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Downgraded, due to what every employee knows

Weatherford International Plc (NYSE: WFT)'s business is left severely impaired after two decades of mismanagement, poor execution and a culture unaccustomed to accountability, a Barclays analyst said. The price target has been slashed from 6 to 3.50... read more

Stock clinging to life

The body is alive but is on artificial life support. The tiny blips are just what's left of a pulse. Probably best to check back in a few months for any signs of recovery. We have all been through so much, pull the plug Doc.

Too much debt can’t be good for WFT.

Looks like they’re going to lose the fight. They’ve struggled for a few years with different tactics that just don’t work. Going to be a lot of people screwed over pretty soon.

Bye bye Weatherford

So glad to see this a-- of a company going to the dogs!! Be nice to see a few of the people I didn’t have time of day for getting sh-- all when it does go as well!! Jumped up Manager wannabe’s!!!!

What is going to happen

I would like to know serious thoughts on what will happen to the company in the next couple months. Surely we cannot survive at stock under $3 a share. Will they go bankrupt? Are the rumors true about the sell offs? Will they do more layoffs... read more

Another trip to HR

Well it looks like I will have to make another trip to HR about my supervisor. Why can he not learn and change his ways.


Should I enroll in ESPP or actually flush my money down the toilet ?

Radar cards

Did you ever hear the joke about the WFT employee who didn't fill out a Radar card? Me either, because there's nothing funny about that at all. Save the world, fill out a Radar card.


The list of companies giving out bonuses, raises, and stock to their employees grows by the day. It severely tees me off to be told 'I'm lucky to have a job' by WFT. No raise in FOUR years. I've got my resume circulating and I'm knocking on doors.

Don’t figure

Why is it that a major UK business can be made bankrupt with £1.2B of debt but company like WFT with allot more debt than that can continue to survive? It doesn’t add up!
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Weatherford Going Bankrupt without a doubt !

Fact - Total Assets = 12.013 billion. But that includes 2.346 billion Goodwill. Which is the amount they overpaid for all the companies they bought over the years. Fact - Total Liabilities = 10.685 billion. So total assets are actually 9.667 billion... read more

Get Out!!!

Is it true in West Texas under the Balog Regime there hasn’t been any raises in 4 years? Let’s get rid of all the good help and bring in noobs at a higher pay and see how that goes.

WFT stock

A stockbroker, cold calling about weatherford stock, found a taker. "This one is really going to move," the broker said. "It's only a $1 a share." "Buy me 1000 shares," said the client. The following day, the stock was at $2. Seeing this, the client... read more

Employee Bonuses

Since the passage of President Trump's tax package multiple companies have announced one time bonuses for their employees...EVERY employee. I keep waiting for Weatherford's announcement of our two or three thousand dollar one time bonus...but dang... read more

Are clients feeling uneasy?

So how are clients reacting to the state of Weatherford? I know that when I was there many were attempting to leverage the difficult times and forecasting a lot of work and agreeing to give it to Weatherford for a lower price in return. However, in... read more

From Market Realist online

Recommendations for Weatherford International Currently, ~78% of Wall Street analysts rate Weatherford International (WFT) a “strong buy” or “buy,” and ~19% rate it a “hold.” Around 3% of analysts have “sell,” or “strong sell” ratings on the stock... read more

Labs Townhall Friday

What’s going down on Friday? Another pep rally denying the inevitable or something more sinister?

South America market coming up

I have worked for long years in Weatherford South America countries. I wonder who selected those new fishing managers in South America? They are joke

The deal ended with 430 MM USD- No OneStim

Not as expected- WFT finished the deal for any cash. SLB is the winner Schlumberger will take ownership of Weatherford's U.S. pressure pumping and pump-down perforating related facilities and supplier and customer contracts.

Radar cards

I was parking my car the other day and noticed a coworker driving through the parking lot without there seat belt on. I want to know if that would be a appropriate radar card? I am at the Hardy plant and think we all should respect the rules.

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