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Go to thread Anonymous54370, Saturday 12/20/14 17:15:40 UTC

Factual Information

does anyone have any factual information regarding the sale of CA schools, Heald in particular? Personal opinions bashing Heald are not necessary or wanted.
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Go to thread Anonymous54247 (CSC), Friday 12/19/14 20:41:39 UTC

Justice (or lack thereof)

These guys are getting off easy. If this was the financial services industry and the SEC were involved, they would all be facing the possibility of jail time, the certainty of million dollar plus fines, and probably be banned from the industry for life. The Department of Education doesn't have balls like that. (And probably not the legal basis either, unfortunately) Everybody from VP on up to the Board should certainly be banned from the education industry in any capacity for the rest of their lives.
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Go to thread Anonymous54236, Friday 12/19/14 20:14:45 UTC

New College ratings

In a report due out on Friday, the Obama administration will offer its first public glimpse of a planned system for rating how well colleges perform, saying it plans to group schools into just three broad categories — good, bad and somewhere between. (nytimes.com) submitted 6 hours
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Go to thread The REAL Holiday Card for Students...., Friday 12/19/14 19:21:14 UTC

First Draft to Our Students re: Holiday Greetings!

As the holiday season approaches, we reflect on the degree to which keeping your ass in class and collecting payments from you have shaped 2014 at Everest University. We really value the relationships we have with you, even though most of them are based in fraudulent methods designed to dig you deeper into debt and ruin your credit. So, in 2015 we look forward to seeing each of you again – as you know, we need you to take out more loans and collect more stipends. It is time to set a National Precedent, so your efforts are appreciated more than you know! Life pulls each of us in different directions, and we hope that your experience thus far has really put the fear of God into you. Thanks for choosing us! We are inspired to make more money every time we repeatedly dial, email, text, deceive, and harass you. May your family have a memorable holiday season filled with peace. We have already eliminated any possibility of prosperity.
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Go to thread Anonymous54227, Friday 12/19/14 19:10:46 UTC

Heald college enrollment under 5000 in Winter.

The upcoming "cattle call", "rounding up the bodies" is SO BAD that the TOTAL enrollment for Heald could be under 5000 in January 2015. You have campuses reporting (almost) ZERO new student enrollments.
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Go to thread Gary Gnu (SS), Friday 12/19/14 17:42:22 UTC

My 3 cents

The 'Zenith' please don't notice the mythology reference... Has created this beautiful smoke screen that is hiding the ominous mushroom cloud ready to come out of the smoke and dust. Everyone will move on and we will all forget about this part of our career and take it as part of your continuous learning cycle of life. We were given two months notice and trust me we are lucky most companies would have waited until it was set in stone and do the deed on a Friday without notice. CCi is where it is because we as voters placed them there. And I ask any of you to look at yourselves in the mirror and truthfully say that this could not happen to you. No I am not trying to justify anything, but we are all human and if someone says here is a billion dollars go do something with it, we would all say thank you and may I have more please. Some of us and as so many of my colleagues are just tired of the "look at them", and "what about us" and "what about my vacation" and 'my benefits'... We all know that if we received offer letters we would take them and probably not say a word to anyone. Tell me you would not... be truthful.. Good luck to all of us, and use your time wisely and help our students while we still can.
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Go to thread Anonymous54202, Friday 12/19/14 16:04:45 UTC

Those of us crossing over to ECMC are gonna wish we got a two week working notice. It's gonna be a Sh$& show over there.

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Go to thread Anonymous54201, Friday 12/19/14 16:01:26 UTC

Thank you mods!

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Go to thread Anonymous54141, Friday 12/19/14 04:16:13 UTC

COS Call Center Closure

I'm going to miss the friends I've made once we close! I hope that everyone finds something good for the next job! Good luck everyone!!
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Go to thread Anonymous54126, Friday 12/19/14 03:34:14 UTC

When is Nikee, Bob and RVPO's will be gone?

I am sick to my stomach knowing that all of these people are still employeed and got their bonus money too. I guess the furlough week was to finance their bonus money. As if this was not enough now they are moving RVPO's from California to other places. Why? Is it because of the good ole boy or girl club? This club ruin the company. Is time for them to get out!!
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Go to thread Anonymous54117, Friday 12/19/14 02:57:11 UTC

Thornton in trouble.

I agree with you. They just lost their Dean, Medical department program chair, registrar, surgical technology program chair, and their only pharmacy tech instructor all within a four day period. All were good hard working people. Like you said CYA.
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Go to thread Anonymous54116, Friday 12/19/14 02:55:15 UTC

Hey Dave~

Your ECMC employees are looking at the Corinthian blog and it appears they have pegged YOU and your band of MORONS for what is so transparently obvious to everyone. You are a weak, pathetic, self serving CEO. You will screw us over if it benefits you!
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Go to thread Anonymous54105, Friday 12/19/14 02:39:17 UTC

Letters done at Thornton. Both terminations and offers.

