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Ranger Recall: Dreaded TREAD

Can’t do simple things correct, not capable of hard. The recall wave continues. Ford Motor Company is recalling select 2019-2023 Ford Ranger pickups due to an issue with incorrect labeling. The defect: in affected vehicles, the Tire and Loading... —  read more 

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Bleed blue

When Pat first took the CEO role, he mentioned that a number of former employees were “really excited” to come back to Intel. How’s that going? Is there still (in Pat’s own words) an “irrational” level of excitement. Do these people still “bleed... —  read more 

Optum offers great future

Being a member of a massive corporation that absorbs and assimilates other companies offers greater stability compared to being part of a small company that is consistently vulnerable to being sold or facing bankruptcy.

XOM spends over $4B in stock buybacks in 1Q23. How about paying the 401k you took away?

With all that cash flowing out in dividends and stock buy backs, how about doing the right thing and paying back your employees for suspending the 401k match? Sure would be a sign of good faith in “valuing” your employees that you love to say ad... —  read more 


For this company to really get back on its feet,it takes all of us, not 1 or 2 or 100 or 1,000. It's gonna take everyone to be on the same page standing together and participating to get up off our knees and that is hard to do because we will always... —  read more 

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What areas affected?

Just left USAA (voluntarily) a few months ago. What areas have been hit by layoffs? Can’t believe WP got such a big raise…but who’s really surprised? He must have pics of someone on the Board to get (and keep) the CEO job. He screws up everything he... —  read more 

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HCL rebadging

After reading accounts on Glassdoor and this very forum on Xerox's rebadging and how HCL accidentally leaked documents that detailed the layoff timeline for rebadged Xerox employees, I can't say I'm feeling very optimistic. If you were affected... —  read more 

RIP Red Hat 2028

Dont say we didnt warn you...... RH Tower will be empty trying to recruit another up and coming company and RH name will exist as an IBM product line

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Money talks

"Tyler said one time her boss explicitly asked her to remove a young Black man from the pool of candidates in favor of a donor’s son, who was white and had worse grades and test scores. And it didn’t end there. She said the well-connected student... —  read more 

Thieving Executives???

"The lawsuit, filed Feb. 22 and shared with Becker's, claims Ascension has attempted to cut labor costs while at the same time increasing executive pay, which has led to staffing problems at Ascension Saint Joseph-Joliet (Ill.) and other Ascension... —  read more 

"ICU Nightmare"

"Taylor Critendon, a nurse for five years in the ICU, describes the current situation as a “nightmare.” She says, “Our biggest concern is patient safety.” Nurses are taking on five to eight cases at a time – for comparison, California has legally... —  read more 

Email about job duties

If anyone received an email to describe your job duties, that is NOT a good thing, especially if it comes after a re-org. That occurred in my previous area last July and 3 weeks later an entire team of business process consultants were given 60 days... —  read more 

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June 22nd Letters

We’ve been hearing a lot about letters coming out by June 22 but does anyone have any information/ideas on what those first actual letters will say? Will it just be an initial notification of where your hub location is and a poll of whether you are... —  read more 

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| Regarding AT&T

Watt Ave Sacramento location

Has anyone heard anything about Watt Ave location in Sacramento? I live across the street but it looks like I’ll be driving 97 miles to San Ramon. Wondering what the company is planning for the 1100+ people at this location. Anyone else being told... —  read more 

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The choice is yours

I really want to have faith that things will get better at some point and that we'll all be able to keep our jobs. But the truth is, layoffs are an unfortunate reality in the working world. That's just the way things are. What I am sure of, though... —  read more 

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| Regarding Ford

Job Levels

Are job levels attached to your title or something else? Can you only go from a day Level 8 to a Level 9 (or 10 to 11, or whatever) by being promoted or do you have to apply for another position?


What happened in the Fall of 2021? What are the long-term risks and liabilities? What will you do? And everyone else?

April 21 Layoffs

On April 21st an entire department within credit support was laid off with no warning. All members of the team including the manager who had a tenure of 5+ years with the company was let go with no stated reason besides budget cuts.

Stay away

Entire departments are getting laid off and with the wind down of the employer group products to be expected over the next 18-24 months, the horizon for any kind of job security for anyone at Humana is pretty dim. This is current Humana in a... —  read more 

The uncertainty of it all

I have to ask how are the rest of you handling the uncertainty of not knowing whose head will be chopped off either in the next layoffs round or once the acquisition goes through? I've tried to ignore it, I've done my best to not think about it, but... —  read more