Topics regarding layoffs at WeWork

Topics regarding layoffs at WeWork


Today was a real sh– day at WeWork where we had to say goodbye to many friends who are excellent at their craft (but their projects no longer a priority). East or west coast: holler if you need great PMs, engineers, or designers.

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WeWork Layoffs Update: 500 To Be Laid Off In Information Technology - software engineering, product management and data science teams

WeWork Cuts 350 employees - corporate division cuts will be within the software engineering, product management and data science teams. another 150 roles may be cut as WeWork ditches assets (Managed by Q, Teem, SpaceIQ, Conductor and... — read more 

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When you are called out...

Last year, the tech industry saw some of its shiniest “unicorns” falter and even implode. For example, WeWork (which critics argue is actually a real-estate company that pretends it’s a hot tech startup, but bear with us) planned to cut thousands of... — read more 

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Good results The results are not bad. I hope that means that a slightly better period is ahead.

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Were you laid off? WARN Act

The WARN Act requires an employer to notify employees, in writing, 60 days before a layoff, and pay the employee for those 60 days, in addition to any severance the employee may be entitled to. Unfortunately, some employers attempt to circumvent the... — read more 

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Why are we still hiring?

WeWork is barely making it as it is and instead of focusing on keeping costs down so we can avoid future layoffs, there are hundreds of open positions right now. Can somebody please explain to me the logic behind this? Although, I'm not sure many... — read more 

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