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So Long ViacomCBS

To a former employee of CBS and how they treated me like dirt, It's difficult for me not to be happy how low this company is going now:)

Nature of Gravity

How come the A-holes end up in the top? Ain't that against the law of science? They even took the power away from HR, Compliance and HSE who are supposed to work for NOV and for the welfare of employees, not wiping off the A-Holes. Them executives... —  read more 

Sev package bites

I just wish the Sev packages were fair. Again take care of the rich over paid SVP /VP / Director levels and leave the commoners with no incentive at all. Everyone should have been offered at least 39 weeks. BS. Now i have to wait this out a... —  read more 

Repairs ONLY

Who is still going inside homes??? I thought the CWA put a stop to it because techs and their families are getting sick. We haven’t had any installs or upgrades bulked to us in almost a week! It’s been repairs only to help prevent the spread of the... —  read more 

Coronavirus Lawsuit in process

Well I found out today while working my Saturday route that a customer I called didn't want me to come out for the repair to be completed, due to them filing a lawsuit against A&E Factory service spreading coronavirus to the customers elderly and... —  read more 


Sniffles and a cough and we got some lazy slobs not wanting to work. And wanting everthing shut down. A majority of us had the virus and didnt even know it. Just sit home and watch the pathetic scare mongering doom amd gloom media. And the media... —  read more 

Is Macy's in breach of contract?

If my signed severance package says one thing, and then Macy's does something else, is that breach of contract? Specifically, I'm thinking of the promise of a partial bonus and 401k match, with an indication that the payouts are in March and April... —  read more 

Return to work

Was just wondering if we're going to return to work after these 2 weeks. What's the probability of it extending past the 2 weeks, and who's going to pay us. IAM 751 ONLY! Trolls, we dont want your opinion

Hazards pay or something

Come on Altice or ats or whatever shell game your playing . Throw us a bone already. You slacked on every piece you could on this whole pandemic . Late to getting gloves late to getting wipes still no masks and now this dime size hand sanitizers. How... —  read more 

programed elimination

trump is willing to k–l people jackass is setting himself up for being the worst president ever not the best seat in heaven extended shut downs are needed to save people or is the end of humanity as we know it for economic concerns.changed his... —  read more 

Sick Pay/PTO being Cancelled

All of the sudden today I heard someone saw that their schedule was blanked when They were using sick pay and pto to make up the rest of the 40 hours to get pay and then when I went to pto history it shows it was cancelled same with what They wanted... —  read more 

Close club to sanitize!!!

My club have 7 confirm cases of COV-19, not once did a manager nor club manager held a meeting to discuss further action of safety with the public still entering the club. All 7 associates I dialogue with and stated their well being. EOC was... —  read more 

The Fed Is Out of Tricks, and Down we will Go

The Fed has cut interest rates effectively to zero. But that won’t solve the problem. If you are out of a job or your company is heavily indebted and running in the red, the bank won’t give you a loan. In a depression, economics terms interest rate... —  read more 

Don’t wait around

The writings on the wall. The recent 10-K, press releases and furloughs. This company is going to put on a ton of debt to stay afloat, declare bankruptcy to restructure their debt amidst massive layoffs, and blame it on the virus rather than their... —  read more 

Foreman abolishments

Will this virus keep us from getting forloughed when some foreman come back to floor since they didnt make it to manager status. How many foreman actually coming back to floor hopefully not many. Doesnt this take effect april 1st

Chapter 11

I am so happy everything backed fired in your face , taking jobs from great people I hope you all lose your house and go belly up. Screw lsc !!!!!

Dirty tactics!

Let’s be honest, Gulfstream is going to resort to some very dirty tactics over the next few months. They will be desperate to cut personnel without gaining severance, arbitration, or unemployment liability. They will do everything they can to... —  read more 

There should not be layoffs

During this Covid-19 time, most of the companies are saying that they will not lay-off their employees. I hope Sabre will announce the same so that people can feel little relief. There are lot of lives which are dependent on this. Company should take... —  read more 

Censorship by pro corporate snowflakes

It's obvious that certain views are being censored around here. You can't just sit here and sanitize (no pun intended) reality and simply "discuss layoffs" when everything that we see around us is driven by political and economic structure. What... —  read more 

Frontline banter

Tbc tech in a lock down state. Member- I need my tires rotated Me - no Member- but but but I NEED to get my tires rotated. Me- do you work in the medical or retail field? Member- no Me- then this is a not an emergency service... —  read more 

A brood of vipers!

The company announced on 3.19 that they would be providing disposable gloves, hand sanitizer, and other cleaning supplies. Its 3.28 and I have not received anything yet. The company also told newspapers that sales reps we are getting $150... —  read more 


Why are Caterpillar plants in Peoria Illinois continuing to put hundreds of people as well as there families at risk. Its irresponsible, unnecessary and plain out selfish. I get that they need to produce products to continue the flow of income. But... —  read more 

Laid off 20% of sales staff

Found out yesterday that myself as well as 20% of the sales team would be laid off. I did not receive any severance and now am out of a job. Thanks Sysco.

Laid off 20% of sales staff

Found out yesterday that myself as well as 20% of the sales team would be laid off. I did not receive any severance and now am out of a job. Thanks Sysco.

What is the Severance pay this time?

Let's be realistic. Halliburton didn't ask for Covid-19 or OPEC+ falling apart at the same time. Many companies are having to layoff hundreds not in the oil industry. Shale drilling cannot even break even with current balance sheets. Yes, I'm a... —  read more 

Conversations on the frontline edition 1

Soda machines were down for over 6 months. After being replaced/repaired all coke products were removed. Member: I see the soda machines are working, but what happened to the coke products? Manager: We have coke products in the Cafe cooler... —  read more 


Fact check: 10 out of the last 11 recessions were presided over by a republican.... Can anyone explain why?

Thanks a lot SeaWorld!!

This furlough that I have been given is BS. How is it that making loads of money from Seven seas and building all these new rides and a whole building for the corporate people, but when a crisis like this comes, you can't pay your employees or have... —  read more 

How can we expect to survive this?

I don’t want to spread negative thoughts at this time, but to tell you the truth, I really don’t see any way RAC can survive this economic environment. I mean let’s be realistic, much bigger and much more organized companies are crumbling within the... —  read more 

ASM bonus getting CUT

If they cut your bonus after telling you they are going to pay you that is a BREECH OF CONTRACT, take them to court. First a lawyer will have to write a demand letter which normally costs about $200.

NY Human rights discrimination deadline

NY discrimination (Eg age discrimination) cases need to be filed within 1 year of action. s-xual harassment cases (looking at Steve and John specifically now) have 3 years to file. If you were, or get, laid off do consider filing for punitive... —  read more 

Emergency Pay

Just heard we can only use 1 PTO and the rest have to be sick days while we are getting the emergency pay so what happens after next week

37 employees let go

On Thursday March 26 Atkore told 37 people, mostly office employees, they were being laid off due to coronvirus and how poorly the company was performing in its wake. After they were told this they each employee received termination letters instead.

Closed Elkhart IN facility

Elkhart IN facility for the Ricon wheelchair ramps, lifts was closed to move facilities to Vapor Bus International, the big part of their NA Transit Business Group.

more palo alto, parc, layoffs....

coming in april. good long time employees. this is really becoming a company of managers, salespeople, and creation engine in this place, just cut cut cut......very sad the people further up the ladder only know spreadsheets and... —  read more