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Major layoffs coming to Textron

Textron Specialized Vehicles division is getting hit hard, 400 people will be laid off by the end of the year (really good timing, Textron, great Christmas present for longtime, loyal employees.)... read more

Shirt supervisor here

I struggle to make ends meet with 40 hours a week . We are now being scheduled 30 hours a week and I can not pay my bills. I also have to work 6 days to get in the 30 hours and shifts are all 4-9 closings. Been here 15 years never seen it this bad... read more
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Regarding CVS

Comp plan

This new retail comp plan is complete garbage the CWA has been out in full force recruiting retail workers to join and they are getting more numbers this time around due to the fact reps are sick and tired of having their pay messed with and sell... read more

Quota and commissions

Is anyone on the retail on Pace to make a check with this high quota and no traffic I can say that retail is dead and it is time to move on to something. Vzw is getting us to quit so they do not have to pay us to leave.

Can we afford to lose to Apple?

We are in deep sh-- as it is, what happens if we lose to Apple (or if a settlement is forced that's not really in our favor?) How bad do you think it will get in that case?

Is today the layoff day?

Has it been determined if layoffs are happening today or on Thursday? It'd be good to know what I'm walking into at work today. I'd like to prepare myself mentally ahead of time. (Although, in all honesty, lately I've been preparing myself for... read more

Lamar grievances

Been working three years at Lamar to be unexpectedly terminated due to attendance. If y’all know anything about Lamar it’s that they can never keep on top of their paperwork so its suspicious circumstances that they got me fired and nobody else and... read more

Bridgestone and Ashford University

Has anyone at Bridgestone gotten free or discounted tuition at Ashford University? Why would anyone want a degree from this subprime college?
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Regarding Bridgestone

T-mobile and Ashford University

Has anyone at T-Mobile gotten free tuition at Ashford University? Why would anyone want a degree from this subprime college?
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Regarding T-Mobile

Everybody is done with Sears

Looks like we are far from the only ones waiting for Sears to finally be done. Also, i love the first sentence, so accurate and funny: Sears has had a death scene worthy of William Shatner after being told by a director to "go over the top."... read more

How bad will this week get?

We already know layoffs are coming this week, I'm just wondering how bad it's going to get? What kind of holiday joys has Union Pacific prepared for us so close to Christmas?

Sort your priorities

How can people be thinking about bonuses and raises right now? We've been having constant layoffs, which we know are going to continue well into the following year. This has stopped being about bonuses a while ago, now people are lucky if they still... read more

Today's the day!

I'm not sure why people are worried, though. Considering how many employees Verizon wants to get rid of, chances of somebody being denied are slim to none. I'm just waiting to see if we find out anything beyond that today, such as more info on the... read more

Next round?

I heard a rumor that if the stock continues it's trend there might be some more cuts even before Xmas to attempt a boost before the beginning of the year (note, this is not substantiated).


Not sure why ETC has much higher PSGs than BUs. Some of the first level supervisors have 26,27 PSGs comparing to 24,25 in BUs, and it is so easy to get to 24,25 PSGs for individual contributors. Clearly they understand how to justify the impacts and... read more

FAQ from CVS

What new services are you putting in the stores and when will they open? CVS Health will begin piloting enhanced health services in the community in early 2019, in the form of new concept stores. The pilot will include the programs mentioned above... read more

Why work at Dell?

For me, following: Learning. Inventing new markets. Work from Home. Competition. Discounted corporate shopping. What are your reasons?

Boy oh boy

If amazon buys target it looks like most iIT positions will go along with the "cheap chic" marketing group. Amazon is a lean run long "work from home" crowd. This wont be good.
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Regarding Target Corp.

More complaints

I been seeing more member complaints then ever this year, the workers are very hurt and moral is down, watching their family after 15-20yrs of service disappering being shoved out of the building with severance. Well sitting in my cubicle all these... read more

Friday 10/14

I heard some people will be called this Friday 10/14 with bad news. I also heard that JOhn Donovan said he was having hard time sleeping due to upcoming layoffs.

From bad to worse...

Just when you think it can't get any worse - Good work TT. You still have time to resign as CEO and get a job at Walmart as a greeter for the holiday... read more

Technical manager analytics Carla Gillespie

She is the biggest liar the most dissed honest and trustworthy physically abusive she she think she’s perfect for this day forward for the rest of her life all of her deepest darkest secrets will be known to everybody that respects her and thinks she... read more

VSP Microsite

Went to the microsite today and all I see is: "The Voluntary Separation microsite is no longer available. If you will be leaving as part of this program, additional information wil be provided to you on 12/10/2018."

Budget Deficit

I heard recently Phoenix is facing a huge budget shortfall of about 85 million. Has anyone heard this from a reliable source? If true, there will be another major reorganization. It seems new enrollment is far below projections and retention is... read more


Convinced the person that’s bashing managers & the one that’s bashing pharmacists is the same individual. Who’s up in corporate trying to get everyone not to come to this site to Speak the TRUTH!!

RE: "just curious" posts

What you are doing with these "just curious" posts is so transparent. You are a f*cking company shill or manager trying to push down some embarrassing threads.


To the post stating that "we are numbers" . Yes, we are numbers and so the universe is built on mathematics. Now stop allowing to be someone's "sheep" and look elsewhere .

Oracle sues DOD over the cloud buy

I know a lot of money is in play here, but this will get us nowhere. In fact these moves, for me, border with childish behavior. We all know that Oracle isn’t exactly on top of the cloud market, why the hell would they think that they would be the... read more

Ericsson to pay O2 damages for outage

Looks like the cost cutting at Ercsson has paid off in a spectacular way;

Slim chances for the DOJ’s appeal

As this article states, the judges haven't shown anything that might suggest that there will be some dramatic overturn in the appeal procedures and that DOJ will make their case. So AT&T will get out as winners, but I see that this position holds... read more
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Regarding AT&T

Countdown to Closure of

Since the team managing it are all gone and some of our contracts with the website team will expire 12/31 and have not been renewed, I'd guess will not see 2019 in its present form. Absolutely nobody will notice.

Decisions on your jobs have been made

DL will meet with managers one on one to discuss dismissals. Only managers no rph will be let go. If gas been decided to retain a few managers with Rx liscense and all tsm are safe. It is happening!!!!!!

DL’s find out this week of realignment

RD here, your DL’s find out this week and have meetings set up with SM’s the following week. All I can say is, strong SM’s you are safe and it has nothing to do with MSH. If your DL feels you have the right processes in your store you are ok. Volume... read more

Qualcomm set on taking down Intel

Just to be clear, I didn’t post this article to praise or promote the competition, but as a reminder that Intel needs to be aware that the competitors are watching our every move, and are set to take advantage of every mistake that we make. It’s... read more

Holiday Bonus - NOT!!

Pretty sure that was on this next check. I looked at my pay stub this morning and it’s not there. I realize that my last day was Friday but good grief, did they pick that date to save themselves some $$ by not having to pay that out to all of us?!?

Nobody is safe

Nobody is safe. The company is grabbing as much cash as it can. Either to merge or buy eastern track or to look attractive to a potential buyer. They are picking places apart with little to no warning as I'm sure they don't want people getting... read more

Multi Year RSU

Someone asked about this program. Now that it's public info, I can share limited details, see SEC filing for more info. Multi Year RSU is a program where you will be given 4 separate grants but all at once (each grant vest over 4 years). CA employees... read more

Don’t Be Deceived

I would advise everyone to not be deceived by the propaganda posted on the workplace site day after day. We are being ordered to post pictures on there multiple times per week. Workplace is being used as nothing more than a marketing tool to us to... read more