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Dupo Locomotive Foremans

They cut the only 4 locomotive foreman jobs in Dupo, 3 of them have no where to go as their seniority is from other locals that have been shut down, the fourth is a 72 year old dedicated railroad man. Supposedly they gave them till the end of the... —  read more 

Remove MCAST

Why doesn't Boeing remove the MCAST from the planes...refund buyers the difference and get them out?

The Milweed Good read about both our company and DFA in the current issue of The Milkweed. Paid publication, but the Dean Foods/DFA articles free this month via a pdf download on that link.

December 23 lay-offs? Anyone heard this?

Someone posted that a Sr Medical Director stated that another layoff is occurring 12/23 in Optum BH. Has anyone else heard this? Historically when posts have been made with specific days it has been spot on. Does anyone have any light on this? Is... —  read more 

Legacy T layoff info 12/13

From CWA local 1150: VTP/Surplus Info In true AT&T fashion they have kept with the legend of Friday the 13th. Today AT&T has announced a major hit to Local 1150 members. Specifically to our LNS maintenance center in Bedminster NJ. This... —  read more 

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IT layoffs

Nearly the entire IT dept. FTEs given end dates and packages. Knowledge transfer to replacements with Accenture. Expectation that positions held by contract employees with other groups also being given to Accenture. This comes after Accenture... —  read more 

Working at Chevron with felony

My wife has a non violent credit card abuse felony close to 13 years old. She was working as a contractor as a software programer with ITC before the mass Layoff in 2015 then finally laid off in 2017 about 1 month ago she was asked to come back but... —  read more 

Northeast Territorial Manager

I heard Tom Hoyser was fired Friday, can someone please confirm this? If this is true that will be a great thing. He's a snake in the grass and only thing that comes from him is lies! He squashed many HR investigations on his buddy managers for years... —  read more 

A letter from Polly anna

Dear Mr Vena, my name is Polly Anna and im 6 yeaws owd. Not to long ago my Daddy was happy and always smiling and I remember us talking about what I wanted fo kwissmiss, I towd him I wanted a bike and some dowwys. Now my Daddy walks around sad, and... —  read more 

SMART management

S - stand around talking to other managers. M - move to the back of the store where you won’t be seen. A - annoy associates about credit apps, leads, protection plans or other stupid sh–. R - refuse to answer phone T - talk about your friends... —  read more 

SMART management

S - stand around talking to other managers. M - move to the back of the store where you won’t be seen. A - annoy associates about credit apps, leads, protection plans or other stupid sh–. R - refuse to answer phone T - talk about your friends... —  read more 


VH got her dream to come true VSP/COC'ers made a fortune and moving on to a new life Legacy-APC management with their fat retention bonuses waiting in the wings Legacy-Oxy employees got their promotions and raises Buffett laughing all the way to... —  read more 

Central pa going union

More and more talks of unionizing in Central PA. Quotas are ridiculously high and management doesn't go to bat for reps anymore. If they don't have our backs anymore screw em

Moving foward

Lets not make the same mistakes again. Now that we are out of bankruptcy let's not cut corners just to meet out numbers for the month. Let's follow the process. We will provide our customers a quality product that meets our customer requirements... —  read more 

Eddie Lampert is the Worst Don't take his employees', former Sears execs, the media's, shareholders, vendors, suppliers, retirees, taxpayers, politicians, his family's, pensioner's, or the court's word for it. ... —  read more 

Regarding the "stored" locos...

Like everything else with UP, it's pure numbers manipulation. They are being "stored dead" in consists on trains, and when a unit fails enroute they put the "stored dead" unit online and then place the failing unit in "stored dead" status thus... —  read more 

Customer Service?

Every day our manager berates us about pushing customers to sign up for a Lowes Credit Card. My store is not in an urban area, but fairly close and many of our customers are not that well off and another credit card at 29% interest rate is not... —  read more 

Anyone get their bonus?

I know in our area we had a few goes let go in early October, was just curious if there was anyone out there who has already received their bonus and if it was about as much as you expected

What are they up to now?

Please acknowledge and confirm your commitment by replying to this email. Aligning on our agreement… • Every single call matters • there are no friendly touch calls and superficiality is unacceptable • Our members • ... —  read more 

Who are these people???

On, it says "98% Employees say this is a great place to work" for Cisco. Really??? I understand some people really have it made here, but that is SOME people, not 98%. I can guarantee you nobody I know here would... —  read more 

No Digital technicians laid off in Southeast?

