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One stop shop?

While browsing the classifieds at work, I saw an email about transformation. Apparently they will build a “Walmart like” supercentre to house all the different product lines ?

This is what happens when...

This is what happens when you change managers (VPs, Directors, Managers) every year. They come in, spend very little time figuring out who did what, put their friends and/or family members in important positions, take their big salary, and then get... read more

Labs R US

way too much nepotism.....

if you are related and good golfing buddies then you have job for life, it doesn’t matter how horrible at the job. i know a guy who is a supervisor, he broke every company rule there is and still has a job. He sleeps at work, half the time on his... read more

Daily report

I find it a real pain to have to file a daily report on what I will be working on for that day. It is especially hard when there is nothing to do.

Remember to Book the lowest fare .

Name/Title Total Cash Equity Other Total Compensation Krishna Shivram Former President and Chief Executive Officer $1,971,402 $3,985,264 $5,459,542 $11,416,208 Christoph Bausch Executive Vice President and CFO $887,969 $2,292,891 $629,000 $3,809,860... read more

CEO top execs salaries
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More layoffs in Houston

Heard engineering to be cut very deep and very soon with a lot of jobs at the top gone! Sale of fishing business as well and Artfical Lift spin off. Has anyone heard this?

from fuelfix

from fuelfix......Weatherford last found itself in hot water with the SEC three years ago when it agreed to pay $253 million to settle federal charges that it bribed officials in the Middle East and Africa to win business. The SEC confirmed the two... read more

Very Interesting SEC filing for Q1 2018

It mentions both Switzerland and Ireland costing several million (USD) each and with zero revenue. Same for Bermuda as well. Makes me wonder what taxes they are trying to avoid Then they keep mentioning the reduction in the workforce as well as the... read more

That raise!

I got an incredible raise! Also now have all the overtime I want. My team is fantastic and they are actually real, caring people. Oh, I had to leave Weatherford to get it, so... People. There is life out there! And decent companies and people!


What a joke! They say testing and trial was all good. But what they are not telling everyone is that the first real job, well you can guess.

Swing and a Miss

Q1 released and WFT yet again misses, -0.25 rather than the -0.23 they forecast. They can't even tell you how much they are going to s--- they s--- so much. We'll get them next time! Always another quarter to go. How much did management get in bonus... read more

Lay offs

I keep hearing more layoffs are on the way. Will it be hands or managers this time?

Lloydminster PC Pump shutting down

PC Pump Lloyd to shut down this year , lay offs have begun , and as usual a large corp not caring about labor law , labor law states pay with in 3 days Weatherford to pay in 22 days.

Who is the brain surgeon

Who is the brain surgeon that sent all of the stators to Canada for reline? Now everyone has to rent motors at a cost of 15 to 20 thousand dollars. Smooth move ex lax

How Far

So the new RSS tool is going to the northeast. How far will it go before is flops like everything else? 250’

2017 MBP Payout

Anyone know when the 2017 MBP payout will be for US employees? Only information given has been sometime in April.

Layoffs after Q1 results?

Anybody else worried that Weatherford's bad Q1 results (which are by now all but certainty) will end up prompting major layoffs after the announcement? It wouldn't be the first time WFT tried to soften the blow by cutting more employees, I don't see... read more

Here's what I remember...

I was in R&D but I quit a while ago. Whenever R&D produced something, the people in operations would ask if it could do this or that. The guys in operations thought they were clever by poking (insignificant) holes in what R&D have produced. The guys... read more

Is under $2 the point of no return?

New intraday low of $2.09! WFT stock getting soo close to that $2.00 mark. $1.99 and it is bye bye for sure. Anyone who thinks WFT can pull out a good earnings report is ludicrous. More sell off's of important product lines, more layoff will cost so... read more

WFT needs to step it up with field hands pay

People in the field quitting left and right, experienced hands that are esencial for service quality. Quit messing around, take care of your field guys because we all know what's gonna happen............. all the rejects from other companies will end... read more

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