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Name Change Coming To Hide Dysfunction

West Corp going to change name now to hide its dysfunction that is going on because of new management and current management. Management is out of touch with what goes on from day to day in all areas of this company. Layoff rumors still happening ... read more

Layoffs at West are ongoing

People expecting some big announcement are not looking hard enough. Layoffs have been happening nearly non stop for months now. Two there, three here... It's a perfect way to get rid of people without bad publicity and attention. This will not stop... read more

Poor financial management decisions

It appears the company is intentionally making poor management decisions by firing knowledgeable, hard working employees while allowing agents to sit at home making money and not working. One worker logs in to West and works at a store atawhile the... read more

Gerlach Vs West

Anyone familiar with the Class Action lawsuit against West. I received a check in the mail for $37.00. I talked to some other class members and they received checks anywhere from $400-$900. I had 9 years of tenure at West, and left last July before... read more
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February layoffs at West

Rumor I heard is that the next layoffs are scheduled for February. Many people aren't getting laid off though, they are leaving because the company doesn't care about them, has cheaped out on benefits, and cut and crippled the PTO. It also doesnt... read more

Lack of training

I’m not at West for a very long time, but enough to see the degree of disorganization and the poor treatment of workers. They rush with the training and give you the bare minimum of what you need to know and after that, you are on your own. At the... read more

Maybe if we improved our products?

Instead of focusing on trying to save costs by cutting people and benefits and whatnot, how about we try to improve our product offerings? How many of our current products can be considered cutting edge? Few, if any. For as long as we keep focusing... read more

Reorg after reorg

It looks to be like the constant reorgs, in which more or fewer workers always grab the bitter end, lack any real purpose other than to cut cost by laying off people. In fact, they created an atmosphere of confinement and uncertainty which prevents... read more

Management always wants more

It is getting harder and harder to deal with managers who are never satisfied each day. No matter what your sales volume is, they want more. Their expectations are unrealistic and impossible to meet. The morale here is hitting rock bottom as a... read more

Employees pay for everything

It seems to me that the only way West leadership knows how to fix the dwindling profits is through layoffs - which is a short-term solution, mildly put. If we lose a client, instead of trying to find a replacement or trying to figure out why we lost... read more

There should be no surprise here

he new owners of West, while they continue to add to upper management staff, providing accolades as to how these new people add value to the company, are on a targeted, planned course of action to devalue ALL the benefits to employees on lower... read more

New vacation policy

Has anyone else realized that people who started with West years ago (and didn't receive the generous new hire PTO package that's only been around for a couple of years) are going to be cheated out of a year's worth of vacation time during the... read more

1 Possible Down

Email out today showing one business ( West Revenue Generation Services ) not under West Corporation any longer... possible selling it to someone else ... maybe a start to the cutting up and selling off business units one by one

Severance release & non disclosure loopholes

For those laid off by West in the past year, check the non-disclosure release document you signed. They have a major loophole that will allow many people to sign them, take their severance and still go after a claim against West for more money or... read more

West systems/platform staff laid off 11/07/2018

There you have it. Just in case you may think your job is safe if you're working on something important at this place... Think again. They no longer care what you're working on. If you feel like a number, that number will soon be 0.

Targeted Layoffs

At least one office saw a targeted layoff today. One team saw the last remaining member eliminated, effectively terminating the team completely.
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Class action

There's currently a class action lawsuit in the works for people laid off last month involving some shady business practices

Layoffs in chicago

Source at west’s Chicago office has said that numerous staff is currently being laid off


Has anyone else noticed the flood of glowingly positive reviews that have been posted on Glassdoor for West the last few days? Seems uh, odd.

Layoffs Septemner

Looks like it’s been announced layoffs at the corporate headquarters. Anyone know who or what department?

Clocking in and out

Management is continuing to hound employees about their time, punches, and taking shorter lunches. People are getting PINS and being written up for minor and petty things. Yet management has looked the other way when clear violations of company wide... read more

Greedy Corporate Execs Downfall of InterCall

InterCall was DOOMED the day West acquired the company in 2003. InterCall was built on "giving back" to employees. EVERY employee (even front line agents) received stock options and bonuses. Greedy corporate executives ensured all employee engagement... read more

Not Worth the Stress (LOU)

West, Oh West. Previously West IP Corporation and Smoothstone. When I started here over two years ago, I was excited about learning and getting into a company who, by all reports, showed to be growing.... Ha, was I Sooooooo wrong. Direct Supervisors:... read more
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