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Notice from NYSE

Weatherford Receives Notice from NYSE regarding Continued Listing Standard

PL sales

WFT will NOT sell TRS or ALS now. They WILL have to sell one or the other later. This has always been the case (well for the last 4 years anyway). The other PL sales will not retire enough debt. It is a difficult choice. ALS sale kills NAM. TRS sale... read more

Labs management...

The entire second floor of Golden should be sacked. Meanwhile, they are being promoted. Hope someone from CSL recognizes that they are trash. Labs management is trying to make themselves look good. A sh-- zebra can’t change its stripes though.

Weatherford Bankruptcy Probability = 53% PROBABILITY OF BANKRUPTCY ANALYSIS For stocks, Probability Of Bankruptcy is normalized value of Z-Score. For funds and ETFs it is derived from a multi-factor model developed by... read more

Save yourselves

With oil prices dropping once again and our shares following right along, now's the time to exit Weatherford any way you can. The only reason why I'm still here is because I was waiting for severance, but now I realize that's a lost battle. Once... read more

WFT stock

Just wondering if WFT is heading into bankruptcy. lost 80% already and wanted to get out before it goes to 0. Anyone believing in a turning or not seeing BK looming? Why is the stock this low, close to 0?

CSL are mo--ns for buying the labs

Who in their right mind would pay 200 million for the labs when they can get it for a song when WFT goes bankrupt in a few months. That tells you how smart CSL leadership is, you should be worried if you work in the labs.

Status update on pcp test facility edmonton.

where to start???? moved the facility from lloydminister to edmonton.... brought two guys with the move. Called up bunch of laid workers from famous 59 day layoff, to put this place together.. promoted hse guy to be manager but later was scapegoat... read more

And then there were Two!

And then there were two my friends! That day is on the horizon and will be here soon. There is no way to correct the course and destination of this ship.
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Even if there were no debt...

Our margins are not even enough to cover payroll. The company will be broken up and what can’t be sold will be shut down. Don’t believe all the rubbish that it’s all down to the debt as it’s not. There is allot wrong and it’s not just management... read more

Empty shelves, cutting up inventory

WFT continues to cut up perfectly good and sometimes new tools and equipment for the 'smoke and mirrors effect' of increasing ROI. Woooo to the creditor that might believe they have an interest in inventory to secure their loan. It is often quite... read more

WFT shifting cost and punishing field operators

Upper Mgmt showing their superior intelligence has recently performed some remarkable cost reallocation. Even though overall health insurance costs went down for this coming year, WFT will now pay a much smaller portion of the total cost and has... read more

The options for WFT

WFT Options: 1) Cut Ops and Sales managers salaries 2) Propose compensation based in “Real” revenue generation (means based on collection) 3) Reduce trips and hotel expense to the minimum 4) Eliminate the Expat status and paid all employees in local... read more

The vicious cycle

I remember in 2012 when they woke up to the fact that burning through cash and just issuing more debt wasn’t going to work much longer. Unfortunately, it was too late at that point as they didnt act fast enough, didn’t do enough, and then the crash... read more
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Slb rejects

We hired way too many Slb rejects in management. They were laid off by Slb and what have they accomplished for WFT? In 12 days the delisting and bankruptcy process begins. This was all avoidable.

Chart your own course ! Absolute joke.

These executive management teams are either delusional or they are outright lying. Management positions are reserved for freinds and family and not having field experience is preferred. These guys are hilarious.

How do we stop the free fall?

I thought people crying bankruptcy were being alarmists and overly dramatic, but somehow that has in the last few months turned not only into an actual possibility but a most likely one. I'm now wondering if there is literally ANYTHING that can be... read more

Spears has WFT valved at $700M

Taken from an email note from Spears; …"$700M for a company with sales of $6 billion? Why so cheap? Debt, combined with lack of growth. Like we tell everybody, Weatherford was a good company with good people doing good work, but this good work is... read more

Chapter 11 is coming before the end of the year

Hard as this sounds this is our best way forward. We're paying an extremely high interest rate on our loans. Going chapter 11 will give Mark and Christoph time to restructure debt and reorganise product-lines. Head count reduction is in the process... read more

Safety and promotion

Focus solely on safety and promote people based on gender and your company can end up in the terlet right next to Weatherturd.

Swap your WFT shares for US Postal Forever stamps

You can still get your WFT shares for US Postal 50 cents "FOREVER" stamps before January 1st 2019.....actually before they drop below 50 cents and or get de-listed... On January 1st 2019 the USPS will raise the price of FOREVER stamps... read more
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And all the rest will take care of itself

Weatherford needs more managers. Thats the issue. There is a lack of management . We need more guys in golf shirts. The field hands make all the decisions and get paid all the money. It has to stop. We need more guys who could not cut it in the... read more

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