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JF gone - officially

JF gone - check aria systems org dismantled under many pieces in different pillars under ES finally time to find another job, maybe Fujitsu is hiring get out until you can, it's just a matter of months now

Pay raise percentage?

What is the pay raise percentage? Will it beat global inflation rate from 2015-2017?

Kellogg's Revenue and Profits 2016

Revenue last year was $13.01 Billion Profits in 2016 were $694 Million Even with the loss of $53 million in Q4 profits were 3/4th of a billion dollars!! The CEO said DSD has a 20% operating cost vs. a 5% operating cost for warehouse. We are all being... read more
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Regarding Kellogg

Progressive Bowel Report, the Russians did it.

The Progressive Bowel Report for today. I had some good burgers last night as my Warren’s Walter’s sphincter twitches, a Pelosi flies. It smelled like stretched face and old progressive vag--al discharge. Oh no another Pelosi flies from my Warren’s... read more

To Dos

-update your resume -Fill timesheets -Print PayStubs And W2s -check your 401k, if needed update information to personal email and make any address changes -Transfer any personal files bills, photos etc(which Ideally should not be on the company... read more

Should we be surprised anymore

Guys, please just go ahead and start looking for new work. Like most officers, plan on having to relocate every 5 years. Some call it a 5 year itch... I know it s---s, but it's literally people's job to find ways to reduce labor cost, and that is... read more

Enjoy Your Final WFH Friday!!

We're closing in on the expected date and this Friday 07/28/2017 will most likely be your final WFH Friday. Let's get on with this sheeeit already!

Read Most Recnet Comment Under "Q3"

I posted the last comment under this thread. Please read it. Stop thrashing. This is not about you. It is about the changing culture of retail. I still love the challenge of serving our customers. I hope you will too for your own sake. If you bail on... read more

Read Most Recnet Comment Under "Q3"

I posted the last comment under this thread. Please read it. Stop thrashing. This is not about you buy it is about the changing culture of retail. I still love the challenge of serving our customers. I hope you will too for your own sake. If you bail... read more

IBM: The Incredible Shrinking IT Vendor

A long read, but by far, the hardest-hitting piece yet on IBM's 2Q17 and in general: author really let's them have it!
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Regarding IBM


I know we've all been brainwashed to reject unionization, but it is probably past time to think about it at the HO. If I hadn't been sh*t-canned in April I would definitely consider it. That might be the only way to make execs in fairyland take... read more


With DWEP and GGOM, what is happening to DWEP HES? Are they laying off people again? I am sure that it is not a good work atmosphere.

The Emotional Stages of a Pearson Rep

The emotional stages of a Pearson rep: Triggered bc they got screwed on their bonus for the 5th straight year. They start looking for a new job. That will show them. Contact a bunch of ex Pearson people on LinkedIn telling them you want out FOR REAL... read more

Lay offs started today

I can confirm a small bunch of long term high performers from technical services san jose were laid off today. A relative called upset because his boss and many teammates were let go. He was moved to a new supervisor. He was shocked and said it was... read more

AT&T to close El Paso call center, by late 4th Quarter

AT&T Services Inc. plans to close its DSL Care Center in El Paso, Texas, according to a preliminary notice being filed with the state. The El Paso call center will shut down around December 15, 2017 , AT&T Texas President Dave Nichols wrote in the... read more
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Regarding AT&T

The Engineers Strike Again!

I heard someone on the Central Operations Scheduling Team bragging about how they would cut $900M in wages next year. MR CEO will almost get the $1B in raises that he likes to brag about back in his Piggy Bank. They also boasted about getting rid of... read more

Layoffs have started

This is no joke, I know dozens of people who have been let go today. Very clinical two minute meeting individually between supervisors and HR. Of course only middle level management is getting canned, the Executive Deans who waste money and add no... read more

The retail is stuck

There's a vast oversupply of retail real estate in the US. The amount of retail square feet per capita is like double the next closest country's and almost triple the third place country. That's one reason why there's a retail apocalypse with all... read more

Still no details on layoffs from ADM

For how long do they plan to do this? We just have to wait and stress about whether we will be among those affected?
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Regarding ADM

Glatfelter to layoff 170 in Chillicothe

The company just announced it will be closing part of its Chillicothe factory operations, and laying off a bunch of people... They will be letting go of 120 salaried and 50 hourly employees... Layoffs are expected to take place in September... read more


Our company runs flat, except that it doesn't. You are not better than Conoco you are Conco creating jobs that don't exsist or there is no need for just to make people happy. And of all people to make an operations manager. I am no longer impressed... read more

Rehearsed Q&A

BK's BUM questions were pre decided, pre rehearsed and delivered in BUM as stage performance. Note 1: Every live question in BUM was asked by FEMALE Note 2: Each question was well formulated and asked in preconceived notion.

Set up to fail

I currently work as an RSS (Remote Support Specialist) which is pretty much a CSE who swapped his tool bag for a mouse and keyboard and provides remote support to keep a tech from having to go out thus saving Xerox money. When the program started in... read more

Clinicians gone

Yes a few high level nurses were let go today. Suspect more in the next wave. Heard these waves will happen weekly. Good luck to all!

Tnt testing

How quick does staffing get candidates tested for pending jobs in the Midwest?
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Regarding AT&T

60 day compensation

I've seen others mention 60 days of compensation for those getting laid off due to the WARN act. Is this true for all those that get let go? And if you happen to be in the second wave of lay-offs, lets say in September, would you still qualify for... read more

Layoffs aren't the real fix

Organizationally, nothing has really changed inside of Oracle. Some people have been let go. Some have been shuffled. Some groups (e.g. Oracle Digital or India) are growing. But it is, largely, the same organization that it has been for quite some... read more

ATS Union

Amarillo recently lost our vote to go union but Since ATS is technically a different company, once we switch do we still have to wait a year from when we lost as Suddenlink? Or can we try again as soon as we switch?

Walmart Responds (with BS)

Walmart sent the following statement to Talk Business: “As we said in January, we’re continuing to look at how the company is structured, which includes investing in and adding jobs in some areas and eliminating some in a few others. This is all... read more

Challenges finding a new job

I work in HE. For the past 3 months I have been trying to find a new job. It has been very challenging. This happened to me several times in separate interviews where the interviewer would make disparaging comments about the state of Sears. It almost... read more

Time to leave

I recommended that all Department Managers start looking for work the minute that I heard the rumors about the January round of layoffs. You're foolish to stay if your a CSA5. There are no spots in the company for you to move into, at anywhere near... read more

July 2017 Syngenta layoffs

A significant drop in profit means restructuring, and we all know that restructuring is a synonym for layoffs. Syngenta is claiming that the impact of restructuring in the U.S. will be negligible, but say that to those who are going to be looking for... read more

Finance Dept?

I heard many at corporate in finance department were called into conference room and let go today. Does anyone know what departments people work in that have been let go today?

Sapient is a joke

They don't have any project for next 2 quarters and are aggressively laying off people. It's not that they are firing people from bench, they are also firing people directly from project without taking into account your performance. It's a useless... read more
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Regarding Sapient

No worries people

If I don't agree with second quarter results. I will email/telephone certain people related with the stock market news channels. I'm already set up and ready to go. I will also let them know about the real layoff numbers. Over 10,000 people. Kelloggs... read more


They have started laying off today in Sacramento, LA, and in Pomona (Not sure if any other )