Topics regarding layoffs at Bank of New York Mellon Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Bank of New York Mellon Corp.

COVID and BNY Mellon’s Logic

The Covid FAQs for BNY Mellon say that in office staff no longer have to social distance and are not required to wear masks. Odd that the CDC’s Guidlines explicitly state: Wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth to help protect yourself and... —  read more 

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Do we know the exact number?

What is the current percentage of attrition throughout the company? Is there any way to find out? I think it has at least doubled if not even tripled in the past year or so (if I remember correctly, it used to be around 7 percent.) People are... —  read more 

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Where are you going?

If you want to quit because of RTO or vaccines or masks or whatever is the outrage of the day, where do you think you are going to find a replacement that meets your needs? Nearly all banks have announced RTO. Same thing for masks and proof of... —  read more 


What’s worse then the stuff posted by management on mysource? The toadies and kiss up sycophants who praise the postings 😎😎😎

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As an older worker in the job market,

I hear a lot of this in interviews: "We're a young group ..." I feel like they're telling me that I'm too old to fit in with them and I am never chosen. I don't look old, but I don't look 20 something, either. Anyone else experiencing this?

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I recently was put on a leadership team, given direct reports, involved in high-level strategy development, etc. To be honest, I didn’t want any of it, but I figured it could mean a different title and more money. When I asked those questions it was... —  read more 

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Why so much animosity?

I worked at several companies before I came here and nowhere did I notice as much animosity between younger and older employees as here at BNY Mellon. Is there a rational explanation for such a thing at all? I don't think there is because all... —  read more 

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Moving On - Tips?

I need to move on - i am a mess with anxiety. even with surrendering to the vaccine requirement, the RTO FAQ look like something for a prison sentence. can anyone provide tips on how or where to start? any recruiters people in the US can recommend?... —  read more 

Swinish Corporate Behavior

If they could demonstrate that they care less about employees, I don’t see how. Older employees, used to abuse, will tolerate it. Younger employees though, will head for the doors for more progressive situations. Well done BNY!

Possible legal action

I'm not an attorney but nothing seems right with your employer forcing you to take an emergency authorized dr-g against your will as a de facto condition of employment. I'd like to know what the reasonable accommodations for the unvaccinated will be... —  read more 

Chief Growth Officer !

It is so easy to switch roles at the top. Your role as a chief strategy officer didn't work out homie so let's promote you as a Chief Growth officer and give you a much better salary hike.I am sure you will do much better in your new role at the cost... —  read more 


after waiting 6 months to finally get my raise which I was told about six months ago, I check my paycheck and it’s $29. Won’t even offset the amount of gas I will be spending commuting unnecessarily back to the office beginning in Sept. thanks... —  read more 

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