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Classic age discrimination

Excellent article in the AARP Bulletin, titled Ageism in the workplace. The federal government age discrimination watchdog (EEOC) has a smaller budget today than in 1980 with fewer staff. If you do file a lawsuit, chances are that it will never be... —  read more 

Hiring Freeze- no bonuses

Anyone else’s hear that there is a hiring freeze and no bonuses or raises being offered? Chatter of another round of lay offs?

2020 Predictions-Layoffs and Stock Price

As long as the stock price remains in the green in 2020, layoffs are not likely. If the performance turns red, look out for another show time for the shareholders. Of course they will go after 50 and older white males very strongly. That’s life at... —  read more 

Last Post

I do believe Williams has its pluses and minus like any company, it’s just like any other large sized corporation. Anyhow good luck to you did not mean to offend anyone with my posts and apologize if did so, just blowing off some steam and... —  read more 

The TRUE origins of the Meaning of TAT

The Real Meaning of a WILLIAMS TAT “TEAM” : TAT means "Tattoo, "Rubbish and JUNK".So now you know. WILLIAMS TAT means "Tattoo, Rubbish and/or Junk". So now you REALLY know the true meaning of TAT. Don't thank me - thank WILLIAMS and their last TAT... —  read more 


Something positive

At least they aren’t controlled by Keith Meister, who’s performance has been miserable, hats off to the management for at least fending this hostile take over, layoffs would of have been deeper and more brutal, imo. Good... —  read more 

Wild Goose Chase

It occurred to me that Williams is on a wild goose chase for talent in Tulsa and Houston. With the major shale shake out in the Northeast they should be building up theirs offices in the Northeast where the talent pool is, who wants to love to... —  read more 

Talent Acquisition Team (TAT)

TAT a TAT photos on LinkedIn page two weeks ago serving food For people in need. How bizarre, why do they have teams of people looking for talent just after they fired a whole bunch of talented people??? Can anybody answer this?

Job Posting

Can you post a position you just eliminated in the RIF? Doesn’t seem right.

Construction E/S WTH

So, here we go again ES construction. Fire people while they are out and illegally? Lol SMH that management is horrible


WTSHTF - William’ s corporate has proven repeatedly not only will they run like chickens 🐓 with no backbone, they will throw as many “Charlie’s” as deemed nescessary (us - working the field widgets) under-the buss to protect their Berkshire buffed... —  read more 

Chevron, CHK and Williams

Williams must be under pressure to lower their gathering fees, with CHK near bankruptcy and Chevron jumping ship. I suspect this has something to do with the job cuts in the Northeast, time will tell but look for a lowering of fees, don’t see how... —  read more 

Leadership construction

Same old game, leadership in construction is terrible. Grudges, lacking communication and talking down to people. Especially those who have been demoted numerous times and still a leader??


Former employee wondering if anyone had heard plans of cashing people out of the pension that no longer work at Williams younger than 55. I know in 2016, they sent letters to former employees after the RIF to let them roll into another retirement... —  read more 

Talking Loud and Saying Nothing

Sick of Williams “Co-worker” id–ts Talk’en Loud & Saying Nothing. As butt kissing and illlusions of self-grandifacation work environment that one can possibly be exsposed to. What a daily joke!

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Just like 2016

The hiring and job reposting has all ready started, gotta keep all these HR recuriters, relocation specialists training personnel, college recuriters and talent hunters, headhunters and consultants busy. It is started in Tulsa on a few months I... —  read more 


More Posts about more layoffs. I will predict they will happen if the stock drops and stays below 22 for a few months. These layoffs are a farce and the only purpose is to to keep the shareholders happy and demanding that the executives give up... —  read more 

December layoffs?

Any ideas on how many will be losing their jobs in December? Sad that I'm thinking of this after Thanksgiving, but that's our reality.

More layoffs coming????

Is there any truth to this? Why would the so called leadership do this again? Who would be affected and when?

Company’s Strategy

It is becoming more and more apparent this company is being run by MBA’s, lawyers, bean counters and BS Engineers and HR spin meisters. If that’s the type of company you want to work for, hard off to you. However if you want something elese my advice... —  read more 

December layoffs?

Any ideas on how many will be losing their jobs in December? Sad that I'm thinking of this a day after Thanksgiving, but that's our reality.

Dear William’s Employees - Both Current & Former

Dear William’s Employees - Both Current & Former, Despite all of the extended and ongoing uncertainty, stress and anxiety - I hope and pray that you and yours will find some bit of peace and comfort over the holidays. Stay strong and do not give... —  read more 

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Very simply

Williams has lost its way. It’s such a big company that is run by faceless bureaucrats and bean counters. Employees that are passionate and have all their heart and believe in the natural gas business are sometimes norveven recognized and easily... —  read more 

Just as I predicted

No more posts, all has been forgotten, just like in the movie series purge. Again even MM could make money transporting natural gas.

Construction unethical

For those who know or afraid, I’ll say it. The construction department leadership is unethical, hire buddies, family members, take paid trips to Las Vegas, get angry and to mention the outright discrimination. Williams, ask the field and those who... —  read more 

Purge is Over

Monday will be like nothing happened, birds will be singing, sun will be shining, etc, just like in the movies.

Open your eyes

Williams should really pay attention to those working in a field office while there manager is located elsewhere. They are supposedly working 9/80's and they are not even working 7 hours a day. Happening mostly in the construction area. Work outs... —  read more 

Deleted post

I’ve read some posts here yesterday, can’t seem to find them anymore. Is someone deleting the posts? If so, why?

Talent Shortage

Stop terminating and laying people off. It takes time to train people, develop skills and learn the business. On paper it looks good, but it doesn’t work, try building something instead of buying assets at hyper inflated prices and running up... —  read more 

Same Bat Channel, Stay Tuned

This will happen over and over again. The next step will be to start hiring like crazy, of course they will wait a few months like they did it 2016 to try it make it look like they really are interested in cutting costs. Look for adds to bring in... —  read more 

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