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Who wears Short Shorts?

If you really think Marvin's drivin this bus think again: Just remember Marvin couldn't wait to announce share buyback:... read more

Not layoff related

Who decided that Holly and Jim were a good management team? Worst decision and will be the downfall of the mutual fund side.

Recipe for success..

We can speculate all we want about what's good or bad for Juniper, it's emoyees, CxOs, execs, BoDs, or individual groups, cohorts, gangs, fiefdoms or the next class of layoff graduates. All I want to say is cheers to you all.... Here's my recipe for... read more


I was looking at reviews for other retailers on this website, including CVS’s competitors. I have to say, CVS employees complain the most... and seem the most hostile, unhappy, etc. what is the main reason for your disatisfation with your company?

Let go

Seems alot of asms are posting about being let go with no coachings and good evals dose anyone have info on this. If you where affected what was the reason given job performance? Did you already recieve your eval for the year? I cant see Walmart... read more
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Be careful next week

Today’s news story about the shooting in Illinois is a sad reminder of what can happen when a company goes about layoffs. Be careful next week, sadly you never know. God bless.


Overnight Manager, Grocery Consumable Compliance Manager, and General Merchandise Manager positions get eliminated. They are recreating a GM1 and GM2 position to oversee the floor and backroom. The Member Experience Manager oversee TBC, gas station... read more


Breaking news, Sears Holdings is officially liquidating all remaining stores!! It's finally done! The new CEO has officially decided to call it quits for the company! Hallelujah! We can finally be done with this sick chicken now!

Kaiser Rumors

After everything that has happened with Kaiser in Colorado, numerous cuts, disrespect, etc. I am hearing now rumors that they are getting ready for another round of cuts. Please! Keep in mind this is just a rumor I heard from multiple people in the... read more


Yup, Argosy could lose all federal aid funding. Why? Because money isn't accounted for. I said it before and I'll say it again. Somebody or somebodies WILL BE going to prison. You know who you are. Come clean. Now. Or else.

Life after Verizon

After almost 20 years, I accepted the VSP. Didn’t seriously start looking for another job until about 3 weeks ago. I landed a position making almost 40k more a year. Keep your head up. There is life after Verizon!

Elegant exit

I also still love my job

Ever since I quit UP a few years ago work has been great. Seriously, the girl that posted about how great a quality of life UP has blah blah blah. statistics you are what is called an outlier. Out of a large block of data, decisions aren’t... read more

It's Over

It's official: all 2100+ remaining US locations to be liquidated. Will actually be the largest liquidation event by number of store closures in American history.

A message from the office of AP

Hello Associates, I will not be tolerating any impersonating of myself or the mere mention of my name or the names of any who work under me. This also includes my former employees who's careers I have ended with a phone call. These posts will be... read more


Any news of STORE LEVEL layoffs yet?!?!? Any news on what positions will get the axe on the Sears side...??

Good for the talent that was asked to leave.

Once again the brainy people are asked to leave to save money. With the last two layoffs, eBay is actually forcing itself into the band of third-rated tier 3 companies that cant afford to pay the highly talented. The company neither deserves nor can... read more
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Zayo is laying off!

I, my manager and two people I managed got laid off today. It was estimated that Zayo is laying off 25% of it's workforce company wide/

Doomsday In Greenville

Sooner it will be in Upstate NY as the clueless salary team is running this place like a coffee house. No one knows what they are doing but think that if people do more they would save the companies sales team for under bidding on big projects and... read more

GM is now a hire and fire company

The problem with laying off people when times are good is that it not only does it generate fear and mistrust between management and the workers but also between workers themselves. I had the unfortunate experience to work at a couple of smaller... read more

Advice to Millenniums; don't be loyal!

If the company hired you because you are young and cheap take notes because one day you will be old and wrinkled .... Take all your vacation, take full hour lunch breaks, make use of sick days and always be on the look out for a better opportunity.

Letters of recommendation not allowed??

Has anyone else asked (former) co workers for letters of recommendation only to be told that there’s a GM HR policy that says they can’t?? Can anyone elaborate on this ‘rule’?? It’s incredible to me that GM will lay off thousands of people and then... read more

Los Angeles Closure

50+ laid off from Sodexo - the last day will be 3/31 or 4/1/2019 I am not entirely sure.
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Visalia (Tulare County) Layoffs

60+ people lost jobs. I am sure there will be more closures even though many sides of UPS' business are doing just fine.
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Laid off in Bellevue

Can confirm layoffs. Had my position terminated today in Bellevue, along with quite a few others. Surprised there’s nothing in the news about it, as I’m curious what the final tally is this time.
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Are we turning into a "High Tech KMART"?

It has been happening for years. The only energy management has is about causes outside of the core business. Any manager with passion for the job and their team is punished. DW thought building a c-appy building on the old campus was going to turn... read more
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Yearly Evaluations.

Has Sam's Club given up on the yearly evals? Mine was due in November. There are many people at my Club that have not had them yet.

Layoffs Yesterday

EBay laid off 15 director-level employees yesterday. Layoffs were affecting managers as well, about 40 managers were laid off. In addition to this many software engineers, architects, data scientists were cut... Also, affected legal and admin... read more
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Pension Fund Stability ?

Thoughts on pension fund stability after the McElfresh town hall? Freudian slip about turning around the Titanic? I wanted to work until year end but thinking I should leave now. Thoughts? I’m retirement eligible but scared.