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(Fri 03/27/15 12:47:03 UTC)

What Camden Kid gets so wrong about how things work

What Camden Kid (and a surprising number of other people who may even have career college experience) gets wrong about the college regulatory environment can be summed up in this article: ... read more

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(Thu 03/26/15 13:21:26 UTC)

App for Contesting Federal Student Loans

The Debt Collective has an app for Corinthian College students to contest federal student loans.................

Camden Kid (, @USinjustice)

(Wed 03/25/15 16:39:17 UTC)

Any updates for Chicago region

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(Tue 03/24/15 23:43:32 UTC)

The Real Everest Whistle Blower

The whistle was blown on Everest college way before Laurie McConnell spoke up. In 2010 I was "laid off" and told my position "no longer existed in the corporate structure" the day after the company figured out I'd been the one to not only report half a dozen instances of academic and financial ... read more

Everest Whistle Blower Speaks Out

(Tue 03/24/15 23:06:28 UTC)

Is it me or has anyone else notice the influx of Russians being hired .

Getting head from female DOA'S is empowering. Synergy 101 Hawn

red army invasion jesus

(Tue 03/24/15 23:06:26 UTC)

Is it me or has anyone else notice the influx of Russians being hired .

Getting head from female DOA'S is empowering. Synergy 101 Hawn

red army invasion jesus

(Tue 03/24/15 22:38:15 UTC)

Baby Jesus Yoda flame ...

Hahahaha ECMC no different than cci goons. Lets kick back and watch this train wreck.

troy stoval award anal herpes to u fags

(Tue 03/24/15 19:43:04 UTC)

Zenith schools - Student Finance coming back to the schools?

Anyone else hearing rumors (more than rumors actually) that SF is coming back to the campuses? Anyone know if this is happening soon? I just want the whole SFS/Socle debacle to be over once and for all. Those clowns spent more time and energy on their ridiculous failed attempt to get other schools ... read more

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(Tue 03/24/15 19:39:49 UTC)

Camden Kid has a great point about Hawn (LOL) but I have a better one.

The ECMC Board of Directors has a member, who happens to have a cousin that has a friend from college. This college friend had a second cousin that worked, during high school, with a friend that had a friend that played basketball with another friend. This last friend went to college and studied ... read more

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(Tue 03/24/15 14:35:38 UTC)

Forget betting on the NCAA tournamnet. How about seeing who can pick the date that CCI fles bankruptcy?

The first weekend of games screwed up everyones NCAA bracket. A new challenge is to detrmine when - and why - CCI finally, mercifully, bites the dust. My preediction: March 30. It will be evdent by then that the remaining schools will lose CalGrant funding and enrollement will not sustain on-gpoing ... read more

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(Mon 03/23/15 21:11:06 UTC)

Anyone have any info on if and when the high school reps will be hired?

High School Admissions
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(Mon 03/23/15 12:25:59 UTC)

ECMC's David Hawn was a "Wells Frago" Zombie

Welcome to the matrix--those who still work at Everest, ECMC, Zenith or any other spinoff. "Wells Frago" brought some of this mess to Corinthian Colleges (of course Trace Urdan would deny it) . And guess what David Hawn's background was? He worked at "Wells Frago," in the Education Division from ... read more

Camden Kid (@USinjustice,

(Sat 03/21/15 14:14:45 UTC)

View from the Bridge

My fellow Corinthians, I implore you to shake your clappers with convincing enthusiasm to the beat of a way-too-overplayed Black Eyed Peas song as I energetically jog-walk to center stage to present a message that I paid someone six figures to pay someone else six figures to pay someone else ... read more

The Admiral

(Fri 03/20/15 21:17:50 UTC)

Listen up CCi employees from California.

Listen up CCi employees from California…Do you hear it??....That’s right you can’t. You can’t hear the cash flow that courses through every company. .. Because it is drying up!...With regulatory predators looking for any reason to pounce with poor enrollment and marketing and a stronger economy ... read more

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(Fri 03/20/15 16:30:58 UTC)

Genesis calls 5 times a day when I am five days late on an $11.00 payment...never missed one before.

They have had my account messed up ever since I started, they constantly send my cosigner letters stating that I am up to $500 behind. Which is not even possible. They are scammers and now that Corinthian in going down, they are even more desperate. This is so pathetic.


(Thu 03/19/15 18:08:44 UTC)

I love you Camden Kid

This is the moron who is soon to be laid off from CCI that always calls you Cumdump. I love you so much and when I call you that it is only because I'm hoping you dump it deep inside my 350 lb hairy taco. I think of you day and night, which is why I'm always on here instead of working. I like to ... read more

CCI Losers
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(Wed 03/18/15 21:51:50 UTC)

Prison Romance Predictions?

The corrections officers and I are organizing a betting pool and placing our bets on which CCi execs will pair up as love buddies when they're all locked up in the clink together. Any inside info you can share to assist me in placing the most promising bets would be much appreciated. Thank you.

The Warden

(Wed 03/18/15 19:15:11 UTC)

What managers? Lol

Really? The managers that have been here since we opened this school on 2010 that are puppets. That is who. The Dean is also out of control . I agree with all of you 100%. LLUB just added to the fire. This campus has been down hill since 2012. The managers choose their favorites as well as the ... read more

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(Wed 03/18/15 13:07:47 UTC)

Camden Kid please respond.

Camden, please respond to the post that is 4 or 5 below this that refers to the McConnell reporting. Would like to hear your thoughts on the questions asked.


(Wed 03/18/15 13:01:32 UTC)

Traditional College Students Abused

Camden, would you agree that in today's world, the average traditional 4 year college student acquires close to $96k in debt at a state college and $184k at a private college? Would you not also agree, as research indicates, that 48% of recent college graduates work in a job that does not require a ... read more

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(Wed 03/18/15 10:40:14 UTC), @USinjustice

I'm not sure who's left at CCi and its colleges. I don't know how many who are left have a great sense of justice. But I imagine there are many who face the dilemma of doing the job or quitting and having problems paying the bills, feeding the kids--and that it's a struggle. That's what many CCi ... read more

Camden Kid

(Wed 03/18/15 04:16:00 UTC)

Won't the real Camden Kid please stand up, please stand up, please stand up..

...and shut down the unintelligent, trash talking, toothless slack jawed inbred idiots on this forum by using educated and fact based discussions which they are too slow to comprehend.

Camden Kidd Shady

(Wed 03/18/15 02:44:41 UTC)

Not so sure I understand the whole Laurie McConnell things

As an outsider to Corinthian looking in ... not really sure how one would call Laurie McConnell a whistle blower. It appears that she communicated concerns about one student. She provided the school leadership 4 days to respond, did not go outside of the school to superiors and then quit. Once she ... read more

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(Wed 03/18/15 01:33:17 UTC)


Seriously? What is going on? We keep hearing that there are "interested parties." What does that mean? Every Monday our president gets off of a call with NC and GW and we are told that there is no news other than that there are people looking at the schools. Where is BB? Why isn't he giving ... read more

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(Mon 03/16/15 22:30:49 UTC)

I find it funny -- Mr. Camden Kid --

I find it strange that no one ever discusses how these students come to be. Where does the real fault lie? Mr. Camden -- if you and your cohort of good doers where honest with one another -- you would realize that the failure of these students exists due to the fact that our public education system ... read more


(Mon 03/16/15 19:53:12 UTC)

My university folded. I refuse to pay back my loan.

This is not about the debt strikers, but about a student at a shuttered campus wanting to take advantage of the law.


(Sun 03/15/15 16:19:35 UTC)

Where Will Jack Hide His Assets?

If Jack Massimino sells his $11 Million home in Utah, where will he hide his assets?..........

Camden Kid (@USinjustice,

(Sun 03/15/15 05:19:02 UTC)

What is going to CA schools ? Business as usual, but no marketing, no supplies. If they are goin to shut the doors, let us know when so we can

We are willing to go down with the ship, just tell us, give us something. This stress is taking its toll

Common sense
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(Fri 03/13/15 17:48:38 UTC)

This needs its own thread - White Supremist Alert!!!

This is being discussed in other threads, but I think people should be alerted. There's a racist poster on here (who claims to live in a trailer in the East Bay area of California, so probably works in one of our schools there). I believe he has said he is in Student Services, which is appalling ... read more

Admissions, Heald

(Fri 03/13/15 14:52:37 UTC)


So Durbin is saying ECMC ---- Hawn is already breaking promises. Huffington post. Posted yesterday

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(Thu 03/12/15 17:52:23 UTC)

In case our racist Wisconsin friend is still here...

Why do Republicans love doing laundry? They're naturals at separating the whites from the colors. LOL!


(Thu 03/12/15 17:49:46 UTC)

I thought our stock was delisted?

I know it's not important at this point, but I just noticed that our stock is still listed (gone from four cents to two cents a share...hee hee). Anyway, many messages on this board said that it was going to be, and then that it had been delisted. Could someone with a finance background explain ... read more

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(Wed 03/11/15 20:43:37 UTC)

New company same deal

Nothing changes, boss still lies and plays employees against one another, every employee out for themselves to look good. No room left under the bosses desk......


(Wed 03/11/15 15:32:24 UTC)

What Actually Happens When You Don’t Pay Your Loans?

It’s important to consider the ramifications of going on a student loan strike. “I’m not sure we have anyone who’s going to get hurt except the people striking,” said Joshua Cohen, a student loan lawyer based in Vermont. “In order for this strike to really work, everyone would have to be ... read more

Not Camden Kid

(Wed 03/11/15 14:50:49 UTC)

DOE asking about Socle

A few of our recent ex-employees (and I'm talking managers, BAs, etc, not reps) have been approached to spill the beans on Socle. So, it looks like even with the ECMC deal, DOE wants to shut off our aid. What they're going to find is the exact same leadership and the exact same, flagrantly illegal ... read more


(Wed 03/11/15 02:59:10 UTC)

Today's CCI SEC filings. The Execs are getting a retirement package as of the 9th of March, but they will stay on as consultants.

For the slow Heald employees, the execs have cashed out and their money is safely in their own bank accounts. So while you may not get paid, the execs are all set. Does that sound like Heald will be fine? That there is a buyer? Wake up people! Stop doing illegal stuff. ... read more

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