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Just an average Joe at Shell that stumbled across the Confidential Leader Guide for Offers and Regrets. It's great to find this so called guide prior to my meeting with my manager.

more hierarchy

what does uis/cds really do? looks like a bunch of non-playing captions and baby sitters and very few worker-bees. i also heard that some senior technical guy boasts of being a technical author whilst he actually wrote a book about developing a toy... —  read more 

Mask discrimination

So they bribe us to get the vaccine but if you work in fresh , it’s an empty promise? Covid isn’t passed through food yet I am hearing fresh cannot dump their masks vaccine or not. Little discriminatory if you ask me

Hopeful for karma ..

When the dividend gets cut by 40 - 50% and the share price gets hammered by approximately that much, then hopefully the exec compensation and exec headcount will also get cut to reflect their performance.

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| Regarding AT&T

Service Direction?

As far as I understand it, we have Xerox Direct, Authorized Service Providers(ASP), and Third-Party companies tied to Xerox's systems(such as Wings, Call Handling, Parts Management). All provide Xerox device service. Xerox Direct and ASPs can even be... —  read more 

Code of conduct

Has anyone here ever submitted a Code of Conduct report? How did management and/or HR handle the situation?? What was the outcome?? Have you observed any positive change??? Someone in my department is covering some deep deep dirt. I wanted to report... —  read more 

I don't understand

Honestly, I don't. Serious posts please. How does AT&T buy, then sell TW, DirecTV, Tmobile, and a host of other companies and sell at a loss while the executives keep their jobs and the board remains? How does selling these mismanaged assets... —  read more 

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| Regarding AT&T

Lazy leads

I have been working here for over ten months now and the laziness that comes from this company and its leads and management is terrible.. The leads put off their job on people that don’t get their pay they don’t want to hop on the registers... —  read more 

SMB Cold calls

Okay so theyre going to force us to do cold calls to businesses because smb numbers are down? Maybe if someone can get their head out of their a-s and fix B360 so that it doesnt take 4 fu----g hours to process a simple transaction that i barely make... —  read more 

Returning laptop

Been gone for 5 months now, and still no word on returning my monitor and laptop. When do they usually reach out? Could they just be so unorganized that they don’t know what equipment I have??

Atmosphere in stores

What is the atmosphere like in your store? I moved last year, left Nordstrom and found a job in a completely different industry, but I occasionally come to this site to see if there are any improvements. I would never go back, but I am interested in... —  read more 

Great experience

I went to my local dying , dead , Deceitful Macy’s. And had a great cashier who spoke her mind. She said there was no manager working on a Sunday and there was zero help in the store. They got a new store manager who is trying to push the credit and... —  read more 

Noone is listening to us

Every true leader knows how important it is to listen to their employees, to make decisions using employee inputs, to know what employees expect from them, and so on. Still, it seems to me that Nike has decided not to listen to its employees, so... —  read more 

Abuse of power

How often are you asked to do more than is reasonably expected of you? Let’s face it, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with doing extra work sometimes, however, in my case, I’m constantly expected to do more. I accept it because I still... —  read more 

Fixing someone else's errors?

How often does it happen that you have to correct someone else's mistakes? Do you have such experiences? I'm tired of fixing errors and redoing someone else's work. It is not clear to me how a company can allow one to be so irresponsible towards... —  read more 

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| Regarding Ford

IBM has lost control

Why is it that people who weren’t good enough for IBM later got jobs in much more prestigious companies where they also got promotions very quickly? I'm not talking about not the people who quit and went for greener pastures, they are a... —  read more 

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| Regarding IBM

Looking to retrain?

I absolutely agree with someone who said that the way out of everything is learning new skills. I envy everyone who has that opportunity, but I don’t. I come home from work too tired and don’t have the time to dedicate to learning new things that... —  read more 

Running on auto pilot

Anyone else on autopilot mode? I used to wake up dreading the workday and after a while I lost all motivation to work. Now I only work the bare minimum. There is no longer any hope that Allstate can motivate employees to be more engaged. As for me... —  read more 

Job hunt

I am actively looking for a job and I have had several offers, but none of them seemed to me to be much better than what I have at HON. I mean, working conditions are slightly better, but not enough to miss the severance pay here. I've heard that... —  read more