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Can keep bonus even after leaving?

I have an offer from a company. I got a bonus this performance review. If I leave after the bonus is paid out, do I have to return the bonus? Could they rescind bonus if I give 2 weeks notice that is within bonus payment date?


Does anyone have any insight into bonus levels? I've heard they could quite a bit lower than last year since last year's goals were so low and it was partly a make up year for terrible bonuses in early 2016. Either way the Board may be trying to pull... read more

A State Street Christmas Carol

Oh how wonderful it be to have the Ghosts of Christmas past, present and future visted the CEO and Board of Directors. Show them how they have destroyed the lives on so many former State Street Workers. People making 35 to 40% less due to their new... read more

Keep posting

I am shocked at how many VPs read this site. I think it has more reach than people realize. Also, Cisco legal seems obsessed with finding out who is posting. All good signs.

Mcbu - retention

How long until corporate realizes all the 26+ AD managers in mcbu are bonkers. They don't listen to their employeees and many more problems.

Desperation is starting to show

Open head-counts are getting slashed, People are leaving en-masse and the penny pinching is going into overdrive. I was also asked, by my manager, to go to and either fake a negative review of our competitors (MapR and Cloudera) and/or... read more

SEARS HI commission sales now hourly

Have just been informed Sears HI will now be hourly, just in time for the best sales of the year are coming . Commissions will be gone!!!!!! This is horrible for sears to do to the employees, makes me sick knowing what is happening, the ceiling is... read more

DXC HR Phone Number?

I just got laid off with one day notice and trying to call HR to ask about my insurance situation. Anybody has their phone numbers? I searched entire internet and there is none. Also I guess I am on CORBA coverage. Do I have my dental insurance the... read more

SC in politics

Looks like SC is quite active in republican politics and quite pro-Israel, of course, behind the scenes, check out the story on Vanity Fair about SC and H.R. McM calling DJT and idiot

U.S. Dept. of Justice Sues AT&T to block merger The government's suit cites documents from AT&T and Time Warner to show that AT&T would run the merged business as a "cash cow" and that... read more

Sinking Ship

The ship is sinking and the experience is matter how the CEO, VP’s, staff managers try to encourage the worker bees that things are beginning to turn around...the worker bees who are in the know ...know that this ship is sinking! So sad... read more

Reckless contracting in Services

Less coming in and more and more going out. We continue to sign contracts where we know we will surely loose in millions over time. Flannery is gone, these extra ordinary contracts had no vision but to jack up contract prices and make healthcare... read more

Heard a rumour

I hear on the grape vine the Havant team are starting up a new storage business..anyone else hearing this? If so I wish them well.

Boss is riding my A$$

Anyone know if layoffs are def happening? My boss has been knitpicking and riding my butt and not sure why... from a matrix standpoint we are doing great so really no reason to... Thoughts experiences and ways to handle it at Macys greatly... read more

“Rewire” training is

the stupidest f---ing thing I get in my inbox. Where did this training originate from? Who created it? Why do we need to do it? I’m in a management position doing important time consuming work and I don’t have time for this petty koolaid b---s---. I... read more

Sears bankruptcy questions

When Sears (likely) files for bankruptcy, will it be Chapter 11 or Chapter 7? Either way, Lampert will make out well as he's the primary lienholder. Also, would this be the biggest retail bankruptcy of all time in the US?

This forum is basically Fake News!

Not that I am any fan of the man with funny blond hair. But I must use the word "fake news" to describe most articles on this intel layoff site. How many times were there news of site closures, big layoffs - and nothing happened. Any small... read more


So sad at this time of year so many Kmarts closing. Pictures of the stores, the associates.. Memories made, friendships made and pride in working in a store that was called home..Thankful that Eddie will never take away the love each and every... read more

I know how to keep score

There will be no Noble layoffs this year. But, I never forget. The past two years have been brutal. Management at this company does not care about anybody but themselves. In the meantime I will just hang on and wait until the industry rebounds, which... read more

Marvell bidding for Cavium

Remember when Intel sold the XScale/StrongARM to Marvell back in 2006? As usual, Intel's poor decisions come back to bite it in the a$$ sooner or later.


Anyone heard about an increase in pips? Firings? Heard that humana didn’t layoff as many as they were supposed to so now they have turned to this route in order to get people out?

