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Culture - Gasping on Ventilator

Copied comments from previous posts. Is this the cultural issue at all large companies or just Ford ?? The blowhards continue to rise at Ford until a bigger blowhard deflates the blowhard above him with a well placed knife in the back... —  read more 

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| Regarding Ford

Unemployment Benefits

Are we legally able to file for unemployment benefits? If you choose to defer your severance until next year, would that change the answer?

60 Day Notice

What departments have received their day notice so far? Please confirm the region in which you are located.

Beware men

Watch men , some are telling others they have put in for voluntary redundancy but are lying . Trying everything they can to hang onto jobs due to being ancient . We had this problem last time with a certain someone . He thinks he is clever but we... —  read more 

Bigger Concerns

Forgetting for the moment the minutiae of problems plaguing WM on the inside, the much greater concern is how their failures will affect the USA economically. WM is still the largest private employer, and the leading employer in 22 states. The... —  read more 

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| Regarding Walmart


So, I can confirm the rumors that Lowe’s is deliberately cutting back on full time associates. I saw an email that my store manager left open on a computer in one of the offices. It was about approving some recent postings of positions in the store... —  read more 

Allstate Management

It seems like the Cleveland Browns front office is running this company. It has been an ongoing debacle for a few years and the last month encapsulates it. Prove me wrong.


I knew something was wrong when *Tom recently wore a pink sweater. He was hinting “pink slips” coming. He’s old fashioned like that. *He/Glenn also stopped letting us have cake on our office monthly birthday celebrations. *Last year when he... —  read more 

customer facing roles

Has McElfresh ever held a customer-facing role? I have to wonder. Thinking about how as of today the entire sales tean supporting several very large accounts worth tens of millions per year in revenue per year to ATT are gone. How in the world are... —  read more 

Layoffs a cometh to WF

This is the best article of seen thus far. Tens of thousands to be terminated.

Making It Up As We Go Along

Once upon a time, companies had 5 and 10 year plans. Now things change so fast, it is like a hangover but without the drinking. Death by waves of incessant change.


My store manager is the biggest joke in the world, I’ve never met anyone with a bigger god complex in my life. He barely worked when covid wasn’t around and now he’s using it as an excuse not to come to work because he’s has “weakened immune system... —  read more 


Sorry to hear the bad news - Please know there are many positions available outside of the company and I know of many individuals who are not only happier but are earning more too!!

A little treasure for the shareholders

Here is a little treasure for the shareholders of ExxonMobil stock. The very people ranking the top talent of this company are in direct competition with their direct reports. The individuals making these decisions as to who is or isnt performing... —  read more 

Survivors guilt

Aero As the dust settles, and I find out who was let go, I'm continuley shocked at the top talent and contribution that was RIFed. Even in this employment environment, most should have no trouble finding a good job. They are that good... —  read more 

Castlight- Redeem points now

“ Your guide as you leave the company “ Page 16 Please be advised that any Castlight points that you may have received will no longer be available for redemption for yourself or your covert spouse/partner once your termination status is received... —  read more 


No warnings for the employees who have served A&M during the Covid 19 shut down and kept them afloat. MANY who have been there 14+ years. ALL with out jobs as of today. It’s all about the buck people there is no loyalty for a job well done.

Still Getting Summer Clthes In...

Is it just our store or has anyone else been still receiving summer merchandise? It's after July 4th and no fall or back to school merchandise in sight. Could this be a Covid 19 problem effecting all retail? Or is it a sign of serious troubles at... —  read more 

Midyears = Aggressive PIPs

For those wondering why WF is adamant about mid-year performance reviews this year (July), it's to set the stage for rampant, calculated PIPs. There is a mandatory bell curve being instituted and managers MUST rate so a percentage of employees... —  read more 

My company sent me a care package!

I’ve seen several LinkedIn posts with current employees sharing pics of “care packages” with purell, wipes, etc. “I love how my company takes care of us, blah blah blah.” Yeah, except for the thousands they fired. And you’re next—regardless of a few... —  read more 

Better companies to work for?

Honest question, after experiencing the culture at Oxy, and seeing so many experienced professionals take the VSP, I think everyone can agree that there is something very wrong with Oxy culture. Are there companies out there that have cultures that... —  read more 

AM 3

I made the cut.... was an AM 3 in NBS - reassigned to AM 3 MIDS... rough day for many talented people.... this one was brutal... chin up kids.

Saudi Aramco 2020 Vision Becomes Hallucination

What happened to the Company’s 2020 Vision? Did it turn into just another fad that the firm was chasing? What happened to the Operational Excellence Program? What happened to the IKTVA, in-Kingdom Total Value Added, program?

Close the Doors

Ready for them to close the doors. DQ Asia and Aberdeen are the dirtiest with the dumbest employees. Houston controls is over it. They should be offered transfers to take those id–ts jobs


Like everything is going well. I suspect great things for this company !!!!! Go Team Orange !!!

Sears Hayward California closing

From Sears Holdings employment website....


I just got laid off today by Ryder as a CSC. A technician at my facility also got laid off. The manager said it was due to Covid 19 and it’s effect on the business. They allegedly knew I was going to get laid off a couple of weeks back but waited... —  read more 

Location matters?!?

With Covid-19, location is irrelevant, but when times return to normal will NYC/Charlotte be the main hubs? Massive layoffs are coming, is that with geographical consolidation too?

Employee Safety

How about we discuss that in the northeast, the 2 stores are not complying to the 1 to 1 managers are more concerned about RIS than employee safety

What areas were not touched?

We are big, we've seen a lot of areas affected, but what areas can we determine were not touched, or only very lighted hit? I guess that means if you weren't cut today, then maybe they'll get us 4Q20

Covid Snacks in men's room

I'd like to thank the looser who picked his nose and wiped on the men's bathroom stall wall. There was TP right across from it you d*ck. You went silent for a while. Guess your bad habits kicked back in. You used to fling it on the urinal wall. Can... —  read more 

$4 billion National General acquisition

Today, Allstate acquired National General Holdings Co for the price of $4 billion in cash. This wasn't money borrowed against the stock holdings, but capital the company had in reserve. This is slightly less than the entire company net earnings last... —  read more what?

As the smoke clears, NEI has restructured itself to be fun $40bbl company. Will it make it? How will consolidating management to HOU go, when most of the work and profit come from CO? (Not well, i predict).