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My coworker is safe

I notice a lot of people saying that nobody is safe here anymore, but that's not true. My coworker who rarely does anything beyond the bare minimum is never worried about his job. He's good friends with our manager's manager (I have my suspicions on... —  read more 

More restructuring in 2022.

We all know what happened the last time restructuring happened. If you are not in Customer Care, expect to be switching back to taking phone calls again. Expect more bonus structure changes, expect a lot of internal changes.


This week I was on-boarded to Agile .... Yay! I'm going to be more productive! So the next day.... I spent an hour trying to add my epic's and tasks I spent another 1.5 hours attending meetings for the 3 boards I'm on where we all talked... —  read more 

I left in 2021

I left in 2021 during the WFH time period. My team was great and only left because a new opportunity came my way. My colleagues were good and we had a great team culture. I am a bit shocked about all of this news. I didn’t like sapience buddy though... —  read more 

Jersey city NOT CLOSING

This is for the id1ot who claimed in a prior post that they were taking a train to Jersey City and that the store was closing. I think your train was on the wrong track, because they are NOT currently closing, clown! They have several jobs... —  read more 

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Store manager incentive question

The Store manager incentive plan located in my HR states you need to be actively employed on March 1 in order to receive your bonus payable March 15. Does this mean if I quit on March 2 I will still get my bonus? Or do I need to stay until it hits... —  read more 

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Security Theatre

¿Do ExxonMobil Management Committee (MC) know when they block ExxonMobil from Microsoft Office 365 due to risks they were told about US FISC [Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court] and subpoenas to Microsoft for ExxonMobil data,almost all... —  read more 

Extended pto

Do people take three weeks at a time, Often? I really really need to care for some things in my life and could use STD/fmla but really don’t want to use the fmla time unless I have to. I have a family member that I must save that fmla time to help... —  read more 

SEs and SAs in U.K.

I personally have had enough of being a victim of DMs mafia style management and being unappreciated. Competitors are looking. Fortinet is paying at least 30% more plus RSUs. They are looking to fill loads of positions everywhere: enterprise, public... —  read more 

It’s a family…yea….No its a culture….yea….Wrong again, its a job.

Some of you guys take things way too personal if you don’t get that raise or promotion. I’ll say it again, you’re an asset, a commodity. Something to be used, traded or discarded at the will of the company. You rent yourself out to the company for... —  read more 

Myanmar exit

After decades strongly supporting a very corrupt govt, Chevron is bailing out now only to avoid the embarrassment of being one-upped by Total who are typically the least sensitive IOC. I imagine Bangladesh will the next at some point.

Selling data…

A report in the Detroit news says that 66% of vehicle buyers are not willing to pay for any kind of subscription services, and only 25% were willing to pay $5 or $10 per month for any service. Toyota buyers dropped the key fob service when they... —  read more 

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Bonus and 401k

Also keep in mind that if you do not want any 401k contributions taken out of your bonus you will need to change your contribution rate to 0% in the BOL app by the EOM Jan. Unfortunately, because both paychecks and bonuses land on the same day, that... —  read more 

How many?

It seems that the so-called "stealth" layoffs are not so stealth anymore since so many people now know about them. Good. Is there any way to know exactly how many people received their walking papers? I'm trying to figure out how big this round was... —  read more