Topics regarding layoffs at Zoom

Topics regarding layoffs at Zoom

When will Zoom be sold?

Pretty obvious that Zoom is going to be sold in the near future. Will it be within 6 months? 12 months? 18 months? Seems that AWS, Cisco, outside shot of Google? Most likely a private equity? Any upper, upper management on here that care to... —  read more 

zoom is over

I worked at a midsized tech company and a bunch of people there fled to Zoom. At the time it was a Covid stock and valuation hit $80 billion. These things were led to believe the CEO was the most caring and company had the best culture. We now know... —  read more 

Who was most affected?

I’m noticing recruiters, CSMs, online AEs, Acquisition AEs, channel managers, BDRs, SDRs, and IT. Seems like a wide variety. If you know who else was hit hard in this round, please share here. It would be good to know how widespread these layoffs... —  read more 

Second round is coming

I will not be here to welcome it. I think others should also consider leaving while there are still available jobs unless severance means so much to you that you'd be willing to risk being jobless for who knows how long over it. Layoffs in tech are... —  read more 

We join the fray

1,300 people to be laid off. Percentage-wise, this is more than any of the big tech companies. I guess the golden age of Zoom went away with the pandemic and now is the time to return to Earth. I'm betting you this is just the beginning and we'll be... —  read more 

First Layoffs just happened

Just let go of a significant chunk of our global TA team. The scale was not so large, and seems to be exclusively limited to TA. This follows closure of roughly half the open headcount for the rest of the year. The layoff itself was not such a big... —  read more 

Who's Left in Sales Leadership?

So R..n A..s is moved to an "advisory" role and G...m G....s takes his slot, G..g T..b is gone, D...d R......o is gone, sales leaders moved into segments they've never sold into before, phone reps are now contact center reps and AE's, numerous... —  read more 

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I don't see a future for Zoom

At least in the US and EU, anyway. The product alone just isn't good enough. Meetings is good, but everything else is "meh" at best, and hot garbage at worst. I don't see many companies electing to dump MS or Google email to move to Zoom unless... —  read more 

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Zoom is hiring fast

A lot of open positions, the company is growing quite a bit. We do not plan any layoffs in 2019 or 2018 - check out the company's careers page and you'll see 100s of positions open. Check it out...

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