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Oil Equipment, Services & Distribution
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(Fri 09/04/15 16:51:58 UTC)

Latest.........WFT filing for Chapter 7... Bloomberg News

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(Fri 09/04/15 16:38:12 UTC)

Stop posting BS is right!

Nah I'm just kidding. Wes Byrne is still a piece of shit!


(Fri 09/04/15 09:33:11 UTC)

Latest Updated WFT Layoff Figures -- Sept 04th 2015

HR Insider
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(Fri 09/04/15 03:04:03 UTC)

Stop posting BS!

I am so tired of seeing people posting bullshit whether it's just coming from their imagination, rumors or even trolls who are bored all the way down to posting about some Wes guy and his personal life ( you need to get a hobby or better yet a job!) I rather hear about what people know for sure. ... read more

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(Thu 09/03/15 20:06:37 UTC)

Get Out! Get Out! GET OUT!!!

Shock Exchange, New York Shock Exchange (751 clicks) Long/short equity, long only, short only, special situations Profile| Send Message| Follow (1,237 followers) Performance Bonds Signal Pain Ahead For Weatherford Aug. 25, 2015 4:45 PM ET | 8 comments | About: Weatherford International Ltd. (WFT) ... read more

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(Thu 09/03/15 12:30:44 UTC)

What the hell is going on in Kingwood?

business is slow, yet the few orders we are getting have to wait for approval! Who the f is in charge of this place? Why does it take weeks for a PO to get approved? Customer wants it, region requests it, engineering is done with it, parts are in, just build the damn thing and ship it. Holy $&@&$..,

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(Thu 09/03/15 12:21:13 UTC)

Houma manufacturing being hit again this morning.

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(Thu 09/03/15 06:25:42 UTC)

Who let the Bag out of the Cat at WFT

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(Thu 09/03/15 03:15:13 UTC)

Scott, LA location

Anyone know about the layoff or potential layoff situation in Scott?

Justa Birdy
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(Thu 09/03/15 00:55:09 UTC)

Wes Byrne - Richard Cranium

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(Wed 09/02/15 16:48:06 UTC)

What Weatherford product line would you get rid of?

Be honest, reasonable, civil and specific? To save Weatherford, What product line is dead weight and needs to go? And WHY?

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(Wed 09/02/15 16:44:17 UTC)

The bigger they come, the harder they fall, one and all.

Arson Wells
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(Wed 09/02/15 16:02:03 UTC)


Seems like something is up with this product line anybody have any ideas

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(Wed 09/02/15 15:13:37 UTC)

Wichita ct. Ft Worth layoffs

2 employees laid off today so far

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(Wed 09/02/15 14:12:45 UTC)

The Bird of Paradise has Spoken

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(Wed 09/02/15 10:42:56 UTC)

Latest Houma News Update

Hairy Mary
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(Tue 09/01/15 23:22:30 UTC)


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(Tue 09/01/15 21:58:34 UTC)

OWBPA updated

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(Tue 09/01/15 21:54:01 UTC)

Any news at Huntsville?, I've heard there were layoffs today


(Tue 09/01/15 04:01:51 UTC)

GE. We bring good things to life!

Your new owners
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(Mon 08/31/15 15:21:03 UTC)

Wes Byrne=

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(Mon 08/31/15 15:03:52 UTC)

Latest WFT Layoff Figures -- August 31st 2015

HR Insider
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(Mon 08/31/15 00:54:13 UTC)

Wes Byrne = Feces for brains.

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(Sat 08/29/15 21:37:01 UTC)

Nepotism and favouritism

nepotism and favouritism is rife throughout WFT even if you do you're work efficiently and safely I bet you're bottom dollar this will always be missed by incompetent managers who are only interested in saving their buddy's. Seeing good hands leaving or pushed out in place of manager worshiping ass ... read more

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(Fri 08/28/15 21:23:03 UTC)

Wes Byrne=poo poo head


(Fri 08/28/15 13:51:17 UTC)

Don't get too excited about the stock price rising....

Principal payments on $7.8B debt are scheduled to start in 2016! That is when the fat lady will start singing...

Buy Weatherford Stock?
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(Fri 08/28/15 11:20:29 UTC)

What's happening

What's happening in Wireline at SJP? Anyone know?

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(Fri 08/28/15 03:15:38 UTC)

What's new in Houston? JFK, KINGWOOD, and SJP locations?

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(Wed 08/26/15 20:25:21 UTC)



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(Wed 08/26/15 11:35:23 UTC)

Schlumberger buying Cameron

Looks like SLB is out of the market for WFT. Looks like GE and and out-of-market holding companies like Berkshire Hathaway are the most likely to buy WFT.

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(Tue 08/25/15 02:43:25 UTC)

Everything looking like it does, and they are stripping and waxing our main office building

Our facility has lost around 165 of 300 employees. Nearly every light bulb has gone out, and the are stripping and waxing the floors. Talk about priorities

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(Tue 08/25/15 02:41:12 UTC)

Where did Weatherford enormous debt come from? How is our D/E more than 100%?

I only started as a low level manager in 2015 so I know very little about history of Weatherford. Does anyone know how we ended up with 127% debt to equity ratio? I understand smaller emerging startup may have high debt due to initial investments but how can this happen to Weatherford?

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(Tue 08/25/15 01:10:14 UTC)

Layoff in Broussard Hub.

One more guy was layed off today in Broussard Hub

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(Mon 08/24/15 21:45:31 UTC)


Looking for a used working refrigerator with drink dispenser any color any size

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(Mon 08/24/15 19:46:58 UTC)

WFT 7.68 Our last stock counting is comming this year!

Its going down like crazy!

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(Mon 08/24/15 18:23:44 UTC)

Vice President Compensation details

It is time that someone post VP level compensation details. As there are over 50 details should be some information out there?

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