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Years ago, the company had a layoff / buyout situation in our department. If that wasn't bad enough, Hoffman HR brought in aspiring "future execs" to observe the reactions of those getting the bad news. I can only hope some of those Hitler Youth are... read more
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Regarding Sears


I see Noble now is recruiting Landman for the Denver office. They have laid-off dozens of Landmen over the past 2 years. Another dozen or more have left on their own. Anyone one of these people will tell you it is probably the worst place they have... read more

Piss on Kelloggs

After 26 years of service I was offered a severance package today. I was always one of the top ranked salespeople in my district. The people that were let compared to the people they offered positions to is a complete f••••ing joke. Good luck... read more

Cisco's issues with quality.

Had a customer meeting today and he said he won't buy another Cisco product again until the software quality is proven again. Apparently tons of bugs are causing issues all over the place. Anyone else hearing this?

from CNBC

MOORESVILLE, N.C. -- Sources from Lowes told NBC Charlotte that they are making staffing changes at their headquarters in Mooresville. This was after rumors of layoffs had begun to spread on Tuesday morning. “We are having staffing changes at our... read more

Close Bartlesville!

Shut Bartlesville down now! They don't do anything important that we can't do in Houston. Give these families and children a break. Shut that awful place called Bartlesville down as soon as possible! Let us transfer out of here!

Article on layoffs

Looks like that writer from the Forbes got the info he needed: He projects (due to extended bond maturity), that the... read more

The latest rumors

I was told by a friend in management around Thanksgiving, that the planning for these layoffs had begun in the fall. Coaches were notified there would be middle management layoffs first (coaches were jockeying for position which is why you may have... read more

Oh my

1 question at UoPX is, how big is the severance and where do I sign? #2 question is, how do I get out of the parking structure without a badge?

The bright future is waiting

The future of engineers in TAC is the same as the future of engineers in any other group: Begrudgingly get promoted up to GL 10 - 11 with multiple years in between. Do the best they can to keep you pigeon holed into a specific technology hoping you... read more

Article on today's job cuts

Just found an article about Lowe's job cuts today. From article: Mooresville-based home improvement retailer Lowe’s is making some staffing changes on Tuesday, sources confirmed to Channel 9... Channel 9 has reached out to the corporate office to ask... read more


Bad day for anybody in the natural gas buisness, doesnt look good, natural gas prices tanking big time, due to glut and warm weather will need a hot summer. Liquids may be better, if oil prices continue to hold.

Looking for Whistleblowers re: Veterans

I'm looking for people who can tell me about how DeVry takes advantage of veterans. I know that the company receives the largest number of GI Bill Funds, after University of Phoenix. The exploitation at UoPX is well documented and was covered by... read more
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Regarding DeVry Inc.

Be courteous and respectful

Be courteous and respectful to those who are laid off on Thursday. Statistically your time will come in your career. If you don't know what to say then don't say anything, following up with a LinkedIn message or email if you were relatively close... read more
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Regarding Sears

RimMan was right!

My pa RimMan was right as usual, he said in early Jan, there wood be no layoffs or furloughs, plus raises would be given to all! Also like he said stock skurocketing! All you naysayers also think there will be a change in our pension, not so per pa... read more

Bad news for shareholders

Now I see this article says that Tommy is likely renegotiating the deal. Rather than getting $65.6 per share re would settle for $52. Yikes that's quite a haircut. Could have this be handled any worse? I know a lot of outfitters we're counting on... read more

CSC Layoffs again

CSC has basically destroyed their sales doesn't matter how you performed.... how long you have been there.....for management to receive bonus based on meeting OI......everyone is just a number. This has to be one of the worst companies... read more
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Regarding CSC

Performance ratings

I have heard from at least 10 people with previous years with 1 & 2 ratings are given rating of 3 this year. They were downright abusive and some even said that they will not accept that rating. Has it gotten very hard to get 1 & 2 s any longer, I... read more

Data Room

What time does data room close today , so we can get the show on the road?

Bail on time

Get out while you can, start job searching so you won't be blindsided like many were. All the good people were let go already, Hancock is bad news, reversing many things Benmoshe did to save the company. No loyalty to long term and faithful... read more


Huge group of people leaving anyway at the end of the school year. Going to be hard to find a moving company before August or so.