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IBM HR troll topic

OK - IBM HR trolling has been pointed out a couple of times. Let's face it.. the role IBM HR is to support the policies and needs of IBM management (NOT employees) so whether specifically directed, or on individual initiative, trolling this site... —  read more 

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I remember...

I remember it was the dream of every graduating high school and college senior to get a job at this company. To get a job here meant you were set for life with a good paying job, chance to advance up the job ladder and job SECURITY SECURITY... —  read more 


When is home office going to realize that claims needs to be seperate from receiving . We just don’t have time to do both jobs... our managers are so focused on receiving and only pay attention to claims when it starts looking like c-ap. Our GM... —  read more 


If you see someone on LinkedIn who leaves ExxonMobil post a link to their profile here. Good way to build a list of where people are having success finding jobs.

Do What's Right

First, I am NOT an HR troll. Just a long time IBMer that tries to be honest. I don't like seeing that people sit doing nothing and earning big salaries because IBM s—s or because you're waiting for the layoff. As long as they pay you a big... —  read more 

Lead Table

Here’s a novel idea: make the PSE work the lead table every now and then. I don’t see him in my department selling anything in my name while I generate leads for him for two hours. And, hey Lowe’s! Have you ever heard of telemarketing to generate... —  read more 

Bonus Payment

Question(s) for other 2020 or even 2019 surplussed folks. 1) did the company contact you to let you know the prorated bonus amount prior to payout (3/6)? 2) did they direct deposit it or mail. you a check

Results Release

long 10k filed friday. can someone with more brain and expertise please explain what is our “material weakness in financial controls?” around page 1105 of the pdf document. have the auditors concluded we are cheating on the numbers reporting? my... —  read more 

Landing a good job!

I recently landed an amazing job with Amazon making a lot more than what I make at IBM. And, I mean a LOT!!! I was shocked when I saw the offer. Now, the reality is that it took me more than a year and it was not easy, but it could have been sooner... —  read more 

Mark your calendars

The Coca-Cola bottling plant at 830 N. Sixth St. in Lafayette is laying off some of its employees and consolidating its operations to a new automated distribution center in Whitestown, Indiana, according to a recent letter the company sent to the... —  read more 

Online shopping

Was anybody who was laid off offered to transition to an online shopping-related job? If that's the main reason for the layoffs, as the leadership keeps saying, why weren't the jobs that were created in the new sector offered to people before they... —  read more