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Posts regarding layoffs at Weatherford International Ltd.

(Tue 07/07/15 20:17:47 UTC)

Mark Swift changed his name! It is now Caitlyn Swift!


(Mon 07/06/15 17:21:15 UTC)

End of Q2 WFT Layed Off Numbers Updated

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(Wed 07/01/15 14:57:18 UTC)

just took a 15% pay cut. Anyone else?

Nisku fishing
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(Wed 07/01/15 14:16:46 UTC)

Bernard Duroc Danner and Board Gets 2015 Bonuses!!

Got my Weatherford stock voting Proxy and was SHOCKED to see Danner getting bonuses in the millions while WFT employees got furloughs and layoffs! Disgusting...greedy leaders! If the board members and Danner took a one year salary of a "normal" CEO, millions of dollars could be put to better use ... read more

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(Mon 06/29/15 11:25:48 UTC)

Joe Isaac

JI seems to be a nice, thoughtful, intelligent person. With that said, he has a history of repeatedly selecting high turnaround bozos to run many of his facilities. Is it that difficult to pick competent and qualified people for high profile, high paying positions? I know it goes much higher but ... read more

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(Sun 06/28/15 23:51:33 UTC)

Trolling for rumors

Post whatever rumors that are swirling around.


(Sun 06/28/15 12:25:55 UTC)

Q3 busy time for HR

Here we go again HR activity stepping up lots of closed door meetings same signs as the last round of Q2 layoffs???????????????

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(Wed 06/24/15 03:26:46 UTC)

How many people have been let go in Nisku,Ab so far?

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(Tue 06/23/15 20:17:18 UTC)

No chatter?

Darn.. Weatherford must have gotten rid of all the people that cared about their job. They all have gotten it off their chest, so back to normal. Guess the ones that remain are not worried about losing their job? Is Weatherford finished with their layoffs? Either that, or they just don't care if ... read more

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(Sun 06/21/15 16:37:12 UTC)

Separation Package

Has anyone that took the package had trouble collecting unemployment?

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(Tue 06/16/15 13:03:28 UTC)

Why haven't any managers or supervisors been laid off?

I work in a mfg facility and we have lost 15 people in the last round of layoffs, yet none of the management has been let go. We have several managers that have one person working under them...or they have had a management position "created" for them...does this happen at anyone elses facility??

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(Sat 06/13/15 13:05:33 UTC)

USA Fracking rush is over greed prevailed

Surely any right minded person knew US fracking would burst at some point most economists predicted this years ago but still the majors ploughed billions investing in their own downfall selfishly ignoring the concerns of those outside the USA to steady investment and production.Easy to blame OPEC ... read more

Wake up and smell the coffee go green
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(Thu 06/11/15 15:31:17 UTC)

Heard Magnokia is closing

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(Tue 06/09/15 22:31:19 UTC)

Should governments do more in a downturn?

Never understood why big energy companies don't have a government backed fund in place in the event of a downturn to protect employees from layoff for a minimum one year period and keep the skills with that particular company which are vital when the recovery returns. If companies were forced or ... read more

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(Mon 06/08/15 05:25:57 UTC)

Europe downsizing continues and furlough to be put in place

Romania 20% reduction in salary Germany, UK and Italy coming very soon

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(Mon 06/08/15 00:55:16 UTC)

Weatherford going up for sale July 1

Buyer will be Schlumberger

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(Sun 06/07/15 14:49:01 UTC)

Rockies Completions

How many have left in the Rockies completions group?

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(Fri 06/05/15 22:01:37 UTC)

Email announcement from Swift

It says reductions in employees is done. Is it true? I hope its over

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(Fri 06/05/15 16:36:46 UTC)

Unmasked The Huntsville Hoond

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(Fri 06/05/15 11:00:22 UTC)

WFT Latest Layoff Figure__8897 persons

The WFT Insider
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(Fri 06/05/15 01:20:44 UTC)

Any Huntsville updates?

Layoffs? Workload? Complaints?

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(Thu 06/04/15 21:22:52 UTC)

Oilfield Personnel needed

Hello, My company QO Inc. is in need of candidates with oil field experience. We currently have contract openings, for field air compression techs in the Rockies region. Prior experience running/maintaining air compression equipment preferred. Over the next few months I will also have a need for ... read more

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(Thu 06/04/15 21:22:46 UTC)

Oilfield Personnel needed

Hello, My company QO Inc. is in need of candidates with oil field experience. We currently have contract openings, for field air compression techs in the Rockies region. Prior experience running/maintaining air compression equipment preferred. Over the next few months I will also have a need for ... read more


(Thu 06/04/15 10:56:09 UTC)

Has anyone be laid off over the phone?

Our new manager laid me off over the phone, didn't have the guts to do it in person. He doesn't even understand what our department does and has no experience in DOT Compliance.


(Thu 06/04/15 10:31:00 UTC)

8563 Lay Offs so far !!

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(Wed 06/03/15 10:59:14 UTC)

Important Job Information for all WFT Employees

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(Wed 06/03/15 04:24:46 UTC)

End the end, none of this matters

Just remember that. And try to find peace.

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(Tue 06/02/15 22:36:48 UTC)

Good by Weatherford Ampscot in Nisku Hello Katy Texas

Looks like everything at Ampscot is being moved to Texas They say because of the Canadian dollar . What do you think ??

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(Tue 06/02/15 15:24:11 UTC)

What do the "Global Directors" do, and where do they fit in the organizational chart?

anyone have a clue? Seems like most of them are just a massive cash sink who add very little value to the business..

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(Mon 06/01/15 18:55:52 UTC)


Who determines who gets laid off and who stays ? Is this made by shop manager or decided with upper management ? Who cuts whom ? Explain the process.

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(Mon 06/01/15 16:18:09 UTC)

Had it coming.

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