Topics regarding layoffs at Weatherford International Ltd.

Topics regarding layoffs at Weatherford International Ltd.

Weatherford in Scott,La

Looking for a long-term job? A place where you can grow, receive proper and fair performance assessments, and any type of pay raise or bonus? Well then don't come here!!!!! This is a horrible place to be!!! Not a good place to work at all!!

Fight of flight?

Is it just me or have there been a lot of folks resign recently? I heard today that Gulf Bank has lost 5 in less than a month? Good to know the jobs are out there, I was planning on riding it out but maybe it's worth jumping ship. What's y'alls... —  read more 

Another C-Suite Casualty

Just posted on LinkedIn, the CHRO is leaving at the end of the year. Wft's new CEO is making the right decision. The HR group needs new leadership and should not stop with the head. Look at the Directors and the HRVP of Operations. Too many... —  read more 

pps MENA

willing to be shut down complete and sold soon too much mistakes causing management to make This decicion, did it happen to late or is it on time


major Overhaul based on the significnat problems in the Geozone business unit of Well Services of MENA - they will remove and change lots of different things based on that their reckless vacationing manager decides since it is controlled by top guys... —  read more 

WCT group game over

shutting down from NAM / west Hemisphere MENA losing and asia is a distaster and also africa major major issues long standing for a long time When will WCT + completion (with corrupt vps) be sold?

Weatherford Scott, La

What is really going on? Why is hatchet man even here? Don't they have enough "chiefs" already. Not very optimistic about the future here. Better sharpen up those resumes!! Get out while you can.

Bankruptcy again

So the word is no Servance package no loyalty to employee ,but they want us to stay till the end with no package.the people who work thier butts off over 10 years get nothing . Poorly ran no direction no plan no nothing The joke is on Us. While... —  read more 

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