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Go to thread Anonymous8078, Thursday 04/17/14 02:20:16 UTC

COCO stock closes at $1.26 a share

Corinthian Colleges stock hit a new all time low of $1.25 today. And this is before the financials come out next month! Can't wait to see how reduced enrollments and fighting all the government lawsuits and charges burns through more of their cash reserves. CCI deserves to suffer!
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Go to thread Anonymous8070, Thursday 04/17/14 00:14:54 UTC

So some guy from the competition

So some guy from the competition comes here and suggests his school is better? Too funny.
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Go to thread Anonymous8065, Wednesday 04/16/14 23:39:51 UTC

I bet the Community Colleges aren't less expensive...

FREE! "Everest GED® Advantage Free GED® Test Prep Program Available at No Cost" ged.everest.edu
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Go to thread Anonymous8058, Wednesday 04/16/14 20:15:09 UTC

Community Colleges

The government just announced today another jobs training initiative. ......it does not include for profit schools. Even the government sees that schools like everest and Wyo tech cost to much, have consistent high default rates, and are not helping the economy. ....go figure.
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Go to thread Former online instructor (ONLINE), Wednesday 04/16/14 19:58:48 UTC

Avoid and be very careful

Watch out. One, they don't pay well for what they want done. Actually they pay the absolute lowest per course I have ever experienced as on line faculty member and they are very demanding, want some pretty intense time commitments but are only going to pay for 7 hours a week. I had a supervisor that hardly told me anything as if I was supposed to know what to do my first course with them, or more common they send vague instructions, you follow them exactly, and they expect you to read between the lines, but then hold it against you. It's kind of a two-bit school obviously from the complaints all over the internet - read them yourself, but a bad experience for a faculty member and when only 1/2 students are happy with going there there's a serious issue. I know people need jobs but if you can, look somewhere else, avoid Corinthian.
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Go to thread Anonymous8051, Wednesday 04/16/14 17:42:20 UTC

Financial results

Corinthian Colleges, Inc. (COCO) will report financial results for the third quarter ended March 31, 2014, on May 6 prior to market open. The company will host a conference call at 12:00 p.m. ET (9:00 a.m. PT) on Tuesday, May 6 to review its performance and outlook.
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Go to thread Anonymous8050, Wednesday 04/16/14 17:22:44 UTC

Is CC really less expensive?

Camden Kids writes, in part, "currently teaching at a community college in Pennsylvania (offering less expensive, good quality vocational programs to working-class people, including vets)." Your CC gets $$$$$$ in government support, in additional to the financial aid funds. It is not clear if one were to compute the total cost that it's really cheaper. I'm paying for a "less expensive" CC programs that I never use. Also have you ever spoken to a student with $$$$$$ in CC student loans with little to nothing to show for it?
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Go to thread Anonymous7997, Tuesday 04/15/14 15:32:24 UTC

Wyo tech blairsville

It's getting so bad that we cannot get supplies to adequately instruct our students....The answer from management.....we don't have any money.....sad....
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Go to thread Camden Kid (dahnshaulis@gmail.com,, @USinjustice, dailycensored.com), Monday 04/14/14 16:42:47 UTC

CCi in the headlines (for corporate corruption)

News from the Pew Charitable Trusts....http://www.pewstates.org/projects/stateline/headlines/states-crack-down-on-for-profit-colleges-student-loan-industry-85899543625
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Go to thread Anonymous7940, Sunday 04/13/14 19:40:35 UTC

