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How long in advance?

I'm curious as to how long in advance layoff numbers are approved and finalized before the employee is notified? I read on here that January layoffs were done in October. Thank you and good luck to all.

More layoffs in Pittsburgh.

Look at this scripted speech this joke of a Company continues to dish out every time they ruin good people's lives when they cowardly lay them off. Shameful. “We continue to optimize our global business structure to increase efficiency, enable faster... read more

Will some offices be allocated or closed?

This is just a question that comes out of my own conclusions and not any reliable info or anything. With all the layoffs I’m sure some locations have been cut to that degree that there is no pong of keeping such a small headcount in a certain... read more

Yes, there is hope

I was laid off in my 50’s and was successful finding another job. I used the outsourcing service which was excellent because my resume was in 1980’s style. I also was not giving myself credit for everything I know. So take as much resume advice as... read more

Is the building empty?

Seriously does anyone work at BNY anymore? Is the building going to be turned into a hotel? Myself and all the people I was friends with got waxed in January. It's almost funny. I feel like the homeless people are going to be taking over for refuge... read more

Why even bother?

If you are over fifty, why even bother and try to do a decent job? It's not as if it'll matter in the end - nobody is looking at our performance when deciding who'll be laid off, just our age and pay. Our fate is already decided, it's just a matter... read more

GRS Tacoma possible closure

Bnym GRS Tacoma had layoffs like everyone else here. Only 100 left. Rumors are most work is being shifted to Pune, Poland and Pittsburgh. Rumor is office is closing within next couple years.

Look on the bright side

Layoffs are never an easy time, but for good and knowledgeable employees ‘n not afraid. Someone will find a job earlier, someone will find it later, but ultimately we will al be going to better places than the one we are at now. In the end the ones... read more
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Do not give BNYM power over you

YOU control your day! Not BNYM! Do not give them that much power over you! Once it starts affecting your health, and Sanity, it's time to get out. I understand the stress of the layoffs looming overhead, but I got out before they took me out. We all... read more
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The Best Decision I ever made...

was to update my resume and LinkedIn and start talking to recruiters last summer. It landed me the most amazing job at a foreign bank in Midtown. The first wave of layoffs came last summer and I refused to be a sitting duck. So I resigned from BNYM... read more


Anyone else sick of these blogs & internal posts talking about Chucks thoughts and then looking through the comments, people kissing his butt saying “ thank you Charlie for being transparent & sharing your vision”. BARF. And these “activities” for... read more

How sad is this?

I'm here at the crack of dawn checking to see if there are any news on more layoffs at work. No coffee, no shower, no breakfast with family... The very first thing I do nowadays is check this page to see what kind of day I am going to be looking at... read more

23 traits of a really bad manager

i took this from ford's forum (btw they are laying off 7k and the board is on fire) Steals and/or hogs credit Gives no recognition Micromanages Overly controlling with significant lack of trust Nepotism / Favoritism Lack clarity of thought and/or... read more

Is anything happening except layoffs?

And I’m not talking about today's layoffs, I'm speaking in general. If the true purpose of the cuts were to restructure the company and make it better, shouldn't some other changes be taking place as well, other than people getting cut on a daily... read more

No layoffs today

Correct me if I'm wrong, but things happen first thing here when it comes to layoffs. Which means if we haven't heard anything by now, we're good for the day. I refuse to stress any more than I have to. I'll leave it for some other day when we... read more

BNYM Layoff Procedure Summary

I just want to document this for other folks looking for the info. The source is below: Question: How do they execute layoffs? Conf call? Meeting with a dir? HR present? Who’s in the room? How long does it last? Can you negotiate anything? Do you... read more

COBRA/Health Insurance

Let's document this. Does anyone know how much is COBRA for a family of four (I have two teenagers + spouse)? What's covered by COBRA? Is dental / vision included? Thank you! Source @Z9wLhFb

Stay strong and keep it classy

If you get hit, stay strong and keep it classy. Walk out with your head held high. You have skills - you will be okay. Leave on a good note and ask your manager if you can use them as a reference. Regardless of what we have to put up with from upper... read more

How do they execute layoffs?

Conf call? Meeting with a dir? HR present? Who’s in the room? How long does it last? Can you negotiate anything? Do you have time to pack up? Questions, questions… I have so many of them right now. I just hope I am not affected…

So tired of this neverending uncertainty...

Either lay me off or tell me I'm safe - don't keep me in this perpetual state of stress and worry! Anything would be better than this. It feels like we are all stuck in limbo. Can't move on and can't really focus on work either. No wonder... read more

Anything confirmed about layoffs today?

I was pretty scared, O gotta admit, given the rumors about layoffs happening today. So far, at my office nothing is happening, just another Monday. Did layoffs really happen today, and if so, what locations were impacted and what number of employees... read more

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