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Posts regarding layoffs at Weatherford International Ltd.

(Sat 05/23/15 02:17:31 UTC)

Anything about Midland SLS ??? Midland, TX


(Fri 05/22/15 19:58:51 UTC)

Anything happening today?

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(Thu 05/21/15 14:32:45 UTC)

Layoffs @ Wichita Ct today 5/21

Production supervisor and a couple of others already gone ...


(Thu 05/21/15 14:32:38 UTC)

Layoffs @ Wichita Ct today 5/21

Production supervisor and a couple of others already gone ...

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(Thu 05/21/15 09:22:33 UTC)

Not all bad

I worked out of alvin tx for a couple of years for the most part i planned on retiring from there. My immediate supervisor was as good as they come yeah he had his faults none more so than any of us. My senior driver was the type of man that would give you the shirt off his back. My dispatchers ... read more

Anonymous 40
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(Thu 05/21/15 07:37:26 UTC)

Weatherford layoff information? I don't see any.

This site is a complete joke. Wait, it is not the site, it is the so called Weatherford employee's that cause this site to be a joke. It no longer is informative about layoffs. It has become a site of talking crap about each other. Calling people out of their name. If anyone tries to be truthful ... read more


(Wed 05/20/15 08:25:24 UTC)

The Latest....

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(Wed 05/20/15 06:37:25 UTC)

Houma Announcement Imminent

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(Tue 05/19/15 15:41:50 UTC)

Houma closing? Ft Worth consolidating?

Any truth to this statement made by a member of management? Houma will be closing the doors and moving their operations to Ft Worth. Big Spring to do the same. All Open Hole Completions will merge into one business unit located in Ft Worth.

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(Mon 05/18/15 06:10:23 UTC)

The feeling

Does anyone else feel like a greyhound at the track. Running around in circles trying to catch something that you are never gonna catch. Even if your top dog (management) your never happy with what you have. You will continue to trample over the top of other dogs just to stay top dog. All of the ... read more

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(Sun 05/17/15 08:45:15 UTC)

Hatuk Bakunda, a one time WFT high flyer was released last Friday from his position as new technology manager.

Seems that WFT is now giving up on new technology.


(Sat 05/16/15 14:21:49 UTC)

What's Q3 going to bring

Hearing Q2 layoffs completed can anyone confirm what' happening in Q3 keep hearing rumours management next then other rumours that after Q2 that's it completed?

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(Fri 05/15/15 17:13:52 UTC)

Laid off this morning (05-15) from Houma

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(Thu 05/14/15 13:32:26 UTC)

Severance pay

Got screwed by managment here in eastern Canada. They told me I wasn't entitled to severance after 6 years of service because it only kicked in after 8 years. I had to sign off because they made me fly back from overseas saying I had work but when I arrived, however when I came back I was told I ... read more

WTF wft
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(Thu 05/14/15 12:22:53 UTC)

Huntsville Alert_14th May

Just been told the cops will be arriving here at 10:00 this morning. This is news from my brother in law. Sorry

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(Thu 05/14/15 09:33:09 UTC)

Contractors ?

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(Thu 05/14/15 03:17:34 UTC)

How many were laid off in Huntsville, Tuesday???

Heard they got rid of the prototype shop manager!!

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(Wed 05/13/15 22:55:48 UTC)

Investor report. Just FYI.

Check out the outlook section. Seven plants planned to close.

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(Tue 05/12/15 12:26:35 UTC)

Cops are back in Houma!

We had a Sheriff's Office detail at the facility though the Feb/March layoffs and saw one here this morning walking with the GM... Here we go!

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(Tue 05/12/15 11:25:23 UTC)

Laid off today (5/12/2015) Spencer Rd LWD Field Engineer

Title says it all. Got the call to bring in my truck yesterday Sam acted like a dipshit about the whole thing and wouldn't even be straight up about what was going on until pressured. In his words, "It is more difficult on me than it is you". Cry me a river buddy.

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(Tue 05/12/15 04:35:28 UTC)

Tracie Breedlove

I just got news that the wicked witch of the west Tracie Breedlove (formally pacific area manager) will be relocating to Colorado! Hurray the terrorism will finally come to a halt in California. It's about time action was taken. I hope she takes some of her puppet monkey face people like Erika & ... read more

Miss Loving it...
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(Mon 05/11/15 14:20:34 UTC)

Kingwood Working Hours

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(Mon 05/11/15 04:11:32 UTC)

2 Kingwood managers to be laid off Monday


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(Sun 05/10/15 17:40:31 UTC)

Q3 management clear out

Q3 should be interesting too many managers sitting idle at their desks picking up fat pay checks?

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(Sun 05/10/15 15:10:10 UTC)

Reality is.. I too agree with this post. I have seen it happen

I have seen people that were laid off for NO REASON. Only thing we can come up with is that they were making more money than the people they kept. I have seen at my facility some crazy ass shit.... unethical, money costing dangerous shit.... and I AM NOT a disgruntled ex employee, but for fear of ... read more

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(Sun 05/10/15 13:57:56 UTC)

Kingwood Layoff by Text


(Sun 05/10/15 13:04:11 UTC)


If employees that were offered vso package and did not take it. Do they get severence or the middle finger.

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(Sat 05/09/15 09:35:08 UTC)

Right of Centre?

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(Fri 05/08/15 18:43:19 UTC)

May 1st Announcement

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(Thu 05/07/15 23:15:09 UTC)

did Longview get hit again with lay offs?

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(Thu 05/07/15 10:56:27 UTC)

Layoffs in Broussard

Broussard Hub got hit, 7 layoffs

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(Thu 05/07/15 00:16:46 UTC)

Huntsville employees......

Houma just received a transfer from huntsville. Is this just a transfer or is huntsville closing? Odd occurrence during these times.

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(Wed 05/06/15 17:28:50 UTC)

Merger News

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(Wed 05/06/15 17:25:41 UTC)

Farmington, NM?

Has anyone heard when WFT will move to close some of the Farmington, NM locations?

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