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Houma Mfg. to close March 1 2019

Got the word from Woodward today after GM was fired. All work to be moved between China and Huntsville. What a waste of a profitable shop. Product lines and equipment will be moving soon and employees will be sent packing total F---in shame.

Ready for the end of Q4?

Need to finish the quarter strong and send a message to the banks and investors. Selling some business units, closing others, laying off some people. If your shop is slow or not making money then it’s likely Houston has its sights on you.

Permian Basin Oil Show Booth

The Weatherford boys spared no expense this time around. Company is 8 billion dollars in debt. They can’t pay critical vendors on 120 day pay but they can go all out on the Oil Show Booth. Got to keep the facade up. Wouldn’t want to be perceived as... read more

What the heck is happening in Canada?

Heard they just turfed the VP Sales and over the summer they lost multiple sales managers and some of the best sales reps. My wife said everyone is miserable over there and lots of people in sales are trying to get out.

Bonus payments

I heard some groups got a bonus today for their transition efforts. Is this true or not.

H2 looks bad - rumours?

With H2 of 2018 looking terrible for WFT really surprised there are not more rumours on's oh so quiet??!...calm b4 the storm?

Weatherford Supercentre

Part of transformation plan .. big hunchos going around announcing to liquidate current asset they own such as shops with land and leasing similar type of warehouses for next few years so they can plan and build supercentre warehouses where they... read more

Looks like the Flagship may be sinking

This week ALS, is loosing 3 key people---the s---er rod PLM and technical rod guru, the rod pump PLM and technical guru, and a key metallurgist in R&D. All 3 played key rolls that can only be filled from outside Weatherford as there is no replacement... read more

Bye bye from IT

Last week for most of us, good luck with IBM and the managers that have been left to manage this mess. Lucky I got my 3 months and bonus payment, watch out ayone whos left, seems your only safe if a manager or you have family members watching your... read more

Be Prepared

I ran into an ex-Weatherford manager who I know well this week and we were discussing how things are about a year out from being released from the company - note here that I felt he was a good manager and looked out for his team. Anyway, he said... read more

Company Stock dropping like a rock

When your CEO sells almost 70% of his shares in the company. Specifically, Director William E. Macaulay sold 767,591 shares of the company’s stock in a transaction that occurred on Friday, August 24th. The stock was sold at an average price of $2.86... read more

Poor management

Speaking from my branch plant experience.... management wants to preach, but not practice what they preach. With the end of the year approaching and our stock price still going south, I’m expecting that any day is going to be our last. I hate to say... read more

Oil rigs let off again this week

• Total oil rigs fell, -9 to 860 • Horizontal oil rigs declined, -2 to 766 • Visual inspection suggests that rigs continue to roll off gently from here for the next several weeks.
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Why Can’t WFT make any money?

I continue to be confused as to why WFT can’t make money...after 6+ yrs of cost cutting, “transformation”, etc etc etc. they don’t seem to be able to make a single dollar. I get it, when oil is $30, $40, $50 bucks, it might be tough, but they... read more

Layoff's coming in engineering group

I've heard there will be another reorg. this time with many lead/engineering managers going in Houston. Budgets are continuing to be slashed and jobs will be cut. Can anyone confirm?


Are you losing or making money? Worth it?


Farewell and thanks for all the fish

Dooms days nearer for PCP and Corod in Canada

Heard from the sources of weatherford pcp and corod in edmonton that they are dead slow, most of the businesses being lost to lifting solutions since they bought rig services from weatherford. Ex weatherford employees running lifting solutions. Since... read more

Severance changes

Anyone who has been with this company for many years will be screwed. If you think you will get a decent severance when you get let go you are dreaming. WFT put a cap of 9 weeks regardless of your tenure. Plus they will not pay for any paid leave you... read more

Guar gum?

The production of guar gum is no longer a core focus for the company," Weatherford President and CEO Mark A. McCollum said in a statement. Since when did WFT make Guar gum to where they sold it?? FRAUD!

This company is a joke

This company is a joke. Lot's of unjustified positions like computer and pencil pushers, sales ppl that don't do f all but show up to work 1 or 2 days a week and collect a bonus/commission check. Inventory management positions that haven't a clue how... read more

What is the endgame?

What exactly is Weatherford's endgame? What is the goal of our current business strategy? From where I'm standing, it seems like we are aiming to go out of business within a few years. If that's the goal, then we are doing great. I doubt thought that... read more

Intervention Buddies

‘’Intervention Directors ’’ punching more holes everyday in Weatherford sinking vessel thru the idiots buddy,,,,,,, Experts are quitting everyday

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