Windstream Corp. Layoffs

Topics regarding layoffs at Windstream Corp.

The Board of Directors

My guess is that TT is probably still CEO and on the BOD to advise Elliot on how to sell off the pieces for a profit. It's apparent he can't run a company for profit. We have all witnessed that. Think hard about that. He is still there for a reason... —  read more 


I would venture to say that morale is probably at a all time low. Now that's my speculation as you see that Windstream's head is spinning and they really don't know what direction to turn to. My speculation is that upper Management is ready to bail... —  read more 

Track Record

I have seen post about everyone can calm down and Windstream is a great company. Even post about how ILEC techs are working overtime. I am happy for you ILEC folks, but let's face the facts. Thursday July 23rd on a Thursday was again a prime example... —  read more 

Barnum & Bailey Circus.

Fixed Wireless, didn't work, GPON didn't work, Allworks, didn't work, Consolidated software, didn't work. Is there anything that works here in the Circus? Seems to be alot of hype from the LR5 to keep everyone working so they can get their millions... —  read more 

I did a 'PEEP' !

And I liked it :) let me explain. I have had a laptop (dell 7250) sitting in my desk drawer for close to a year. It was acting up and I was sent a replacement. I never got around to shipping it back, I did receive a couple email reminders but never... —  read more 

Losing Customers

Anyone else notice customers are not renewing? I’ve seen a few conversions but that tells me the company is desperate to save money and Windstream is the cheapest option. What’s going to happen when Elliot Raises the rates of contracted customers... —  read more 

Don't be a silly Goose.

Stick around, don't let the LR5 mislead you. Listen to his Town Hall meetings. We are a software power house and on the leading edge of technology. We are just doing it with customers and employees. We will just keep going in everyday hoping not to... —  read more 

Nothing to Do

As I think about this, the last year I have turned up 6 new customers. Mostly what I do is disconnects and picking up equipment. Well actually I do get to surf the internet about 4 hours a day and occasionally go shopping. I feel pretty confident... —  read more 

Everyone Calm down!!

Obviously there's going to be changes even major layoffs. However, I am just going to sit and wait for my time to come. It's not that I'm lazy, and not because I don't have an education, or the job market s—s or I don't have the skills. It's... —  read more 

Let's stop the Funny Talk.

Everyone can speculate whatever they wish, it's your right. The fact is the leadership said we would come out of this strong and a power house software company. Neither of which happened or will. The fact of the matter is they sold everyone out for... —  read more 

Hear me! Hear me!

The speculation on this site is more redundant and mind boggling than our perception of some of the decisions we've seen made. I come here looking for actual insight and knowledge. If you feel the need to spout off your opinion, which we've already... —  read more 

Positive vibes please

Could we please try to be positive on this site for a change?? Yes we know what happened to Windstream and we know the people who put us in this mess. However, this Doom and gloom is so unnecessary. We get it,Elliott Management is going to come in... —  read more 

Mask budget

Is MM going to send everyone a box of masks to get us through the month? Just asking, I'll need a bunch cause I have to go to the restroom a lot. Disposable are only to be used one time. Prob need about 3 per day. Asking for a friend.

It's over if you accept it

The Top 5 got their money. It's a private company now, meaning Elliot can do what is in their best interest to make a profit. They will pay TT out and he will take his luxurious vacations while the hard worker's of Windstream will look for other work... —  read more 

Something coming...

I was told by my manager that raised are minimal, if any, promotions are cancelled and if I don’t like it, I need to do what is best for me. I get along with my manager very well and felt this was more of a guiding hand that I better jump ship now... —  read more 

It's Political and Money

Yes, ILEC and CLEC can be abandoned for the most part, unless you are a Critical end user (ie, Hospital, 911 services, police or fire). The little people can find another company to provide services for them (ie, Comcast, Frontier, CenturyLink, ATT... —  read more 

New board of directors

See: Starts on page 5. Most have significant telecom experience. There's one carryover, William LaPerch, from the old board (that's not uncommon – it's helpful to a new board... —  read more 

Doom & Gloom

You people crack us up. My Director (SB) told me that no matter who runs WIN they will still need computers. WIN has a little over 10k Computers within the company. So who ever takes over will always need these computers maintained. SB tells me " I... —  read more 

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