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This is to the person that is criticizing fellow employee posts. Don't you realize people are writing on emotion and from their hearts pouring out feelings deep inside! Too bad you are wasting a post for criticism instead of giving support and... read more

AWS Connect

Yesterday Amazon launched it's Connect service which is a cloud contact center offering. This is the death knell for Avaya Aura. Maybe not this year, but it will definitely be disruptive. Amazon dominates in everything it pursues and this will be no... read more
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Regarding Avaya

We don't care about you little people

Face it DSD workforce we don't care about you. We make more money then you. We obviously are smarter and we hold the power. That contract you signed legally binds Kelloggs to nothing. You however are legally bound by the contract you signed to uphold... read more

Oracle looking to buy Accenture?

According to Desperation setting in at top floor of 500 Oracle Parkway, anything that looks disruptive that can be used to explain away poor cloud revenue and profit numbers

Profit Sharing for 2016

I was on payroll until end of December and paperwork says I will still get 2016 Profit Sharing award. Isn't it usually awarded end of March? Also does anyone know if I still get the award if I pulled my money from fidelity?


What will surmont do now...uselss managers cant leverage cenovus to do things right.

Rumors in changes to sales & support true?

heard rumors of something big dropping on 31 March in US. Sales talks too much, so not sure how true. Have also heard more people leaving the company, either resignations or terminations in sales support roles. Does anyone know of any other sites... read more

Bartlesville Cheers Back!

We have gotten so relaxed in Bartlesville with Canada news. I mean I know it's sad but with that much cash we can easily justify keeping stuff in the town. Heck we may ask for total campus renovation project and reduced cracks on walkway in downtown... read more

Manager was let go

Manager was let go and now have manager from another city. Regional manager left suddenly . Is there something their not telling us? I have not heard about the outsourcing in travel. Since they have already done this is ticketing and refunds wouldn't... read more

Cargill Layoff Spin

Management will still spin it as "doing more work in fewer places." I'm sure that's part of it, but (IMHO) the biggest part is the bottom line. Making billions isn't enough, apparently. The ironic thing is our group HAD a shared service function... read more
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Regarding Cargill

Quidsi Layoffs

Quidsi to close. Not sure about layoffs but I'd assume so...

Roanoke Layoffs @ FreightCar America

Mid April layoffs for 100+ folks to lose jobs. In February, the company gave notice to its employees that a reduction of railcar orders will make it necessary to lay off 168 workers beginning in mid-April. Lea said he doesn’t know exactly how many... read more

The End?

Not sure. But, if you see what's happening all over the industry you would not be surprised. So, let me list a few bullets here (all of them folded, closed, went bankrupt or severely downsized): Sports Chalet Sports Authority Gordmans Cabelas Gander... read more

IBM RIF starting week of 27th.

Large cuts in S&D technical sales and software technical sales. Of the ones I know are in their 50s or older, several in top achieving accounts with top level performance reviews, multiple 10mm deals in last couple of years. All about costs. Several... read more
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Regarding IBM

Last year layoffs

About 250 people were let go last year. It was bad, my GF was one of them. You can see the KLAF story on this here:

Cenovus Acquisition

Cenovus needs the Deep Basin and WCBU staff to works the assets they just purchased as they didn't have positions in ANY of these non Oilsands assets prior to the purchase. Unless they are grossly overstaffed in their existing Oilsands assets, I... read more


I had high hopes when the new VP Upstream came on board but he seems to be a blithering sycophantic idiot just like the other EVP's. The CEO needs to go as well for the simple reason he has failed to deliver on any promises since 2009 with the... read more


The infrastructure is OBSOLETE, everything switching to digital cloud 5G INTERNET OF THINGS....don't need huge buildings and hardware, AI ALGORITHM replace white collar jobs, robotics and AUTOMATION means YOU are obsolete! lmfao

Goodbye RSCS!

Starting tomorrow Rscs will be encouraged to help customers preorder the Galaxy S8 on their myatt app or the website while the customer is in the store!!!! So we can't do it in opus anymore. We were told we were the 'test market.' For what? A f'ng... read more

Town hall tomorrow in Calgary

Let's see how they spin this. I'm sure they will be serving koolade. They will make it sound so Rosie and positive. I'm sure all the managers will be running around getting their orders first thing in the morning so that they know what to tell the... read more

The Tempe location back-end is currently LAYING OFF exactly 154 employees by May 2017. 40 plus Techs, 55 Clerk Packers, 20 Pharmacist, 20 ware

Just announced today on March 29 by the Senior Manager at an unscheduled Townhall Meeting. Senior Manager let us off early after the bad news of approximately 154 layoff NEWS. The Layoff will begin after May 2017 and commence a new shift on June... read more


The Bloods wear red and sport guns and tear drop tattoos. The Crips wear blue and sport bandanas and shot guns. Our scariest gang are The Plastics they wear Hustle Kindness gear while sporting highlights and Durango Joes cups...they may not look as... read more

U-Verse to be phased out by May 30th AT&T (T) to Shut Down U-Verse and Shift Users to DIRECTV Zacks Zacks Equity Research ZacksMarch 29, 2017 Per a recent FierceCable report, U.S. telecom behemoth AT&T Inc. T is planning to... read more

Seen it all before

It's not unusual for high relative contributors to be let go while other workers (some good, some OK, some bad) are kept on. I've actually seen a person receive their bonus for their contribution (at a time when not everyone got a bonus) and then get... read more

The New AT&T

Welcome Home Job Search Apply ( ) #LifeAtATT ( ) This March, we celebrated Women’s History Month and all the impressive women leaving their mark at AT&T. From entrepreneurs to innovators... read more

Just something to think about.

Here is something to think about. First and foremost I am not here to spread any layoff rumors. Right now with no overtime laws for store management it would seem rediculous to layoff the one type of employee that can work indefinitely for the same... read more

CWA California Did not see this one coming...

AT&T (T) to Shut Down U-Verse and Shift Users to DIRECTV Zacks Equity Research ZacksMarch 29, 2017 Per a recent FierceCable report, U.S. telecom behemoth AT&T Inc. T is planning to completely phase out its long-standing U-verse brand by May 30. The... read more

CIO Change?

Unum Board of Directors, have you considered replacing the CIO? The internal feedback is consistently poor. Morale is at an all-time low. The IT employees have little or no confidence that the CIO can right the ship as she is the person who steered... read more

You heard it here.

Cenovus Energy (NYSE:CVE) agrees to acquire ConocoPhillips' (NYSE:COP) 50% interest in the Foster Creek Christina Lake partnership, the companies' jointly owned oil sands venture operated by CVE, and the majority of COP's Deep Basin conventional... read more

Uncle Dave Wants YOU! Last Friday Halliburton announced that it will be adding 2,000 US jobs in the first quarter of this year. The decision comes in response to a higher than expected recent surge in... read more