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Go to thread Anonymous60513, Sunday 01/25/15 20:34:34 UTC

Are all the CCI apologists ghetto rats, single moms and druggies?

I can't think of any other type of person who would dream of defending this crap organization. OH FO SHOW!!!
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Go to thread Anonymous60501, Sunday 01/25/15 19:12:11 UTC

For all of you who keep telling other posters here to shut up

You can scream all you need that CCI has not done anything, and type/yell to others there isn't proof of wrongdoing. But, what are you screaming about? That CCI is a scapegoat? That the Department of Education is not doing its job? That CCI should be able to operate outside of any regulations as they suck taxpayers and innocent students dry? That there are countless articles and voices who think differently than you? Are you upset this workplace leaves you and your career in the dark? That bankruptcy is still lurking around the corner? That most of your immediate upper management have limited backgrounds and interests in education? Are you upset that employees and students have spoken up to officials concerning the shameless practices of CCI? That high schools don't want these schools coming by to recruit? That numbers are dropping quickly and you might not be able to make your money? Are you upset that you don't work for an ethical company, and now it is all coming to light? Even if nothing happens, CCI is like all large unethical companies. Most people don't care for them. Most people respond "Yuk." So suck it up if you choose to support these schools, don't yell at others, and remember, free independent thought is what makes education so exciting.
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Go to thread Anonymous60421, Sunday 01/25/15 01:29:58 UTC

Where does Socle fall with the ECMC deal? Thought I heard mention that Socle will not long exist. Anyone know the deal there?

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Go to thread Anonymous60420, Sunday 01/25/15 01:28:59 UTC


We all know that air pressure is a function of the atmospheric conditions
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Go to thread T (Vp), Saturday 01/24/15 19:54:19 UTC

The Attorney Generals from at least 25 states, and at least 5 Federal entities, such as the DOJ, have declared that CCI has committed fraud

and numerous other illicit and unethical acts. The penalty is??? selling about 57 or so campuses???. Something is not right. Do we tell a serial bank robber to sell his house and then he can go on his way? I honestly do not understand what is going on.
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Go to thread Anonymous60330, Saturday 01/24/15 10:46:27 UTC

There's even a light at the end of the tunnel for California campus . . .

Unfortunately it's a fast moving freight train!!!!!!!
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Go to thread Anonymous60209, Friday 01/23/15 23:29:22 UTC

Just in...

Jacky boy has been naughty. Juice on the loose states he's got an unwed child on the loose looking to make a statement by serving him for DNA testing.
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Go to thread Anonymous60196, Friday 01/23/15 22:45:14 UTC

No news is good news!!! That's the best you could do Jack? I'm sure the Captain of the Titanic was able to come up with something better.

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Go to thread Anonymous60195, Friday 01/23/15 22:28:13 UTC

Looks like the fat lady is singing on this one...

Paper work on the closing has already trickled down to all employees...
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Go to thread Anonymous60143, Friday 01/23/15 20:23:38 UTC

sure doesn't sound like the deal is off... idiots

January 23, 2015 To: Prospective Employees – Zenith Education Group From: Dave Hawn, CEO, ECMC Group Jack Massimino, Chairman and CEO, Corinthian Colleges Inc. Subject: CCi – Zenith/ECMC Transaction Update Sometimes no news is good news, and that’s where we stand today. We remain on track to close the sale of most of the Everest and WyoTech schools to Zenith Education Group on February 2. The sale of Everest College Phoenix and Everest Rochester to Zenith is still expected to close in March. Although we have no new specifics to report, we continue to obtain the necessary regulatory approvals to close the transaction; transfer major vendors to Zenith/ECMC; and plan for a smooth transition of employee payroll and benefits to Zenith. We now expect to email offer letters to employees on January 28 and 29. We appreciate your continued patience through the home stretch. Thanks again for keeping our schools running and our students focused on their educational programs as we proceed with final preparations for the close.
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Go to thread Anonymous60101, Friday 01/23/15 18:24:35 UTC

Sorry folks, in case you missed it, we've had confirmation downstream that the ECMC deal is off

It's a sad day but it sounds like there is hope for some of us to continue on. See 'DOE and ECMC Joint Announcement' thread for more details.
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Go to thread Anonymous60060, Friday 01/23/15 16:27:23 UTC

Camden Kid - Either Go Away Forever or Answer a Few Simple Questions

(1) Did you ever attend a CCI school? (2) Have you ever worked for CCI? (3) Have you ever worked in the proprietary school industry? (4) If yes, what was the company and your title? (5) Are you currently employed? (6) Besides posting incessantly on all of the proprietary college layoff.com sites and conspiracy theory sites like dailycensored.com, do you have any hobbies? (thanks)
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Go to thread Anonymous60024, Friday 01/23/15 13:50:48 UTC

Camden Kid was Correct! About EVERYTHING!!!!

