Topics regarding layoffs at Weatherford International Ltd.

Topics regarding layoffs at Weatherford International Ltd.

New Wireline VP.

It was about time to change out this position. Let’s hope that the new VP will quickly realize that his Global team has been playing hide and seek for the pass few years. A large portion have been collect hefty salaries and hiding out of country... —  read more 

Don't care anymore

If they want to add more work to my plate, they can. From now on, it won't get done. They keep cutting people and expecting the rest of us to pick up their work and we all keep doing it. We're as much to blame for our current situation as the... —  read more 

Lost Focus

The current management has forgotten or never has known how to make money. It's more important to look good than be profitable. Once upon a time, the old ones knew how to make money but the management squandered it. Now Weatherford looks good... —  read more 

How busy are you?

In my 11 years in this industry I have never complained, but what is happening now is really too much. I love my job, but working for three or even four people is not normal.

How is that possible?

I notice that there has long been an atmosphere here in which managers seek to devalue someone’s talent and abilities. How is it possible that people whom WFT got rid of very easily, who were so devalued and treated as the worst employees here... —  read more 

I miss the days

Former WFT person here. I miss sitting around doing nothing, and not really caring about the well being of the company. It had been over 4 years since any of us had a pay increase and the moral was completely shot through the entire labor force. ... —  read more 

Anyone left at SRO?

I happened to drive past SRO the other day on the way to visit a customer and the place looked like a ghost town. Is anyone left over there or did they give up on having an engineering department?

Getting rehired was a mistake

What happened to this place, everyone is hiding out, nobody is working, and the moods are like being at a funeral. This place is not what it was six months ago. That safety meeting was a disgrace, people are amazed in shame!

Good old days

I've been here for a few years so all I know is the cr---y company I had the misfortune of joining when I didn't have any other options. There are some old-timers I work with who keep talking about the good old days when getting a job here was a... —  read more 

People keep leaving

Most of the best ones are already gone. Now we're at the point where even some of the laziest employees are done with WFT and are looking for something better, bringing the absurdity of this place to new levels. The leadership seems happy that the... —  read more 

Dear Girish…..

In the past 5-10 years we as the core have seen several leaders in the C-suite come and go. Each having their own sl--t on the future of our organization and bring in their own team. This is a understandable practise, it’s about trust and one must... —  read more 

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