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wireline albert$$

the big guys just came in and closed down wireline is red deer. only a few product lines left here, and the insider told me rental shop was next

Head of WFT Transformation in College Scandal

Already posted earlier in a comment but the title gives the context. Shake this... read more

That’s how things work at Weatherford

The current layoffs and cuts to matching Rrsp and furloughs is just another round of Weatherford trying to create another smoke and mirrors show for 1st quarter earnings 2019 because based on current conditions in the energy sector times are still... read more

Employee Stock Purchase Program

I went in full force. I'm afraid to look at the statements. Those 14 hour days I've been doing for a while now takes some of the sting out.
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Very unethical and political company

If you haven’t figured out by now that you are only a number with Weatherford you must have been sleeping. No chance of any advancement for a loyal hard working employee with many years under their belt. Instead they will promote an individual OR... read more

More cut backs for Q 2 in Canada

Memo is out from head cheese, for Canada geozone that Q 2 furloug is back and suspension of rrsp for all employees across the board for 3 months. Makes you wonder what they up to now. eh!!!!!

Spot on the money

Well done to whoever back in January posted on here that Aberdeen manufacturing was for the chop . That day has now come with completions closing by end of this year and ESS by end 2020.

House cleaning

Well folks the next wave of let’s play clean this house has started. What trash will they find?

What does a share of WFT buy you?

Q: What does a share of WFT buy you? A: 2/3 of a Snickers! B: 3 eggs C: 41 sheets of paper D: the cheapest toll-fare on Sam Houston E: all of the above

Joining the oilfield

I’ve decided decided to get a job in the oilfield as I hear you can expense alcohol? If so, How many beers a week are we talking about? Additionally, what service company is the best for covering these types of expenses? This will govern what company... read more

Weatherford future

I'm worried. What is the true future of weatherford? Do you think that PL will be bought by others oilfield company?

More Divestures

The divestiture of the SLS group is a complete train wreck, many are being let go and other are already working for the buyer (exlog). North america ops group is the next in line to be let go, just like they did with the engineering group and field... read more

Stock Price Rebound

Is this due to free cash flow turning positive in the 4th quarter and thus investors feel the imminent bankruptcy that drove the share price down to 22 cents is less imminent? What is the next survival hurdle, getting the debt that comes due in the... read more


Is anyone alive out there? Hello? (Wreckage of S.S. Weatherford)

How did this happen?

The question is? How did this company get into so much debt? How did this company not succeed to be able to make a profit when times were good in the industry? It’s confusing isn’t it? Tens of thousands of hard working ppl that worked for this... read more

THEY figure they OWN you!!!

Be careful anyone out there bc They think they own you..... even after you leave to better yourself and your family. For as many good employees that this poorly managed company has pushed out you would think they wouldn’t care if you just left on... read more

All is quiet....

Very quiet here does this mean y’all are busy and company making money or that many layoffs happening?

Rock bottom

You know what's great about hitting rock bottom? There's only one way left to go. And that's up!

Layoffs and nothing else

Is it just me or are layoffs the only thing that happens at Weatherford anymore? There is no actual work done, nothing productive happens... It looks like the leadership has completely lost any motivation to do something productive... I wonder how... read more

Let Down

Middle and senior management let me and my coworkers down. Your mismanagement, selfishness and poor decision making has brought us to this point. You had a responsibility to all your employees to make decisions to keep the company and our jobs stable... read more


I just want everything to go back to normal again

New features

Looks like the lay-off added new stuff. We can now react to things.. maybe Weatherford should give this feature with the choices they are making.. if we like or dislike...

Set the facts straight!!!

So Weatherford when are you actually shutting Houma Manufacturing down. You told us March 1st! Now I’m hearing April for production and The end of May for the ultimate end. Why not make June 1st? Oh maybe your trying to screw the dedicated employees... read more

Today closing SP

It is stating the obvious, but if WFT can’t rally today after an over 30% decline then it proves investor confidence is shot. I believe it will tumble to around 20c today and stay flat until after the holiday period.

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