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No one is proud to work at Ford

Let’s drop the nonsense and BS No one is willingly happy to work here; no one wants to be underpaid and surrounded by dull uninspiring lifers who are already dead inside. We are only here because we haven’t gotten the courage yet / prep yet to... —  read more 

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Project Willow has begun!

For those FTE’s in the US, search elink for the follow documents to know what severance you will be offered, the second document names it Project Willow. Enbridge Employee Services Inc. Severance Pay Plan and Summary Plan Description - US ... —  read more 

No Super Bowl Posts? Greener Grass

Saw on LinkedIn WP’s posted last week at Creech AFB with EC and Board Members “from earlier this month.” It is no coincidence that Creech is near Las Vegas where the NFL hosted the Super Bowl “earlier this month” and, for which, USAA is an official... —  read more 

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CSO Leadershiop Gutted

Two VPs within CSO announced either retirement or leaving the business on less than 3 days' notice. Something fishy is going on with the higher-ups for those making $350,000+ to walk with 3 days' notice.

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I think the layoffs should start there and build a fresh department.. manager and supervisors been there for years and decades and was placed in the roles .. have no people skills and are very much just seat filllers .. cant supervise or manage a... —  read more 

101 Days of Cyber Dreaming

It's been just 101 days since AT&T pledged to give away their Cybersecurity unit in marriage to bachelor WillJam Ventures, announcing their intent to form a beautiful Joint Venture. In the days since, if you work in this BU, what things have they... —  read more 

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In Dilema

I got effected due to mass layoff in notice period as like other people who also effected. I applied internal position and it is in final state but the salary which i am making now is lesser than what they are offering. So in confused state that if i... —  read more 

Layoffs today

10 people cut from our department today. Anyone else? Formal announcement this week. I assume tied in with Wael all hands meeting on Wednesday…

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Those leaving AT&T

Here is the link to unlock your phone to port your number. You will need the phones IMEI located in your settings, IOS about all the way to the bottom. Click on this link

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ETW May Contracts

I know that ETWs are typically less expensive then FTEs but there has been zero communication given by Nike on where ETWs will fit in the reorg & managers have been told to not talk about it. Given that and many contracts are up for renewal in May &... —  read more 

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| Regarding Nike Inc.

Demotions and Layoffs in HLE

HLE GMs level 1 changed to Area Manager (that was deleted in 2020). No reports to GM Level 2. Deleted District Manager and made them also Area Manager (No increase in comp) So essentially everyone but GM Level 2 gets shafted and put in a cr-ppy... —  read more 

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Why dont you leave?

I have never seen such complaining employee base in my nearly 30 years of worklife. Majority of Nike employees are proud until work gets tough, manager asks for more, colleagues get promotions, company asks to be in the office, shares not granted... —  read more 

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Qualcomm Realtors

There are about 100 realtors (mostly Indians) working at Qualcomm. These folks are out there during the day (personally witnessed a few dozen times) showing properties and negotiating offers. When do they do their work or do they? How do these people... —  read more 

TU Tracking IP

Saw someone posted about TU tracking IP's. Hasn't that always be assumed with all the authentications and general protocols? For instance, devices are tracked no matter where you are (in office or remote). Also, how strictly is it tracking? Does... —  read more 

I’m waiting for Wells Fargo to have their “AT&T moment” or their “Boeing moment” to expose Charlie Scharf’s dangerous cost-cutting strategies.

You can’t put all your energy in to cost-cutting, mass layoffs which wipe out years of industry experience and stretch workers thin, efforts to force attrition, offshoring, outsourcing, stock buybacks and hiring quotas which focus more on diversity... —  read more 

More layoffs coming?

This whole mess smells like more cuts coming. As if we haven’t been stressed enough already. And it’s not as if layoffs will put this company back on track. Problems run much, much deeper, and they will not be solved by simplistic cuts. This place... —  read more 

Job opportunities - experiences?

I have started scouting for a new job ever since this protracted thriller/horror “death by thousand cuts” started. I’ve had several interviews, some job offers, but nothing really that would make me quit right now. I can confirm that there are jobs... —  read more 

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Calls for JDs removal

After 4 years of upheavals, mismanaged initiatives, poor leadership appointments, multiple rounds of layoffs (ala hunger games 2020), inability to connect with the collective employee voice, lack luster product, c-suite elitism and fostering a... —  read more 

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| Regarding Nike Inc.