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My nightmare is finally over!

I gave my notice yesterday! In 3 weeks, my BNYM nightmare will be over. I accepted a job elsewhere offering more money , and it's a less stressful position. I've been with bny for 9 years now, and I have weathered a few storms and many rounds of... read more

Suspected my manager has been after me awhile

I actively monitor my linked in profile so I know that a BNY Mellon Compensation Analyst viewed my linked in profile this week. Today, I happen to notice when I go to book a meeting multiple attendees in outlook I can see availability for myself and... read more

Annual shareholders meeting

Since most of us are still shareholders even though laid off (particularly the older people like me), we still technically hold stock via the ESOP/Pension. I got the Annual Meeting 'garbage' today. Naturally I will vote AGAINST everything the board... read more
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Subaccounting continued: or "as the subaccount turns"

When one is tasked with setting up a project so that it is properly researched, and then handed off to the technical team, where everything has been reviewed and approved (and even when there are some minor last minute changes) you would tend to... read more
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Pittsburgh Management S---s

We have a wrestling tournament causing parking and tracking nightmares. We have a high profile trial that could result in protests or riots. If management had any common sense, they would have encouraged working from home Thursday and Friday.

Who is gonna take us seriously now

ust thinking out loud. We couldn’t be a serious company in the industry with a much more knowledgeable and experienced workforce. Who the hell is gonna take us serious now, with a bunch of newcomers and outsourced departments.

Subaccounting - WFH debacle

mid-2018 we were told that to get ahead of the changes that BNY was implementing for WFH (which really meant that BNY wanted to eliminate this) we were to be in an office at least three days each week. Later in 2018 that changed to be four days per... read more

Age discrimination

Why are most of the people being laid off above a certain age? What I'm seeing is a clear case of age discrimination - and yet I don't see anybody talking about it. Why is that? If nothing else, media should be on this - and we are not hearing a... read more

IT management - chaotic and paranoid

The wrong people are getting displaced. They should displace the levels of IT management who created the chaotic atmosphere we work in today. You know the ones. The ones who are draining every ounce of energy from us with their pathetic and... read more

Possibly the worst HR in the finance industry

Dont bother discussing employment issues with HR. Good old HR, the yardstick of morality in employee relations? Do not believe that for a second. Beware of our HR staff, they are fully aware of the poor and sometimes unethical practices from our... read more

Is everybody looking for a way out?

Is it just me or does it seem that the only people left at BNYM are those who have not yet been hired by other companies? Everybody I know has already been laid off, left on their own or is looking for a new job. Literally everybody. I'm just... read more

Do not demonize all managers!

I am a unit manager and I do not agree with any of the changes that are being made . but like another commenter said, I have a family to support and I can't just up and leave the job. It's not about having morals or not having morals, it's about... read more

Who is next to be cut?

Will the next layoffs be in a manner that they are targeting specific workers of departments? Hard to think we can bare to go through another big round in which they cut workers from basically all locations an with various job descriptions and... read more

More layoffs in March

Massive job cuts coming in remaining days of March ! Watch out ! Any more info on this? Are you just guessing or did you hear something concrete about this? I'm just so tired of constantly stressing about more layoffs that I'd really like to stress... read more

Salary Adjustments

To the managers not taking a moral stance against the wrong doings, it makes you compulsory and just less of a decent person, in my opinion. You haven't refused to follow direction to purposely manufacture situations that disparage employee... read more
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This is a big part of the problem

the business world has been taken over by two big ideas in the last 30 years. The first is that companies should solely focus on increasing their stock prices, and the second is that, to make chief executives care more about this, and attract the... read more

BNY first qtr earnings 4/17

Two ways to look at it if the numbers are not good. Either they wait until earnings date to announce further layoffs to soften the blow. Or, layoff now before earnings to write the losses off as a restructure charge in this qtr. -Either way not good.

Survey ...

Upvote this post if you have been laid off, or think you will be laid off due to either (1) an iNautix person or someone in Poland is taking over your job .... or (2) a millennial is taking over your job or is your new manager.

Since EPS dropped a ton in Q4

It occurs to me that this slashing and burning and the share buybacks is probably chainsaw Charlie doing exactly as he was told.
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