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This Tuesday

We have heard it before but Tuesday their will be big news for the Northeast. Clean up your sh--.
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Cooked employee reviews

Upper management requires managers and supervisors to decrease employee review ratings to eliminate the appearance of pay increase requirements.


Anyone know anything about the class action lawsuit against Weatherford?

That employee stock plan

Someone posted a question about that stock plan Weatherford is trying to sell us right now. I don't have time to read all that junk. Is it a yes or a no? I really don't want to give up any more money.

Bernard Duroc Danner

Bernard's history Bernard Duroc Danner grew up in a fairly well to do family. His father was on the board of directors at Total (French Oil Company) and that gave him a knowledge of the oil business. He father send him over to the USA where he got... read more

Both the ESP and the ESPN on the ESPP...

Dear Weatherford employees, The proposed Employee Stock Purchase Plan is destined to fail. Keep your money or make an investment in a more stable company. Then make a sandwich, pop a beer, and watch a baseball game on cable TV. Sincerely, Nostradamus
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We ur stoogied tae death at dyce.

Whin urr ye aff tae gies some wirk? howfur muckle surfing kin a grown jimmy dae? if ye dinnae waant yer best fowk goin awa hurry up 'n' git us something tae dae

Employee Stock Purchase Plan

I'm assuming for those of you remaining with qualifying service time - have received the ESPP brochure... Is this something worth exploring or a waste/scheme? Honestly, I'm interested, but there are some red flags.... Share your HONEST & EDUCATED... read more


So what's happening if anything at 5200 today? Last post in another thread said sh-- was going down.

Weatherford Labs

I have seen a lot of HR, suits, closed doors at 5200. Any word what's going on out here?

Monday is the day

Big big announcement. This will be a shocker. Get your s!!! In order.lots of shops and sites closing or merging.

Overtime pay

Has anyone that opted into the class action received further word? Rumor has it, the case was settled and info would be given "shortly." That was a month ago... Just curious!
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Who got laid off at Greens Road.

I head it's mostly R&D folks. I also heard that all of the R&D people got canned. What's the story? Can you give names of peeps that got screwed?

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