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Stock Price

5 years ago the stock price was over $92 and now it is at $42.37. Great. Probably will go lower. Not a good sign for stable employment.


Don't listen to the "leadership" that was there for the Software "town hall" . They were planning who goes (about half). They arent replacing (not in US or EMEA). Get ready to pick up the slack. You may get offered a few extra Rupee because you... —  read more 

AT&T settles 2014 lawsuit

Of course they won't disclose the terms. Shouldn't shareholders know in order to make informed educated investment decisions? What is yhe company hiding?

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Unemployment Insurance

I was laid off in 2015 after 35 years with the company. I received six months of unemployment after the layoff. Because I am now sixty-four years old I have not been able to get another job. Will Chevron approve another six months of unemployment... —  read more 

BN disappoints customers AGAIN

Go to Barnes & Nobles Facebook page. They advertise a “Blowout 50% Off” Book Haul Sale ! Read the comments. This thinly veiled attempt to make some money back ( from all the business it lost!) fails miserably with customers. The ones who wasted money... —  read more 

Wisconsin Kmart closing

Wauoaca. This puts the number of Kmarts around 192 stores.

Working at Walmart is not long-time solution

The days when one could start a job at WM and built his carer there are long gone. I know that the old timers who have been here for years have a hard time processing that fact, especially if we keep in mind that they gave their hearts and souls to... —  read more 

TPS moving??

Where is TPS moving? Since we are downsizing, where will turbo machinery move?? We are currently at west way plaza building, off of clay road and beltway 8. We share the same building with GE power. Since we are separated from GE, any ideas where the... —  read more 

Save the people from joining here

My only motivation to write the review is to save people from joining MetricStream. If I'm able to save at least one employee from escaping joining MetricStream then my goal is achieved. company is really good, but all the problems are with... —  read more 


Ok CWA. See what at&t did. 20,000 strong. Grow some balls cwa.

Why would you still work for bhge

Honestly how desperate are you for a job to feel the need to stick around with this company. Its reputation now is so bad weatherford sho is bankrupt still get 5 times more work than you? I left years ago and doing 10 x better, most of the... —  read more 

Former HPE Employee Mass Exodus

It's been rumored that after the 2nd half of the sign-on bonus was paid out, there would be significant voluntary resignations/retirements from the former HPE workforce. Now that I believe all US regions have reached their year mark, has that come to... —  read more 

Probably going to take it.

I will probably accept the voluntary separation package even though I have zero prospects right now. I just have a feeling our jobs are in such jeopardy that we better take the offer or face being let go with much less. It really hurts to feel that... —  read more 

Closing pharmacies???

So my market manager's biggest concern seems to be that our storage cages that are filled with pr-scrip-ion records and invoices is properly organized an labeled. Seems a bit weird to be making this a key focus as we prepare for the all-important... —  read more 

Promotions in Staples

The promotions within Staples of appointed leaders such as certain VP/GM’s or RVP’s that not qualified are short sided. They are to show that Staples is inclusive as they initiate an IPO or get lucky and find a buyer. Staples has some great leaders... —  read more 

West Colton

There has been a lot of rumbling among the upper echelons of this company. Word has finally come down, the layoffs are over, and we are now the model to which all yards shall follow. Congratulations to West Colton, your blood sweat and tears and... —  read more 


People who don’t care and don’t vote know their wont be a strike and just continue to be anti social and keep on truckin. That doesn’t help the Union Brotherhood system of making decisions together as a union. Change the one rule for ballots for a No... —  read more 

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When will Ginni Rometty be FORCED TO RETIRE

IBM Senior Executives are supposed to retire/leave at age 60. Ginni is there and IBM needs her gone. IBM needs some young new blood in the Senior Executive levels and the current wave of Senior Executives jumping from the sinking ship, IBM, proves... —  read more 

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Fry’s Downers Grove - what happened?

Whenever I make it to metro Chicago, I make it a point to hit Frys at some point. Usually something falls into the cart to the dismay of my wife. Today I pulled into the parking lot and questioned if the place was open. There were maybe ten... —  read more 

2019 Performance Review Merits

Welp if you were expecting even a reasonable increase in pay this merit cycle that so called was to get in-line with the SS&C performance cycle. You will be very disappointed. The merit increases will be penny’s meaning if you were rated a 4 or even... —  read more 

Layoffs likely for ABG

Layoffs are likely for Avis Budget Group in Virginia Beach in 2019. Departments are getting smaller and Robotics are taking over processes that were once done by humans.