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Manager Layoffs

Manager here, confirmed that it is the 26th. Levels below manager will not be given notice to prevent coasting.

Just the Facts

The facts seem to be straight-forward: Oracle started extremely late to the cloud. Later than all the other cloud players. Oracle was made up primarily of employees who know absolutely nothing about web development and cloud applications. Oracle... read more

Enterprise Systems and FSG

It might not apply to all groups people. More than likely just enterprise systems and fsg this round. There are several managers impacted that I know of and have clearly said the 26th would be their mast day.

Be sure to use your vacation time

When the awe hits, and it will, there is no compensation for unused vacation. Take care of your family and get out of the grind. You will regret being walked all over if you don’t.

Major layoffs at Lloyds

One more restructuring, one more layoffs round. This time around 450 people will be laid off as part of the so called "shake-up." Majority of those affected by this are back office staff. Some will get a chance to stay with the bank in new positions... read more
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Regarding Lloyds

Pension Lump Sum

It’s it a good idea to take the lump sum even though it means you can not work for the employer? Is the pension guaranteed by the PBGC no matter what?
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Regarding Sears

Another week of anticipation

Anybody else wishing that today's date turned out to be true layoffs date after all? I'm not wishing to be laid off, but I am so tired of being stressed out all the time over the same issue. Let us know what's going on so we can move on from there... read more


Has anyone heard any layoffs coming to Las Vegas?

North Carolina losing three Rite Aid stores

One by one, we keep finding out which stores are closing and which ones will survive the culling of Walgreens merger. The Jacksonville Rite Aid, The Rite Aid at Marine Blvd. in Jacksonville and the Morehead City Rite Aid can be added to the list of... read more

All Australian Toys R Us stores also closing

It looks like Australia ended up being in the exact same boat as us. All 44 stores there will close in the following several weeks, with more than 700 people being laid off. I wonder if they received severance packages and if they did what they were... read more

More Safeway closings announced

Three Arizona stores are closing, two of them in the Valley and one in Glendale. Quite a few people are going to be affected by this, unfortunately. It doesn't look like this apocalypse of retail is going to end any time soon. I wonder if any Safeway... read more

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Regarding Aetna


Dear Ascension: We’re all looking for jobs now. You’ve killed all morale. You fired some great people this past week who are skilled at their jobs and were necessary members of the organization. You have demonstrated your lack of loyalty to good... read more

The Q3 Bloodbath

Since we're halfway through Q2, I thought we could use a thread to post rumors of the coming unpleasantness that happens every July.

Losing good people

As of now we’ve lost 50+ technical staff (eng/geo/land) since the layoffs. They are quitting, going elsewhere. What is HR/mgmt doing to combat this? That’s right....nothing. This place is toxic. The ship is sinking. Majority of my team is... read more

Major Starbucks closings incoming

This is not going to be fun. Starbucks announced more than 150 store closings for next year, two times as many as usual. Waiting to find out which stores are on the chopping block will be excruciating. Anybody has any ideas on how we can know if our... read more

More Northrop Grumman layoffs

This time Northrop Grumman employees in Chester are being shown the door. Nearly 350 people will be out of a job sometime in August. I guess this is hardly a surprise to anybody here. Anybody has any idea if there will be more repercussions to us... read more

More closings

AT&T is closing another call center. Over 100 people in Susquehanna Township will have to look for a new job by the end of August. This "call center consolidation" is only a preview of what all of us will be seeing and feeling on our skin very, very... read more

2018 Leadership Council

Is Pearson still planning on spending a Million + dollars to send the boys club and spouses to a 5 star resort (with paid excursions) despite laying off hundreds to save costs? It's usually reserved for the boys club executive group and their rep... read more

Layoffs announced!

Everybody and their mother knows by now that we are looking at some layoffs at American Airlines, but the good news is that it will mostly if not completely affect management. For once, it looks like we'll be really getting rid of the real dead... read more

The demise of AT$T

This is what I have noticed lately. The customer calls in to complain about the last rep, either they changed a plan and left the old one in place too, or they promised if the cust made a payment they could get more time on an arrangement... read more
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Regarding AT&T

Official numbers in Baden, Switzerland

On monday 18 June, the ge power employees in Baden got informed about the latest layoff numbers. the IRS process and swiss union process are now closed. The new number for Baden site is now 683 upcoming cuts, from 1195 originally. the attrition of... read more

Massive Telstra layoffs

Looks like 2018 will be one of the worst years for Telstra employees. A whopping 8,000 jobs are being cut! Waiting to find out more details about this will be excruciating... read more

Tesla saboteur

What's everybody's opinion on this whole "saboteur" thing? Has Musk finally lost all his marbles or could there be some truth to it? And most importantly, how does he plan to find out who the saboteur is? What are the chances of innocent people... read more

Major layoffs at Groverport

On July 14, 260 employees at DHL's Groveport facility will be out of a job. Of course, DHL is blaming somebody else for these layoffs. The customer who changed providers is guilty, and not DHL management which has been causing more and more customers... read more
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Regarding DHL

Layoffs after the buyout

Well this s---s. I've just heard that GameStop is seriously considering an option of a buyout from a private equity firm. That means that we are looking at huge, huge layoffs once the buyout is completed. I'm yet to hear of a situation that involved... read more

Really disappointed in Media/Blogs

So many legitimate concerns have been raised but all that’s been printed was essentially a Fidelity press release. This is coming from an active employee who’s extremely happy working at Fidelity. I want the company to be very successful. Although, I... read more


Peice rate contractors are going to save the company money. Only a matter of time before they see this and push all work to follow. $37 an install or repair and slot of people lined up for those rates. Lol. You have and will be replaced.

Can Doug Ford stop the UG/EGD amalgamation?

I wonder if Doug Ford could be convinced to prevent the amalgamation of the two Ontario gas utilities? I won’t claim to be an expert, but I’ve been following MAADs and I’m surprised Board Staff and many of the intervenors endorse the almalgation just... read more