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Borrower Defense

Substantial Misrepresentations An institution that commits substantial misrepresentations is not administratively capable and ED should not deem it “qualified” for Title IV participation. Loans made to students at schools that commit substantial... —  read more 

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| Regarding DeVry Inc.

Long Term Lease

Why Intrado signing long term lease for the only building they are in in Omaha when people are leaving, they are laying off people all over the world, groups are getting smaller but asked to do more work. Upper management making crazy demands of the... —  read more 

Exit interview

Can anybody who quit tell me if there is an exit interview? I'm making plans to leave and while I don't want to burn my bridges I would love to tell them why I and so many more are choosing this option instead of staying or waiting for possible... —  read more 


We should all quit and see what happens to their stupid sales Would district managers come and help those rude customers and then get a bad survey only because they couldn't get that promo on TV and their go to the commission for the Holidays... —  read more 

Retiree Healthcare Going Away

How long before Ford goes this route now that Vanguard just kicked their retirees off the "promised" healthcare coverage for retirees. Vanguards original plan called for immediate cancelling. After much push back from retirees they will allow them... —  read more 

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| Regarding Ford

Absurd ethics violations

It’s becoming ridiculous. If any run of the mill employee remotely gets close to non-compliance with HR policies, you are forever doomed. All at the same time we have SLT members blatantly giving tens of thousands of dollars of favors to their... —  read more 

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| Regarding Textron

Still living the lie?

I've been posting on for about a decade. It's been worth it because I have connected with workers who stopped drinking the kool aid--and a handful who had the courage to speak truth to power. I always thought that conditions could be... —  read more 

Where will Belk be in 2022?

2021 brought us “one belk”, Lisa Harper’s resignation, Chapter 11, Nir Patel’s promotion, thousands of customer complaints, but no store closures thus far, what will 2022 bring?

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| Regarding Belk

Uncertain conditions

My question is how to be productive knowing that there are layoffs every quarter? Constant stress. Does every quarter have to be cuts? It has become so exhausting that I would love to finally get the package and get out of here.

Stressful environment

What I resent is that working at Ascension is always stressful but it doesn't have to be. I’ve done the same job at other companies and I’ve never been in a more stressful environment than I’m here. The situation gets worse as colleagues leave. I... —  read more 

Standard of Work

The company will have you believe that "Standard of Work" is to prevent injuries and its good to have a way for everyone to know how to do something. This use to be call an apprenticeship. The only reason the company wants a detailed description of... —  read more 

Who is to blame?

Is it possible that they blame the various economic factors for everything? I wouldn’t say that economic factors are the only culprit for layoffs. Will leadership ever accept its share of the responsibility?

Hard to go up

It may not be that hard for others, but for me personally it is difficult to get a promotion here no matter how hard I work. Maybe hard work is not enough? I wonder if it’s always been this hard to be promoted at Ford?

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| Regarding Ford


I’ve heard that competitors generally give better pay and a better environment. So people are not exaggerating, the conditions are really better and it is really worth starting from the beginning? Once I made such a mistake when I moved here... —  read more