Topics regarding layoffs at Wolverine World Wide Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Wolverine World Wide Inc.


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September layoffs at Wolverine

What the PR group suggests.....on paper a total rewire is needed. But, the PR group suggest to do it in small stages. This keeps layoffs out of the press. What's concerning for most is there are 2 more rounds of layoffs for 2017. One in September and... —  read more 

Man up

What blame should of did was look into his company and see where he could of cut fat see what his office people actually do and if there job is actually need. Next he could of looked into production and where he could of made things better and looked... —  read more 

Moving on

Hello All – I was let go a few months back and wanted to let you know that there is life after you leave. It was hard initially, but things start to fall into place and you move on. My advice is to take care of your network of friends and business... —  read more 

Layoffs Handling Suggestion

I wish that the Wolverine leadership would have done more to address the impact this week would have on productivity and emotional status. Work is not getting done, and any meetings, nobody speaks about any of it. Yet the elephant in the room is... —  read more 

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