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Drain the swamp

Unions are like the drain the swamp analogy Trump used, people love it!! But no substance
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Regarding AT&T


Demotions are in the works for Directors>Managers -and- Managers>Individual Contributors to help save jobs. Decisions to be finalized over the next 60 days. The two companies had hoped to complete the deal by the end of the third quarter of this year... read more

What a mess!

Layoff rumors, no layoff rumors..... I almost went to Verizon about 9 months ago but my Manager talked me out of it.....then he quits and goes to apple and leaves us. I was happy to stay but all the good people are leaving. I think I ruined my career... read more

140 Gone at DeVry

Apparently mostly faculty but also DEM managers. Check out the old DeVry board here for posts.
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Regarding Adtalem

Ginni and taxes

Ginni whining about the taxes code in the US not being competitive. Just like her hero Donald, constantly repeating the lie that corporations pay 35%. Well they don't, the effective rate after all of their loopholes and accounting tricks are... read more

Points per day

The new norm its 86 points per day and it's not going to change anytime soon so there for get use to it and finish your work , it'll be easier to get in the mind set and perhaps you'll have a better day everyday instead of complaining everyday .role... read more

Copied - OP gets it

Lol you don't make an acquisition of that size without spending millions on research and due diligence. Far greater minds than yours were involved in assessing the risks and benefits to this deal. They probably have a greater awareness of the state... read more

What's the point?

What is the point of putting out something that is twice as expensive and only gives 37 percent bump in speed over the competitor? How many people do we think are willing to shell out the money, instead of wait with what they have already for a... read more

This place is crazy

Since the layoff announcement it's been Marshall law! People are doing things and getting away with it. It's worse than New Orleans after Katrina. The managers make us fight for higher positions on the keepers board. Only the strong will survive the... read more

September layoffs at Foot Locker

Apparently today (9-19-2017) about 40 people were marched out of Foot Locker headquarters and there was also talk of warehouse layoffs as well. Do we have any more info on this? My location was safe yesterday, and I haven't heard anything about... read more

No more Walmart culture

Lipstick on a pig doesn't change the pig. And for all of those interns who came & left due to the disgust of even thinking of working at Walmart- well to each their own. All that glitters is not gold but if you have been in the dream world of a... read more
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Regarding Walmart

November layoffs at Pepsi

Yep, I'm hearing pretty well substantiated rumors about a November action in Plano HQ also. November seems to be the date that gets repeated among employees who overheard or know something, and around the boards I've been checking. It would be nice... read more

Poor management and no accountability

as other said, CB&I has very poor management. top mgr levels silo their departments on purpose, this is an attempt to avoid blame for ongoing poor project execution. there is a ton of projects that have issues. there is a deep culture of mistrust... read more

This is why you don't attach to one retailer

You want to know why the stock dropped so suddenly yesterday after the TRU bankruptcy announcement? It's the typical "I'll put all my eggs in one basket" Mattel rule of business: Hasbro - $5B company - stock dropped $1 to $93 per share - TRU owes... read more

Furlow option

I have 'earned' 4 weeks vacation based on time of service. I can't really take it because things are so lean that you can't recover from time off - or are pressured into thinking that it will reflect bad on you. Salary is the number one cost driver -... read more

Vendor portal

I am no longer an employee so I can't log in anymore, but any current employee can. Type your store # into the search area to keep track of your store... read more

Layoffs at club level

So for months iv read all kinds of rumors with dates of layoffs that have never come, first of all as technology advances and for us to stay relevant in retail change has to happen its just the nature of the business or none of us will have... read more

Molina Cares

This is just sad all around. I understand that this is a business but it's supposed to be a business of people who care and want to take care of others. Ensuring that those less fortunate have access to the health care they need WAS the goal. Now... read more


NOC, Ad sales, velocity, traffic copy...layoffs are so frequent it's not even shocking anymore. 10 years or more at viacom and you are holding out for your package...


💥💥 💥 💥

Anyone else noticed?

MANY lame worthless managers and directors still here.. proof to me the even in this time of financial crisis that executive level management knows nothing of how to truly save this place.. what a joke..

Salaries in the supplier community

For those who have left the company, either through a RIF or voluntarily, how do you find the salaries/benefits in the supplier community in NWA as compared with Walmart? I have to admit that the compensation package at Walmart is a key reason I and... read more

Corporate Layoffs

Corporate Layoffs: Employees who are expensive to keep (long tenure, high salaries/benefits, or those who are cheap to dispose of (low tenure) coupled with those in jobs in the field that have little if any accountability for what is important TODAY... read more

Kronos Aramark

My Kronos Aramark login is not working. Now I am confused. Questions: Do Kronos and Aramark still have a relationship? Am I laid off? They disabled my account and I cannot get in. Is someone messing with me? If yes, it's not nice. Is IT incompetent?... read more
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Regarding Aramark

It's because the contract passed

We were told by our local to vote NO on the contract. Some of us listened, others didn't. Back pay? Who cares? We were taxed heavily on it. And now the lay-offs begin. The rumor is that in the near future, at least in Sacramento, the company will get... read more

XIO and Vplex are no longer

Engineers from both groups either got laid off or moved to a different department. Support engineers will be around for a bit due to contracts etc... Atleast they will have some time to find a new position if they want to stick around

You got this!

We all here at CB&I have to stop whining. S--- it up and get a game plan going. This is what successful and resilient people do. They don't dwell. So what! You are going to have to make changes. WELCOME TO THE THE REAL WORLD. Did you plan on staying... read more


Negotiating severance terms: I think it's safe to assume that the terms are standard and non-negotiable for the severance. Given all the legal lingo CB&I puts into docs, I am pretty sure attorneys covered this... But I thought I'd go ahead and ask... read more

AT&T Fresno Layoffs

AT&T Fresno Layoffs: 6 DTV Tecs from the Fresno office , have been surplussed yesterday, Tuesday September 19th. I was also told that 20 prem tecs were surplussed in the Fresno area today. I am one of 143 now 137 Fresno DTV tecs left. I fear for my... read more

Want to hear a 🤡 talking about AI?

Warning: This could be painful for viewers.

Useless Storage Leadership

The sales numbers are plummeting down four quarters. Netapp, HP, pure ..are gonna eat into Dell EMC market share. The current storage leadership can't hold a candle compared to their counterparts in other companies. They have risen up the ranks... read more

Phoenix is OVER!

Phoenix is done, they just hit a bunch of people even after management said we were "safe". Worst part about it its, these crooks make record profit and revenue every quarter and have since they were bailed out by US the taxpayers yet still find the... read more

4000 Redundancies at TATA / Thyssenkrupp

Just covered by CNN Money ( ) They are trying to combat cheap Chinese imports, but how do you do this when the Chinese continue to heavily subsidize the steel industry... read more

Xerox Job Cuts at Wilsonville

More reports on the layoffs. Nothing new here but wanted to share the link anyway.

Medica Mayo Merger

Are there gonna be cuts due to the merger / acquisition of Mayo by Medica. Who is affected? How Many are affected? What are the next steps? What locations are affected? I'd appreciate any input!

Mayo Acquisition

Medica is in the process of acquiring Mayo Clinic Health Solutions, also known as MMSI, the health benefits management company and third-party administrator. It provides services and health care products to 260,000 members through 28 group clients... read more

Layoff Updates

This just got posted...