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EUC to get spun off?

Large EUC town hall yesterday prioritizing autonomy and EUC running EUC only deals. EUC account segmentation will be different than the Core. Core is prioritizing top 2000+ VMW spend accounts, EUC is prioritizing top 2000+ EUC spend accounts. So... —  read more 

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| Regarding VMware

All good now?

So, All you greedy Exxon people, tell me: Did the 9% pay raise (on average) persuade you to stay? No plans for layoffs (haha), only outsourcing everything to the BYC, so enjoy the hot desks while you can find one.

Laid off on H1B

Is anyone on same boat? Can you please let me know how much time were you given or termination date ? 2 weeks? I heard Silicon Valley firms are giving options for late termination date by 2 months so that you have severance as part of payroll cycles?... —  read more 


In Belgium they're firing almost half of a team (7 out of 18), it is confirmed. I'm part of that team. So we know that in 30 days (mandatory for a collective redundancy) half of us will be out. Nothing wrong with it, it is dead end job anyway. But... —  read more 

Inside Disney, 'nervous and anxious' execs brace for news of cost cuts and layoffs that could number in the thousands

Cost cutting reductions, including layoffs, are expected to hit Disney in the coming weeks and months. CEO Bob Iger has asked top execs to reorganize the former Disney Media Entertainment Distribution division. Evercore ISI suggested Disney... —  read more 

I made a mistake

I joined Cisco in September and it took me about a month to realize I made a mistake. Since then, that realization has been confirmed multiple times. I have never stressed about work more than I have in the last five months. Some of the expectations... —  read more 

Associate "Discount" Sucks!

As the years pass, they keep eliminating food items. I think that's where most of our shopping is done. With the recent price hikes, I think we need the discount even more! Example...5-7yrs ago, discount for coffee was dropped. A couple yrs ago... —  read more 

Another day, another scandal - Wells Fargo agrees to pay $300M to settle shareholder lawsuit over auto insurance disclosures Anyone got back of the napkin math of how many employees will be "displaced" to afford this fine? Wells Fargo has come to a $300 million... —  read more 

Liars, Losers, Winners' (Circle)

Corruption -- "abuse of entrusted power for private gain" Misappropriation -- "to appropriate wrongly. especially : to take dishonestly for one's own use" Many departments have been subject to punitive cost cutting measures for the last year+... —  read more 

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| Regarding SAP

That Didn't Take Long

Well, it didn't take P66 very long to get up to their old tricks with DCP Midstream. They're laying off ~130 employees in Denver. They did do it quietly and pushed off the dirty work on DCP, but it was P66 pulling the strings.

Is it time for a New Kmart Logo?

The most recent Kmart logo has been around for nearly 19 years. That is a very long time. Is it time for a new one? I think the new Kmart logo should be a blue light bulb to be similar to Target and Walmarts round logo. There's smart and Kmart smart... —  read more 

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| Regarding Sears

Sales is a dime a dozen...

I don't get the appeal of being in sales. Ok sure, the income is pretty limitless but it's not usually consistent and you have hardcore metrics and usually micromanaged like a mf. My best friend is in sales and we make the same amount of money... —  read more 

he changes

ok some may not include all stores but most stores are getting a signage revamp with fewer signs on the walls product being lowed to have ease of selling elimination of men's side registers or women's depends if your store has a flipped layout plus a... —  read more 

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| Regarding Kohl's

MSO Execution

Anyone else find it disturbing how Keyvan keeps drilling we had execution issues but can't pinpoint what they were? Guess he can't say Sandra out loud in front of employees

intel downsizing

I think I was the first person to sign up for the second round of voluntary separations. Totally clueless layers of program managers upon program managers. Large blocks of employees that switch jobs every 9 months to escape accountability. IP... —  read more 

What should Spinco name be?

I was expecting them to announce 3M Healthcare as the new name. But now I’m not so sure. Perhaps the 3M brand is becoming toxic (excuse the pun) with the PFAS and Aereo lawsuits. Maybe they should have a whole new name? Or maybe they will be... —  read more 

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| Regarding 3M