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Ge screws SC and Greenville County

Ge got the state and Greenville county to build the center for manufacturing technology and put a few classes of Cnc operators through then lay them all off! Good way to get the good ole taxpayers again.

One of these things is not like the others...

Stock price since the markets bottomed out on February 8th: DJIA: +4.63% Transcanada: +7.06% Kinder Morgan: +1.19% Enterprise: +.96% Williams: +.80% Enbridge: -.76% Rising tide lifts all pipelines, except the leaky one sitting at the bottom.

Tired of employees avoiding customers

I'm really tired of people who are going out of their way to avoid customers. What exactly do you think your job is? If a person can't find somebody three times in a row to answer their question, do you really think they'll ever be back to the store?... read more

Layoffs are coming

There were no layoffs as of yet, but they are coming from what I've heard. The latest number I heard was around 250, possibly operations and quality areas. There is no time-frame that I have heard. New president needs to meet what the last president... read more


Does anyone care or read these posts anymore ? Got a little work to shut up the masses. It is all gone after May. Start looking

March layoffs?

Been hearing some chatter at the office about possible March layoffs, but I can't figure out what started the rumor. Do we know if there really is another round coming next month or is this just the usual office crap that bored people come up with... read more

Too early's founder may be eyeing the exit at Walmart
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Regarding Walmart

Broadcom’s Take Over Strategy

Let me see you do the booty hop (HOP) and now make the booty STOP Now drop and do the booty wop (ooooooh) The way you shakin your reals, will appeal is makin, OF A WHOLE LOT OF BILL

Internal Control Measures in GE

Early 2017 it is hunky dory, but just a year later, GE has been declared an absolute mess. There exist a group of people to make sure such sudden shocks do not emerge from within the system. Ofcourse I am talking about the much-hyped CAS folks. What... read more

Internal Control Measures in GE

Early 2017 it is hunky dory, but just a year later, GE has been declared an absolute mess. There exist a group of people to make sure such sudden shocks do not emerge from within the system. Ofcourse I am talking about the much-hyped CAS folks. What... read more

Budjet cuts

I was not aware that bean counters could weave webs, but this is sticky. Increasing the number of employees, sure. Collective intelligence quotient, well, that's deep. Hey, some will bail. Others will not be utilized by the pull system. Even the... read more

WMT Stock Drops 10% - More Layoffs Imminent

The way to save WMT will be to save the brick & mortar first. Hey, if you can't trust the stores, why should the consumer trust the online business? They should start with the top executive leaders and HR because they got the company to this spot in... read more

Raises and Bonuses for 2017

Are we getting raises and bonuses this year??? Last year that info was disclosed in our year end reviews. This year least tell us if we are not getting anything. So much for transparency. We were paid out last year on the first paycheck... read more
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Regarding Aetna

Run Away

This place doesn't know how to manage anybody. They say they have an open door policy but don't as their supervisor then goes to your manager and rats you out basically. The manager then gets really offended for talking to your supervisor. There... read more
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Regarding NIC Inc.

E&P division

How is this business doing? I know there were big expectations to raising a couple hundred million, hiring a big name ceo, getting choice acreage and jettisoning the Services group. But I haven’t read anything regarding funding, executive hires or... read more

Breaking Down Numbers

Savings target: $1B - that's around 4,000 employees to be laid off (calculating with with overhead). Low-cost regions will logically pick up more work so the majority has to be in SD. It's not enough to change travel policies (which might save $8 to... read more

Layoff Date

It has been confirmed, layoffs will take place on Friday March 2nd, 2018. Good Luck everyone!

The joke is on you chk

I'm so glad I got laid off i was looking for another job anyway I didn't get to even enjoy a mini vacation before I was hired again the Woodward office is a joke I worked at the waynoka office along time with nothing but great reviews till I moved to... read more

Freebie Saturday

What ever happened to freebie Saturday. My store stopped doing it awhile ago. It was part of the making shopping fun again program along with the shirts and bluelight special.


70% of my district is not even close to 75% of quota, not to mention 100%,any are still below 50%, yet quotas keep going up and managers keep saying heads are gonna roll if we don't hit 100% of our quota, right after they tell us all that traffic is... read more

Sam's is dividing us more

Way to go Sam's in dividing the clubs up even more. Give bigger raises and higher pay out to the fresh areas. Now they earn even more why would anyone want to help them. They never have lift driver of there own. They never tie a bale. They need to... read more

Respect = Transparency = Trust

What has happened to transparency and respect for employees at EGD? What a watered down, sugar coated fluff piece. No real explanation for management nothing about what was changed just an asterisk on the bottom of the actual scorecard and minus 13%... read more

GG Windstream

Laid me off and one of your elite/major customers picked me up. Guess whos about to get the chop now of 30k+ monthly revenue. GG

Store Closings

Does anyone know what stores are closing in March? I’ve heard about Albuquerque, Laredo, Meridian, a store in Arizona (unknown city), but I was wondering if anyone had a better list or knew of any other stores.

GE Bankrupt Maybe?

GE is into data analysis these days. Check out this site that gave GE 51% probability of going bankrupt in some form or other. Anyway it has some interesting info even you don't believe it will happen... read more

No layoffs at Spirit

I heard that Sun Country had layoffs recently - will look it up and post. I work for Spirit - we do not have layoffs. The company is OK, pay is good and I like people here. Again, no layoffs

late severance pack?

how many have not received the packed yet that helps you plan your near future. was told we'd have it BY today. Or is it just us in the far corner of Wa. state that are invisible. Would also like to know why some got it overnighted to them too. how... read more

What %age of acquisitions fail

Cisco are pretty good at buying and acquiring tech and talent - I was wondering if anyone has any stats about the successes? It would be really helpful to have some proper ammunition to use on these idiots that use the tiny number of failures (SA... read more

Walmart Business Idea

I have a novelidea: Buy more .com companies and layoff more associates. That should help drive profits. Then close all stores and just go online. OK, this is all sarcasm - so, do not hurt me!

Wallingford #2 Update

Bristol-Myers in Wallingford to layoff more than a hundred folks in coming months Link: