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What’s the extent of the layoffs?

See this thread on the board about layoffs taking place. See people are getting cut from different parts of the company. Is it possible to determine how many people were hit by no, at least approximately? Is the management deliberately targeting a... read more

No more clubs being turned into fulfilment centers?

They seemed to be doing that constantly but for a while I haven’t heard that a club has been turned into a distribution center for e-commerce. Have they stopped that process for some reason or is the information about such transformations flying... read more

Blah blah blah blah blah

Enough already. Nobody know the answer to all of these id--tic questions. All we can do is see what happens. We will know soon enough. We all have marketable skills. This is standard operating procedure in the oil patch.

How long could Xerox last?

These are some tough times, maybe the toughest in the company history, and I tend to think that there is a big probability that we’re witnessing the last years of the company. How long do you think Xerox is going to last given the current situation... read more

UPRR leadership.

If I offer to pay you to do something unethical , then I have given you a job . If you perform that job knowing it’s unethical, you are essentially a tool . If you can’t tell when you are doing something unethical then you are as smart as a bag of... read more

From the customer's point of view

“Charging forward”? Amazon and Walmart are leading the charge. As a customer, I haven’t walked out of a CVS in quite some time without something aggravating me. Product out, misplaced, congested with those totes, “all cvs this or that on sale, but... read more

Icahn should have never split Xerox and Conduent

Icahn should have never split Xerox and Conduent as it would have saved him the time, cost and effort of launching 2 identical proxy wars. With 1, Johnny V could have received $30 Million (a savings of $10< compared to doing it twice) to oversee the... read more

Repent now!!! The end is near

Repent now my friends— ask for forgiveness as the end is near for our once beloved Staples. Hahahahaha...... sorry... but for the way I was treated and how I watched my fellow team members treated like sh--— is it really so wrong of me to get so much... read more


How much outsourcing going on and could it be less talented folks in the company causing all this serious safety issues lately one after another?
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| Regarding Boeing Co.

Real information

One year ago

The DST purchase closed one year ago. So the DST separation agreements have expired. Now what is Stone going to do?

The Real Problem

The real problem is executive pay, inequality and mentality. As long as executives get paid big bonuses for increasing profits with no long term growth goals, it will continue to be a problem. The executives are just taking the shareholders money. A... read more

First quarter results

In the next week or so we should get those numbers. I would suggest that people actually open up the BU results to get a feel for how the company is doing in your specific areas. Too many just read the rosy email that RS puts out. Will admit it takes... read more

Not waiting any longer

I'm done waiting for Avaya to lay me off or fire me (something else they've started doing more frequently.) I'm leaving this place and never intend to look back. i can't tell you what relief I felt when I finally made this decision. My advice to... read more
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Staples is a house of cards at this point

I just left Staples about a month ago. One of the best decisions I’ve made career wise. Staples has gone down as a place of employment since late 2015. The writing was on the wall then. I give Staples 3 or 4 years before they end up like Payless. If... read more

Hiring of employees from closed stores

Does Bed Bath & Beyond give employees from closed stores a chance to transfer to available positions in other stores or do they have to apply like everybody else, with no advantage over other candidates? I'm asking because I suspect my store might be... read more

Layoffs at Gordon College now a probability

With the not-insignificant cut to the budget of seven percent, it is clear that we can now be nearly certain layoffs are coming. What I would like to know is who will be hit - there is talk of some faculty being affected, but it is still all in the... read more

Funny Money

18 months ago - "gotta make the books look better for creditors, let's pay people to leave." This week - "gotta make our story look better for purchasers, people are leaving, let's pay them half of their sales comp to stay." The irony is hilarious. 😂

This is absolutely ridiculous

I swear to god there are 3rd graders running this company. I have teenage daughters that are more consistent in their daily routines. These people (directors and above) are obsessed with constant change of systems. It’s literally constant!! Who and I... read more

Is this true?

Sick how HR handled the layoffs. No respect at all. People on my floor found out when their computer was shut off instead of from a manger. Is this really how layoffs are handled these days at Highmark Health? If this is true, than this is a new low... read more

Chevron Managers

I usually take two hour lunches to work out and run errands but I still get my work done during normal business hours. Does Chevron frown on employees working out at lunch or taking long lunches in general? Are most CVX managers clock watchers?

How’s Q4 ?

So, how’s Q4 shaping up? Normally the best quarter sales-wise by far, is cloud making any progress? My quess is not, but you all let me know. How bad are things?

I really wish this was over and done with

Even if at the end of it I don't have a job anymore - I know I'll be happy to be out of this limbo that only brings us stress and anxiety. If CVS continues like this for much longer, I might leave on my own, just to escape all the uncertainty. This... read more

What can IBM afford to dump revenue wise

The real question is what can IBM afford to dump revenue wise. IBM has become hyper sensitive to any drop in revenue and has managed it’s restructuring around it. If you downsize GTS by 1/3 can IBM absorb the drop of 8 billion. The same will be said... read more

Prayers needed

For those of you who are still hanging on - to give you a heads up- be prepared for the end by the end of the year. You have been warned. Signed- no longer staying quite Exec

Devon layoffs in May?

I heard that layoffs may happen next week or they will be postponed until May. It’s messed up what ol’ butterfly is doing. Makes a statement about mid April and so far hasn’t followed through. Next week we’ll find out if he sticks to it. Another long... read more