Topics regarding layoffs at Wells Fargo & Co.

Topics regarding layoffs at Wells Fargo & Co.

Bring back Glass-Steagall

June 16, 1933. The Glass-Steagall Act effectively separated commercial banking from investment banking and created the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, among other things.

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Wiped Out

Not only has the gramps destroyed my stock portfolio which i've saved for over 26 years, cutting it -42% YTD, but this admin has also created insanely high inflation giving out cash for votes, it feels like my money is worth about half. Yesterday... —  read more 


Look at the destruction Hays oversaw in WIM. Dismantled the entire Private Bank! Not easy to do. Is anyone happy in that division? What will the future look like?

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layoffs will ensue

As we near stagflation. We will see a Carter era economy soon. Office workers will be working at Starbucks. You will know the ones let go from Wells, they will be the ones complaining the most. Yes, we have met them all here. Good luck to my fellow... —  read more 

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Anyone else?

I have no debt and can’t even afford groceries to last me until next check. I will be able to get a weeks worth, not a full two. After working here for many years, it would be nice to be able to live with a little less stress. I don’t buy extra... —  read more 

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A convo about mental health

From yours truly Mack and SVB. You too can hear about how they “navigate challenges of everyday life” Is this where I’ll get to hear about how they get to work a second job to put food on the table? No? Where they have to forgo vacations? I don’t... —  read more 

The CDC is requiring

It’s own employees to wear masks. My, this is not good. But the rest of us don’t have to wear them. Seems like they are willing to sacrifice many of us as collateral damage. What is happening? This country and these companies have gone mad. —  read more 

Being Forced Out

I think I am being forced out. I was assigned a new "job" in a new department. My old position was eliminated. The folks in the new department say they are under stress from having too much work but when I ask to help out I am ignored. I have been... —  read more 


Thank you. Thank you for your question. Thank you. Thank you for your question. Sounds like there is no official monitoring for RTO. LOL! Thank you. Thank you for your question. Thank you. Thank you for your question.

RTO - Building Evacuations

Well this is a fun situation and also just PROVES that no one thought through the RTO process. What happens to those that need assistance in building emergencies. I completed a form and one of the fields was "CUBE NUMBER" I wasn't being a... —  read more 

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BYOD Expense

They are taking away company owned devices but I use my phone for email especially when traveling. I also have clients that call my phone if needed. Anyone able to get their cell bill reimbursed? Or other recommendations?

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Medical Accom. ?

I took a full-time remote role about 10 years ago, for health reasons. I never felt the need for an accommodation because the role was full-time WFH. I was always willing to go in for bigger meetings/onsites, I just cannot commit to 3 days a... —  read more 

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More changes at the top

Wells Fargo Advisors Head Jim Hays to Exit in Another Shake-Up In another shake-up atop Wells Fargo & Co.’s brokerage unit, James E. “Jim” Hays is stepping down as head of Wells Fargo Advisors on July 1, according to sources briefed on the... —  read more 

Some Sage Advice

I realize there are a LOT of miserable people at Wells Fargo and empathize with many about the culture, the lack of respect towards employees, the lack of commitment to employees, the threat of constant layoffs, the hypocrisy, the lack of consistency... —  read more 

25 year Employee

Just hit my 25 years in Feb. Told them they can keep the acrylic cube - I have no desk to keep it on. I am really thinking about getting off the stagecoach. I mentioned this someone who left a few years ago. This former employee said he thought that... —  read more 

Lazy workers

A non exempt manager that I directly supervise is possibly the laziest employee I've encountered. They don't do their basic job tasks in a timely manner and almost refuses to speak to certain other employees including myself, their direct manager... —  read more 

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Covid Policy

In case you were wondering the covid policy recently changed... 05/09. However if you call HR wells and specifically select option 8 for covid it's a cr-p shoot if you get the accurate information. Also this is not updated on teamworks from home. To... —  read more 


Cuts to contractors and SOWs will happen soon as tech budgets now have issues. Not sure how we can get to May and not have budgets and head counts in good standing. Hope FTEs are not next.

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RTO Backfire/Fail

Just my own annecdotal observations: there are LESS people on site at my location after the reports/threats over the last week or so. I'm not sure this is going to go how they think it's going to go.

Ya just can't make this stuff up!

Today...WF released a "Team Link" email blast to all employees. One of the articles was "Bill Daley and Mike Santomassimo on Wells Fargo's commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions" WWAHHHHAT???? You say that, but have all of your employees... —  read more 

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