What does Motley Fool say about Windstream??

This is not an easy company to love. Under pressure to settle its Uniti-related finances and other massive long-term debt agreements, the telecom has produced negative free cash flows across the first three quarters of 2017. That leaves no room for... read more

Have you no shame?

Here's an idea, let's take salaried employees, downgrade their job titles to the lowest rung, make them hourly and rob them of what they have rightfully earned all these years. Where is the loyalty? If the plan is to make employees WANT to leave... read more

Brick and Mortar Nostalgia

Source Below... Kramer on Retail (yeah, I know, he's a jackass and annoying but people listen to him and he's a self proclaimed 'retail guru'): "Mad Money" host Jim Cramer tapped into his nostalgia for brick-and-mortar retail after earnings from... read more
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Regarding Sears


Noting more to add on Textron layoffs... After already laying off almost 200 employees from the Wilmington location on Lowell Street earlier this... read more

Orlando Layoffs Pile Up - 145 Laid Off

See the link below for details. This 145 new layoffs that are hitting Orlando, we'll see what 2018 brings but it's not a good start for anyone:
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Regarding Disney

BB&B will pay in the end

Regardless of the official company statement, everyone knows that layoffs were done in relation to your age, salary and your personal relationship with the SM and DM. So BBB just get over yourself, you did not value hard work, great team work and... read more

Tool Inventory shortages again

Not sure how it’s been going for you guys but the blowout has blown out all of our stock on certain items. For example Nextec batteries, we finally started getting them in again and they are wiped out. And from what I can tell we won’t be getting... read more

Layoffs each month starting November

I got laid off last week and heard that November 2017, december 2017 and january 2017 are going to be a big purge. It is the BEST (India, Malaysia, China) vs the REST(US, Ireland). So the layoffs are going to be happening in the REST sites. EMC IT is... read more

This is why Cisco continue to fail

Cisco can’t make up the difference Cisco’s Quarter: Are They Really Facing the Future at Last? “Applications are about 10%, Security about 5%, and Services about 25%. Two categories of revenue—applications and security—that are showing significant... read more

Another round

Heard some head cutting is happening. Wonder where it is coming from as we are short handed enough. When are the talking heads going to understand that we can't lay our way off to profitability? Executive decision making has been poor so the company... read more

Trash Ally

My suggestion is trash them in their social media pages. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+. Don't forget Glass door and Indeed. And you can still file the age discrimination complaint with the EEOC. You just can't participate in a lawsuit... read more

Incoming final phase of layoffs

I have a contact at home office that has given me the following information: The final phase of the layoffs will be rolled out in Jan but not go into effect until after Feb. Membership manager and lead will officially go away. A new grocery manager... read more

Holiday Layoffs

Nice...start layoffs to coincide with the holidays. Great news to have to tell your family during what should be a happy time of year. Burn in hell you low life’s.


I used to carpool with a guy that was a regular follower of this website. I used to post stuff all the time on here that was completely fabricated, and would laugh when he would get in the car and say "my buddy told me..." It's the simple joys in... read more

Future of HAH????

Is HAH no longer available for next year? Are we all just going to be laid off in the end? Any info would be appreciated. This waiting game is killing me.

Is Boise Facility going away?

I am a recruiter for a semiconductor company. I do not work for an agency but a company outside of the Boise area. I had one of the employees there contact someone here and tell me that they were moving everything in Boise overseas? I don't see any... read more

And so it begins.

As CD pointed out over at SemiAccurate, all the naysayers have chosen to downplay Epyc while all the necessary and lengthy server validation processes were undertaken. The game will get very interesting in 2018. Fasten your seatbelts, folks!... read more

Labor Savings Processes

Have you noticed that whenever the home office touts a new labor savings process that it generally adds inefficiencies to an already working process; however, the home office uses the changed process or procedure as a basis for cutting additional... read more

Last week at Sears

Hello all! Without going into too many details, this is my last week as a salesperson at a Sears store after 3 years. I found a job in the field I was studying and wasn't sticking around to find out what was going to happen to this company. For those... read more

Continuous layoffs

layoffs have been going on (continually) in Finance. Kept very quiet. I do expect layoffs in Q1 2018 given our latest quarterly results. Layoff people earlier in the year so you don't have to give them a full bonus for the year. There's little doubt... read more