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Replace current employees

Hiring to replace current employees at a lower pay scale. Train your replacement is the new reduction plan. I am safe where I am but see this with other employees.

1000 more

With the company reorganization and new CEO, expect 1000 more layoffs to occur in the near future.


Any news on what is going to happen with Bakerafield? Heard they are going to combine shops.

Something going on in Houma?

So I heard there is a guy in Houma from Houston who has been here for 2 weeks, and he is here to "dismantle" Weatherford. (I'm assuming it's only the Houma manufacturing plant but not positive. Supposedly dismantling locations (or companies?) is his... read more

The new way.

They are downsizing, getting rid of most full time positions, and replacing them with part-time jobs employing more people for less money by giving fewer hours per person. Companies save big this way because they are not required to pay benefits. But... read more

Next layoffs

when is the next round of layoffs? how many do they plan on cutting this round?

More work , more responsibility, same pay

Seems most employees I casually talk to carry the same complaints right now. So many of us weathered the storm, took on an increased work load and clinged to hope that the effort would be recognized with a increase in wages once it picked up again... read more

How Insolvent Is WFT?

Why Delay?

Why are they delaying the enevitable? This company is finished. Lay down and die. Make room for the future!!!


Well I am back to work at my bench from hell again. I am getting very tired of this crazy place. I have learned to keep busy and make time pass by as best as possible. I am not sure if the bosses really understand what we need.


Apparently 3044 has a shipping/receiving department that doesn't have to do any shipping or receiving and gets a paycheck for it.


Ok - this is driving me nuts! I have a coworker who sits at his desk and will be on a phone call and then will start CLIPPING HIS NAILS!!! And not just his fingers - he clips his toenails too! It is seriously so disgusting! Why does he feel the need... read more


I was terminated for failing a drug test! This is what they said the company policy is to give 2 hours and I was only given 1and a half hour notice. Is this legal or do I have a case.


Hello. Im having an issue at work that i need some advice on. I have this coworker that is so rude and doesnt like me for no apparent reason! Im at the point where im so fed up! I already went to my boss several times about the situation and nothing... read more

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