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Just heard cash application out of Omaha are all going to be moved overseas over the next 6 months. They have already moved three business units to India and Makati and nobody is the wiser.

More Layoffs

Heard at least 30 people were laid off today in various Sales, Account Manager, & Project Manager roles.


OMAHA, Neb., June 25, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – West Corporation (“West” or the “Company”), a global leader in technology-enabled services, today announced it is rebranding to a new company name, Intrado. The rebranding reflects both the evolution of... —  read more 

Live With John

Don't mention raises... layoffs... or pay for performance if have a question.... HR will be scanning the questions and marking who asks those questions

Intrado's ownership & Jeffrey Epstein 👀

The IRS in on Black's trail with some shadiness related to his ties to Epstein. And now Black's own company is doing its best to distance itself from Black and his ties to Epstein. Apollo Scrambles to Distance Itself From Leon Black's Ties... —  read more 


Are we getting raises? Have performance reviews started?

Healthcare Benefits after layoff or resignation

Question for those is the U.S. who have been laid off or have resigned: Benefits in the U.S. continue through the end of the month. If resignation with two weeks notice or company notification of lay-off occurs on the final day of the month does... —  read more 

Longmont needs to ask the hard questions

So the next Live with John is scheduled for July 30th. Since all other branches can only submit questions via a link (which definitely would be looked at in advanced and filtered), someone from Longmont needs to take one for the team and ask the hard... —  read more 

Travel Freeze

Starting August 1st through end of year. Does this signal a sale of what’s left to someone else?

No raises this year

Currently a new rumor going around is that we are not getting raises and that's why the reviews have not been done yet...

Gloucester EMEA Redundancies

Not sure how many, but an email was sent out this week advising that some have just taken place! And they can't rule out anymore in the future!

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'Catch Up'

So, I had a catch-up meeting with my manager and TL, on arrival to the office, HR was in there....seems as tho this catch up was more than that....my question is, should have I been given prior warning/knowledge as to HR being there?

Intrado Implications

So if the corporate douch bags have changed the name to Intrado which is a division of West specializing in 911 calls, it's safe to say everything else outside of that Apollo is letting go at some point as not profitable enough for them right? Its... —  read more 

Will conferencing still exist?

With the rebrand and consistent trend of monthly layoffs continuing to happen- does anyone know if the long term plan is to shut down the main conferencing call center in West Point, GA?

No point in waiting

You can wait around for a long time hoping to get a severance package. While you wait you will be overworked, unappreciated for your real value, and stressed out. I kept hoping I would get laid off, as I watched the team dwindle in size and I had to... —  read more 

Layoffs Today

How many people have been let go today? What locations? Omaha and West Point confirmed.

Layoffs Today

How many people have been let go today?

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Get Out While You Can!!!!

GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN...Upper management will assure you that your job is safe only to lay you off soon after. DO NOT trust anything anyone tells you. The company is a complete joke right now. You are better than this!!! Do not let this company sap... —  read more 

Will there be more today?

Somebody mentioned in one of the other threads they were told layoffs are not done yet. Any chance that person - or anybody else who might know - can tell us if that was referring to this week or in general? Mainly, will there be more layoffs today... —  read more 

Advice for the survivors

If you are still employed with West do not stress or over work yourself trying to pick up the pieces left behind. The root problem to this entire situation started with the first Apollo sales team re org. They completely destroyed multiple... —  read more 

RIF today

Had a meeting in my director's office at noon today. Turns out I was one of among a hundred and fifty five or so Reduction In Force cut back today at West corporation. Didn't see it coming. Friend said "Bloody day today". —  read more 

Done with layoffs - let Rebranding begin

I think all layoffs will be done today… This will give the management about two days plus weekend to quiet things down and prep for good and positive news to be released next week – REBRANDING will be announced as well, that’d be perfect timing. A... —  read more 

Is it done?

Is any other location still getting notifications? Everything seems to have calmed down here...

Older employees being laid off

Is it just me, or does it seem like older employees are being hit more than any other group by these layoffs? Is it like this for all affected locations?

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