Topics regarding layoffs at Weatherford International Ltd.

Topics regarding layoffs at Weatherford International Ltd.

Wireline, its a done deal....

Welcome to Halliburton. It will be really interesting to see how the Globe VP and Managers fair. Most of them have been hiding / working in their home countries opposed to Houston, collecting big fat pay checks. RH is just running a friends and... —  read more 

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I'm happy for those who left

I wish I took the opportunity to leave when it presented itself a little over a year ago. But I was an id--t. It was the height of the pandemic and I didn't want to risk losing a sure thing for what might turn out to be a temporary job. I can't... —  read more 

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Dear Girish…..

In the past 5-10 years we as the core have seen several leaders in the C-suite come and go. Each having their own sl--t on the future of our organization and bring in their own team. This is a understandable practise, it’s about trust and one must... —  read more 

Do nothing extra?

Ever since I started working here, I have always done a lot more than is in my job description. That has never changed. Some people say they refuse to do anything that goes beyond the scope of their job, however, I am in such a situation that I... —  read more 

Those who are rehired

I don’t know what percentage of those laid off are rehired, but I guess it’s very small. I am interested in those who agreed to be rehired, how much worse conditions did they agree to? From what I heard, they offered much worse conditions. It's awful... —  read more 

How much longer

How much longer are they going to let WM ruin manufacturing sites? This guy and his Cameron crew of clowns is ridiculous. When will our new VP dump him for someone from GE

Everyone happy?

I'm still laughing after watching the employee video contest winner the other day! What pathos. Everyone is smiling and everyone is happy to be working here. Yes of course. /s.

A time of mediocrity

Education and experience mean nothing in this company anymore. People with most skills and experience are also the ones most humiliated in this company. I couldn't take it anymore and I left. I became sick of the mediocrities that brought this... —  read more 

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