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PCP test facility and strathcona plant

Wow breaking new up in Canada... both this plant is on fire show omg people the door... another one bites the dust on Friday from test facility.... everyone know the b—s—ter Dodge Ram...he deserves it because he treated people like sh–... I glad... —  read more 

Stronger than ever

Some said we'd be gone by q3, some aint no idea

Wford Abz

Is their point in staying hoping it gets better? Or should we try and get new jobs before the place goes bankrupt and we lose our jobs without getting a payoff


Someone Has COVID-19 At The Katy Facility? I Was Told U Suppose To Shut The Facilty Down I Need Feedback

News update Canada

Strathcona plant Edmonton wicked close to 12 people as of today... cost cutting to stay in business...

Changes in HR

Looks like the CHRO has just promoted her ex baker friends! Quid pro quo?

More layoffs in Q3?

Have been told by senior management in Aberdeen there will be another round of RIF in Q3. Decent severance. Does this apply just to Aberdeen or is it companywide?

The guy who destroyed West Hardy has left WFT

Look back about 4 years to see the start of the demolition of West Hardy. Once a very good engineering team broken up and dissolved. The puppet send in to do the dirty work is now gone. Ha ha.

Surprised at Layoff.Com

I am surprised that the censure team at didn't remove the posts about Karl, the interim CEO. I know it is public info, but the posts mention names and monetary amounts. They seem to remove every other post.

Layoffs at Cutten Rd

Got word of layoffs going on at Cutten Rd, anyone has heard anything from other locations?

Has anyone heard?

Are we getting rid of ISDT?? I've seen unusual activity and different people in St James - understand they're 2 companies looking to buy us. WIS and NOV WIS are currently looking at many of our International locations. They needs to depart many SLB... —  read more 

Are we better off with Mark gone?

Who is going to replace him? From my many years at this place, a change on the top has never brought any improvements - on the contrary. I don't see why this time would be any different. Although, I'm not even sure how we can do much worse... —  read more 

The End is near!

Hang on to your hats ladies and gentlemen the fun is about to start. Many layoffs coming and product lines will be sold.

This needs to end

Weatherford is at a point where it would be a mercy to put it out of its misery. We are turning into a Sears of our industry - just putting off the inevitable with a bunch of band-aid measures that will mean nothing in the end. Fixing everything that... —  read more 

Departure of Directors !

Breaking News! Three Board members resigned. Did they go far enough? At the 2020 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (the “Annual Meeting”) of Weatherford International plc (the “Company”) held on June 12, 2020, based on preliminary voting... —  read more 

HR has layoffs? Its about time!

Rumour has it the Corporate HR Director was released. It's about time HR employees fell on the sword. This person was rough and condescending to everyone. Wonder how it feels when the shoe is on the other foot.

Aberdeen fishing?

Has anyone from fishing been let go? Put David Murray in charge of a dept with no previous experience. The boy is an absolute clown with no knowledge at all, but hey his dads rich! If Weatherford survives he is going to ruin our fishing dept

Weatherford gone within 12 months

Per the newly released 10-Q: In response, we quickly increased and accelerated our workforce reduction plan, reduced certain management and employee pay, reduced other operating costs, and initiated further consolidation of our operations... —  read more 

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