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Amazon stock

Why aren’t we getting stock every year ? Do amazon employees get stock ? It is one of the most valuable companies after all.

TM Tip line

I want opinions on whether or not the tip line is truly anonymous. When I worked in the MW region I know for a fact that it was but now I’m wondering about the SW region. LOTS to report.

Kronos and Shady Tactics

Anyone else FT hired without open availability now being told they must have open availability or go to PT because of Kronos?

A rhetorical question

You drop a 12 OZ T- bone steak on the floor. Your employee witnessed it, what do you do? Explain your reasoning.

The new Richmond, VA store is huge

Business Insider has a ton of pics of the new store. This store is gigantic. https://www.businessinsider.com/inside-amazon-whole-foods-newest-store-photos-2020-2#-candles–24

For anyone who didn't get the email...

Dear Whole Foods Team members, A year ago, a group of current and former WFM team members and I created an organized labor movement within Whole Foods that we named Whole Worker. We learned that not only had Amazon taken away all forms of profit... —  read more 

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Regions Realigning

So construction, the last of the support Teams to be touched is reorganizing and will split into 4 Regions- guess what comes after that- everyone else!! WFM can't make money with Ivory Towers filled with friends and family so they are starting to... —  read more 

Over a year later and no new technology

I'm still using ChefTec, IRMA, DVO, Prodigy, SLAW..etc. Our registers are still dumb. Our computers are old. All of our process for running reports take multiple steps. What gives? Will Amazon ever intervene?


are the shelves as empty as they portray them to be or is this a spin the media is using?

No longer focusing on external theft, internal?

Seems that Amazon Whole Foods no longer truly cares about the number of visitors each day stealing from us but the chance that a Team Member may. So...how bad is the external theft in your store? Ours is getting totally out of hand.

Whole Foods W2

Please let me know how I can download my W2 - I left in June - I was not laid off, I left on my own. I just need my W2, I am not even sure if they have my new home address - I am assuming this is a download somewhere on the website or that HR portal... —  read more 

How many people work at Whole Foods?

Nobody knows when layoffs will happen, but the overall number of employees should be public info. Do you know how many people work at the company? How about the office at Austin?


I left a couple years ago, just as OTS was rolling out. Has it worked? Has it gotten better? Are there still multiple clipboards for silly stuff that’s not helpful to anyone in the real world?

Article about WFM food shortages

People are starting to complain about empty shelves. https://www.businessinsider.com/the-drive-thru-whole-foods-shortages-davos-and-delivery-drama-2020-1 Why are the signs in the photo of the store outdated? Is this an old press pic? There are... —  read more 


Is anyone still happy working here???

Spending card

Since our benefits have switched from United healthcare to Discovery benefits what has happened to are spending account it? shows I have $900 but I have a whole lot more money that I had with the United healthcare that is somewhere in limbo. I have... —  read more 

Store Closing


Kronos training

All of our TLs are attending a mandatory virtual training session. What is this all about?

What am I missing?

I ran into an article recently that states that retail centers anchored by Whole Foods sell for a premium price, which makes no sense to me. Whole Foods has been going downhill for years now and nothing has improved since Amazon took over. Just... —  read more 

SSI - Store Systems Integrators

I took a MSI position 5 years ago and I regret not staying and SSI. I am on the road constantly and the job does not pay enough. I'd like to go back to being an SSI in a remote store, but I only see maybe one job a year come up. Now that MSIs have... —  read more 


Are we changing insurance companies from United? I asked but don't get a ckear answer. I also got these discover benefits cards today to use for my FSA.

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To those of you that are living the dream at WF, I suggest reading Nomadland by Jessica Bruger. If reading this book doesn’t convince you to get the heck out of WF, then you deserve what you get. Amazon could care less about any of you. If you... —  read more 

HSA monthly fee

FYI if you have an HSA you should consider transferring to another provider. WFM covered our monthly maintenance fee pre-Amazon, but that is no longer the case. Maybe $3 a month isn't much but it adds up. There are other companies that do not ... —  read more 


Omg got my insurance card today. It is my understanding the Dr's I go go to for coverage are very little itec and seem like a joke. Help me in this nightmare! Please no snotty remarks.

Insurance cards

During open enrollment they said tms are suppose to get their new insurance cards this month. Does anyone know when? Will tms get them in the mail or at work? My leadership couldn't or wouldn't answer.

Weird 1-off jobs

I went to a store that had a porter. We have a demo specialist which I've been told is a thing of the past in other regions. Another had a concierge. These don't exist in our region. What other weird jobs are out there.

I quit today..

Probably not the best time to do so but.. the holiday season has been?? I can’t even put it into word.. luckily I have another job. I’ll miss my team members though.

Whole Foods is gone

I spent a couple of hours in the Whole Foods coffee bar this morning after shopping and everyone from the customers to the employees looked either exhausted or angry. The Whole Foods that was once a happy and interesting place is now just another... —  read more 

NOrth Atlantic VP

What happened to NA VP? They get fired? Heard team members talking about it today. Anyone hear what happened?

Whole Foods is so depressing

I worked for Whole Foods for 5 1/2 years and left in August. I went to visit today and I didn’t recognize anyone. They have all new employees in every department. :( I guess it was time for a change for everyone involved. Good luck new team... —  read more 

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