Am I reading this right ? There were no DT’s laid off this round in southeast ? I’m shocked. We’ve been getting laid off every quarter. Question though. What other titles can bump DTS ?

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Any regrets?

Folks who left - any of you regret it? I'm about to jump ship as well, but I'd lie if I said I wasn't worried. Anthem might not be the best place to work at, but it's certainly not the worst one either. So making the final decision is turning out to... —  read more 

I'm curious...

Is there anybody who believes ANY Sears or Kmart stores will still be standing past the first quarter of 2020?

There will be nothing left in the end

I think the latest layoffs have proven one thing. AT&T will continue to shed employees and shrink until there is barely anything left. And until even that collapses and takes whoever is left with it. Those who are smart will be long gone by the time... —  read more 

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Of Course Eddie is to Blame

Eddie who blames everyone but himself goes "Oh, I'm not the CEO anymore" in washing his hands of the failure of Transform, but who is responsible for handpicking and keeping the Three Musketeers of Complete Alpha and Omega Fail who lost billions... —  read more 

Macy’s story and beta8 and thredup

has anyone seen Macy’s new concept story ? I think it’s needs a new name. I like “ dollar store junk “ that has a better ring to it. This pop up concept is like a pop tart you left too long in the toaster. It’s all dollar store c-ap. Who’s the out... —  read more 

AIG Stock Price

Can someone working for this fine company (I would prefer high level management) explain why the stock price does not move. We have a CEO whose salary and bonus move but the stock price stay around $51/$54. For a to Big to Fail Company something is... —  read more 

To all involved in the latest Layoffs

FYI, Don’t forget to cancel your discounted employee services. The day after you are off payroll the company will start billing you full price. Read the policies for severance, bonuses, pension and healthcare because everyone’s situation can be... —  read more 

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Not so sure about this company

Strike Now

We need a major shift if we plan on keeping future jobs at the railroads in general. Pay attention the company is setting up SGL’s and WGL to take place of union employees. We all as a whole need to be beating the drum to strike. Our union leaders... —  read more 

RR track siding extensions.

They are going to make the sidings much longer on Pratt and Tucumcari subs to handle those 15,000 ft. trains. Anyone know where other sidings are going to made longer ?

Checks and balances on execs

How long will VAH let GV use Oxy as his personal playground? Dude basically flaunts his status with blondy in CR group and nobody says a word about it or gets discouraged from doing so. No way it’s just coincidence CR reporting to him again. Have... —  read more 

Severance package is ridiculous

A colleague got let go this week and I just got time to catch up with him. He is a very honest and hard-working guy. With over 13 years he got only 3 months salary. How could that be? Isn't that street standard to give 2 weeks for each year of... —  read more 

ATO Management

Rumor has it, Jan 6th email for layoffs ATO management, anyone heard this? or something different?

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New Company Slogan?

We had "Rethink Possible" which was ditched for "Mobilizing Your World" What's the next Slogan? "We Won't Drop Your Call, While Dropping Our Employees". " You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers, We Just Have To Check with IBM"

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Rezi desi feels like the twilight zone

What a toxic environment .... Everywhere I turn it’s filled with incompetence, s— up with zero knowledge, backstabbing and taking the company as their own piggy bank.... it’s so unbelievable when I tell my buddies outside they are freaked out and... —  read more 

Thanks for the offer to apply with UPRR

Since being furloughed, I have received several offers to apply for jobs in other UP locations. I am responsible for moving expenses and lodging. Hahaha... Who would fall for that? No thanks. I don’t need to relocate just to be unemployed somewhere... —  read more 


Any info on what’s going to be happening in Roanoke this coming week? Hearing something about a meeting the beginning of the week.

Missing leaders

We have leaders that have been let go, but the remaining leaders have not brought this to the teams attention. Why would they not announce it to the team? Is this a sign a lay off may hit our team soon?

58 Kmarts left

OK, being that we removed another 2, I figured I'd do the honors, and fix the list & my map. Here is the new map of remaining... —  read more 

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| Regarding Sears

Hour cuts for holidays

Our store is having hours cut drastically, to the point we barely have any coverage, and there are even shifts where there will be only one person at front end. And this is all during the busiest time of the year. We got an email saying to make sure... —  read more 

Lack of managers and employees

So, how much longer will Walgreens be around with all their managers and employees leaving? I know a ton of stores near me that have no store manager anymore and most of the employees are quitting.

Try this search

You should see about 100 Analysts that were let go - directors, senior folks, etc..."associate+until+9/2019" or