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Posts regarding layoffs at Weatherford International Ltd.

(Sun 04/26/15 20:42:50 UTC)

Getting Bored

Enough about Kingwood already, how are the rest of the Weatherford facilities doing? Managment personal, at all the facilities, is there to better themselves at all cost just transfer to another and see for yourself. Weatherford seems to snap up people that have been fired, laid off etc from other ... read more


(Sun 04/26/15 17:06:08 UTC)


We understand you troubles being bossed around by females MOM would never speak to you like those naughty bad women at KINGWOOD maybe if you get mom to have a word with them explaining it stems from your first and only relationship with your sister when she laughed at your penis size they may ... read more


(Sun 04/26/15 14:51:16 UTC)

KINGWOOD managers infected by Jezebel spirit


(Sun 04/26/15 02:47:38 UTC)

Weatherford is

Looking to hire a new manager for Kingwood location. WorkInTexas job post. Posted on April 6th. So who of you doing all of the bitching wants to apply? Also quite a few new postings for Houston and Katy locations. This makes no sense to me... Let's lay off thousands and then rehire for those exact ... read more

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(Sat 04/25/15 21:47:18 UTC)

KINGWOOD Managers= Bitches

KINGWOOD cleaning service
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(Sat 04/25/15 20:47:57 UTC)

LOL Kingwood? Try Odessa.

Kingwood can't be half as screwed up as Odessa Frac.

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(Sat 04/25/15 15:55:02 UTC)

WFT Management Sucks.....D?&k


(Sat 04/25/15 11:41:25 UTC)

10 years+ service then start panicking

Make no mistake Weatherford is gearing up to sell anyone with 10+ years is more at risk of going they need to clear assets now while its cheap and layoffs laws are on their side? Who would buy a company full of near retirement workers? its a risk many wont take but a company with a high proportion ... read more

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(Sat 04/25/15 03:47:27 UTC)

BaBa Booey!


(Sat 04/25/15 02:31:13 UTC)

Unbelievable, unprofessional, uncalled for and an absolute disgrace

You folks making these comments on here about Kingwood management and co-workers are a disgrace. How can you talk about management when you behave like Neanderthals? You are not acting any different than what your accusing them for. How are these comments, name calling and fowl mouthing helping? ... read more


(Fri 04/24/15 23:41:07 UTC)

Is this manufacturing guy Pepe still working at Huntsville?

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(Fri 04/24/15 22:51:59 UTC)

Did someone at KINGWOOD get fired today?

I can't stop laughing at all these posts 😂

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(Fri 04/24/15 22:47:30 UTC)

Hey Hey Ho Ho KINGWOOD Managers have got to go!

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(Fri 04/24/15 20:36:11 UTC)

Vernal Frac Closed?

is vernal frac location for weatherford closed?

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(Fri 04/24/15 16:55:56 UTC)

To the poster of "WEATHERFORDS FUTURE" .... BELOW

Just read the last few posts on here, if this is not an indication of Weatherfords future I don't know what is. This is how Weatherford employees behave. Unprofessional !! Past and present employees, doesn't matter. They are or once were employed by Weatherford. This is the type of people they ... read more


(Fri 04/24/15 16:20:02 UTC)

interesting article on oil pro.

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(Fri 04/24/15 13:41:40 UTC)

That KINGWOOD manager is a slut too. just fyi


(Fri 04/24/15 13:40:09 UTC)

There is ONE particular KINGWOOD manager that is a total BITCH

I work at KINGWOOD and people there know exactly who I am talking about.

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(Fri 04/24/15 13:36:58 UTC)

KINGWOOD Managers Suck. Totally Incompetent.

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(Fri 04/24/15 13:22:29 UTC)


It was the KINGWOOD location where they made this threat. Apparently They didn't like the things that were posted about them 2 weeks ago. Look at the post "KINGWOOD WORTHLESS MANAGERS". So those posts were discussed in their manager meeting. One manager vowed to find out who made those posts and ... read more

Freedom of speech bitch!
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(Fri 04/24/15 04:20:55 UTC)


LOOK AT POST "DID"--- someone has stated that "Weatherford" has threatened employees, saying they would be fired for posting on this site. Apparently a meeting was held in reference to this site and posting on it. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? f you are on company time, I can understand that, otherwise who ... read more

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(Fri 04/24/15 03:05:35 UTC)

Weatherford's Future

Where do you guys see Weatherford five years from now? Is the company going to be different? Is the market going to be different? How?

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(Fri 04/24/15 01:46:07 UTC)

Still Out Sourcing in Houma.....

So those of you that work at houma mfg are fearing another layoff is should. You have already been through 2 rounds of layoffs (about 150), hours pretty much restricted to 40 and difficulty buying any and everything needed for daily operations....still outsourcing continues. Thats ... read more

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(Thu 04/23/15 23:27:36 UTC)

Will WTF be one of them?

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(Thu 04/23/15 22:11:17 UTC)

When will that total disaster and failure of a weatherfors CEO be fired?

This guy Bernard Duroc has destroyed your company due to his incompetence but he doesn't even have the decency to resign!

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(Thu 04/23/15 20:42:34 UTC)

Plant Closures- Pearland and Magnolia....who's next??

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(Thu 04/23/15 20:13:48 UTC)


Did Weatherford block this site from their computers? Or are people to scared to voice their opinions for fear of being fired? Don't see to many comments on here concerning the recent report. Or is everyone in some sort of shock? Or denial? Weird.

not tellin
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(Thu 04/23/15 17:47:53 UTC)

Raise your hand if you think your job is safe................

Three MANUFACTURING facilities closed by end of Q2 and 1 more MANUFACTURING facility closed after that and 60 facilities also being closed. ALL right here at home.. USA!!!! So again I ask the same question, Do you think your job is safe? HELL NO IT'S NOT SAFE!!! And if for whatever your reasons are ... read more

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(Thu 04/23/15 17:46:22 UTC)

Temporary Layoff - Canada

Since the start of Q2 Weatherford replaced the permanent layoff plus severance pay with 59 days temporary layoff and returning at the 60th day for a surprise. Since oilfield is always slow in Canadian spring/summer even if the oil price above $100, returning employees will face a worst company by ... read more

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(Thu 04/23/15 15:29:48 UTC)

Severance Numbers Reported

During the conference call It was reported the 35 million was used for severance packages. Do the math. 6449 laid off. Some with many many years under their belt so you know their buyouts were... Well... Again... Do the math. Infuriating.

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(Thu 04/23/15 14:43:50 UTC)

Only 6449 laid off so far. Target is now 10000

The company said that it is raising its reduction-in-force total by 2,000 to a total of 10,000. As of the end of the first quarter, Weatherford had fired 6,449 employees and reckoned that it had achieved realized annualized savings of $422 million.

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(Thu 04/23/15 14:38:32 UTC)

How did the conference call go?

I'm trying to listen to the playback but it says it's not yet available

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