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Target is the biggest loser in Retail!

Target again has let their shareholders down. Stock price closing barely above $63 today. This of course means Target will again break promises made to its team members with layoffs. It's not a matter of if but when. The executive leadership team... read more

HLC approves the deal

Today--Phoenix Business Journal- Angela Gonzalez writes: "the Higher Learning Commission has approved Apollo Education Group Inc.'s (Nasdaq: APOL) proposed merger with a consortium of investors, marking the last regulatory approval needed for the... read more

Regional President called out AT&T Layoff site

At a meeting a Regional President called out the AT&T layoff as inaccurate, specifically the retail predictions. Must be getting to upper management because even if there are some inaccuracies, overall predictions and leaks about indirect and COR... read more

US layoffs called off.

After careful consideration the ETL have decided that instead of laying off another 1000 people from the US, they will have a Hunger Games in the car park of building 25. Last person standing gets a directorship!

eCommerce 200 Layoffs

200 e-commerce folks, California offices Tuesday... Part of the latest cut, all done before the end of January.


29 Area Directors 6 Regional Directors and 50 home office employees. Good thing I left when I did, not good at all. Company doesn't care about people anymore, what a shame.

Will hire thousands in India in the coming years Time for people to go into fields that cannot be outsourced. These jobs require someone to physically be... read more
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Regarding CSC

Layoffs in 2 to 3 weeks

Sr VP told multiple groups of 'other positions' within bank. on 1/30 ehinger comes to our site for a 'visit.' buddy in another group said they are taking on additional duties on 2/15/17. won't say my site, just that i am in loss mit

Cannabis Science Inc. (CBIS) and Dana Farber/Harvard Cancer Center (DF/HCC) Announce Joint Research and Drug Development Agreement

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - Jan 6, 2017) - Cannabis Science, Inc. ( OTC PINK : CBIS ), a U.S. company specializing in the development of cannabinoid-based medications, is proud to announce a collaborative research agreement with Dana Farber/Harvard... read more


Whole Foods Jump-starts a Promising Idea Its 365 stores have taken a while to get going, but several are close to opening. How successful are the 365 stores, anyway?

Keeping busy creating fake reviews (cont.).

Since the first of the year there have been 18 Glassdoor reviews published. More than half are shill reviews posted by HR/Recruiting. Consider how much time is spent monitoring and responding with fake reviews. Consider posting your own real review... read more
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Regarding Follett

Lowe's is Lying

My son has been a loyal worker of Lowe's for 12 years. He has received excellent evaluations and commendations from his supervisors. He has worked his way from a $9 per hour salary to $18 with added benefits . . . not great for it is a living. He was... read more

Galway, Ireland office

Does anyone know the impact in the Galway office in Ireland? Are they laying people off there? I just got an offer for a dev role there and wondering if it's worth taking?

March 8 Layoff Confirmed

My list is finalized. Big layoff coming on March 8. Sad, very sad. And another lawsuit.

Layoffs in Progress at Wipro

Why is it so silent today? There are layoffs going on but people are afraid to speak up. All other companies post and employees share info, but not us? Why is that so? Are we so afraid of what may happen if we speak up? Or, do people just do not know... read more

Not fair

This person never worked in technology, worked exactly at a warehouse, moving packages and doing shopping and receiving, his friend which is a director from PTE brought him in, now after 4 years he has been promoting 3 times and his title is now... read more

Layoff/life results

Here we are almost a year later and being laid off is still messing with my life. I was finally able to find a job in O&G almost 8 months later but it is a remote part of the country forcing me to give up all the (social and health) progress I had... read more

Height of discrimination

In one hand oracle removed so many qualified guys, other hand it is recruiting new guys. Oracle should have relocated old guys to new postition first and train them. This is huge discrimination. Old guys have been inflicted with knife. U post mass... read more

So what happened?

We had a post here the other day with impending doom of a Falcon landing. Not talking about ATL either. Stop making up lies, if you hate your job quit. If you lost your job, move on make comments to your new company. Does anyone have any new insight... read more

Death Row Last Meal

Follett is really delivering the benefits for employees. Sign up to have lunch with your favorite CEO, it could be your last meal and perhaps you get to request what you want. We have all been on death row just waiting for our numbers to come up for... read more
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Regarding Follett

Happy Selling!

While changing the comp plans for FY17 provides Wall Street a false sense of GK putting NetApp back on track, the numbers will start showing declining revenue and profitability declining. You can only massage the numbers so far and as the smoke... read more

DBG / Move to a co-location

I've been with the IBM Digital Business Group for a year now - I am, as of last Fall 100% remote, I know many who have the same arraignment. Anyhow, last week I was contacted by my manager and explicitly told that I have 30 days to move to a... read more

Ginni has IBM in a death spiral

I was around when IBM reduced offices and sent everyone to work from home. Now their sending everyone back into offices, but this time, to only a handful of cities. 10's of thousands of U.S. workers who cannot move, or will not move, will be... read more

Calibration Meeting

DGTC west 113 and 114 are booked all morning both Tuesday 1/24 (labels: "Calibration Meeting", "Calibration Session" and Thursday 1/26 (label: HOLD). Those rooms are somewhat close to the primary lobby.

I got layoff today.

I got layoff today. My manager asked me to join her in a room. Immediately I knew this was not normal. She used the script to read out to me. 2 weeks. Was told to take rest of day and Tuesday off. Show up on Wed or work from home.

down to about 14,400 employees

According to the last 10 k filing we are now down about 2600 employees from 2008. or about 12 percent .they had the new store at roosevelt MyTheresa much more can they cut? time will tell. And they still make no money... Ares... read more

Avaya CEO

Investors have full confidence in KK. Whatever KK has done for Avaya, no father would even do that to his sons. He is still fighting for Avaya and for all of us. He could have quit, but, he is still trying his best to make Avaya great again. On the... read more