Statement of Corinthian Colleges RE: Complaint by Massachusetts Attorney General

Today’s action by the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office disregards substantial, independent evidence that our two schools in Massachusetts have a strong record of offering students a quality education and treating them honestly and fairly. The Attorney General began its investigation three years ago this month, and has yet to produce a single complaint from any student who attended either of our schools, Everest Institute Brighton and Everest Institute Chelsea. The Office has declined repeated requests to tour our schools, talk with students and see firsthand how we operate. • The graduation rates for our programs at Everest Institute Brighton and Everest Institute Chelsea far exceed those for programs of the Massachusetts Community College system, according to U.S. Department of Education statistics. (Note: Although the AG’s action relates to both campuses, we are in the process of seeking buyers for the Everest Institute Brighton campus. We have discontinued enrolling new students, and if no buyer is found we expect classes there to conclude by October 2014. We will continue providing career services for Brighton campus graduates if the campus closes.) • The Massachusetts Office of Private Occupational School Education, the state agency that regulates our schools and monitors them on an ongoing basis, has found no evidence of misconduct as alleged by the Attorney General’s office. In fact, this Massachusetts regulator has not alleged any significant violations by either of our schools in the past 10 years. • Our Massachusetts campuses have recent job placement rates for graduates that range from 57 percent to 88 percent (depending on the instructional program). We have calculated these rates in a manner that is consistent with accreditation standards and other applicable regulations. The Massachusetts Community College system has no job placement requirements and does not, to our knowledge, monitor job placements for its graduates. During its investigation, the Attorney General’s Office attempted to manufacture and retroactively impose its own arbitrary job placement criteria, which have no foundation in law. Regrettably, today’s action will serve to reduce access to quality career education for the citizens of Massachusetts. We will vigorously defend the record of our campuses in Massachusetts and our employees’ commitment to the success of students and graduates. 2 Graduation Rates According to the most recent U.S. Department of Education data, our Everest Brighton and Chelsea campuses had graduation rates of 56 percent and 61 percent, respectively, for their programs. (Source: National Center for Education Statistics; first-time, full-time students who began their studies in 2009-2010) That same year, the Massachusetts community college system had a graduation rate of 16.4 percent. The system’s combined graduation and transfer rate was 32.4 percent. Massachusetts ranked 32nd among the 50 states in community college graduation rates. The states ahead of Massachusetts include Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky and Mississippi. In addition, the Massachusetts community college system receives more than $200 million annually in direct subsidies from state taxpayers. Our campuses have received no state subsidies, and have, in fact, paid state and local taxes. State Regulation Since 2012, our Everest Brighton and Chelsea campuses have been regulated by the Office of Private Occupational School Education. Prior to that they were regulated by the Department of Elementary and Secondary School Education. The Office of Private Occupational School Education maintains a website that lists all significant disciplinary actions taken against career colleges by both of these agencies as far back as 2003 (http://license.reg.state.ma.us/public/schools/licensure/suspension.html). The site lists no actions of any kind in relation to our campuses. Job Placement/Accreditation Instructional programs at our Everest Chelsea and Brighton campuses have job placement rates for graduates that range from 68% to 90%, according to 2013 data submitted to the accreditation agency for these campuses, ACCSC. (For more detail, see attached campus Fact Sheet.) During its investigation, the Attorney General’s Office reviewed four- and five-year-old job placement data on a random sample of 252 placements of our two Massachusetts campuses. While they have shared very little of their 3 evidence with us, we understand that they have taken issue with approximately 130 of the 252 placements. Remarkably, the AG’s Office disputed 107 of these 130 placements even though they met accreditation and regulatory requirements. To do so, the AG’s Office invented a subjective and arbitrary standard that is not included in any Massachusetts law or accreditation rule. Of the remaining 23 out of 130 disputed placements, the AG’s Office took issue with 10 because it was unable to reach the employers who hired the graduates. In only 13 cases – about 5 percent of total sample of 252 – did the AG’s Office raise specific concerns about individual placements. Nationwide, Corinthian Colleges has more than 700 Career Services employees dedicated to helping its graduates find employment. That’s about one Career Services employee for every 50 graduates. According to one study, community colleges across the nation have about one counselor for every 1,000 students, and those counselors are responsible for everything from academic to personal counseling. And unlike career colleges, community colleges do not track job placement rates or actively work to help their graduates find employment. In 2006, Corinthian formed a corporate verification team that promotes the accuracy of its job placement statistics. We believe this program is the first of its kind in career education. A sizeable team reviews the job placement results submitted by Corinthian’s individual campuses, checking with employers to make sure this data is correct. Contact: Kent Jenkins Jr. Corinthian Colleges Inc. (202) 255-7142 (Cell) (202) 682-9494 (Office) kentjenkins@cci.edu
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Go to thread Integrity (My ), Sunday 04/13/14 02:27:43 UTC


Almost 20 years with CCI. Many recognition awards for exemplary work. Even the now discontinued big P. Four weeks accrued vacation hours. Laid off with RIF April 11th. Yesterday ~ Friday. SEVERANCE Package. Please pay attention - - - Two weeks pay. AND AND AND. Nothing! You heard correctly. NOTHING! What about your accrued vacation hours? Nothing! What about your new vacation hours? Nothing! What about all the integrity chatter from the Bridge? All their talk about integrity and caring for the employees? NOTHING. Corporate directors and officers. You ought to their severance package. Rich Rich! And More.
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Go to thread Anonymous7910, Saturday 04/12/14 19:30:37 UTC

You have got to be kidding.

