Weatherford International Ltd. Layoffs

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More at west hardy

Over 10 people were let go today at west hardy. All of them hard working. Rumors are that WFT is to layoff 3000 employees by end of the year

More layoffs in Alberta

Just heard that Red Deer Thru Tubing is doing some layoffs today. Just happened to be talking to the guys there. Probably more elsewhere too.

VP gone?

Is it true that Davy Davidson was let go late last week?

Holy Cow

Layoffs at WFT Labs 5200

Hard working ppl. They should have gotten rid of the lazy useless project managers they do all the work for since they are inept.

West hardy road

Wow! Just heard that they finally got rid of the incompetent bastards who ran WHR into the dirt. That's what they get for the crap they pulled

Weatherford Santa Paula

Is it really that hard to take care of your employees that have stuck it out through furloughs , layoffs etc etc and maybe give them raises or some kind of praise for not jumping ship before you hired 3+ new employees and supposedly more new hires... read more

Weatherford Fraud

In an SEC filing Tuesday, Weatherford said it agreed to settle without admitting or denying the charges. ... The SEC specifically named James Hudgins, who was Weatherford's vice president of tax, and Darryl Kitay, a tax manager, for making the... read more

Singapore to close

Talk at office today is that they will shut Singapore now that they have given our drop kick VP MENA as well as APAC. The Indian Madia will drive us off the cliff.

no more frack

So now I here that frack is gone too. What a shame. So how much can you buy a blender for when there is thousands of them for sale.

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