Topics regarding layoffs at Williams Cos.

Topics regarding layoffs at Williams Cos.

Burnout and high turnover

Isn't it funny how Williams is not even trying to prevent burnout among employees and at least reduce the high rate of attrition? It seems that it's the actual goal. Push people until they reach their breaking point and leave, so they can save money... —  read more 

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2023 Predictions

With NG hitting 2 bucks, and the stock price hovering below 30 bucks, pressure for employee cuts may be increasing. Remember it’s always for show.

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Huge shortage of pipelines

Get the permits first build, don’t buy materials first then get the permits later, backwards, big charges if you do that. Simple common sense. Don’t run pipelines through peoples apple farms either, not good for public relations.

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October cuts

Rumors have started about possible October cuts. Is there any chance somebody here knows more about it?

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Don’t know

Maybe they are looking at how people over 55 are forced out of the company and realize there isn’t any loyalty at this “firm”.

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Why are women leaving

I have heard about a lot of great women leaving Williams this year. I joined Williams because of a female leader I met, but she left and other women I hear are leaving/have left too. What’s going on that I need to know? I don’t want to encourage... —  read more 

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Debt and Lsyoff

Large debt holding company back. And stock appreciation. Result of uneven personnel hiring and firing policies including massive layoffs. Don’t have the qualified experienced and dedicated personnel to run cost effective capital projects due to... —  read more 

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Pipelines and Layoffs

It’s too bad they fired 10 percent of the their staff in 2016. Currently there is a huge shortage of pipelines and Williams is again behind curve behind chasing. They need to manage their labor, permitting and development. Get the permits then... —  read more 

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Just curious is the GC 15 compressor design process still around and how is it doing?

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Remote Work - January Spike

For some it’s mandatory, for some it’s optional and others not a word mentioned business as usual. Interesting how this was rolled out. I do understand this is not an option for all employees. Talking about positions where remote work is... —  read more 

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Looks Like Lucky

Ones this year will not get hit with the ax. Stock price is still positive for the year. Anybody with a brain bigger than pea knows that layoffs at Williams are strictly correlated with the stock price. Have a great New Year!

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2021 & 2022 Layoff Predictions

There will be not any major layoffs on 2021, since it looks the stock price will be up this year with soaring spot natural prices over 6 bucks. Currently 2022 looks like a good year with futures close to 4 bucks. However natural gas is highly... —  read more 

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BlueSkies is a complete joke

Blueskies, and the people responsible for designing it are a complete joke. Managers, and above are so out of touch with what employees are actually doing on a day to day basis and the flaws in the system highlight that.

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Processing Plants WV

Hope the new guys enjoy this while it last the plan is to train current outside operations on boards and along with the combined control room the ability to run 3 different facilities from one location. The eliminating of an outside operator and a... —  read more 

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Easier than layoffs?

I like how someone put it in one of the threads below - "easier than layoffs". Do you think that companies will in some way benefit from people not wanting to get vaccinated, because that way they could get rid of them more easily than through... —  read more 

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Dividend and LayOffs

It seems like that juicy 6% dividend is the best thing Williams has to offer. It certainly isnt the performance of the stock it had been miserable. Considering this, cover your self, because they will be cutting costs any chance they get. The big... —  read more 

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NG is greater than 4 bucks

It looks like Williams is chasing again, they don’t have the personnel to build the pipelines needed to move product. Many have been fired, terminated, let go, quit or kicked out the door. Stock is stuck at 25 and doing nothing again.

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Time to Act

I hear there are still people at Williams over 50. It is time for another “voluntary” retirement offer to clean out the “dead wood”.

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9/80 days gone!

Many of the oil & gas majors have now switched permanently to a "hybrid" remote work model...Work from home on Mondays & Fridays with option to work remotely on Tuesdays-Thursdays, while still maintaining 9/80 schedules. Seems like Williams now... —  read more 

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Solar Panels

Anybody know if Williams is converting from natural gas to solar power to meet their net zero emissions goals?

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As I predicted, stock price is over 20, only “trimming of the fat”’ this Holiday Season, no mass layoffs. Have a great day!

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Trimming the Fat

Looks like they are “trimming the fat”, at Williams, great timing right before the holidays. I see people losing their jobs on Linkedin. A manager even came on this board and tried to defend it. Have a great week!!

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