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Comment get deleted

You can’t say anything about this company or it’s ceo you will get bumped, hiding the truth total bs . Someone has inside hands on this everything I say gets deleted about the crooked ceo oh well everyone knows what is up .



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every single wednesday

Sure would be a nervous nelly come every Wednesday, shift change and meeting day. That’s when they will pull the carpet from under your feet, and today’s lucky winners that we promised would never happen again to are are . You your the next... —  read more 

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Word on the street...

Word on the street in the Denver O&G community is Whiting is doing everything possible to set themselves up for a buyout. OXY has apparently been sniffing around so we shall see. All I will say is Whiting folks better save away those over... —  read more 

End This

I know this is the only way I have to make a living w salary this good. However, I can’t stop hoping that this thing finally implodes. Just rip off this rotten old band aid and let me bleed out...

CEO Woes

Our current CEO is a joke. How long before stockholders realize he's an incompetent one trick pony?

A few head honchos gone?

Looks like a few VPs were disappeared from the website....were they caught up in the layoffs or was this another house cleaning maneuver? Anyone have the scoop?

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Is it all done?

It's been quiet for the past week or so, which left me wondering if layoffs at Whiting are done for good? Okay, let me rephrase that: if this round of layoffs is truly over? I know we'll be looking at more cuts down the line sometime, but can we... —  read more 

Meritain Flex Plan

Your Meritain account will be closed 60 days after your last day. File claims before then or you will lose the money in your account.

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Those that are left better beware.

I worked at Whiting and was cut before this happened. Now I'm glad because I got out ahead of this and landed another decent oil and gas job. There isn't nearly as much out there now as private equity is starting to tighten the purse strings. My... —  read more 

Age discrimination?

Is it just me, or does it seem that people who have been laid off are primarily in their late forties and fifties? Not to mention, majority of the ones I know who've been shown the door are among our best employees. It almost seems like this was... —  read more 

What about today?

Can we expect more layoffs today? Especially in locations that have not been impacted so far?

All Comes Down to Talent

I’ve met a couple folks from Whiting, and can’t say they left me impressed. Several seemed to have been promoted a couple clocks north of where you’d typically have found them in their peer companies. And lots of negativity surrounding the current... —  read more 

Layoffs Tally

250 out across ND and CO. All of TX gone. Going floor-to-floor with no warning this morning.

Laid off

I got laid off after over 10 years. As for who I saw get let go it seemed in Denver to be senior people (redlined on pay) and people who you would really want to hold onto if you intended to be an ongoing business but not if you are parting it... —  read more 

What's going on at Whiting Petroleum?

Dad headed out to work more nervous than usual, and I see somebody here mentioned possible layoffs (he certainly didn't share that with us) so I'm wondering if that might be the reason... Has anything happened so far? Any info on locations? No... —  read more 

More Corruption at Whiting

Turns out a manager was taking expensive gifts in exchange for awarding contracts. There was a scandal a few years back where a manager was in with an employeee who bought lots of personal items on company reimbursement. A very corrupt company. We... —  read more 

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Well it happened agian, Layoffs in North Dakota

30 employees got cut this week. I feel bad for all that have fallen and the way Denver sends the axe is absolutely degrading and cowardly. Give the people who we have worked beside for years the dignity of a heads up and a face to face, instead of a... —  read more 

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Your thoughts

What are everyone's thoughts on the "asset team discipline managers". First of all I love how they create positions just to advance people I am guessing they know how to do extra favors. Second how are people that bust our asses off going to get... —  read more 

Big news

I am guessing the BIG news that is going around is promoting people who can swallow because that is what this place needs is more management.

New rumors

So who all heard any new rumors lately with all the closed door meetings in the WC office lately

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