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Go to thread Anonymous7857, Friday 04/11/14 17:00:30 UTC

California trial date set for April 15, 2015

The California trial date has been set for April 15, 2015. It will be a jury trial probably lasting 2 weeks.
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Go to thread Steve (Top), Friday 04/11/14 06:13:42 UTC

S. O.

When an employee gets hit with a RIF what's the severance money? Please help if you really know. Many Thanks. It would help to know. I C it coming...
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Go to thread Anonymous7796, Thursday 04/10/14 19:48:06 UTC

Gainful Employment

Poor Jack, begging for the "Gainful Employment" regulation not to pass. Big trouble for for-profit schools like CCi. http://youtu.be/Vj-nOt8nJ9g He might not be able to afford his Yacht if this legislation passes. (http://www.forbes.com/profile/jack-massimino/)
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Go to thread Anonymous7778, Thursday 04/10/14 17:05:55 UTC

Any school that recruits during Maury and springer has to be a great school right? If your a jobless moron cci will treat you as such.

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Go to thread Camden Kid (dahnshaulis@gmail.com, @USinjustice, dailycensored.com), Wednesday 04/09/14 14:25:59 UTC

Here Comes the Second Shoe to Fall

First there was CA AG Kamala Harris. Now Jack Conway (KY) and other AGs are coming out stronger....http://www.bloomberg.com/video/kentucky-ag-conway-on-online-for-profit-colleges-_Pw039y6T6OtrD1HmjwQ6A.html?cmpid=yhoo
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Go to thread Anonymous7644, Tuesday 04/08/14 18:00:32 UTC

It is so quiet in here you could hear a stock fall

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Go to thread Anonymous7628, Tuesday 04/08/14 07:36:43 UTC

They may expect more, but simply give less. What's the worst thing that can happen? You get out the door sooner? Like that's a bad thing.

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Go to thread Whisbers (Halls), Tuesday 04/08/14 00:04:32 UTC

Sorry guys...

Florida April 1 - 30 Florida beware the riffs are here. Terminations too. If that's not enough here's what stress will do. The beaten and bruised that stay are trying to remain sane, so here's what they do.. Resign, quit or just runaway. If you can, here is what you must do ... RUN, RUN Go oh oh oh. The latest Florida news the is that the axe is back. Now!
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Go to thread Camden Kid (dahnshaulis@gmail.com, @USinjustice), Monday 04/07/14 19:02:34 UTC

A Safer Way of Blowing the Whistle...

If there is anyone who would like to correspond with me about any criminal or unethical activity, you can use anonymous email....http://www.theanonymousemail.com
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Go to thread Alert (Campus), Monday 04/07/14 01:01:30 UTC


Corinthian campuses in the heartland are doing MUCH better than the east coast. Florida may cost more than the risk. Great place to cut expenses. SOON
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Go to thread Anonymous7580, Sunday 04/06/14 23:41:02 UTC

Cutting add - on classes blairsville wyotech

I heard they are closing add on classes like Motor sports and chassis fab. Has anyone else heard that.
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Go to thread Anonymous7546, Saturday 04/05/14 22:36:22 UTC

Nothing motivates like fear

Management uses fear to get things done and blame when it's their own incompetence! The little guys are kicked around like dirt while the Management flex their muscle and get the perks! That's just SOP and CCI!
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Go to thread Camden Kid (dahnshaulis@gmail.com, @USnjustice, dailycensored.com), Saturday 04/05/14 22:00:57 UTC

CCi in the News (Video in article)

http://www.wcvb.com/news/forprofit-school-sued-by-state-for-deceptive-practices/25316090#!CSKlN..... BOSTON —Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley is taking action against a for-profit school in the Boston area that survives largely on taxpayer-backed loans. Watch report NewsCenter 5's Karen Anderson reported on why the state believes the school is preying on students and leaving them with thousands of dollars in debt with little to show for it. "They get you, they reel you in really fast," said Holly Richards of Dorchester. She claims the high-pressure sales pitch to enroll in the Everest Institute in Chelsea should have been a warning sign. "They're promising things to you and this is going to make it better." Richards, a mother of three, has a diploma in medical assisting and $13,000 of debt. But five years after finishing their program, she doesn't have a job in the medical field. "You go into the situation being really hopeful that you're going to graduate and get a good job and succeed, and it's really the opposite," said Richards. The state attorney general's office has filed a lawsuit in Suffolk Superior Court against Corinthian Colleges which operates the Everest Institute claiming the for-profit school deceived students and set up unfair loans. "They are pressuring students and giving them inaccurate information and then the students then make decisions that aren't really wise. They are investing dollars, getting into debt, not getting jobs and the only one who benefits is the Wall Street insider," said Coakley. "We very strongly disagree," said Kent Jenkins, a spokesman for Corinthian Colleges. Jenkins denies all the allegations against them and told NewsCenter 5 the school stands by its record. "We have graduation rates above 60 percent, we have job placement rates range above 80 percent and we have a state regulator that has not brought any significant action against us," said Jenkins. According to Coakley, actual placement rates in certain programs were between 20 and 30 percent. "I'm still looking for a job, six months later," said Julissa Mota, a former student from Lynn. "People are trying to get ahead and make it and they're taking advantage, complete advantage of it," said Roberts. Coakley wants the company to provide refunds to the affected students which would add up to millions of dollars. The state is also seeking civil penalties. Read more: http://www.wcvb.com/news/forprofit-school-sued-by-state-for-deceptive-practices/25316090#ixzz2y3Gk2LUp
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Go to thread Anonymous7542, Saturday 04/05/14 21:35:44 UTC


