Topics regarding layoffs at Whiting Petroleum Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Whiting Petroleum Corp.

Back at it!

Well they are slowly picking away, they must think it’s a better strategy to drop people slowly, instead of a big group. They are dumping some really good people again, just to replace them with ones who won’t speak up. Place is sh-t new name old... —  read more 

Whiting is a joke

Incompetence is one of the main qualifications to be promoted. Being good at your job will only lead to more work and nothing else. No promotion, no bonus, no proper raise. It seems smarter to do nothing all day but kiss the right a-s. That seems to... —  read more 

Chess game

Well here it comes soon they will be moving people around the board in their secret little chess game. Knocking off one pawn or knight to replace it with another, selling red tail you know they will laying off and moving some of their key spooners to... —  read more 

Rumors of more layoffs

There have been more rumors about possible layoffs in the last two weeks than in the last two months combined. What's going on with that? There is no concrete info, just people mentioning that something is about to happen. Where is this coming from?... —  read more 

When will the takeover happen

So supposed rumors are Marathon is in the hunt. That makes sense with the cards they hold, hush hush could be a big new deal and everyone will find out at the click of the heels. Guess we will wait for the great Oz to reveal the outcome.

Well this got boring

Guess everyone got scared. Sure got quite real quick around here. No more open forum can’t speak your mind, was actually nice to hear people vent, but maybe they buttered the toast and everyone is happy again. Guess just sit and wait until the next... —  read more 

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Why do people stay?

Reading these posts it's obvious that so many of you despise your jobs. If that's the case, why don't you quit? Nobody is forcing you to be here. I like my job. I like having a job when the economy is far from ideal. But if I didn't, nothing could... —  read more 

Has HR ever helped anyone?

I always knew that HR was never there because of the employees, but I hoped that maybe in some cases they could be a place of support and help for us. What a mistake. They simply do not take our interests into account at all. I had a little problem... —  read more 

House of Cards

This has all got to come crashing down soon. They laid off their technical people in operations. They promoted people to those positions who honestly don't know what the fahk they are doing. Every efficiency they had gained over the past years... —  read more 

There is life after Whiting

Every time they’ve had a layoff they end up with more managers and less doers. The level of incompetence is staggering. Get out as soon as you can. The ship is on fire, it’s sinking, and the fuel tank is on the verge of explosion. There is life after... —  read more 

Same right hand man

Well the only CR I knew there was good ole Chip Reamer and he did dress up kinda purty for Brad . Whatever it’s all done know, they even screwed us on our severance packages. A lot of good it does to be fully vested then they busy you out the door... —  read more 

Everyone fed up

No one is posting anything is everyone just to disgusted to talk about it anymore. Ya I would be to. It’s a dead end road, but it’s a job right. Just waiting it out until I can get hired on and get the f$&( out of this sh?(( hole .

Who will man up

Well they blamed Mr. Volker saying he was the reason the ship was sinking. I guess that theory was debunked, now the high and mighty Holly really knocked a hole in the side of the ship. In fact looks like he removed the whole floor, to many hired... —  read more 

Comment get deleted

You can’t say anything about this company or it’s ceo you will get bumped, hiding the truth total bs . Someone has inside hands on this everything I say gets deleted about the crooked ceo oh well everyone knows what is up .


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every single wednesday

Sure would be a nervous nelly come every Wednesday, shift change and meeting day. That’s when they will pull the carpet from under your feet, and today’s lucky winners that we promised would never happen again to are are . You your the next... —  read more 

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Word on the street...

Word on the street in the Denver O&G community is Whiting is doing everything possible to set themselves up for a buyout. OXY has apparently been sniffing around so we shall see. All I will say is Whiting folks better save away those over... —  read more 

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