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Toronto admin office

Does anybody know if there are plans for lay offs in the Toronto Admin office, due to the pandemic?

Pension lump at risk

Thoughts on pulling out your pension as a lump? I know this doesn’t apply to many. But thoughts on this- XRX goes bankrupt, pensions go to The guarantee fund, but with what’s happening now there could be a run on that. Getting out now seems safer... —  read more 

Xerox Union

Since the giant layoffs in Xerox Saint John, now with the pandemic, we have the numbers to make the formation of a call center union not only feasible but possible. Stay tuned for the details and how to get information. Xerox is going to have to... —  read more 

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India lockdown, USA math/science challenged

The India lockdown is going to hurt those heavily outsourced there, like XRX. So sad. The US is acting as if they never saw a graph they understood. Smart companies may survive this. Xerox under Carl’s thumb of lackeys have not demonstrated... —  read more 

Canadian Support (NTSG) people getting laid off

Production presses and software support folks in Toronto have started to get laid off after some went to Guatemala to train, one may presume, their replacement. How caring of Xerox. Especially to outsource support to clueless folks who can't work... —  read more 

more palo alto, parc, layoffs....

coming in april. good long time employees. this is really becoming a company of managers, salespeople, and creation engine in this place, just cut cut cut......very sad the people further up the ladder only know spreadsheets and... —  read more 

Xerox Business Model - in the market?

Xerox model is based upon people working in a physical office, and printing - the very thing that is literally banned across the world right now. I mean impression rates have literally gone to zero. And MPS?? no one in an office so same problem. ... —  read more 

NY Human rights discrimination deadline

NY discrimination (Eg age discrimination) cases need to be filed within 1 year of action. s-xual harassment cases (looking at Steve and John specifically now) have 3 years to file. If you were, or get, laid off do consider filing for punitive... —  read more 

Is Xerox considered an "Essential Business"

I would think not. So shouldn't all/most of the employees be temporarily laid off ? Corning Glass just laid off ~400 because they did not meet the govt definition of essential business.

Anybody know why?

Why are the essential workers not given PPE? Are they wanting us to quit? Does anyone have an answer for this?

XBS cores in states or cities on quarantine?

Are you still having to report to work? I’m in a state that’s recommended that all non essential workers stay home but to mandatory quarantine yet. However or city is meeting tomorrow to impose that just for this area. Will Xerox honor that? So far... —  read more 

HCL and Conduent hacked?

Heard HCL and/or Conduent got hacked last week, shutting down all the phone lines. Nobody could place service calls/order toner/. Anybody hear that?

Furloughs most all contracts for 3 Months

In order to protect all Xerox employees as 1st priority in this pandemic, most all contract workers have been furloughed for 3 long months–no pay or anything! IOW, at a time of steep decline of its stock and perhaps income, it had to protect the... —  read more 

Can Xerox survive this?

We were in freefall as it is - I think this whole pandemic can simply ensure that we are done sooner rather than later.

Xerox Workers Comp

Xerox's workman's comp insurance company must be worried right now. They will be the ones that pay out claims for techs and others that get sick on the job because Xerox said they had to go to work.

What are my rights here

Do you think Xerox is providing a safe workplace? Xerox is clearly not outlining which of our customers are part of what's considered essential. Do not expect me to expose my family for Xerox to provide non-essential service. Please stay at... —  read more 

Get out NOW! Time is running out

My advice: If you think you want to roll the dice to collect severance, that’s your gamble. But a few items to consider: severance isn’t highly taxed and goes quickly if you pay bills with it you can’t get unemployment until severance runs... —  read more 

Working in the field??

My manager is safe at home, yet all my colleagues are running throughout the city responding to service calls. This job is absolutely non-essential. There will be many questions needing to be answered in the months to come.

Are we being punished from above?

Is Wall Street’s analyst community pending awakening to XRX shenanigans punishment for Carl’s past evilness? Is Covid-19 wrath from above for the corporate greed in the world? Are liberals controlling us via a “deep heaven” acting against... —  read more 

Covid19 news?

Anyone out there know anything about Xerox's plans if (when) this virus causes more than a temporary interruption in business? Other companies are already laying people off. Where I am, they called an "emergency" meeting to talk about coronavirus... —  read more 

XEROX Essentials

How Many Essentials are asked to work and are still working? I'm in California for the whole time! We need special pay I would rather be safe at home!

Time to stop complaining

Remember all of those people who were “so happy they left” Xerox to go to a local dealer. 90% of the dealers had significant layoffs yesterday and today. Thank you Xerox for the paycheck today. I don’t take employment for granted.

Can Xerox survive this virus attack?

Closing price today (3/18) $15.98 is equivalent to under $4 if you consider the 4 for 1 share combination done 2 years back. This level is below Xerox share price in 2001 when it went into Ch. 11 bankruptcy protection! Wow, John V is in deep... —  read more 


So Southeast happened almost 10 months ago now. We’ve lost everything from our president, controller, service vp, HR, along with many other crucial people. It’s a ghost town. We work on a skeleton crew all the time. Most were forced out and some... —  read more 

Covid19 -> Xerox has no supplies of anything

Contrary to internal emails telling us they can provide masks etc. They have none. A colleague contacted them to get some and she was told that they are out of everything. The b—s— never ends....

Millennial leadership.

The mindless and self centered millennial leadership that has been so wisely put in charged around here are doing nothing to avoid contracting the corona virus. They go to concerts, hang out in bars all night and attend large parties. Then the next... —  read more 

Downward Spiral

Wait until the revenue number hits for Q1. Xerox stock will be under $14 soon. Smart move disrupting the biggest core in XBS. It’s a disaster now. Just when we thought it couldn’t get any it’s officially over. Better get a great... —  read more 

Essential employees

Overhead the ops manager telling the parts dept that they’re essential employees and must be here no matter what.. do you guys think we’re considered “essential”?

IT questions

1) Cary, NC was supposed to be 0 virtual but now ads are up suggesting otherwise. Change in the rules? 2) BLDG 300 data centers still churning along, and we are almost to Q2. Another change in strategy that no one communicated? 3) Naresh and... —  read more 

Xerox stock falling like a rock with the rest of the DOW

The rate that the stock market slump is going and taking almost all stocks down with it, how is Icahn going to afford to buy HP? Remember that Xerox stocks were part of the deal. Looks like the stock market will determine Icahn's fate.

Anyone work in Cary?

Anyone here part of the transfer or new hire at the Cary location? I am exploring that option and need some insight. how has your experience been? Is that location driving the new company strategy- any insight would help.

Commissions being held? Options exist

I currently have an offer from two competitors willing to give me a signing bonus to make up for this nonsense. Taking offer from #onica, they are willing to hire and pay for top talent that is tired of being given the run around.

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