Topics regarding layoffs at Windstream Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Windstream Corp.

Claw back severance?

I heard a rumor that Windstream will try to "claw back" some severance pay if the laid-off employee gets a new job during the severance period. Does anyone know if this is true? Has it happened to anyone?

Layoff as a chance

I don’t know if people here are used to uncertainty or what is the problem? Uncertainty here due to layoffs is a common thing because they are very common. This situation has been going on for years. I could no longer think about surviving another... —  read more 

Meetings postponed

As scheduled meetings are postponed, I am now even more anxious and suspicious that the reason for this meeting is layoffs in the coming period. Why did they cancel the meetings so suddenly I wonder? Does it seem to you that layoffs are in the... —  read more 

Just Leave

Just leave if you have the opportunity. Win has solidified themselves as a Bernie Madoff and non profitable company. If you stay then it's your fault, not theirs. They are just using you for as long as they need you. Mic Drop.

Withheld vacation time

I just saw someone complaining about it, and I thought mine was the rare case of that happening: They witheld my vacation time. Hadnt used a single day and HR made up some excuse to keep it..... Same story! In the end I just shrugged it off... —  read more 

It was always a SHAM

Go back and listen to the powerful messages and promises that never became. Software Powerhouse, Fixed Wireless or anything else. It's was to keep everyone in board until you where no longer needed. It made the tops rich and still getting richer... —  read more 

Where to look?

I've been trying to find a new job and I even managed to get an offer from AT&T but I feel like I'd just be exchanging one bad situation for another if I accept. I've checked their page here and it seems they have much of the same issues as we do. ... —  read more 

Home garaging over

Workers told no more home garaging and to report back to the base to start & end their day. Windstream states cost & lack of production for the main reason. Safety once again takes a back seat , oh btw the local managers are still using the company... —  read more 

HR Please stop all the Social Engineering - Do you think so little of Windstream employees?

I work at Windstream to make money as do 99.999% of the other Windstream employees, I do not work at Windstream so I can be Socially Engineered while my wages continue to fall against inflation. Tell us about raises in 2021 to inspire us to care and... —  read more 

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