Topics regarding layoffs at West Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at West Corp.

Changes in casting ⚠️

News about selling the casting segment has started to surface! Expect changes in workplace and trimming down of more resources. Next step from Aladeen in reality. The same will happen to other products as well that too very soon.

Layoff tornado 🌪

The mini layoff tornado has shredded almost 75 employees! More yet to be sacked. No hike will be announced until the firing is complete. There is no transparency but the kiddo in management will clearly speak about transparency. Start looking for... —  read more 


Employees being told anyone over 25 miles away from an office can stay WFH. Now they saying all employees have to go back to office even if you over 25 miles from office. This is for the US. What is going on? They trying to weed out employees? ... —  read more 

Layoff in Notified India

Rumors state that there is plan for Layoff in India and the local management is busily planning for employee retaining strategies. Note for the global management team: The system in India is very cleverly put out to corner the ground level employees... —  read more 

Communication laughable

Management has no clue. One meeting they say something, the next meeting other management people say something different, and so on down the line. They are all saying different things about West to the point nobody knows what is fact or a dream world... —  read more 


Know your rights- severance isn’t typically a trade of for your silence. HR is there to protect the company, not you. You don’t have to sign anything and they can’t withhold pay for work performed for any reason. —  read more 

How to predict layoffs

The Worker Readjustment and Retraining Notification Act (WARN) is a law that requires employers to provide employees experiencing employment loss with a 60-day notice prior to a layoff, although some exceptions apply. The WARN protects workers, their... —  read more 


With the sale of 911 and the Intrado name going with and new name going back to West under West Technology Group you will see bankruptcy filing end of the first quarter to try an save company

WFH over

Rumor has it work from home is ending permanently in favor of hybrid despite the president firmly stating he had no plans to force anyone back into the office who doesn’t want to go.

New West Moto

West: The leftovers no one wanted


So what is happening in the Notified organization with conferencing? Is it doing good, fair, poor? What is going on since they changed leadership? Anybody have suggestions or ideas?

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