Topics regarding layoffs at Bank of New York Mellon Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Bank of New York Mellon Corp.

So much stress

This is a terribly stressful period, and the worst thing is that I think that after the layoffs, the stress level will be even higher. How do you even do your job in these conditions? I can't focus on work at all. Tons of work, difficult manager... —  read more 

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Get rid of those close to the top

I hop many overpaid and do-nothing executive managers, senior group managers, and managing directors get fired and their big $$$$ salaries partially saved and partially used to properly compensate and retain real hardworking employees. This would be... —  read more 

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The wrong approach to layoffs

Instead of laying off good, hardworking people, why doesn't BNY Mellon finally start getting rid of managers whose lousy work is rewarded with huge salaries? How many excellent employees, whose talent and knowledge this place desperately needs... —  read more 

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Good Luck this week

People say there will be no layoffs, but there will be just as there was in August. This is a known week. It may not seem like much across a firm of our size, but they will happen. I hope you get what you have wanted, whether that be continued... —  read more 

Sub package

Can someone please confirm that it is still two weeks for every year an employee has worked here? Or is there now a cutoff date? I was trying to find the thread that discussed this but was unable to locate it. I am getting worried and just want... —  read more 

All those managers

Of course, there are good managers who do their job well, but the problem is that there are too many who are completely useless. Does BNY Mellon need this many managers? I think that they are not needed, but perhaps someone thinks differently? On... —  read more 


The new interns have a starting salary of 150K. They have no experience and no proven work record but given this high salary. Which id--t on the 15th floor at 240G signed off on this? These salaries will throw off the budgets of many LOBs, probably... —  read more 

Global Client Management?

What is this group??? I came across some old pay bands where some of the directors are making anywhere from 500k up to 7 figures. How does one get into this group??? What do they do? Is this sales?? Are they hiring in Pittsburgh?

I still love my job here

Reading some of these posts here, one could say that morale is so low that no one cares to keep their job here anymore. The environment is very stressful, but it's hard to find a job anywhere that isn't stressful. I'm not here to defend BNY Mellon... —  read more 

BNY stinks

Can anyone here come up with one positive in regards to BNY? PROS: monopoly on federally subsidized custody game (everyone else left) CONS: Layoffs, stagnant stock price, corporate cronyism, overpaid executives, outdated technology, nepotism... —  read more 

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