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Is anything happening these days?

Anything happening in the context of layoffs? God a little quiet on this board in the last couple of days and I can’t see any symptoms of cuts at my workplace. Has everything really quieted down?

Customers are key but............

The article today in the Houston Chronicle waits until the very end to highlight one of the major issues/hurdles as to Weatherford being able to exit Chapter 11 as a viable entity going forward. Right now in addition to the “Perception” that WFT is... read more

It’s game over

Severance, dude get real. That horse bolted long ago and it ain’t coming back. These clowns don’t even have the money to pay back expenses, the company stock is being traded over the counter by mom & pop investors & little kids investing $20 pocket... read more

Ask now how about severance pay

Speak up. Flood HR before the lay offs. Make it clear employees are being hurt. Years of thankful service. Yet hung in there. With this NEW CEO. Show some kindness. Be the Weatherford family. Give severance pay before or in Bankruptcy. Tell all the... read more

2 weeks left for houma

2 weeks left and then Houma manufacturing won't exist anymore. Let's see how bad Huntsville drops the ball

Weatherford's management is just THAT bad

Normally there is enough cash flow to cover any bad management or even bad luck. You can make mistake after mistake and still make money in oilfield services, just a matter of how much youll make. Somehow wft managed to go above and beyong or under... read more

It’s rare that an oil company sinks this low

Of course, many companies fail in history, but rarely has one sunk this low that wasn’t doo to the dominant influence of some external factor or some unfortunate events. Our demise can be only contributed to poor leadership. In other words it took an... read more


This board is more heavily censored than conservatives on any social media platform. Good grief.
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Sick days

Well if it comes to down to layoffs will remaining sick days be paid out? They use to pay us out at the end of the year, now its use ut or lose it. Not holding my breath for a severence if it comes down to it.


So in April, management stated in the Proxy that the Transformation was a "success", expected to achieve $1B goal by y/e 2019, and also gave themselves a bonus at least partially based on Transformation benefits recognized in 2018 . Then in May at... read more

Wolves circling

Hearing lots of rumours about several OFS companies sniffing around and kicking tires of select product lines. Does anyone know if business units can be sold while under Chapter 11 ? ......Asking for a friend .

WFTIF trading @ .05 cents on the OTC.

I wonder how management will spin this as a success. If you are in the field I feel sorry for you, payroll issues around the corner. the whole free cash thing from last quarter was simply due to creative accounting. WFT finance are masters at cooking... read more

Moody's downgrades Weatherford to Ca

Moody's•May 13, 2019 Moody's Investors Service ("Moody's") downgraded Weatherford International Ltd.'s (Bermuda) (Weatherford, a Bermuda incorporated entity) Corporate Family Rating (CFR) to Ca ohhhh finally being a family run company NEPOTISM will... read more

Did it have to come to this?

I realize that this question maybe sounds a little pathetic, especially knowing the fact that this eas in the making for a long time. However, I imagine that other people that remember the days when this used to be a good company are asking the same... read more


One day I remember driving all day and looking at birds and lakes And having a free lunch. Seriously not joking.
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Canada Propaganda Meeting

What did everyone think of the propaganda meetings today. Do you feel safe and secure? That your job is secure? That we’re better off now? That anything will be left in Canada?

Main points of the 8K Form submitted today

page 44 onward (Read carefully E) if you are an employee) A) As of the Effective Date, the board of directors of the Reorganized Company (the “New Board”) will be composed of seven (7) directors, one of whom shall be Mark A. McCollum, the chief... read more

It’s BAU

It’s business as usual, folks. Another work day, another couple of bucks.

Trading Halted

Any ideas why pre-marketing trading was halted this morning about 6 AM CDT?

Is severance going to be in jeopardy?

Maybe a stupid question , but at this point it sounds pretty reasonable to me. Ch 11 will cause a lot of layoffs in one form or another, that’s for sure. In how much danger are we exactly regarding the receiving of our severance if we get laid off... read more

Resume flood

There will be a flood of resumes from WFT hitting the market. There are good people here but there are many more that know the jargon but have no real valuable skills. I realize everybody needs to eat but so do you. It only takes a few bad apples...

When is the garage sale?

When is the garage sale? There are a couple pieces of software I'd like to buy and I know they have no idea how valuable these things are.

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Weatherford Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Just heard from a manager in another district today 5/10/19 that WFT was going to do chapter 11. And I heard the reverse split on stock hasn’t been done (read the ballots went out last Wednesday). Thoughts?

A sad state of affairs

Current management can blame previous management all they want, but the fact is WFT still owes 8 billion even after selling off three companies.....that money was supposed to go to debt reduction. Obviously it didn't. The CEO still has most of senior... read more

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