Weatherford International Ltd. Layoffs

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Avoid Wft.
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When is the going away party happening for those being sent to Geneva. I am really looking forward to it.
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Time to drain the swamp

The swamp needs to be drained from the horrible direction this company has been going. We all know who to start with. Too many chiefs and not enough indians

WFT International vs. Chris Bechtel

Anyone reading the depositions from the case? It's fascinating to see how crooked those Omni people are. Whoever was at the town hall meeting leaked privileged information to Camille and she leaked it to Bechtel. Everyone in attendance of that town... read more

New Hiring

They are starting to hire for engineering positions, so how safe are these jobs?

Lay offs?

Has there been more talks about lay offs again? There have been so many position movements. What is going on. Or is this downturn over.

WFT announces Geneva structure

All people who are being relocated to Geneva have been holding the company back. This should also make for SJP being much more productive.
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How to Save WFT

The employees could buy up the stock and vote D.D. out, along with most or all of the board.

401k match

I wonder if this latest announcement regarding the penalty payment, has any affect when the 401k match would return.
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Houston Chron article - BDD must step down

Duroc-Danner didn't question the company's success, and Hudgins demanded to become a corporate officer. When the promotion wasn't forthcoming, the SEC says he wrote an angry email to Duroc-Danner in late 2008. "I'm very upset that I'm not an officer... read more

No clawbacks against CEO

WFT issued false financials 2007-2012 Inflating earnings by 900million in total. The CEO is either incompetent or complicit. C. All of the above


Why are so many people moving to Geneva, all the names I get told should be on the riff list.
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When does BDD put his POS Jag for sale?

Perhaps they can have a raffle at SJP to see who the lucky winner is. hopefully that person will be able to sell it, but that is doubtful since that POS Jag actually carries a negative value on it.

When will the SEC step in and stop WFT?

The SEC needs to investigate WFT and Bernie for fraudulently stating that he had taken lessons on how to park his POS Jag in SJP when we know he skipped out of those lessons! Down with Bernie and Down with his POS Jag. He can't park for sh--!!!


SEC: Weatherford Fraudulently Lowered Year-End Provision for Income Taxes by $100 Million-$154 Million Each Year Tuesday 09/27/2016 10:23 AM ET - Dow Jones News Dow Jones News has only provided a headline at this time. SEC: Two Weatherford Senior... read more

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