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No info

IBEW 21 visited the garage today ....with ZERO information!!! No numbers on garages that will be affected..nothing on the ..headcount at each garage that may be surplus....ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!! BLANK STARES....AWKWARD SILENCE. Can’t wait for the cuts... read more

Oracle stock is going to be just fine...

Still holding mine since 2010... Buybacks, a decent dividend, and tons of engrained relationships with Fortune 500 companies means there's no way this stock is going to drop 20% in the forseeable future. Think Wall Street will like the partnership... read more

K-12 Business

Anyone have any ideas how the K-12 side of things (NGL) will be handled?
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| Regarding Cengage

Rumors of Name Change

On this board and in the street are rumors of potential sale discussions and name change. Are these references just smoke or is there any substance?

Anyone in Australia?

My boyfriend works for nestle and the senior managers have all started to leave, the canteen has closed and the shop has closed. They are also not replacing new staff.. production continues at this stage but pretty worried they know something we... read more
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| Regarding Nestle


Cut again!! Our store is hardly functioning now and they cut our hours again. Getting myself prepared for more complaints about there being no help in the store....

Transfer plan

Can they offer us any job in the national transfer system? Retail jobs?


Across the board raise? Flat amount? Percentage? Just start rate again?

Job Hunting For UP Employees

I'm curious how others looking for new jobs have done out in the market. Did having UP in your resume help? How did you leverage skills learned while at UP? How long did it take to get an offer and start date? Should I give notice before I leave or... read more

Sinking Ship That article pretty much summarized what I’ve seen internally for the past four years. Sales teams are missing quotas and its only going to get... read more
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| Regarding NetApp

It's never over

FIRE ISLAND, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — A former Verizon worker on Long Island has been awarded more than $2.5 million by a jury in federal court. He claimed the giant company discriminated against him. Fire Island is the beach community known for its... read more

Last week here

Well after 27 years with the company this will be my last week with the company. Regional VP and RDR are meeting with me Friday and I know I am getting the walking papers. Upset them both and they come after you like Zombies and won’t stop till they... read more


Effective this Thursday, 6/20, Sears and Kmart will no longer accept American Express credit cards or American Express gift cards as a form of payment in our stores or online.

Uniform ordering being delayed

I know Arizona wide there is a delay in ordering our uniforms for 2020. Has this happened in other areas? Is this because they don’t want to spend the money on uniforms because they are selling us and maybe have found a buyer?


I was applying in hope to go work for Repsol here in Calgary. Long story short, they got with a 30% cut today... Well, that is it for now...

Define: Tipsord

A human trait of ignorance. The inability to recognize the boundaries of one's knowledge combined with the inability to effectively collaborate with those who hold knowledge outside of one's boundaries. A dangerous trait when in conjunction with an... read more


How is it fair that the fresh leads will be making more than some managers?? Also, how about the years of services both leads and managers that have put in.

All fresh leads getting a raise

All fresh leads will be getting a raise effective this Saturday hms deil lead to 21 Produceto 21 and meat lead will be 22 about time we got some Appreciation and yes I know some leads are lazy I'm not one of them and if your is they will be culled... read more

Management layoffs

Seems like a limit of us got hit with less than 1 year to full pension. Has anyone contacted a lawyer about this. Pension, not benefits

Major Layoffs in Canada

This is just in - link below - 30% of Canadian workforce to be cut: NEW YORK/CALGARY (Reuters) - Spanish oil company Repsol SA is cutting about 30% of its Canadian workforce, following a global restructuring process, the company confirmed in an... read more

Apoka plant

I worked with Apoka plant since the late 80's as a contractor fon their litho equip. Great place, Awesome people... I am very sorry to hear this terrible news. I wish you all the best of luck in the future... This may be you best chance to get the... read more
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| Regarding Qorvo

Walk out

So how many garages are planning to participate in the walk out next week to disrupt the company’s end of quarter onslaught of work? Prem techs have nothing to lose now so we are on board here.

District 4

As usual no comment from the big dogs as this surplus takes place! Get them clowns out of here! Now

“Bidness Man”

Hey all, haven’t seen any posts about the “Bidness Man” on the West Coast lately. Is he behaving because he’s afraid for his job? As Buhwheat once sang on SNL back in the 80s. “Cause your unce, tise, free times a laby, I ove you, i ove you”

Cloud Architect Layoff

Are you guys laying off cloud architects - we have 4 positions open in Arizona. Reply to this message if there is interest and I can share more info.

Are we a better company than it was a year ago?

Is there anybody here who can identify anything positive to come out of all the changes that have been implemented in the past year? Anything that you could point to and say, yes this is much better and it's made us a better organization than we were... read more