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Go to thread Anonymous50658, Thursday 11/27/14 01:42:13 UTC

CA Schools...

Any word on any of the CA schools and/or the Cal AG?
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Go to thread Mr. Big (Ex 4th Floor Lord), Thursday 11/27/14 00:33:04 UTC

Happy Thanksgiving to Everybody!

All about the turkey....
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Go to thread Anonymous50646, Wednesday 11/26/14 23:19:26 UTC


The word is that a good portion of the leadership will be let go.
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Go to thread Anonymous50645, Wednesday 11/26/14 23:18:15 UTC


Hey if tuition goes down do we get a refund for getting screwed over?
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Go to thread Anonymous50624, Wednesday 11/26/14 20:55:05 UTC

For the folks who are still here...How many Genesis loans did Socle process?

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Go to thread Anonymous50621, Wednesday 11/26/14 20:45:50 UTC

for the folks that missed this, as most went home early.

From: Blas, Cori Sent: Wednesday, November 26, 2014 2:26 PM Subject: Update from Dave Hawn, ECMC Group CEO This week, eight members of the ECMC Group team and I visited Campus Support Center to begin discussions with key CCi leadership on the transition process. We divided into integration work teams and began prioritizing. We have a complicated and challenging job ahead of us, but the more time I spend with many of you and your leadership, the more confident I am about our eventual success. I know you are curious about this process so it is my intent to communicate to you the progress of our teams, especially the decisions we make about staffing, employee benefits and services to students. Our first discussions were about keeping campus employees focused on student education and job placement. We value the expertise you bring to students in the classroom and the leadership roles you play on campus. Therefore, I want to assure you that we anticipate very little change occurring at the campus level. We also spent significant time reviewing employee benefits with the goal of keeping them consistent with what’s offered today. During the next few weeks, we will have a better understanding of which benefits will change. We feel very good about the health benefits offered at CCi and expect little to change in this area. However, there will be a more complex discussion about the 401(k) retirement plan as ECMC Group is a nonprofit organization and rules differ. We will have more information about this benefit in the coming weeks. We also began discussions around key positions above the campus level and across the Campus Support Centers. By the end of next week, we will determine staffing needs and identify those positions that will transfer to ECMC. We intend to communicate to you with certainty by extending offer letters by mid-December. In the meantime, if you have questions or concerns, please forward them to your campus leadership or EVP in charge of your function. On this Thanksgiving eve, I want to thank you for giving your very best to students every day. From everyone at ECMC Group, our wish for you is a Thanksgiving spent with family, friends and filled with memorable moments. Whether you will be traveling or staying home, have a safe and happy Thanksgiving. Dave Hawn
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Go to thread Anonymous50618, Wednesday 11/26/14 20:35:49 UTC

How many Genesis loans were processed by Socle?

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Go to thread Anonymous50611, Wednesday 11/26/14 18:54:32 UTC

Go post on ECMC

You complained, talked trash, whined about CCI so go. Take the first step and head to their Board. Go!
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Go to thread Anonymous50600, Wednesday 11/26/14 17:17:44 UTC

ECMC - Thank you

What a great way to start Thanksgiving. Congratulations to the campuses purchased by ECMC. I am teaching from a Michigan close out campus that was phenomenal with students and community. I would invite ECMC to consider keeping us open. The Kalamazoo Promise provides college scholarships to grads of Kalamazoo Public Schools (KPS). Anonymous donors promise to pay up to 100% of college tuition for grads to attend public college anywhere in the state. Scholarships start at 65% of tuition for students enrolled in KPS in 9th grade and stay until graduation. This increases dependant on when you started in the school system. Kalamazoo promise is unusual among scholarship programs in its universality and generosity. I am grateful this Thanksgiving for the 14 years I have had here and would love to continue to develop students futures with excellence. Good luck on upcoming endeavors - there are thousands of students that will change their family tree because of you. I do not flavor this post with any negativity and will not be entertained by less than stellar feedback. My intention is to reach ECMC to spotlight the opportunities here in Michigan. I ask for your consideration for the students, the community, and the dedicated employees that I call family. Namaste
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Go to thread Anonymous50568, Wednesday 11/26/14 12:49:55 UTC

Big "Data Cleanup" before ECMC takes over

You heard it here first, but soon coming to a campus/CSC/call center near you. Shredding, deleting, etc etc of all non crucial data. If it's not needed for current ops, bye bye incriminating evidence.
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Go to thread board hijacker, Tuesday 11/25/14 23:08:32 UTC

Happy Thanksgiving

Have a great holiday and be careful if you are driving
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Go to thread Anonymous50486, Tuesday 11/25/14 19:29:48 UTC

If we are CCI employees still, why should we post to ECMC layoff board?

