Topics regarding layoffs at Wipro

Topics regarding layoffs at Wipro

Europe Layoffs

I heard that there will be cuts in europe due to covid-19 pandemic and that notices will be arriving in recent times cuts are planned accross the board

WIPRO 2019- Peons

Wake up and do something to improve the life in India by building roads, waterways, toilets and leaning up the streets. Quit being desk jockeys . Education doesn't equate to being smart . All the degrees are worthless

Layoffs are happening

Why stay here - it's getting worse every year... Middle & project management promises everything (and more) to the customer, they always deliver late, short of the quality and over budget. Everyday crisis reactionary management to make up for missed... —  read more 

For the Lateral joiners,

For the Lateral joiners, Please do not join because they come with the knowledge ,which they gained from their previous organisations. Once you get into Wipro, they will make you to loose it slowly, forget about getting new learning and... —  read more 

Layoffs in Progress at Wipro

Why is it so silent today? There are layoffs going on but people are afraid to speak up. All other companies post and employees share info, but not us? Why is that so? Are we so afraid of what may happen if we speak up? Or, do people just do not know... —  read more 

Green Tag Employees

Wipro should filtered all Green Tag employees, As I came to know, most of the green tag people neither they want to update the new technology or management policy, rather than they are utilizing very old principle. Also, they are dominating other... —  read more 

Wipro best among others

Wipro is one of best employee centric company which provides employees asssitance if in case of they struggle to cope with work. Even Wipro provide transfers as per request which I don't believe other companies don't even think of.... This is my... —  read more 

How to Get Promoted at Wipro

it seems Wipro is hiring people & keeping them on plump positions who act as if they can run the show but instead they are pulling down the just have to sing their tune go out to smoke with them make fun of their contemporaries & you... —  read more 

Wipro Realty

Wipro is the best IT industry but the management is putting the reputation in stake all high level people are misusing powers.There is no room for talented people if you are only good at oiling n buttering your managers then you are successful, no... —  read more 

There is no Leave and Holiday and 5 day week policy in Wipro (policies are only on papers and offer letter)

Wipro leave policy is only for the employees who sits in Wipro own offices. But the condition is worst for the employees at client locations. There is no shecduled holiday, comp. off and leave policy for us. In the offer letter and at joining time HR... —  read more 

Wipro needs more structure

I worked my a-- of at Wipro for two years, and besides being underpaid, here is what else bothered me. The communication between management and employees couldn't be the worse, and the structurally it s---s. Specially if you work at client's site -... —  read more 

Wipro helps with layoffs

Many US companies are laying people off because they are hiring WIPRO to outsource work to India. Wipro grows that way, but they are not growing here in the States, they are shipping all work overseas. They did that with our Knowledge Management... —  read more 

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