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Mattel, the Royally big pile of....

For those of you defending Mattel and saying it's the best place to be, you are truly delusional. You are stuck in that institution like a poor lost soul in purgatory. You will never know what it's like on the outside and will always believe you have... read more
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Regarding Mattel Inc.

Conoco Tesoro Rumor

I heard a rumor that Conoco and Tesoro are looking at a merger. Conoco wants to save it self, Tesoro wants to grow, and they both want to hedge against the volatility of the market. And of course, Goff is the common thread. Hahahaha! Not likely. But... read more


Just as IBM did with LEAN and McKinsey previously, HP/HPE/EDS/CSC/DXC/McKinsey is creating thousands and thousands of enemies. Not all of us end up being a door greeter at Walmart; many move on to other IT and technology jobs often with managerial... read more

Sears sells Bethesda + 2 others in 105mm package deal The Washington Business Journal, which first wrote about the sale, reported the Bethesda store location was sold for $73.5 million. The other two... read more
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Regarding Sears

Another One Bites the Dust Bye Bye Cisco, Bye Bye Cisco, Bye Bye Cisco, I am so glad you let me go!

Geos in the Southern BU just the worst

How can the people in this team actually still be employeed? One is an overweight loser that has an ego to big for his own good and the other I swear must have down syndrome and proves why home schooling makes weirdos. Really just the worst people to... read more

No respect for their workers

NYC workers have been on strike for 9 weeks now. Their entire techs op unit, service, install, plant, construction, fiber, warehouse, business unit. They bring out of state contractors to do our work. Charter has no loyalty to it's workers. They... read more

This company is so bad

In 5 years one of Kelloggs beloved food marketing grads will be writing a paper on this company. It will showcase how to ruin a company by abject mismanagement, utter lack of leadership and hubris. Game on!

Waste of time

Charter aka Spectrum tw cable is advertising for a new call center in Colorado for the Merger. They have been stringing perfectly qualified Telecom Techs promising permanent jobs getting people to fill out paperwork start dates etc...for over the... read more

Another thought

This low life company is using best shore as a tool to put out to pasture those folks targeted and to reduce overall payroll. You will see they will eventually revert back to US based employees after they weed out those they want to and the high... read more

Software Company?

Can anyone tell me what software Cisco sells that is market leading and will likely stay that way for the next 1-2 years? I'm racking my brain and struggle to see how Cisco is going to hold it all together and become a Software business with so many... read more


If Kelloggs posts FAKE snack sales numbers. I will be calling Jim Carmer and letting him/them know the truth about how Kelloggs is reporting there numbers. Transferring from Kellogg's warehouses to another company's warehouse and counting them as... read more


McKinsey have given them a schedule of what and who to cut when and that is what they are doing. They will make all manner of excuses around your being in an inappropriate job code or not performing but that that is all just a hairy bag of gonads... read more

Bangalore Redundancies

My brother was told today (22nd May) about being made redundant at HPE office in Bangalore. He hadn’t even completed even one year in HPE and has been asked to leave. That too with just has an option of 2 months’ salary. He moved over from Pune and... read more

Glad I am out

EDS, HP, HPE and DXC, for me, the first 12 years with EDS were good, a little shakey towards the end and the HP takeover, but the real rot started as soon as HP took the helm. Shocking management and ethos, never gave a toss about employees even... read more


Retirement is better than this mess. Boy do I realize a lot about life, work and family now. Amidst the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, we have lost sight of dreaming and achieving our own purpose in life. Today we have bigger houses, but... read more

San Juan - Puerto Rico layoffs

They started with the layoffs in our offices at San Juan Puerto Rico this last Friday. They seem to be firing people with warnings and bad performance.
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Regarding Aon PLC

Aon Hewitt Layoffs

More cuts are coming. It's not good, and it's going to be even worse. Source: A former unit of Aon Hewitt that focused on benefits administration and HR outsourcing has... read more
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Regarding Aon PLC

Associates Discount

How is the associates discount working for the sales at Sears? Has there been a profit for the company, with the new associates discount. I would like it if they go back to the old way.
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Regarding Sears

New Snack Reps

The 'New' Snack reps will be resetting sections every visit. Ain't like the Cereal aisle. I got the Pepperidge guy stealing facings every week now. You don't got the vultures in the cereal aisle. Plus the store merchandisers ain't gonna b careful... read more

Sears Roulette

Everyday you wake hoping that they don't tell you that your store is closing. You read the news and all Sears does is try to spend some negative into a positive. When you call them out on their BS you're bad mouthing the company,when you're just... read more


Anyone else relieved to have received their offer letter today? I'm so glad that that the VZ cluster blank days are drawing to a close. S---s the benefits are not as good, but they are not bad. I wonder IBM if will sue VZ when they realize that 90%... read more

Creditors retain a high powered law firm...

as conflict counselors. It's pretty obvious that the creditors aren't having any of the BS restructuring plan or the strong arm tactics Avaya is trying to use to force them into a bad deal. This lawfirm specializes in dealing with difficult... read more

Store Closing exercise

From annual 10-K filings beginning 2005 to 2016 - excludes Grand, Essentials and Independently owned stores -- closing percentages calculated on 5 yr and 12 yr time frames - does NOT include the 2017 closings ( the numbers ain't gonna get any better... read more

Stripped of stock options?

I've seen a few references here suggesting that stock options were lost as a result of separation? I assumed that vested options are "mine" and that I'd have n days to exercise them after getting the ol heave-ho. Is that wrong? Should we all be... read more

A profit is still a loss

They spin things saying the company made a profit. When the sale is the only reason they are showing a profit. Sales are down,they're closing more stores, money is still owed by July 7th, and a transformation that has yet to materialize. Things are... read more


How long will it take for MetLife to buy the pension from Sears? I will be taking all of my pension in July.

OilSands Fat

Can anyone explain how there are 3 OilSands Finance Supervisors with a total of 5 direct reports under them? I've got a COST Saving idea...

More layoffs yesterday and today

This time it was IT that was impacted. While not surprising given the outsourcing as part of the merger and BOEF endeavour, still significant and unfortunate. Has anyone been through the all company workshop yet? Not much was mentioned about MP. I... read more

New center manager for SHTC, UK

There r strong rumours that Mr. K is on his way out & IC vl be promoted as the new center manager Major shakeup coming for Stonehouse. This is being led by the PG who are p**ed of the management here.


It's official. The networking business is being sold to Extreme. Finally, we will be out from under the insanity known as Avaya. Good-bye to the corrupt, ineffective leadership that has driven Avaya into the ground. I can only hope that you are... read more

UHG/Optum Monthly Layoffs

UHG/Optum will be laying off every month this year to close financial gaps; instead of doing it in one big event to avoid negative press. I suspect when they are done it wouldn't surprise me if the the numbers reach 10k or beyond. Amazing; and of... read more

CHina Mart forms

Walmart manager could care less about us before now Kelloggs expects them to Cair now? I don't care if transition is smooth. I hope it fails.

Store Count!?!

Looking at today's press release I don't think anyone has paid much attention to the incredibly shrinking store portfolio... KMart went from 896 to 624 in one year! 30% of the store count GONE. Many more quiet closings than I even thought... 18... read more

SH merging with HCCP

Not sure if everyone knows but HCCP and SH are mering in July. Well due to graduating member and cutting back on enrollment there are not enough SH members and so two teams are being moved and given new rosters pre-merge pf the programs.

Are these layoffs?

While I don't want to see anyone lose their job hearing one or two people go every other week is not really layoffs. Everyone agrees the company needs help. Getting rid of upper management people responsible for the plight we are in sounds like good... read more