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Schenectady - 24 months of layoffs and still clueless

After 24 months of multiple salary layoffs and most recently, the first of what will be multiple union layoffs, I can honestly say that the majority of both union and salary folks at this plant simply don’t get it. Generally speaking: Management... read more
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Regarding GE Power


Does anyone have any credible info on whether the Cricket side is going to see a surplus?
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Regarding AT&T

Brad Surak: Profiles in Courage #1

Thought it might be fun to share with the world exactly how Brad Surak operates. There's a list of these so check back regularly. Just today Brad Surak hosted an all hands meeting t update the product and engineer teams of the progress he has made... read more

What to Expect from Kyle on 8/15

Not much of anything. He'll chat up 5G and some other things. In the end, lot of fluff. He'll ignore most of the questions he asked to have submitted. Bottom line, he's phoning it in until he gets his nice golden parachute. Look for retirement... read more

Club Managers no More

Why do people keep blaming there CM for the way things are. CM's are now just yes men who basically don't and won't disagree with anything the MM wants. They are just like most of us afraid to lose there job and they most likely would if they put... read more

Hosted Virtual Desktop

I have now heard this term at least half dozen times in the last week. Two people I know are getting this. One is MyWork the other is not. There was a previous post about it, but did not answer several things Does anyone know if this will be... read more

Bottom line

Fear rules no matter what you say or do on this site.Stop attacking one another.Your only making matters worse. Try to be better than those lowlifes on the board collecting their dividend checks, Start working on those resumes. You will need them... read more

Eddie Is On A Shopping Spree

Looks like Eddie is picking the bones clean!

Retail SMB

Does anyone know what's happening with the position? There is no more job openings nationwide. I also know of a few positions that were open a few weeks ago that have not been filled yet. Is there a hiring freeze or layoff coming soon? Please help... read more

Retail SMB

Does anyone know what's happening with the position? There is no more job openings nationwide. I also know of a few positions that were open a few weeks ago that have not been filled yet. Is there a hiring freeze or layoff coming soon? Please help... read more

2019 satellite office list

On my way out of the B10.3 cafe I came across a print out of a spreadsheet titled satellite offices. About 20% of the names were crossed out, such as Lawrenceville GA and Richardson TX

Club reset

So I’m going to market 28 to help reset a club to a whole new layout? It’s a 4 week project......

How to right size the organization

Obliterate technology. Obliterate exploration. Significantly reduce RP/RC teams. Each implementation RE/geo pair should manage 4 rigs worth of inventory. Each DE/geosteerer pair should have at least 3 rigs. Each CE should manage 4 rigs worth of frac... read more

Kroger & Alibaba

Even Kroger’s making smarter moves. Good grief!!

All the Food at Safeway is Rotten!

I dont know if anyone else still in town has noticed but everytime I shop at Safeway I end up inadvertently buying something with mold or past the expiration date and is off. I've probably wasted 100 dollars ove the past 6 months on food that I've... read more


Fort Smith Arkansas plant getting a raise after plant manager (Mark Lindgren) left.


ready to call for some help with job protection. Keep loading managers with Work and no help. Change quota so nobody gets paid, doing more work and after the entire retail staff is unhappy I hear there is a survey coming out on leaders. Hey you in... read more

Guess Who Is Going

Hello IT. The next phase is now in play. Remember last year? Walk down the hallway and ask your HR rep... you'll get NO answer. But will see them when they get the news of them being cut, only to say they can apply to the vendor to do a badge change... read more
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Regarding AFLAC

CA Layoff Date

Have you got any tentative dates for the layoff. I am hearing that CA will start notifying their resources around mid of Sep to leave CA. Is that true. When we get to know about out position exist or not. Does CA wait till Closing the transaction or... read more

Accounting again.

What happened to KM? Looks like she’s been demoted from Senior and had been moved to Bldg 9. Did she try out her hyperbolic flirting skills 💃🏻 on the wrong person? How many of us are or have been her Hero? Or did J get tired of K not being... read more

Invoice clerk?

Has anyone heard anything more on the fate of the receiving clerk?

Symantec Federal Sales no longer

All of Symantec federal has over the past 1.5 years been replaced by clueless, gutless and heartless Blue Coat counterparts, From top executives to talented sales staff, all gone.

Calling all the clean up crew

Does Allstate have a handle on things? Employees seem to be dropping like flies in CA, while others are here cleaning up the ABO’s awesome work. Let’s move past the “ you can leave “ comments while it’s not the cards for everyone. Long time employees... read more

WARN Notices filed
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Regarding Best Buy

Ynot's e-commerce strategy

Ynot's e-commerce strategy is beginning to come into focus, website is now presenting visitors with the following message. We will continue to help you find the perfect toys and baby gear at your preferred retailer, but will no longer... read more

Something is going on

If you have been at citrix long enough you know there is a sinking feeling that something is going on over the last few weeks. Seems all the management team was recalled to HQs and was involved in a series of big meetings last week. Now this week... read more

Little tiny hope for another merger

Someone has been buying millions of Jan 19 options at 120 and 125 strike prices. It’s a very very long shot but hopefully they know something we don’t. Management has kept their mouth shut, either because they have no clue what to do or they are... read more

More layoffs

More layoffs have been announced as part of OpenText's semi-annual RIF. The management team, especially the CEO, in incapable of making any cuts to costs that are not headcount related. Worst management team on the planet. No talent what's so ever... read more

Next step

Sears has already picked the low hanging fruit by closing stores. What has to happen next is to begin shutting down distribution centers, like RRC, DDC, MDO, TDC , RSC, etc... I think Sears probably has over 100 warehouses for a store count maybe... read more

No store closings?

Is anybody else shocked that there have been no store closing for at least several months now? Unless I missed something, that is. The way we are going, I was convinced we'd be learning about new closure weekly, if not daily. I guess we are doing... read more