Nothing but a scab corporation......
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Go to thread Anonymous7539, Saturday 04/05/14 20:31:47 UTC

Heald college enrollment keeps dropping

Heald college is suffering a massive enrollment drop. Some programs have such low enrollment that the joke going around is that the program has more instructors than students.
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Go to thread Anonymous7513, Friday 04/04/14 18:29:01 UTC

A Wyo tech education

Think about.....one time ago a class a Wyo tech was about 3200 bucks so to get a certificate it costs about 20,000.00. A instructor was making roughly 32,000.00 a year. Now a class is about 9600.00 and it coat nearly 45,000.00 for that same certificate costs nearly 45,000.00 for a job that starts out at around 12.00 hr. No entrance examine or criminal background check. No certification program for instructors either. Wyo tech is Wyo crap
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Go to thread Anonymous7492, Friday 04/04/14 04:37:01 UTC

My guess is that Massimino rammed the wrong person with his yacht.

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Go to thread Camden Kid (dahnshaulis@gmail.com, @USinjustice), Thursday 04/03/14 17:37:26 UTC

Mass AG Sues CCi for Deceiving Students and Facilitating Unfair Loans

http://www.mass.gov/ago/news-and-updates/press-releases/2014/2014-04-03-corinthian-complaint.html.....For-Profit School Sued for Deceiving Students and Facilitating Unfair Loans AG Alleges School Used Aggressive Deceptive Marketing Tactics to Increase Enrollments, Secure Federal Student Loan Funds and Hike Profits; Restitution Sought for Affected Students BOSTON – A for-profit school operating in the Boston area has been sued over allegations that it misrepresented its training programs and job placement rates in order to increase profits, and pushed students into high-interest subprime loans, leaving many students without employment and unable to repay their debt, Attorney General Martha Coakley announced today. The complaint links to PDF file, filed today in Suffolk Superior Court, alleges that since 2009, Corinthian Colleges, Inc. and Corinthian Schools, Inc., which operate Everest Institute, have misled Massachusetts students in order to increase profits for shareholders at the expense of students and taxpayers. “We allege that this for-profit school aggressively recruited and misled students by falsely promising high quality, successful training programs, and instead left them with exorbitant student loan debt and without proper training or a well-paying career,” AG Coakley said. “Our office will continue to investigate the for-profit school industry as we continue to see students and taxpayers suffer the consequences of high default rates, inadequate training, and mounting debt.” The complaint alleges that Corinthian, which subsists largely on taxpayer-backed loans to students, focused intently on recruiting new students regardless of their qualifications or whether the students were likely to complete or benefit from Corinthian’s programs. This includes using deceptive marketing and high pressure enrollment tactics, steering some students to additional private subprime loans, as well as providing poor instruction. The complaint addresses diploma programs in dental assistant, medical administrative assistant, medical assistant, medical insurance billing and coding, and massage therapy, offered at Corinthian’s Everest Institute locations in Brighton and Chelsea. As of March 2013, Corinthian operated 97 campuses in the United States and 16 in Canada, with a total enrollment of 87,776 students. The complaint links to PDF file against Corinthian seeks restitution to affected students, civil penalties and fees, along with injunctive relief to prohibit future deceptive practices. DECEPTIVE MARKETING: Corinthian allegedly told prospective students that a very high percentage of its Massachusetts students obtain well-paying employment in their fields of study, but the complaint alleges few students in fact obtain jobs in their fields of study. Corinthian also allegedly told prospective students that its programs had placement rates ranging from 70 to 99 percent, when actual placement rates in certain programs were between 20 and 30 percent. Additionally, Corinthian allegedly hid that it had failed its accreditor’s standards for placement from 2008 to 2011, and allegedly counted temporary jobs lasting longer than one day as a placement, including students who assisted at a two-day health fair. One student even reported that in order to receive her diploma, she was forced to falsely fill out a form stating that she had obtained a job. According to the complaint, Corinthian deceived students by falsely promising prospective students they were “guaranteed” jobs after graduating. Corinthian, on its Everest website, has long represented “we help our graduates find jobs after graduation.” In fact, the complaint alleges that Everest provides little or no help to students looking for jobs. One student noted “my problem was with the job placement department. Every time I called I would leave a message never to have it returned.” Corinthian also allegedly misled students about the salaries they could expect after attending the school. One student in the medical assistant program was reportedly told the salaries of graduates start at $17 or $18 per hour, while a second “was told (that the) pay rate was $21-$22.” The actual average wage for entry-level medical assistants in Massachusetts is significantly less (approximately $14 per hour).
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Go to thread Camden Kid (dahnshaulis@gmail.com, @USinjustice ), Thursday 04/03/14 12:42:14 UTC

