Weatherford International Ltd. Layoffs

Topics regarding layoffs at Weatherford International Ltd.

Weatherford Scott, La

What is really going on? Why is hatchet man even here? Don't they have enough "chiefs" already. Not very optimistic about the future here. Better sharpen up those resumes!! Get out while you can.

Bankruptcy again

So the word is no Servance package no loyalty to employee ,but they want us to stay till the end with no package.the people who work thier butts off over 10 years get nothing . Poorly ran no direction no plan no nothing The joke is on Us. While... —  read more 

Poof !! and it's gone

What happened to the post about the state of the industry in Aberdeen, as having lived in Aberdeen what happens there still holds some interest but the jurors who run this site have deleted it. Freedom of speech doesn't apply to this site !!!!

Yukon F&R

Did we really shut down and fishing and rental yard? Never would have thought the only shop in oklahoma scoop/stack would have been closed! I'm starting to believe this is the END!

RFID Is the Future

RFID is the future and will turn our fortunes around. Just you wait and see. We have the best technologies available on the market and our customers know this as well. Only a matter of time now before we start clearing up and winning tenders. We are... —  read more 

BJ Services Belly Up

Forget BJ Services or Baker taking over Wft. They have their own issues. Who would buy Wft? Hal? Schlum? Nova?

WFTLF now $1.55

Down just over 40% in past month - it's difficult to see any realistic way back now. The Q2 results, expected 8/5, will be interesting reading. I simply cannot see beyond Q3 without some major intervention or restructure.

Can’t polish a t–d

Weatherford in Scott is a dead horse management is a bunch of overpaid waisted paychecks.... it takes more energy to print these peoples checks than they actually do in the two weeks waiting for them. Two of the supposedly baddest machinists in the... —  read more 

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