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Dfa will shut down what they don’t want how is deans going to sell non profitable plants

Here it is....

Some straight UP for your home page. To all you CEOs directors and others in charge points per man 9950 s Moby billing data usage you can take it all and shove it up you're wealthy fat f** asses you dirty d–k bag m—erz you should all... —  read more 

Fancy name

They give it the fancy name of “reduction of force.” A reduction occurred this week 1/24/20. One cut was the Patient Experience Coordinator position.

News on SF Apparel Buying Office?

Curious as to what’s left in the spacious We Works office location in expensive San Francisco. Are there any useful bodies there or just the oxygen wasters “management” team?

Purdue Numbers

Sounds like someone was misleading the Chronicle of Higher Education about Purdue Global's numbers. "Obviously, it's hard to start a brand new university,' she says. Purdue Global’s financial loss this year was due, in part, to nearly $30 million... —  read more 

Purdue Numbers

Sounds like someone was misleading the Chronicle of Higher Education about Purdue Global's numbers. "Obviously, it's hard to start a brand new university,' she says. Purdue Global’s financial loss this year was due, in part, to nearly $30... —  read more 

Office Purge Day

Office Purge Day announced to clean desks and cubicles, get rid of extra office supplies. Hmmmm.


I was with UP for 20 yrs and figured I would retire from there but this PSR changed that. I then decided to downgrade, went from my wife and I driving 2017 vehicles to a 99 and 02. Nice house to 2 bedroom apartment. I now work at a mom and pop burger... —  read more 

Is anyone safe?

Currently a top performer and I have always been. I used to think that performance was a key to being “safe” and now I’m seeing posts / comments that even top performers are being let go. How common is this?


Why would the stock be fully canceled and be worth nothing? The company will continue to operate, and new stock will be issued, so why would it not transfer to the new stock? Don’t know much about stock, this is unfortunately from my time with... —  read more 

Minimum value segment rates question

are the minimum value segment rates posted for 11/19 the locked in values for all of 2020 or is it subject to change month by month as the rates for 12/19 went down again. If you were to retire by the end of Jan. Would the December rates be... —  read more 

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| Regarding AT&T

Career Consultant for UHC Folks

Hi–I just wanted to let folks on this page know that I'm a Career Consultant and have recently helped several folks at UHC/Optum in MN with career support, resume writing, LinkedIn strategies. From what they tell me, the environment sounds deeply... —  read more 

Update from The Ax-Man

The Ax-Man here, updating you folks with latest information. Next week (week of Jan 27) there will be major and numerous high-level meetings happening at Oracle HQ in Redwood Shores. Execs from all several major business units and top... —  read more 

Time for a new GM CEO?

Mary Barra has been CEO since Jan'14. GM stock back then was around 36 and today it's about 34, so she's still not convinced the market that GM has a viable financial future, The recent announcement showing a totally new fully autonomous production... —  read more 

Word on the street

Word around macys hr is that the receiving management is going to be outsourced to that pink alien from Men in Black 2 that has all those flippers for arms. Its worrisome

Engineering should be safe

Truth be told there’s no way they will let anyone else go in engineering. It is short staffed and rehiring already. Whoever made these choices for the rift must have been an outside agency that did not fully understand the structure. I agree... —  read more 

Layoffs have started

Unilever is shutting down it's office in Shelton, CT. This impacts approximately 500 employees across Customer Service, Logistics, Vendor Management, Deployment, Deductions, and Revenue. We were told last week that almost al jobs were being... —  read more 

Optum made me hate the weekends

I used to enjoy the weekends. Now all I can think about is what the following workweek will bring and how many more layoffs we will learn of. And the saddest thing is that I have stopped believing this will end. I am now convinced this is what life... —  read more 

Rudderless ship!

Ahoy there matey this be the Macy’s ship, we don’t know our a– from our elbow at the top!! Case in point, stores were given a list of support associates who’s jobs were eliminated. We were told to have those conversations with those effected by... —  read more 

PHS layoffs

Just a heads up I heard that there will be ‘significant shakeup’ in PHS.

Let’s look at the numbers!

I was looking at the up tv and noticed some numbers that surprised me. It stated we had 95% loco availability with a goal of 93% meaning we are exceeding goal. It also said we had 676 trains holding for power. What I don’t understand is we were... —  read more 

Info on changes at branches

They have notified our region that all branches will be dropping to almost half their current staff. My branch in particular has 6 PB’s that includes a licensed. One premier and a branch manager. They will be dropping it to three PB’s and one manger... —  read more 

The CLEC side isn't profitable right now

We have too much TDM network out there and most of the equipment is end of life. Most of the cash generated comes fro. Carrier (WE) selling large transport deals. If you look at every business unit we support there are few that make money. The... —  read more 

Any ideas why this is happening?

Funny how they RIF people, and then have recruiters call those people in order to fill openings. Had a call recently and was told the 6-months waiting period that was in the RIF package would be waived if I was interested in coming back - and... —  read more 

Fourth quarter results

Any chance we'll get a positive surprise on January 29?

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| Regarding AT&T

Prism is dead

The new scam is reps telling customers on their first order we can give you 3m then call in again we will upgrade you to 6 then call in again to 8. The reps are setting themselves up for multiple commissions charging a service order fee each time and... —  read more 

Layoffs in Smaller Volume Stores

It was announced Wednesday that staff reductions are happening across about 50 stores. Impacted associates have been informed. The operations manager position has been eliminated and staffing in store support positions such as CSR and... —  read more 

more cuts

What is going on with Chase?

JPMorgan Chase has begun the lay-off process for their seasoned recruiters in the USA. Replacing their staff with call center representatives (no human resource experience required) . They are changing their strategy in the direction of HIGH VOLUME... —  read more 

Any new layoffs and VEP offered?

Anyone know fannie will have another round(s) of layoff/terminations after performance evals in Feb/March. Also hearing about another VEP offered in the summer. Any concrete info?


Anybody get your w-2s yet

What's next?

There were layoffs in Europe and Costa Rica this week (at least from what we know,) any ideas what might be next? Will it happen next week?

This place is a mess!

Sometimes it feels like this place wants new hires to fail - there is barely any training whatsoever. If you don't have plenty of previous experience, you are basically screwed. This is especially bad since turnover rates have been getting worse... —  read more 

We need to end union dues.

I’m not against all unions just the ones at the railroad. If they don’t have the courage to strike now with all the safety issues and layoffs then they never will. Bunch of cowards. Weakest unions I’ve ever seen. Don’t @ me you know I’m right. ... —  read more 

Very sad

Yesterday Lance Fritz sat at the Town Hall. He was laughing and smiling. He looked like a kid at Christmas. Later the article in the WSJ announced 3000 job cuts. I've never seen anything like it in my life. Most depts are under staffed. No one... —  read more 

Where are we going?

Does the company have any future? Do the leaders have any vision? Do we have a reason to stay at the company if we are not laid off? There are so many questions I do not sense anything positive about. How do we work with a constant fear of getting... —  read more 


Run don't walk to submit your resigination. You have no future here.

This will happen again

Dont buy a house. Learn what you need quick!! Dont become cozy. Leave as soon as you have what you need. Consider this a temp job if your an engineer.

The Final Cuts

So they came out and said the company has got to cut 3000 more jobs to accommodate the loss of work no longer needed to be done....all work this company does usually needs to be done like maintenance that keeps getting pushed to the side and... —  read more