Topics regarding layoffs at Weatherford International Ltd.

Topics regarding layoffs at Weatherford International Ltd.

Would you agree to a lower pay?

I have to celebrate this. It took me a long time to find a new job and I was hesitant to accept a job at a company that offered me a slightly lower pay, but in the end I accepted because I think working conditions are generally much better than here... —  read more 

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How much longer

How much longer are they going to let WM ruin manufacturing sites? This guy and his Cameron crew of clowns is ridiculous. When will our new VP dump him for someone from GE

Everyone happy?

I'm still laughing after watching the employee video contest winner the other day! What pathos. Everyone is smiling and everyone is happy to be working here. Yes of course. /s.

A time of mediocrity

Education and experience mean nothing in this company anymore. People with most skills and experience are also the ones most humiliated in this company. I couldn't take it anymore and I left. I became sick of the mediocrities that brought this... —  read more 

Top worst moves

This thing with VP Integrated Services is a disaster. I agree with someone who said that this is just another in a series of "brilliant strategies of our management". / sarc. I haven’t been in this company for a long time but I'm wondering, have... —  read more 

VP Integrated Services?

With the longstanding lack of financial performance, how can we continue to carry overhead such as VP Integrated Services? When will our new leader actually wake up and fix the problems. We accepted the challenge, has he?

Why are you complaining?

I see so much of it here. If you don’t like WFT then make a plan to leave. People act like this company has done them wrong but this is a business, and like all businesses you get paid for your services. I know layoffs happen but they happen all the... —  read more 

Layoffs logic?

I have a friend who worked at Scott and I am very disappointed that he was fired. Of course, everyone thinks that they should not have been fired, but rather someone else, but chances are that there was no logic behind it and that much better... —  read more 

Desperate for a miracle?

Weatherford International: Positives Priced In latest article by Seeking Alpha with some unpredictable expectionions/ there are low hanging fruits of huuuuuge savings once laying off the expat cool doods in mena asia pacific and sub saharan ———... —  read more 


One day I remember in the safety department looking at audit upon audit and not doing anything about it. I remember one day in the safety department not doing anything but burning gas and having a free dinner—we did look at birds and lakes!!!! ... —  read more 

What a shame

Shame on me for staying with this company for so many years. I worked my tail off, never complained about money even Though I was paid way below the minimum for my position and peers. I trained numerous employees who came in making more than me and I... —  read more 

Weatherford in Scott, La

The writing is on the wall! And from a creditable source......layoffs are coming. Don't believe a word management says! All they do is LIE! LIE! LIE!! Get out while you can and get a job somewhere else!! Weatherford in Scott

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