Everest College Sponsoring Poll on Job Stress (I'm Not Making This Up)

http://finance.yahoo.com/news/2014-stress-survey-release-april-120000115.html....LOS ANGELES, April 2, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Results from the 2014 Work Stress Survey will be revealed via news release on Wednesday, April 9, at 5 a.m. PDT. The fourth annual survey of more than 1,000 adults, conducted by Nielsen (formerly Harris Interactive) on behalf of Everest College, will reveal and rank the top issues Americans find most stressful about their jobs.
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Go to thread Anonymous7440, Thursday 04/03/14 12:28:15 UTC

I have a feeling more riffs are coming to Florida campuses

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Go to thread Anonymous7411, Wednesday 04/02/14 22:41:56 UTC

Just accidentally overheard in a conference call something about the termination process and 30 days.

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Go to thread Anonymous7358, Tuesday 04/01/14 19:23:14 UTC


Where have u been the last six months! CCI has laid off and closed many services! Take the blinders off dude!
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Go to thread Jay (Look), Tuesday 04/01/14 17:15:46 UTC

Let's face reality.

This is a great site to vent and occasionly get some legit information. Otherwise look how many times CCI has been investigated and sued. They have paid out here and there. Over all CCI has gone untouched. Don't tell us what is going to happen. Look and see that nothing has happened or is going to happen. Sad but true.
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Go to thread Anonymous7344, Tuesday 04/01/14 01:48:50 UTC


So I ask these two great mechanics that graduated wyotech......LMAO....what a punch line...
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Go to thread Camden Kid (dahnshaulis@gmail.com, @USnjustice, dailycensored.com), Sunday 03/30/14 23:53:57 UTC

Dear Jack Massimino, Kent Jenkins, and John C. Hueston, please read this book

David Halperin's book on for-profit colleges just came out. Buy it for a buck....http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00JAJGIIK
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Go to thread Anonymous7305, Sunday 03/30/14 11:00:47 UTC

Wyo tech Blairsvilke

Wow.....This campus used to be strong. Look at it now. The only ones to blame or the leadership team. The top two specifically. Art and Mark.....thanks for not listening to all your employees that had really great suggestions and not having the balls to do anything about above your heads. This isn't vale tech Mark. Oh well the law suits coming after the 1st if they don't pay out on a person's earned vacation after a riff.
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Go to thread Littlehelpplease (instructor), Saturday 03/29/14 04:26:37 UTC

Isn't this against some rule??

My post is not directly related to layoffs...just hoping can let me know if my campus campus Director and President are lying to me. My campus has enrolled students from a medical program into a course that was taught only to students of another program. The courses are very similar in content. They did this, I suppose, because the classes are very similar and heck...my have to teach two separate classes when you can just slam everyone into the same course. That's one less class needed for a teacher. No change has been made in the catalog nor have any addendum's to the catalog are made. The medical student's outline of courses they are shown at admission still shows the class that has been eliminated. When it comes time for the subject to be taught they are simply lumped into the other class. I have asked if this was OK and told that it was no problem, its been done at other campuses, all they need as to have some big wig in academics (boggs as his name I think) sign off and it was all good. I am not sure what to believe. I don't like it because the two student groups are very different and should be taught as separate groups. Anybody know if this is commonly done and OK? I thought the catalog was like the bible and had to be followed to the letter.
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Go to thread Anonymous7261, Saturday 03/29/14 03:21:02 UTC

In Response to the Guy on the Couch

In response to the below post: I appreciate your humor. I really do. I generally have a very Pollyanna attitude and love seeing the lighter side. But as the old adage says, it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. Well, people are indeed getting hurt. That is what this blog is addressing. If you are or were employed by CCI, or sucked into paying thousands of dollars for a less than a quality education, this site provides an opportunity to speak freely. Don’t squander it.
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