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I don't understand why we need layoffs

Considering how high turnover we have in all areas I'm genuinely surprised we even need layoffs anymore. Especially considering that most of the people leaving are those who are high performers and those who have been here for a while, meaning they... read more

Any more info on BNY Mellon layoffs?

I've been hearing rumors at the office that we are looking at some major layoffs here and now I see people have been posting on this board as well about it. Any chance somebody has more information, especially about the mentioned twenty percent cuts?... read more

BNY Northpointe Layoffs / Closing

I was just let go a few weeks ago after working there for 5 years at the Northpointe location. I also heard thru the grapevine that the Northpointe office is closing and that BNY is cutting 20% of the total workforce.

Bny Mellon Pittsburgh document custody closure

This morning in our weekly meeting with management we were Informed there were rumors going around saying our department was closing in October 2018. Of course they immedy denied it and said there are no plans for closing our department down. read more

BNY Mellon layoffs January 2018

Several thousand employees were "displaced" from BNY Mellon on Monday (01-22-18). So much for that great corporate tax break helping workers. I knew a bunch of people were affected, but this sounds like a really to high a number? Does anybody know if... read more

BNY Mellon sends jobs to Poland and India.

Let's make America Great again by sending all our jobs to Poland and India. BNY Mellon is laying people off in spurs to avoid notice from the press. In addition, you can not say anything or you will lose your severance pay. What a country you gotta... read more
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No room for growth

I would have remained at BNY if it weren’t for the fact that they gave very little opportunity for growth. Despite earning a salary that is below industry standards and a workload that can bore you to tears, I felt that I could be an asset to my... read more

You're losing your best people

It’s sad when some of BNYs management team aren’t willing to help nourish some of the most talented employees that I’ve had the pleasure to encounter. Most input from staff members falls on deaf ears, and their skill sets are wasted because of this... read more
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May 2016 Westborough MA office layoffs

On 4/23/2016 in the Westborough MA office, the Asset Servicing Systems department laid off 18 employees, including 2 managers with over 25 years at the company. Given exit packages and shown the door with an hour of arrival for work on Monday.
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HR Contractor and ISD Layoffs

In early 2016, there were wide contractor layoffs - some contractors who has been there for 4 yrs or longer. All contractors terminated under parts of HR. And progressively through 2014, 2015, and finally, 2016 they laid off the internal... read more


Well, their new Furlough the Contractors two days with every holiday smacks of money trouble. If you're a contractor, consider whatever rate you're being pitched when converted to a yearly salary and then knock about 10-15% off that, give or take... read more
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Bank of New York Cuts 2014

I heard that the investment banking side is going to be hammered in next few months. Melon has done it before and there is no reason to doubt that the executives will be moving swiftly. I think that if things continue to be like this our bonuses will... read more

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