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Let's spread the word that #ibmsux

IBM's 2018 Annual Meeting of Stockholders will be on Tuesday, April 24, 2018 at 10 a.m. at the Hyatt Regency Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Wouldn't it be great if we could get a few dozen folks to march around the Hyatt Regency in Milwaukee... read more
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Regarding IBM

BBOX bankrupt in 12 months

Just a question of WHICH twelve months. Maybe not a bankruptcy but certainly a big sale of some chunk of BB is coming along with more layoffs. Their fabulous strategery got them into this mess in the first place and they aren't likely to pull off any... read more

May Layoffs

The current rumor I have heard from several different people in different organizations is that May will have the next round of layoffs. What have you heard???

The Process

Getting laid off begins a process, which starts off with you feeling "relieved" sometimes, or "Free" from a bad situation. At this stage, you have a high opinion of your value to a company and view yourself as a fully employed desirable contributor... read more

Attention Devon Leadership

The reluctance to give employees any sort of timeline or additional information is seriously weakening employee perception of management as an effectual body with an actual plan. It is impossible to give any sort of real effort at work with this... read more

Time for whatever's next

I was affected by the layoff. I'm finding myself with mixed feelings. I've become bored with what I've been doing for too long. Also, the toxic environment keeps getting worse. I don't see it getting better anytime soon. This will force me to... read more

I got the axe today.... no more worrying about layoff.....time to move on. I will miss many people ❤️❤️❤️ But will not miss the company. I won’t do a James Comey by complaining about management but I am so disappointed. Best wishes to all....I am may drop In here... read more

Are you a Partner, or a Pawn?

Still at the Q? Time to ask yourself these questions: 1) Do you want to work WITH your company, or FOR your company? 2) Do you want them to do things WITH you, or TO you? Based on he way this layoff was handled, it seems Q has made the full... read more

Club Manager

My club manager is going around talking bad about me to employees and making rumors about me. I have been told the same thing by multiple people. What can I do?

Expected size of this layoff round

The company is quiet on this so they will likely trickle this over a period. To get an idea if the size a comparison with Intel may help. Intel did ACT layoff included vsp isp erp for 12000 employees for 1.2B cost in 2016, the packages were very... read more

Here's the latest

The announcement will be made on April 30th. May 1 managers, May 2nd everyone else. If you make it through this one you will be clear for a while.


1321 total and only 120 within IT. Knowledge transfer is the idea? F--- you! I’ll share with open source instead of the dumb--ses that y’all kept....

Layoffs done slowly and painfully

lots of companies are opting for slow, painful layoffs the past year. No idea why but if you read "Latest Posts" now and again you'll see people from all sorts of companies complaining about neverending layoffs where you don't know if you'll come... read more

Human resources monitoring

Does The HR group monitor this site? How about execs? They can learn a lot about how the empoyees feel. My first time on this site and I am perplexed. Good luck all.

New "Attire"

Am I the only one that is wondering who approved our new Attire.....not one person in my store wants to wear this crap, as a 29 year old man, I'm embarrassed to have to wear these shirts, seriously, I have to wear shirts with hearts and cutsie... read more

G&G cut by 40%

Maybe taking out some senior management will help the worker bees. We are done exploring. Just gonna keep a few rock lickers around

Start looking now...

Dont wait 60 days to apply for jobs. Most hiring cycles can take 45 to 60 days. Most potential employers will wait for you if you are the top candidate...

Wave One

When do ET assignments and offers start? Some have gotten assignments already I hear. People are already talking as if they are moving here or there... does anyone actually know anything yet or is it just speculation and rumor? This is so messed up.

Global Webcast

Ashok and his crooked friends will be putting on a webcast where they will brag about cutting costs (people) and destroying lives. You know - that is where the creeps gather in a small room at some undisclosed location, far away from any contact with... read more