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The axe is always hanging above

Unless you are willing and able to move around for different jobs, you can't really look at it as somewhere for a long term career. The axe is always hanging above, making that type of outlook rare from what I've seen. How active this site is shows... —  read more 

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Report new store closings to USA Today

This news article provides a link to publicly report all new store closings Transformco May not release the store closing list but we can let everyone know what is going on

AT&T Stock Buybacks In Q4 And Next Year

A company may choose to buy back outstanding shares for a number of reasons. Repurchasing outstanding shares can help a business reduce its cost of capital, benefit from temporary undervaluation of the stock, consolidate ownership, inflate important... —  read more 

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Termination Allowance

So myself and a few other coworkers were laid off a couple months ago in District 3 and have been getting the run-around from management and the union on how to get the termination allowance. Any advice? Thanks

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Huge outgoing IST came through today.

Not sure what they’re planning, and not sure if anyone here has any insight, but most of the stores in our market were sent a huge spreadsheet of things to send to one store. It wasn’t accompanied by the usual communication that corporate sends out... —  read more 

Tolerance level

Quoting Reuters After GM angered the UAW negotiators last week by appealing directly to workers and revealing details of the No. 1 U.S. automaker’s latest offer, the sides have continued talking. The UAW made a counter offer to GM on... —  read more 

Sikorsky wpb

Sounds like they’re bringing a few people back. Any thoughts on what the future might be for west palm beach?

Company Retail Stores

Any word on when COR Retail starts closing? Gotta be comn! They cant get inventory, management is a turmoil and COR management keeps stepn down and ARSM movin to other positions! Guess it want be long...

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Layoffs coming in December monthly pharmacist. Confirmed today

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Rock Springs, WY

It's happening tomorrow. The HR k–l team will be there 15 October. Wireline and frac are being pushed out. Maintenance and cement will probably see heavy cuts, too.


I had no idea how hard it would be or how long it would take to find a decent position comparable to Honeywell wages, but Thank God, I just accepted an offer today. I'll miss my Honeywell family, and the job I truly loved..... (repeatedly tried to... —  read more 

We have jumped the shark!

How many people are we going to lose due to the new building. Seems worse than cubicles. I guess this is their way of getting rid of all the introverts?

Gulfstream RIF Tuesday 15th

Look out the boys in black suits will escourt you off the premises without your belongings. Directors, managers, GH's GD will break up the buddy system and nepotism that's ruined the company. Remaining management will be audited to make sure... —  read more 

Mx voices

How do members leave comments for Mx voices ?? Is there a special website ?

The Finance CEO

Senior-level admins tell me that our non-technical CEO is "in over his head" and "overwhelmed". Has anyone else heard this?

Fresh 2

Just heard fresh mgr two being eliminated. Mine told me at my store In Florida that she’s gone unless she can get a spot fresh 1.

First Round Layoffs coming soon

Hearing rumors that first round of layoffs are going to be happening all over North America after Q3 results come out in 4 days. Its not looking good. Stock price at $32. Sources say around 2000-3000 North American field personnel will be cut in the... —  read more 

Too much is being said about not having spare parts

That’s why we have solder right? Instead of crying for new parts every chance you get, put in a bit of elbow grease and weld the darn thing. If you didn’t waste so much money on new parts we probably wouldn’t have had to pay so many people off.

Remember 2 years ago

We have 5 people tonight. Remember 2 years ago when you felt short staffed when you had 5 zoners closing the floor. There only job was to zone and most nights you were there til 9:30 to get it done. (mostly because of the asinine clothing structure)... —  read more 

Any expected WFR’s?

We made it past 2Q end but just wondering if anyone has heard if US should be expecting WFRs in immediate future (involving BPO centers). Just curious. I have the last of my belongings together to grab n go.

Shares at $1.61

Even with all the support from DC, Zovio continues to spiral downward. ZVO cannot just cut their way out of this mess.

Get rid of everything

John gone, desk gone, jewelry gone, managers gone, 15yr Asso gone, PTC gone, computers gone, photo gone, dignity gone, morrell gone, What's next give me something else GONE!!!


What is the benefit of retiring from VZ once the number rule has been reached? (Yrs of service + actual age). If you are not old enough to take your 401k.


Why is Sam’s Club getting rid of all computers? Why were we not given notice ? All the work for 9 years is gone.

Accenture Deal

Any updates on Accenture deal. Most recent is its getting signed ..

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Merger and Acquisition next steps

I've been through mergers, but what is the impact of a private equity firm acquiring sophos? If some other security company say Symantec acquired us, they would have kept the profitable apps and people around and sc-apped the not so profitable /... —  read more 

Kurian will have to warn again

Global numbers are abysmal. The CFO buying shares with both hands won't mitigate the stock price erosion. Maybe this quarter Henri will eliminate commissions instead of capping them.

Paramus AT&T

What’s going on with the Paramus/Midland Ave NJ Location? Closing/moving?

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HR matching you pay

Has anyone seen their pay with HR paying the difference?if so how long did they take prorating you?

Happy With Your Merit Increase?

I hope you're happy with it cause this is all you're getting till this time next year! Did you get 1%? Less than 1%? 2%? 3%? Wow you must really be doing something right to get 3%! or more! You were probably promoted and got 3% as your promotion... —  read more 

What's going on at DaVita?

I heard the last two weeks were bad, with major layoffs taking place. But it's so hard to get any real info and there is nothing about it in the media. My mom works here but she always pretends everything is okay and I was wondering just how worried... —  read more 

Is this true?

An email was sent last week to all US Pru employees advising a voluntary separation program.... you have to apply, but it sounds like some sneaky stuff going on.... the email talks of “new skills” that employees will have to learn.... VERY CURIOUS... —  read more