Troll mentality.
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Go to thread Anonymous50464, Tuesday 11/25/14 17:36:13 UTC

Go to ECMC Board

Quit posting here
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Go to thread Anonymous50457, Tuesday 11/25/14 17:24:59 UTC

Funny how many people know what's best.

This place is so entertaining.
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Go to thread Anonymous50453 (Tampa), Tuesday 11/25/14 17:00:38 UTC

ECMC Please, Please, Please get SLS back!

Socle is a mess without her! You can ask any employee there - she was the only one worth anything and the only one who "did the right thing." You'll need to get rid of the bullies at the top (KD, DS, etc). She'll never come back with them still there, and Socle will never be right with her gone!
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Go to thread Anonymous50396, Tuesday 11/25/14 05:51:08 UTC

Seriously. Did the Department of Education decide Corinthian would start to teach out or shut down this winter, or

did Corinthian initiate the deal? What happens if all schools are not sold by Jan? Does CCI or the D of E call the next series of steps? Does Heald automatically go into teach out mode?
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Go to thread board hijacker, Tuesday 11/25/14 05:42:18 UTC

It has been a few days. Are you still butt hurt over the sale?

Just wondering.
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Go to thread Anonymous50394, Tuesday 11/25/14 04:15:41 UTC

Media asking ferguson "residents" on camera about the grand jury, none can speak clear english

How many euo students are rioting tonight?
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Go to thread CCi (N/A), Tuesday 11/25/14 02:04:13 UTC

What was the compliance issue over the weekend that got remote email locked down and no more Outlook emails to students? Who sent what?

Was it from someone that was recently fired?
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Go to thread Outstanding Student Notes Held by Corinthian, Tuesday 11/25/14 00:14:02 UTC

Do the math

Sale: $24M ED Take: -12M Reserve withheld; -.5M Trust fund: - 8M ** Foregiveness of Genesis Loans: -3.8M Net to Corinthian after sale: -$.3M. *At the Closing, Corinthian will forgive all principal, interest and other indebtedness under outstanding student notes held by Corinthian or any of its affiliates, with an estimated principal amount of approximately $3.8 million.
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Go to thread Anonymous50347, Monday 11/24/14 22:30:15 UTC

ECMC Purchase Question

I looked at the schools being purchased by ECMC and didn't see the online locations listed. What happens to online, since it's not on the list?
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Go to thread Alright, Alright, Alright!, Monday 11/24/14 20:16:59 UTC

All of you are right....

..about something. That means the following can go to the ECMC Layoff board to throw up your guts: conspiracy theorists, penny stock traders, pseudo journalists, disgruntled employees, happy employees, allegedly concerned students, ballbusters, board spammers, security wonks, purveyors of false claims assistance, Face, Jacker, and especially anybody from socle. Socle folks prepare for pending emergency somewhere else.
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Go to thread Anonymous50324 (SOCLE), Monday 11/24/14 19:27:20 UTC

Hey ECMC! Listen up!!

Here's how to get rid of the top idiots at Socle: (1) KD - just ask her to explain ANY actual process that takes place there, (2) DS - track what he watches on his computer, (3) MH & his male cronies - get a few drinks in them and ask them how they feel about women, (4) just about every other manager at Socle - simple IQ test (3 digit number to stay employed). Below manager level it's a pretty knowledgeable and hardworking crew. You're welcome!
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Go to thread Anonymous50287, Monday 11/24/14 15:12:41 UTC

Go post on ECMC Board.

Ponder all the important and deep questions over there.
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Go to thread Anonymous50281, Monday 11/24/14 14:45:07 UTC

Boxes for sale

U haul has got a bunch of boxes for sale. Cci corporate brainwashed only please. May not have enough to go around. All profit center people that have had little or no support need not worry help is on the way. If "it's beyond my control because corporate won't let me" is your leadership style pack your stuff
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Go to thread Anonymous50240, Monday 11/24/14 01:47:07 UTC

ECMC should bring back high school presenters ASAP

There is still time left this school year to bring back high school presenters to generate student interest for the July and August start. I've talked to high school teachers in my territory and they are thrilled to hear that the sale was finally announced and that ECMC will operate as a non profit. My phone has been ringing off the hook asking me to come present at their high schools
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Go to thread Anonymous50237, Monday 11/24/14 00:43:00 UTC

Hey smart guy.....

whoever this tool is that keeps posting that law firms are going to to file suits blocking the sale and that the sale is screwing the shareholders needs to shut the hell up and go somewhere else. Who give a f**k about the shareholders here? I realize to shareholders this may be important, but the vast majority of us are CCI employees here worried about ourselves and our families, not the damn shareholders. This douche doesn't work for CCI and is obviously here just to stir shit up. Just go away!
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Go to thread Stv (p3), Sunday 11/23/14 16:47:58 UTC

So what really happened?

