Topics regarding layoffs at Bank of New York Mellon Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Bank of New York Mellon Corp.

Total Joke

Was let go last year because of the bs false BE rating that all managers “fight” not to give. True leaders won’t even think about playing these game, but the managers here use it as retribution to those that don’t “kiss their ring”. Best part of... —  read more 

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Need a change

For those who have worked at major financial institutions, which one is the worst and which one is the best in your opinion? This is the first company I’ve worked for and I’m actually thinking of finding work elsewhere. Not because I think it’s a... —  read more 

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You are just a number

You’re a number. That’s it. If you are an all star, they will keep you. If you are not “innovative”, you are on a chopping block. Those are just the simple facts. I was axed 2 years ago, and will say that the grass is greener. The days of working and... —  read more 

Sh$t Show

I have been employed here for 17 years.. I can say without hesitation that this is the worst I have ever seen it. Senior management could care less that departments are drowning with work, due to layoffs and not replacing staff. It’s just a matter... —  read more 

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Continuation of layoffs

What's the situation with layoffs? Will there be a continuation today or have they notified everybody who is affected yesterday? There's so little info on these cuts and no official word that i have to ask here. I really wish there was more... —  read more 

Layoffs have started 4/12

How many more knowledgeable people are they going to keep getting rid of? Oriskany is losing people today . Anyone else ? All while they say they sent too much to india. 70% of work was shipped when they cannot have more than 50% there and have to... —  read more 

Earnings predictions?

What do you think? I'm guessing earnings will be around $1 but after another few hundred million write-off for re-orgs and legal fees we'll miss estimates and the stock will drop 5% for a few months like it always does.

Doing more less well

I DO make more mistakes now than I used to, which are due to the fact that the requirements for doing my job have increased: a) in complexity, and b) in sheer volume due to loss of staff members in my group that were not replaced. Let me also state... —  read more 

Remote Work

How long until we hear word about how important it is for us to return to the office in person? Google made an announcement today and the WSJ has a feature article on the same topic. (I know this is not related to layoffs)

Company of many lies?

If it’s true then only certain business units will be affected. From what I heard, finance upper management told their remaining staffs after the January separations that they were safe for the rest of the year. Now I wonder if they were lying to... —  read more 

401k website

I was laid off but have recently started a new job and I am trying to rollover 401k from BNY into my new employers 401k. The website provided by BNY NEVER seems to work and I cannot logon to access old 401k. Has anyone else had this problem?

Big news

BNY Mellon's former global head of operations will now be responsible for State Street's custody, middle-office, transfer agency and client service operations. By Joe Parsons March 19, 2021 3:59 PM GMT State Street has hired one of BNY... —  read more 

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