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Today’s wonderful news

We got another love letter from Mark today. Well if he is taking a pay cut I guess I can take one too. I mean how many times can we take one for the team oops sorry one WFT.

Game over.

Under the current circumstances, 3 to 6 months (minimum)! major disruptions then this has to be the ideal opportunity for the banks to walk away.

Birdwatching in Safety Department

Safety department might have more free time watching lakes and birds after this oil dip!!!! One day we ate a big meal and watched birds and lakes and also cows grazing all day long. Unbelievable

The final nail!


The final curtain ? End of the show ?

Our Town

Big dogs coming to Scott today. Any comments?

Weatherford LIVE event

WFT who just emerged back from Chapter 11, flew 300 people from overseas and rented the entire Marriott Waterway Hotel in the Woodlands, Texas, the most expensive hotel in the entire city for two nights and call it WFT LIVE event!!!! Basically... —  read more 

Halliburton and weatherford merger? Not likely

If halliburton management ever saw how wft operates they would shriek and run away. Halliburton squeezes every penny from every line while wft middle managers are more focussed on thier bonuses. Its a clash of economics and a whole different set of... —  read more 

Posts deleted

Lots of posts deleted, getting too close to the bone ????

Once mighty self sufficient has fallen

I was told today that the F&R store in Liberal Ks closed its doors for the last time. It's no surprise as it sustained major hits since things started heading south in 14. The area has little business left and what is there is bandaid, duct... —  read more 

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Bakersfield Corod. Plant shutdown for good

That’s rite, Bakersfield corod plant shutting down for good. Moving all the orders to Canada plant. Another screwed up decision that was made long time ago. What a waste of money that was. They need to clean out yes boss ....managers.

WARN Act...

If I'm not mistaken, these rounds of layoffs falls under the WARN act... I don't recall receiving any notices, did anyone else????

Combine CEO and COO role - 1st step to savings

These people talk about efficiencies but they don't practice it. The top 50 wage earners at Weatherford really need to take the hit. We don't need 50 of you, just 10 of you at the most or less. It's about time we follow a flat organization structure... —  read more 


I remember many times with my manager watching birds and looking at Lakes all day long and topping off the day with a free meal in the safety department—-not kidding. I was shocked at earlier audits which happened before I came on board which... —  read more 


WFTIQ stock is looking good 28$


What are your thoughts for furlough this year? Think it’ll happen?

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