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Justify your job reports

Now that I have been gone a while I feel like like I can ask this. Did anyone else feel like the monthly performance reviews felt more like an interrogation where you had to explain why you shouldn't lose your job?

Unionize Lowes

If 9 stores @ Starbucks can get unionized in Texas so easily then why is it so hard to do this at Lowes - it only takes one to get the message across that the managers from DM levels - including MST - MKTHRBP to the store manager are racist cronies... —  read more 

Quiet Quitting

Its real. No one going the extra mile. Do my 8 hours and I am out. Do enough to not get in trouble genius! This is what managers have been doing for years!!!!!!!!

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| Regarding Hertz

IBM PIP requirements completed

If i complete the requirements of PIP successfully. i.e the metrics to achieve the PIP what happens in the final meeting . Do they make up any silly reason to still let me go since there is no HR to review the progress. Will they close the PIP and... —  read more 

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| Regarding IBM

In the office trolls

Intel management thinks the tides have changed and are pushing hard for back to the office, you should expect this to be required soon. Lets see the result, many remote jobs from companies with the times and not failing in such a dramatic public... —  read more 

Salary Treatments

Anyone have insights on upcoming salary treatments? I suppose it will be a big sign whether the company wants to encourage attrition via low to moderate raises or be competitive via robust raises that are commensurate with our peer companies.

Four-day work week

It seems to be a success among companies in the U.K. that started a pilot program earlier this year. Instead of five 8-hour days, people are working four 10-hour days. So far, none of the companies have recorded a drop in productivity and some have... —  read more 


Currently my annualized rate of return less than 1%, and cumulative is just over 1%, which is less than I would be earning even if I just had the money in a savings account. It seems like the stock market fluctuates wildly, and I have been wondering... —  read more 

Job market is still good

Start applying for jobs right now whether you were laid off or not. I know some of you feel like you might need a week or two to recover but I wouldn't wait. The job market is still good but it won't stay like that for long. Jump in before it's too... —  read more 

Let’s Pick A Week

That no one goes into the office. This RTO is ruining the company and making everyone’s life harder. Is Frank even in the office? They can’t fire the entire company it’s time to stand in solidarity.

Field trips

As a worker, I found it's especially motivating to see our senior advisors and execs post pictures of all the conferences and field trips they're attending on the company dime. Wouldn't you agree?

Hammer To Fall

It’s coming everyone, the WFR hammer is going to drop soon for FTEs and CWs. Poor earnings, stock price tanking, super costly corporate acquisition, major rumors of campuses being turned to ghost towns, and other signposts all point to a volatile... —  read more 

Unethical company - Age discrimination formed cartel to falsely label 40 year old as slow and fired in 2014-2016

Unethical company - formed cartel(under NASSCOM) to falsely label 40 year old IT Pros as slow and fired in 2014-2016. Also created secret database accessible to HR head and shared to prevent those fired from getting jobs elsewhere. Unethical company... —  read more 

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| Regarding Wipro

Workday - Managers

Can managers see if their employee posts for another role? In the past, managers were usually unaware of their employees seeking other opportunities until final interview stages. I’m curious if Managers can actually see when an employee simply... —  read more 

70% is the new 100%

How about this? Under the new way the STIP multiplier is calculated you can get a performance rating of "Successful performance" (where about 80% of the company lands) and receive a STIP multiplier as low as 70%! So....... Meet all your goals, exceed... —  read more 

Future of Ford?

This is a rather hypothetical question, but I hear more and more opinions that Ford will most likely be sold or merged in the end. Do you think this is the only salvation for the company? No one knows what will happen in the future, but to me it... —  read more 

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