Looks like selective favoritism. Some senior employees and new persons. I believe the campus made these selections and recommended to upper management. If ECMC was involved, based on their selection, they are very stupid and know nothing about how a school operates. All employees need to cover your ass. No one is safe no how well you do your job. We just found out the hard way.
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Go to thread Anonymous54095, Friday 12/19/14 02:25:15 UTC

What is a Criminal Justice degree good for?

This is a satire post, just trying to inspire you guys. Shoot...
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Go to thread Anonymous54091, Friday 12/19/14 02:22:43 UTC

How many employees CCI has?

After all purges and MASSIVE ATTRITION, what do you think: how many folks we have on payroll right now at Corinthian?
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Go to thread Desperate Student, Friday 12/19/14 02:18:20 UTC

Who is eligible for student loan forgiveness?

What makes one eligible to get loan forgiveness? Do you need to be an existing student? Or, do you have to have a certain level of debt. I went to Everest and I have around 30K in loans, would it help if I was to write a letter to the finance department and ask for forgiveness? Please let me know - they are trying to collect but I have no income right now.
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Go to thread Anonymous54060, Friday 12/19/14 01:03:49 UTC

Corinthian Colleges CEO Jack Massimino

So, what do you think about Jack, please keep it real but civil.
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Go to thread Anonymous54052, Thursday 12/18/14 23:48:16 UTC

What will happen

What will happen to the CSC in Santa ana?
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Go to thread Anonymous53993, Thursday 12/18/14 18:19:57 UTC

What impressive education leadership can ECMC recruit? Like some serious education executive wants to work for a predatory debt collector.

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Go to thread Anonymous53970, Thursday 12/18/14 16:57:51 UTC

Letters of intent?

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Go to thread Anonymous53967, Thursday 12/18/14 16:30:43 UTC

Do you guys want to be part of the largest nonprofit career college EVER? Or not? #TinaPodGoddess

I know I directed many of you to make false representations in order to Save Our Students and re-enroll them even if they had no computer. I don't care about academic integrity, but I really do insist on first class travel, five star restaurants, and my Screaming Eagle Cabernet. I am sure that you have your little luxuries, as well. So shut your whining, complaining, shitty car driving, still-overdrawn-from-furlough selves up and let me ram this ECMC deal through. They need me so bad that I will get to maintain my standard of living. Good luck with those Letters of Intent.
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Go to thread Anonymous53963, Thursday 12/18/14 15:58:40 UTC

Is Texas big enough for the TERRIBLE TRIO to be back together? They have 2 of the 3 - any news on Catrena J. joining Revolting and Eyebrows?

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Go to thread Protest in Minnesota Today!!!! (Public Citizen Demonstration Committee), Thursday 12/18/14 15:10:22 UTC

Here it from the opposition, ECMC. Don't think you aren't eligible for Hard Time.

Well, I told you guys this would go down. You screw your students who receive federal loans and then you screw the employees who process those loans and BOOM! Organizations like AFL-CIO, Consumers Union, NAACP and Public Citizen are all over you. Your predatory collection tactics and ZERO education experience makes me want everyone involved in putting together this "deal" to do hard time. Liz agrees with me, so don't try to pull rank - she will chew you to pieces.
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Go to thread Anonymous53947 (Socle Tampa), Thursday 12/18/14 13:54:16 UTC

New rumors at Socle

It seems that our "leadership" (KD, DS, etc, etc) have been dropping hints that they are going to get raises with ECMC and have "carte blanche" to run Socle without outside interference. So, does this mean that we will STILL not have an HR department? Will DS's crazed tantrums get even worse? Is that even possible? Will KD just set herself up a smoking lounge next to a McDonald's and stop pretending she does anything else besides smoke and stuff her face with junk? Will MH finally be free to show up in drag and declare his feelings for TP? Stay tuned for more news on tomorrow's episode of How The Socle World Turns...
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Go to thread Anonymous53915, Thursday 12/18/14 05:24:31 UTC

The Real House-Employees for COS

Keith Burkenstein and Mitch Jerk-in show up at COS to say the site is being shut down. Guess Tina Stankface is on a boat somewhere. Jerk-in dances around a bunch of questions that he just needed to say no to and doesn't make eye contact with anyone because he obviously lacks certain manly parts. Jerk-in and Burkenstein say that people can apply for jobs at Tampa and Thornton and "if they did a good job then their resume would be put at the top of the pile." How generous. Then they have another meeting for leaders only. I guess during that meeting one person asks about bringing people in to help employees write resumes. A dean in the back of the room said to that person we can talk after this meeting. Then Burkenstein and Jerk-in got their panties in a bunch and told the dean that he can't go off and do stuff on his own. Then I guess Linda In-compenton said it was impossible for them to plan for something like that. Then some other person called them out for having a week to plan something and they got all mad. Come to find out the deans went to lunch together after the first meeting and contacted the state, county, workforce center and city to have them come in tomorrow to help people (all people including SOCLE) find work and write resumes. After the leader meeting the dean was told to call everyone back and cancel. Sorry COS peeps Burkenstien, Jerk-in and In-compenton have no concern for whether you all find a job or not. They will probably now concoct some plan and then act like they came up with the idea. Burkenstein talks a good game but he's just as much of a scumbag as the rest of them.
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Go to thread Anonymous53914, Thursday 12/18/14 04:54:46 UTC

