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Who will be affected?

I’m in a pretty hopeless situation, timing couldn't be worse. I see that there are others here who, like me, if they get laid off in October, will not get the company match 401K. No one can know who the target group will be, but is there at least... —  read more 

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Women at Bose

While nearly all other major players in the tech space have put out a statement on how they plan to support their employees with Roe v Wade being overturned, Bose has stayed silent. Sad to say that I am not shocked considering they refuse to match... —  read more 

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Hire more people!

How much longer will we have to do the work of several people? How long before Fiserv stops working employees to 60+ hours a week, instead of hiring more staff? The "we can't find good candidates to hire" can only hold up for so long before there are... —  read more 

Ignoring RTO

I didn't want to take the risk. I waste time and money on gas by coming to the office. Now I see that there also seem to be many who have simply ignored requests to return to the office without being fired. Is that possible? I mean, I’m not... —  read more 

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Job market

The thought of a cooling job market worries me. I haven't been able to find a job for more than two months now and I'm worried there might be even less opportunities in the near future. Do you think that the job market will soon start rapidly cooling... —  read more 

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Less Full Time Positions

In my store, several associates have left or moved from full time just hourly positions into hourly plus commission full time positions. When I asked if those full time positions that they left were available, I was told no because they are either... —  read more 

Criteria for layoffs

It is not at all surprising that there are more and more pretenders here, and fewer and fewer employees who perform their best. If performance will not be the main criterion, then what exactly will be the criterion for layoffs, rumors of which are... —  read more 

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Thinking about working for tmo

So got an oppty as SAM at tmo Sound off current SAM? What’s management like? culture? Commission structure? Career development? If you came for another carrier is better worst I hate to pass of the $$$ the manager Saying I can make

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PS at Broadcom

Anyone have any thoughts on what is likely to happen to the PSO team after the acquisition? I've read that Broadcom does not have their own PS team and uses partners. However, PSO is a profit center and Broadcom likes money. Would they really want to... —  read more