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We shouldn’t be too afraid of layoffs

If the layoffs come as the rumors say and If we fall victim to them, that will just motivate us to put our efforts into something we should have done a long time ago: start looking for another job. Let’s face it, we are ore more or less unsatisfied working at this company, we work long hours for lousy pay, with little or no training, and with little or no care from the management. Of course, the layoffs are always stressful, but in the long run I guarantee you, that most of us will look back at them as a blessing.

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It’s true, I left several years ago and was glad I got out when I did before the mass layoffs. As much as the company has put effort after effort to prop up the business, most miss the mark with customers or are just plain over priced compared to the rest of the market. There are plenty of bright people with great ideas, just no action from top leadership to really change the course of the company. There is life after Hallmark and the skill sets you gained are valuable elsewhere for better pay, you may have to leave KC to find it though.

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