Topics regarding layoffs at Xilinx Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Xilinx Inc.

More info on layoffs at Xilinx

123 in San Jose according to the Warn list on the CA government site. Intel looks like it is having a huge layoff at the same time with 128 people. The semiconductor business is not as rosy as the media is painting out to be for this year. Bumped... — read more 

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Q1 earbings call comments on WFRs

Its all spelled out in the q1 earnings call. Mike Salvino Well, [Darren] (sic) Bryan, so I'm not sure it's a surprise. Okay. So when I look at what we did in terms of the investment. In the investment, you can make pretty quick. The margin is based... — read more 

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Layoffs at Xilinx

March 23, 2015, 4 Xilinx employees in Canada were let go. 2 were FAE's, 1 specialist, and 1 salesman. The area director was reduced to a sales guy. Other people were repurposed from specialist roles to more general purpose functions to fill the gaps... — read more 

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