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Remember when....

Does anyone remember when Verizon was automatically adding the cloud feature to most peoples accounts if they did any type of upgrade or add a line? (2 or 3 years ago) I remember I had to make sure I removed it each time, so the customer didn’t get... —  read more 


No sales, mostly disconnecting circuits, layoffs for years, maintenance on equipment that is not supported. I live in Little Rock and people don't even know who Windstream is. No advertising. Nothing.

Pembina facts

Pembina is the only company I have worked for where a young woman was openly shamed by her team and HR rep for having the audacity to start a family and not put company first. Their behavior was celebrated. Pembina is also the only company I have... —  read more 

Off shore t-mobile Layoffs

So- i am off shore tmobile agent originally Sprint , this week one of our 3 sites close down and the way things are looking the remaining 2 will be gone soon, Country is the Dominican Republic and rumors are that they do not like working here, Any... —  read more 

Stop whining!

Compare to DEC (Detail Engineering Companies) which don’t have pensions, and even no severance payments (except two weeks notice, but the IT guy will grab your computer immediately upon HR notice of the ax), EM guys here should just stop whining... —  read more 


Even if I survive, I’ve lost almost all motivation to work for the company. Anyone else feel the same way? Next 2-3 years will seemingly be hunger games 24-7. No 401k, no salary treatment. What’s the driver for working hard? Just to survive 2021 PIP?... —  read more 


Yes!!! awesome CEO who knows what we need! Dang, bring it on, time to be told when to work, what to work on, how to do it, where to do it, and why I should for less! Wowsa, the testosterone is bowling me over, yikes I can't even type... —  read more 

Rule of 55

has anyone who has been layed off before they were 59.5, able to tap their 401k using the rule of 55 and 10 years service to not get hit with the 10 percent penalty. I am wondering how much I can pull out per year till I reach 59.5. Benefits center... —  read more 

Supervisors at 3M

This is a post from the * Ford layoff * message board, but equally applicable to 3M ...with its vast army of low level and middle level manager positions. With so many self-directed employees effectively contributing from home, have we reached... —  read more 

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| Regarding 3M

Good riddance when Farr retires in 2021. No more frequent layoffs every quarter, every month.

Farr is due to retire in 2021. Jamie Froedge will take over as CEO but not Chairman. Farr will continue to stay on as chairman to ensure that none of the skeletons in the closet are uncovered and his secrets remain a secret until the statutory limit... —  read more 

Coming Soon...

FALLING FROM THE SKY a 20/20 ABC Special Event Friday Nov 27, 9, 8 central Fake news

Truly the end? Hmmm

Anybody hear of this or know anything about it? It was posted on a Kmart FB site today: “ Transform Co has announced all remaining Sears & KMart stores will be surrendered to Liquidators within the next 14 days. FINAL SHIPMENTS from the... —  read more