ECMC leaders are just as stupid as the CCI leaders

ECMC executives, clearly you also fell for the same bull sh@t that the rest of us fell for when we were told of this great vision. You then listened to the advice of CCI leadership on what site to close. Apparently you have failed to realize that those CCI leaders are the sole reason this company was run into the ground. The only people who actually stood up against the unethical behaviors that CCI leaders tried to implement are the ones you are getting rid of. This would be why the Tampa people have been trying for months to position themselves as the superior location. This would be why Colorado Springs was not allowed to backfill the positions that were lost. Anytime someone quit they would backfill in Tampa. Did you stop and ask yourselves why people in Tampa are so hell bent on closing Colorado Springs? What kind of new leaders decide to close the doors on a site that they never even took the time to visit? What kind of new leaders decide to not even take the time to ask employees what's really going on at CCI? Have fun with the good ole boys, or is it girls, club. Have fun with dealing with TinaPodGoddess and her whole family, and all their cronies who just say yes to her every command. It's obvious you are way too stupid to see the writing on the wall. Oh by the way, maybe if you took the time to look at the credentials of the people you were seeking advice from something would have smelled funky. This is a university run by a bunch people with no experience, especially at being successful, you will be hard pressed to find anyone above the dean level with proper education or experience for the roles that they hold. What a bunch of fools you are! Can't wait to watch you crash and burn due to your self-inflicted stupidity.
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Go to thread Anonymous53873, Thursday 12/18/14 02:23:11 UTC

Revina Miller

Now that the California schools are going to close she fell in love with Texas. Any of you have any info in her?
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Go to thread Anonymous53871, Thursday 12/18/14 02:20:43 UTC

So long

Glad to see that hell hole wyotech long beach shit out of luck. Bye bye Brad.
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Go to thread Anonymous53849, Thursday 12/18/14 00:29:46 UTC

The Coalition Request

No mandatory arbitration clauses or bans on class action lawsuits in enrollment agreements. Apply the standards required for all new colleges, including that no more than 33 percent of students withdraw in any academic year. Immediately post all faculty names and credentials on the web. Apply gainful employment regulation standards and consequences to all programs for seven years. Require all recruiting calls be recorded and allow state and federal officials to monitor a random sample.
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Go to thread Anonymous53847, Wednesday 12/17/14 23:58:59 UTC


Why do we still work Saturday if the company has no . Its such a waste of time and energy, director's invest there own money to buy stuff to bribe people to come people above Saturday's don't work never did and never will. To top it off you want to be open that Saturday after Christmas so sad let your employees spend time with their families
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Go to thread Anonymous53846, Wednesday 12/17/14 23:57:01 UTC

In Central Florida - who got let go?

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Go to thread Anonymous53844 (admissions santa ana), Wednesday 12/17/14 23:54:34 UTC

Make us happy and send us to the unemployment line

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Go to thread And so it begins...., Wednesday 12/17/14 23:09:54 UTC

Everest Announces Closure of Service Center

Everest College says its service center in Colorado Springs will be closing at the end of February. About 200 people work at the center located on Garden of the Gods Road. Employees at the facility provide support for students and faculty. Everest's parent company, Corinthian Colleges Inc., announced in November that it is selling 56 WyoTech and Everest campuses and online programs, including the one in Colorado Springs. The company says students attending classes at the Everest campus on Jet Wing Drive in Colorado Springs will not be affected by Wednesday's announcement. A spokesperson from Corinthian Colleges says the call center is closing because the new owner, Zenith Education Group, plans to consolidate the services offered at the call center into other existing facilities. Corinthian Colleges has campuses located in Colorado Springs, Aurora and Thornton. All three are being sold to Zenith Education Group. The sale is expected to be finalized in early 2015.http://www.kktv.com/home/headlines/Everest-286141711.html
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Go to thread Anonymous53827, Wednesday 12/17/14 22:59:44 UTC

ECMC will not walk away no matter what!

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Go to thread Anonymous53817, Wednesday 12/17/14 22:11:53 UTC

Blindsided....I think not!

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Go to thread Anonymous53812, Wednesday 12/17/14 21:11:39 UTC

ECMC prepared to walk away

If anyone gives ECMC too much hassle then the deal is off.
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Go to thread Anonymous53809, Wednesday 12/17/14 21:05:18 UTC

Sale Could Hurt Students: The Consumerist

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Go to thread Anonymous53807, Wednesday 12/17/14 20:49:24 UTC

New Huffington Post Article on Corinthian/ECMC http://www.huffingtonpost.com/davidhalperin/declaring-corinthian-coll_b_6342124.html

Details explaining the letter recently sent by many organizations. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/davidhalperin/declaring-corinthian-coll_b_6342124.html
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Go to thread TAKING IT TO THE STREETS, Wednesday 12/17/14 20:32:54 UTC

On the way to the Governors' Mansions.....

Higher Ed Not Debt petitions to 6 Govs: http://higherednotdebt.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/ECMC_Letters_to_Governors.pdf
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Go to thread Anonymous53786, Wednesday 12/17/14 19:33:09 UTC

Well . . .

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