Christ, the shit is really hitting the fan! I just found out that Shah Capital Management owns a crapload of CCI stock!!!! SHAH!!!! If that doesn't scare the hell out of you, NOTHING WILL!!! It's all coming together people! 9/11, ISIS, all of it was just to distract us from the fact that CCI is the center of a MASSIVE global conspiracy. THEY are the New World Order! Only Camden Kid figured it out! He will be hailed as the century's greatest hero! All hail Camden Kid! God, and to think everyone thought he was just an insane, basement-dwelling loser!
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Go to thread Anonymous59952, Friday 01/23/15 03:26:44 UTC

For Pete sake

Please ecmc fire this worthless brainwashed cci management and re-brand this motherfucker.
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Go to thread Anonymous59910, Friday 01/23/15 01:38:09 UTC


What was our government attempting to hide and/or misdirect the attention of the masses with the whole Ebola scare? Where did it go? Was it an attempt to draw attention away from this alleged backroom deal by ECMC? One will never know!
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Go to thread Anonymous59881, Thursday 01/22/15 23:29:16 UTC

Quacky Tacky

AVP in Florida located at local hotel drunk with CCI employee. Things are getting really tacky..
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Go to thread Anonymous59879, Thursday 01/22/15 23:22:20 UTC

DOE and ECMC make joint announcement that the deal is off.

The DOE and ECMC are about to make a joint announcement that the deal is off. DOE will thank ECMC for its efforts and CCI will announce that it is filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and immediately shut its doors.
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Go to thread Peter (CSC), Thursday 01/22/15 20:11:36 UTC

By the way, this is where Camden Kid spends the OTHER half of his time

http://www.dailycensored.com/ (dahnshaulis was the key)
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Go to thread Anonymous59818, Thursday 01/22/15 19:59:48 UTC

CSC closing?

I just read in another thread here, "When CSC closes he'll find out the harsh truth." That's the first I've heard of CSC closing, is that true? Are there any other divisions/campuses closing too (other than those previously listed to teach-out)?
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Go to thread Camden Kid (Twitter @USinjustice, dahnshaulis@gmail.com), Thursday 01/22/15 19:23:25 UTC

"Wells Frago" Interested in "Helping Out" Unemployed CCi Workers

Just got an email from a Wells Fargo employee, Elliot Forsyth, wanting to "help" 214 employees that were fired in December. It has something to do with "helping" them with their retirement plans. Hmm...wasn't "Wells Frago" the company that helped crash Corinthian Colleges?............ http://www.huffingtonpost.com/davidhalperin/who-owns-the-awful-corint_b_4101323.html
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Go to thread Anonymous59785, Thursday 01/22/15 19:20:48 UTC

To Camden Kid

You are a complete ass-wipe who has admitted many times that you have never had anything to do with CCI. You are an unemployed, bored weirdo (and I do mean WEIRD) who is the epitome of a self-loathing troll. Stay off of our board you complete and utter genetic fail. And for the rest of us – let’s have a fun moment and imagine the looks on CK’s sad sack parents’ faces when they realize what they begat! LOL. That actually was kind of fun! (did you guys picture American Gothic too?)
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Go to thread Anonymous59784, Thursday 01/22/15 19:20:23 UTC

Hey CK!

So, there are quite a few of us who have been checking out this board since the SHTF in May, and the pattern is crystal clear. EVERY time you show back up two things happen. You, the nutcase with the crazy anti-vax and Sandy Hook conspiracy theories (“the parents were all in on it”) are not only gross Mr Big, but also the asshole who starts posting tons of short, nonsense posts every time anyone hurts your sloppy, loser feelings. You sad, stupid, bitter little basement dweller. Is your life really worth living? I think I can speak for most CCi workers, past and present, when I say “probably not, but if you’re going to keep going through the motions please just do it elsewhere.” God, I’m not even sure you could get admitted to an Everest, and that’s pretty damned bad!
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Go to thread Anonymous59768, Thursday 01/22/15 18:43:58 UTC

I9 Process starting already.

Make sure you have the documents you need for I9. Just heard that we might start the process next week. Do not wait until last minute.
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Go to thread Anonymous59764, Thursday 01/22/15 18:40:46 UTC

Offer letters?

Heard a rumor they are coming on the 26th. Anyone hear the same?
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Go to thread Anonymous59763, Thursday 01/22/15 18:39:14 UTC

How are things in Florida.

