that Weatherford in Aberdeen is to close and become a canteen facility to service all those who work in the vicinity. On the menu, cooked books, bullsht and horsesht served with some humble pie !!!!

More layoffs today?

Anybody knows if we'll get more Weatherford layoffs today? Somebody mentioned Huston was next. Any other locations?

Working at WFT

Who would like to work with this company? How long do you think they need before they collapse ??


What’s going on at Strathcona? More layoffs?
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I was laid off at the first of the month and Weatherford agreed to continue paying the premium on the insurance for my family as part of my severance. Tried to use it today and the insurance company said our policy has been cancelled. Nice.

Labs 4 sale?

It would seem that the lipstick is being put on the pig. Anyone know who the potential buyers are?

Don't fill out the Survey

I don't think it was a coincidence I took a survey about a week before my position was eliminated. This survey was sent to me in an email. I wasn't even going to fill it out but a couple of days later the new CEO sent another email asking again to... read more

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