Topics regarding layoffs at Williams Cos.

Topics regarding layoffs at Williams Cos.


As I predicted, stock price is over 20, only “trimming of the fat”’ this Holiday Season, no mass layoffs. Have a great day!

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Trimming the Fat

Looks like they are “trimming the fat”, at Williams, great timing right before the holidays. I see people losing their jobs on Linkedin. A manager even came on this board and tried to defend it. Have a great week!!

Layoffs coming soon

November right around the corner! Word has it from Tulsa, another 20 - 30% reduction in force or their words "Strategic Staffing Plan". With this many layoffs, is Williams getting ready to sell? Stock in the red for the year, can't get ahead due... —  read more 

IT Mgmt

Wonder if any IT Management from Salt Lake City will be laid off? Why is it this particular location slip slides away - compared to other locations. Especially when there are 3 or more “managers” for the exact same duties? I have heard them openly... —  read more 

No layoffs

Stock price is over 20 and AA took credit for layoffs last year in improving earnings report. Quote ofctge day, “ If you can’t beat them join them”. In reality results would Have been much better if their wasn’t massive over hiring, completely... —  read more 

You GOT Talent

Know how to tap dance. How about the ability to balance four balls in the air at one time. Beauty contest winner. Good at shoveling manure. Experienced farm hand. You got Talent you can stay at Williams, I’d over 50 you ain’t got talent so... —  read more 

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One trick pony

Even AA admits it. No R&D no new technology, just a pipeline company if global increases this company is dead in the water, more layoffs and cutbacks to come if the earth keeps heating up, sorry

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They went belly up, doesn’t surprise me. Williams merger with access midstream wasn’t all that great as well. Lots of hype and BS with it, lots of good people at Williams lost their job because of it.

Another Round of Layoffs

Was in a meeting last week for a "strategic staffing plan" effort where it was confirmed we are looking for an additional 10-20% reduction across the board. Management is saying the effort is about optimizing our people and organizations, but when... —  read more 

Williams is falling

Stock price at 13.91 and falling. More layoffs are looming. Looking to get out can't stand the id–tic leadership that oversees this company. Just a matter of time and Williams will be no longer. All to blame on very poor management./leadership. ... —  read more 

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Stock is Tanking

Stocks are tanking and lay offs are coming. Why would Williams contribute to the spread of the virus by continuing projects in hot zones at least stop the hot zones.

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Access leadership safe

Does anyone know of an Access manager or higher who had been let go? My observation is that they are safe and also get to keep titles such as director even if they only have a team of six or eight reporting to them, not managers but staff employees... —  read more 

Moving IT jobs to India

A member of IT Scada Ops is in India this week training Indians to do the job our forced retirees were doing a short time before. Just apply through Wipro if you want to work at Williams.


Stock dropped below 20 today, means more layoffs likely, unless stock price rebounds and gets into the green before the end of the year, sorry.

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AA Wins In addition to firing a ton of people in 2016 and just recently, AA was working behind the scenes to fend off the ET merger, 👌

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Compression leadership

Amazes me how the same leader who was part of the original team of construction who branched off to the compression side. Still hires family, takes kick backs, quail, dove hunts and tells the contractor where to be at on the bid so he can continue... —  read more 

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