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Losing qualified support...

As we could see, refinitiv get rid off almost all language desks and many client facing roles. I have a pleasure to work with Geneva, Nicosia and Gdynia russian desk and I can see very big difference comparing to Manila. Most of language desks are... read more

Pay attention

Has anyone taken the new anonymous survey they want us to take yet. I did it. Let's just say I was brutally honest. It asked what we think about our benefits (took it before the new packages came out which blow) and what we think about upper... read more

Some info on how the store liquidation process happens

The key to whether your store's liquidation is pleasant or unpleasant depends on the liquidator in charge. The liquidator who was in charge at our store was a very personable gentleman who made the process as pleasant as possible. However, according... read more
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Regarding Sears


Zang was supposed to be wheel-of-fortune for Avaya. What happened????
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Regarding Avaya


GSBT getting entirely dismantled. GSBT was a huge failure. It’s taken 9 months to whittle the remnants of it down. And will be a few more months I would guess. A lot of good people in there so you can’t easily fire them all at once. Remember, still... read more

Layoffs Galore

I left in 2011 so take my post with a grain of salt as things change every year here. During my tenure at MSC I met a bunch of intelligent and friendly employees, some of them became my close friends. The place was truly a great place to work at, the... read more

This forum is so useless

Checking back on the posts here from 2015 and 2017, pretty much nobody got anything right on this forum that wasn't already being communicated by upper management or widely known to anyone working at UPC. All there is on this forum is a bunch of "OMG... read more

We need new leadership

David Craig and his entire leadership team should be fired, and quickly. David put the company into this position by spinning his management accounting bs and failing to lead. His single claim to fame - creating the risk business - actually doesn't... read more

Job offer in Frisco Office

I just received a job offer to join T-mobile in the Frisco office. Is the company stable now? Customer base is growing and network quality is pretty close to verizon and at&t. Does anyone have any feedback or advice?

3rd qtr earnings....bad news and worse news

some one slap the sh-- out of the guy reading the's not working....put down the kool aid and read a newspaper...get onboard with national oilwell Varco...they are kicking a--.
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Regarding Baker Hughes

Layed off, computers locked in NYC!

For layed off people. If you try to copy stuff from your PC at work to a usb drive...Refinitiv blocked can’t. They also killed your inet access. So you can’t upload it too.

Non-Compete after leaving/getting fired

Question for the ones who left or got fired and got non competes... If you get an offer to work in Europe while your non compete is active, can you take it? Do you have to report where you are physically to HR even if you are not working there... read more
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Regarding Adidas

Looking back........

Were Chuck Conoway and Mark Schwartz really that bad?They at least tried to compete with walmart by lowering prices.And we got a Christmas bonus with them in charge.Sure they raked the company over the coals,but were they as bad as Eddie?

Sam’s Club and The Future

It is obvious there are a number of things wrong in the past year. Many Associates watched their Club Close. Some 63 , there are more coming. Lots of people who served this Company , Managers and Associates had lives disrupted, stressed over their... read more

This just sums it all up

JH “Beacon continues to deliver significant savings and we have embarked on new productivity initiatives to achieve greater standardization and globalization of our operations and services.“. Not hard to read between the lines there now is it...

Nothing New, Give it your all Inside a glass-walled office where Mr. Stephenson meets presidential candidates and corporate titans, Mr. Thrun gave him a pitch on... read more

Fasten seat belt for next week.....

Legal team working late all week to thwart forthcoming billion dollar sanction.... Good time to short stock if you are no longer Q employee. This could be the big one. And I don't mean the California earthquake. Check to see who in legal is still... read more


Not a great week. Having a feeling we'll see more of those. Starting to really see the effects of low priced competitors hit GWW.

Social Media Campaign

They just announced a great social media campaign. The “Thanks for the love” post was uploaded 11 hours ago. Only 500 people bothered to like or comment. The level of engagement is abysmal. The Chief Digital Officer should be escorted out of the... read more

From first day orders 114: Severance

The Debtors are authorized, but not directed, to continue programs and maintain funding in the ordinary course of business with respect to the Severance Program; provided, that nothing herein shall authorize a payment prohibited by section 503(c) of... read more
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Regarding Sears

Thought $11 was the minimum wage?

In our club we have fresh people being hired off the streets at hire wage, and people that are working on the floor getting hired in at $12 (that totally s--- a--)..... I’ve been there 5 years and that’s what I make!!!!! I have coworkers that have... read more

Tuesday is the day!

Everyone is saying they pitched a bogus low severance package to the board who rejected it and now the date is pushed to Tuesday. We are so gawd dayum fawked!

Trek sponsorship

I for one don’t ever want to hear another f---ing thing about that pet sponsorship or any CA cycling events. If I ever see Bikeboy we won’t be competing in cycling, it’s going to be an MMA match. Folks should google his bicycling record - he’a Really... read more

The strike

“There is only one kind of men who have never been on strike in human history. Every other kind and class have stopped, when they so wished, and have presented demands to the world, claiming to be indispensable—-except the men who have carried the... read more

Q3 2018 Earnings Conference Call

Paal was so proud of TRANSFORMATION. "By advancing our transformation program further over the past 4 years, we have completely modernized our internal workflows and organizational structure and created stronger and more professional support... read more

Missed oportunities to make changes

Surely Blackstone must be looking at the leadership team to make changes. They have had many opportunities to turn TR around and make it more competitive against the likes of Bloomberg, but have made little impact. The response has always been to... read more

Laid off from AT&T at five today

I know of two friends that have worked for AT&T for over 22 years, just shy of retiring from AT&T after all their expertise and devotion and incredible work ethics and such, are now laid off as of five o’clock today. No job, no benefits no caring... read more

Internet Lounges at Sears?

Does anyone remember this? He said it was rolled out in 100 stores but the store level staff didn't buy into it so it was sc-apped? This article actually made me rethink Eddie a little bit... read more

WFR is coming

If Lawrie says your region isn’t performing as well as he expects it’s a definite sign of WFR’s. You should have zero doubt about this. People in the UK know this very well. From the CSC days when he firstcame, every single year, sometimes every 3... read more

The Wrexham cuts debated in UK Parliament

Even though nothing can probably be done about the cuts at Wrexham mass layoffs, it felt good to hear that this issue got that much public attention with a debate in the UK Parlament and that the local authorities took interest and decided to help... read more

Tyler office closing

I saw moving boxes being readied to go to the Tyler offices. Word is they are the next to go, well most of them. Some are still guaranteed a position until some of the claims are settled along with the legal battle or the reficar lawsuit.