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Stock Price Drop

Watch out for a new batch of terminations and layoffs to make room for all the people they hired since the last layoffs in 2016. Purge and repeat the process over and over again.
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Perception versus reality

Williams - forever stuck in the business of perception versus reality. Another round of corporate Super High Intensity Training (Sh--.) for all, then shut down innovative and practical thinkers, turn the lights off and close the door. Ignorance is... read more

Stock is Stuck

AA hasn't raised stock price since mass firings of 2016. Great job, messing up the lives of many dedicated employees and refusing to recall and rehire these employees, nice policy.


Anybody get recalled that was fired in 2016. Supposedly Williams employs people in the natural gas industry, brags about it, however at the same time terminates 10% of its staff real nice.

Share Point

The more experience, credentials and accomplishments you show in share point the worst off you are, if you are either older, have medical problems or are out of favor. You will be classified as "over qualified" and thrown out of the company, and cast... read more

Everybody get ready

Managers have been asked to prepare a list of “who they can do without” across the system. Began before the stock suffered it’s big drop. The guess is not 600 like last time, but “targeted” to reduce in Houston/Pittsburgh and SLC offices primarily... read more

To Mr armstrong

You made right decision when people was bad mouth you stood your ground where are the nay sayers at today your are a smart CEO

Leading with Lean?

What happened to the guy with the mustache? I went to a training last week and it was horrible. The mustache was the best trainer I have ever seen. How could they let him go? I am sure he got fed up or management was tired of hearing the truth. I... read more

Layoffs are nothing new

People who are not used to Williams dropping layoffs on us when we least expected are either new to the company or have really bad memory. We've been having sudden layoffs for years now, no announcement, no prior talk about it, nothing... Whenever... read more


Has anyone heard of more layoffs? I heard a lot of people are exiting. I heard some are being targeted to retire. Truth?

Me Too

I was called in by an HRBP as a witness per a complaint by a female co-worker against a male co-worker. Said exactly what I witnessed and nothing more. Unsure what happened after that on the complaint. I was treated much differently by my manager... read more

Where are we headed?

Ok who do I have to bribe to get management to set a clear direction for this company? How many changes have been made so far that meant nothing in the end? It seems as if they are making changes just for the sake of doing it and not actually to... read more

No professionalism

Williams is a large company with an overwhelming amount of good ole’ boy attitude. There is a distinct void of professionalism. Salary increases and promotions are made based on who you know, and how close relationships are to one another. The hard... read more

Stock Performance Since Layoffs

If the stock performance is any indication of the success of the layoffs of 2016, it looks like the decision was faulty and a failure. The price during early April, 2006 was about 30 and today it is 28, a negative correlation. Not a surprise to me at... read more


Has anybody from the 2016 terminations been rehired recently?

Stick to work, not politics

The CIO appears to have excellent IT skills, but unfortunately allows himself to be surrounded by those making political recommendations. He needs to dig deeper into this. If you challenge someone to do their job, they run to HR and you now have a... read more

Black List

Is it true that there is a not to rehire list floating around at Williams?

Too Little Too Late

HR posting about an older employee, going back to school. Doesn't help the older terminated employees of 2016.

How many women have been terminated or demoted?

There are lots of comments about age and race regarding the OKC closure. What about gender? The energy industry is a male dominated field but how does Williams compare to their corporate peers regarding gender?

OKC office

If/when is the OKC office closing? Are all OKC employees laid off or can they move to Tulsa?

One year later

AA singing a completely different tune from last year. Saying how great the buisness is today, but in 2016 when they axed 700 employees they did not say that all, not right and very unfair.

Good luck re-applying

Don't think Williams would ever hire a layoff employee, that company doesn't have decency to do the right thing.


Some of the best results where produced by Williams, not Access in the Northeast, and many of those responsible for it where terminated last year. Not right.


Question you have less employees more district Manger at williams transcontinental why it don't make good business practices let's get mean and lean


To those that got terminated and are currently doing better than where last year, way to go. Also to those that are still struggling never quit and take advantage of any better opportunities that come your call. Williams terminated some of their most... read more


Lessons Learned From Job Search: The new way of the world, adapt or be crushed. Loyal employees that stay at one position too long without getting promoted are getting thrown under the bus in this environment. The ones getting ahead are the ones that... read more

The End

I forgive Williams and will no longer will be the judge of what happened to the terminated employees. That will be up to GOD. END!

Biggest bunch of clicks!

So true. Willams is the biggest bunch of clicks ever. People in leadership roles are in clicks that continually promote their yes men, regardless if they are qualified, while truly qualified people who are ethical go no where. Its discouraging and a... read more

20 More Jobs

Last post. Made my point, it is about time they start educating their workforce about the value of older employees at Williams. Will it happen. who knows but maybe somebody will stand up and have the courage to do it.
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Seven Jobs

Big surge towards the end of the day, lots more jobs posted today.
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18 More Jobs Posted

Just for Thursday and Friday alone. Some look like backfilling. Studies show that companies don't do well that layoff and then replace those jobs shortly later. If the rate of hiring continues to accerlate, Williams will just be another data point to... read more

Small Request


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