Anyone seen CT? He has been a ghost.
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Go to thread Anonymous59761, Thursday 01/22/15 18:37:38 UTC

Good news

Just heard business cards are being ordered for us by ecmc. Great sign that the deal is closing
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Go to thread Anonymous59760, Thursday 01/22/15 18:36:19 UTC

Almost there ... one more week.

One more week and we cross the hurdle. Things are looking and sounding good.
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Go to thread Camden Kid (Twitter @USinjustice, dahnshaulis@gmail.com), Thursday 01/22/15 14:50:49 UTC

COMPLICITY and Its Consequences

@Anonymous59559 and others, what you are referring to is "COMPLICITY." While a comparison to genocide would be hyperbolic, it took lots of people "looking the other way." I'm guessing that there had to be a "culture of silence" also. I have great admiration for Everest librarian Laurie McConnell who blew the whistle on CCi after she was ignored by her administration. The first part in making change is to be educated. So here's the first thing to read. Please ensure that you read the ENTIRE article.......https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corinthian_Colleges
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Go to thread Anonymous59593, Thursday 01/22/15 03:23:40 UTC

Paper Pushing

I am sick and tired of writing contracts and not actually enrolling students...this just sucks! Nothing like keeping students in limbo with no real answers for them in sight. Camden Kid - you want something to run with? Take this one and go - Admissions departments at several schools are allowed to "write paper" but not flip students! Do your research and you will find out that we are still taking leads, scheduling appointments, selling our programs, and leading students into the abyss without activating them for their programs. Something not quite right about it all!
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Go to thread Anonymous59559, Thursday 01/22/15 02:16:51 UTC

To ever-watchful IT person...

All companies need good IT people, good maintenance people, good accountants, and other inward-facing personnel to function. But let me ask you how many students have you personally met face-to-face, and how many of those were obviously functionally illiterate? How many instructors have you personally met, many working hours on their own time to remediate said illiterates? How many DOE’s have you met that are coerced into fudging numbers because they are scared to death they are going to lose their jobs because of attrition at their campus largely due to the fact that NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE, is denied admission to a CCi campus as long their loans can be processed. Your integrity might be totally intact. But you work for a company that has no integrity whatsoever. You’re helping to perpetuate a disease on our society. You don’t know what kind of company you actually work for.77
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Go to thread Anonymous59462, Wednesday 01/21/15 20:03:25 UTC

Heald total student enrollment below 5000.

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Go to thread Anonymous59457, Wednesday 01/21/15 19:34:44 UTC

Yes, there will be some announcement. Outside date to close the deal is February 5.

The longest time for the deal to close, without modification of the current agreement, is February 5. There must be some announcement within the next three weeks. This is not some random or continuous two week prediction.
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Go to thread Anonymous59422, Wednesday 01/21/15 16:48:28 UTC

Chicago Region

Any new best buy stories?
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Go to thread Anonymous59334, Wednesday 01/21/15 03:43:27 UTC

We must ask ourselves. What would Mr. Big do?

Rape and Pillage
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Go to thread Anonymous59299, Wednesday 01/21/15 01:54:46 UTC

CCI Purchase

Does anyone really believe that the purchase of CCI by ECMC (if it actually goes through) is a good thing, or is it just an "if it saves my job I am fine with it" mentality?
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Go to thread Anonymous59279, Wednesday 01/21/15 00:48:05 UTC

Leon Panetta Board of Directors

It looks like Leon Panetta wants to distance himself from being named to the CCi Board of Directors, as there is no mention of it in his latest announcement to the Oracle BoD. Do you blame him? http://www.oracle.com/us/corporate/press/2406292?rssid=rss_ocom_pr http://www.newrepublic.com/article/114041/leon-panetta-quits-corinthian-colleges-why
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Go to thread Anonymous59149, Tuesday 01/20/15 17:18:23 UTC

Bring back the "Funny"

Hey, let's keep the funny going! It's the Tuesday after a long weekend (I hope for all of us) and I need to get my groove back! We won't always have someone as perfect to mess with as Jack-Mass. Let's hit him hard people!
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Go to thread Anonymous59136, Tuesday 01/20/15 16:34:01 UTC

ECMC deal is unwound. Official announcement within 2 weeks.

It's over. The ECMC deal is off and CCI will go Chapter 7. The announcement will be made in 2 weeks.
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Go to thread Anonymous59107, Tuesday 01/20/15 14:33:41 UTC


TLO CCi threads: Boring and ill informed
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Go to thread Candy (Man), Tuesday 01/20/15 14:04:05 UTC

The Zenith

ECMC is giving out free peyote before the acquisition to improve moral. The hallucinations, euphoria and delusional propaganda continues.
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