For years CCI employees have been talking about lies, fraud, cooked books, schemes to take student money, vile treatment of employees, and numerous crimes. Now many are excited because there is a new name and new owners. That's the penalty for all the above? Amazing all the brass got a free 'get out of jail card" with their fat bonuses.
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Go to thread Anonymous50198, Sunday 11/23/14 15:06:27 UTC

Thank you to all my fellow former CCI employees who joined me and went to the FEDS to help shut down this scummy organization

We took insane abuse, watched criminal activity take place, and then were harassed when we didn't comply with criminals. CCI is over, and without us, it wouldn't be. Once again, thank you.
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Go to thread Anonymous50162, Sunday 11/23/14 02:58:15 UTC

what happened to that FBI agent?

anyone know?
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Go to thread Anonymous50128, Saturday 11/22/14 22:54:17 UTC

Security armed or unarmed that's the question ?

Most all public college campuses have Armed Security Officers. Why not private college campuses. ? Much better option than having teachers carry guns. With everything going on on campuses today security officers should be armed. Still the best way to stop a bad guy with the gun is a good guy with the gun. Hopefully the officer would never have to pull his weapon - but a bad guy would think twice about going into a building where he knew an armed officer was waiting for him. It's a deterrent and a whole lot better option than an unarmed guard hiding under his desk: calling 911 like the rest of us.
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Go to thread Anonymous50122, Saturday 11/22/14 21:53:49 UTC

Importance of Security Officers

They are not only on site for protection but as a deterrent as well as giving peace of mind. They are also a welcome sight when issues come up. They also give a secure feeling to new enrollees. Helping enrollment by showing the students safety is important to the school.
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Go to thread Anonymous50118, Saturday 11/22/14 21:37:58 UTC

Bring back the Security Guards

For the safety of the students and the staff. Bring back Security Officers ASAP. !!
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Go to thread Anonymous50108, Saturday 11/22/14 20:26:41 UTC

This is an ECMC Manager

We are happy to work with our new Corinthian colleagues, soon to be ECMC colleagues. Changes will come through to all your campuses. We will soon create a wonderful blend. Get ready!
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Go to thread Anonymous50103, Saturday 11/22/14 19:49:36 UTC

Hold on folks , this deal may fall apart....

I am hearing in the investor circles several law firms are looking at filing lawsuits to block this sale. I work in the financial industry and have been following this situation for an advisory firm . Several of the largest shareholders are funds and banks and they were not consulted regrading the incredulously low sale price. Injunctions may be filed to block the sale ad force a shareholder vote. Stand by, not over yet
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Go to thread Anonymous50088, Saturday 11/22/14 15:52:53 UTC

Head to the ECMC Board

All acquired campuses go over there. They are talking about us. Debt collectors think their stuff doesn't stink.
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Go to thread Anonymous50081, Saturday 11/22/14 13:04:49 UTC

The grand scheme unfolds

Ironically DOE shuts down most of cci's competition. Ironically DOE cleans out the trash gets rid of the worst schools cci has Ironically DOE supports now what is to become the largest nonprofit education company in the us. These guys are freaking genius. Total revamp of the industry .all this to get deadbeat students to pay back their loans
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Go to thread Anonymous50056, Saturday 11/22/14 03:18:28 UTC

So I guess

Nobody has a clue what will happen to the CSC in Thornton Co and Santa Ana. I see some on here don't even know that's where the transfers come from lol. But really, does the sale include marketing and call center agents?
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Go to thread Anonymous50040, Saturday 11/22/14 01:08:57 UTC

Worried Student LB Wyotech

Can anyone tell me what will happen next at my school. I have invested a lot of time and Money for myself and family. My teacher tells me "it is business as usual" My rep does not know anything (worthless anyway). I am very worried! any insight would be helpful. Do I stay or Do I GO
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Go to thread Anonymous50029, Friday 11/21/14 23:36:48 UTC

First Draft of Announcement

OK, ballbusters I am going to give you this information prior to Thanksgiving. Please prepare to kneel. So ECMC wanted us bad enough to agree to forming a not for profit shell company that will buy 56 campuses for $24 million. I am furious about the purchase price but, again, my balls are killing me. The shell company will be called Zenith, and they own your asses as of January. ECMC provides loans and collects loan payments. As I have said before, our greatest asset is student debt. Everyone had to agree to a reduction in tuition for the students we are targeting, but ECMCs tactics in admissions, career placement and debt collection are fundamentally business as usual for you. And no, I don’t care about existing students that get pissed off about the tuition they have been paying, so please don’t even ask. And don’t ask about retiring the loans owned by CCi or our status with Nasdaq because I don’t want to discuss that shit either. Hawn has a PR machine who will welcome you to his brand of transformative KoolAid. You should enjoy it for a little while. Being a nonprofit might increase the number of graduates, so DoE is willing to take a chance on the deal. The CA AG refused to allow the terms of the sale to apply to CCi schools in California. You don’t need to know what is going down there. Happy Holidays. Jack
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