Topics regarding layoffs at Windstream Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Windstream Corp.


Soo I got laid off earlier in the year and got a job offer to come back making almost 5k less than I was making because "thats all they can offer right now" ... I'm feeling like I should just wait on the next train to come through and get a better... —  read more 

Tech Layoffs Starting in Nov

Tom Tom has done it again, CSTs are being let go starting in Nov. We’ve been understaffed for 3 years, behind on tickets by three weeks, and their solution is to ki-l the customer facing jobs. 10/10 play Tom Tom. I wonder how much of that government... —  read more 

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Wasted Management

Why do we have so many in management and not enough people to actually do the work? We have layer upon layer of wasted paychecks who never seem to get laid off and its always worker bees that take the hit. It would sure save the company a lot of... —  read more 

Back to the office?

Why are some groups being forced back into the office and some are told its not going to happen to them? My boss is a major micro manager so I see why we are being told to come back. News flash I did more at home than I ever will in your office with... —  read more 


What isn’t outsourced to India now? The call centers are Indian, they’re having Indians doing the engineering, this is ridiculous. Let’s take American tax payer dollars to build fiber to everyone but give half of that money to India to do the... —  read more 

Ohio outage

Any local techs want to chime in on this 12+ day outage for an entire town?

Data breach?

Any news on the data breach? It’s been reported that email servers were hacked. —  read more 

Busy work

Am I the only one who needs to find cr-p to do throughout the day just to stay busy? Usually I wouldn't complain, but I'm starting to worry this is intentional and my days at Windstream are numbered. Are there layoffs coming sometime soon that I... —  read more 

8 Gig

Y’all gonna get that 8 gig fiber? I can’t even get my Dms100 and GTD5 upgraded to Adtran combo cards to shut the old (dying) switches down. No town left behind, right? Lol it’s fine. Just let the small telcos take all our customers. We’re not in... —  read more 

Stores Closing

I see Kinetic is closing stores. How many job losses happening with these? "Moultrie is one of nine that Kinetic will close in nine states. Among the other stores being closed are those in Blairsville, Ga., and Live Oak, Fla., as well as two each in... —  read more 

Are you people serious?

According to what people say, but also according to what they write here, I get the impression that there have never been more people who would like to be laid off. However, I would prefer to leave voluntarily because looking for a new job after... —  read more 

TT is Brilliant

This dude is one of the most brilliant dudes ever. This guy has held the reigns for years. Put the company thru bankruptcy, laid off thousands and have affected so many families. He even mowed his own grass and boasted about it. Oh and took his... —  read more 

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