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Can layoffs be avoided?

Or at least, could their numbers be reduced? Unfortunately, either this company doesn’t care at all about the number of people losing their jobs or it doesn’t have any acceptable solution to at least reduce the number of layoffs. Basically, the... —  read more 

covid policies

had 3, yes 3 people in my location test positive for covid! anyone know the new safety protocols for quarantining and being exposed? we got sent a form to fill out if you’re not fully vaccinated but states if your not fully vaccinated and havent ... —  read more 


Buried in an HR post was the increasing number of consultants. Does anyone know how many of these guys are imbedded in Chevron? I was on a call where one of them said they have been "with Chevron for 4 years". Why did we just lay off hundreds of... —  read more 

All In Or All OUT

Either you make customers wear masks, or you drop the employee mask mandate. Can't go both ways. Bring your stupid signs back out, and put the fckg screens back up you id--ts. Reduce the store hours also.

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| Regarding Lowe's Cos.


When will they tell employees they have to be vaccinated? I’m assuming this month, with the deadline by end of year or earlier for anyone who travels.

So tired of covid

We had to deal with covid for the last 17 months now we have to deal with this new Variant I'm so tired and now associates get sent home so they can be tested and now the tests are taking 3 to 5 days for the results to come back.

I see this all the time

There’s a big difference between teams of people doing busy work that has very little results in the day to day operations and those who are actually focused on meaningful work that makes a huge impact. Sadly, there seems to be many more in the first... —  read more 

Is there a point in even trying?

For those of us who are in the age bracket that we all know is always the target of layoffs, is there even a point in going the extra mile in an attempt to make ourselves indispensable? Should I even bother? I saw people who I thought were essential... —  read more 

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| Regarding IBM

Thank you CVE

I love my job!! I get paid a ton. All I did this week was fudge every number and fake every test. I put in a lot of BBO’s and loto audits but they are all fake, I complete them in my lab while watching you tube. I have to keep my numbers up to keep... —  read more 

We are still the best

We might have our flaws but we still beat all our competition by a mile. Look at what we did to Exxon! So stop being babies and do your jobs for which you are well paid and receive good benefits. I can't understand how so many people are not able to... —  read more 

Trying to stay relevant

Since online shopping has become the new norm, how many think Macy's has what it takes to remain in the forefront as more stores close over the next few years? I'm well aware this is not just our issue. It would be interesting to see how our... —  read more 

What's your reason?

People who don't have marketable skills staying at AT&T I can understand, but if you are among those who do have them, what's your excuse? Fear? Apathy? Something else? With so many available jobs right now I can't wrap my head around people who have... —  read more 

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| Regarding AT&T


Join the call at 9 pm ET tomorrow (Aug 3) and learn how workers won a big pay hike with the union. Go to VZW rising on FB to learn details and pre register for the call. Non managers only. REGISTER HERE bit(dot)ly/vzw83 Topic VZW Town Hall: Don't... —  read more 

Make a plan

If you've been with UHG for a couple of years you know that no matter what kind of results we are posting, there will be cuts. Good or bad, it makes no difference when it comes to RIFs. The only way to deal with this is to have a plan ready. Always... —  read more 

Wait and see

People really should take a step back when it comes to RTO. You are getting upset over things that have not happened yet. Things are changing daily and until we know for sure I refuse to get upset. I have plenty of things to worry about as it is, I... —  read more 

How´s your Workforce 2020 going?

Incompetent hierarchy Musical chairs Change role and position before it gets ugly Micromanagement Simulated career paths Work based on escalations Ar-e licking, the more the "better" Poor decisions after poor decisions The senseless and ridiculous... —  read more 

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| Regarding AT&T


Rumor has it myChat was taken down but Pharmacist were blowing it up complaining about be 100 pages in the red. Anyone else here this? Or know what’s going on?

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| Regarding CVS

Masks again

Well we now have to wear masks again. How stupid. Company shoukd make it simple. Either get the vaccine or yiu can't work. Give those people 10 days. Those who got it shouldn't suffer cause of those who are keeping the virus alive.

I remember the old TD

I remember the place that cared about its employees and fostered healthy work culture and environment. It saddens me to see how much things have changed since then. I think it's harder for us who have been here for a while. New employees only know... —  read more