Topics regarding layoffs at Bank of New York Mellon Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Bank of New York Mellon Corp.

Underpaid in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh staff, especially in Ops, are pretty underpaid. I left a team where most Ops staff were making about $40 to 50K, many with 10+ yrs tenure, without any added incentive and overtime was admonished. Any staff promotions were pretty bad... —  read more 

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Peakon surveys

ā€œ we heard youā€. Yes. Workplace Wednesdays where we can collaborate in person- that’s what the problem is. Money we’ll spent on the surveys.

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Supposedly you have to be up-to-date with your shots to be able to come into the office. If you didn’t get your booster six months after your first to you will be denied access to the building supposedly. Has anybody experienced this? Anybody past... —  read more 

The truth

So with all of the paranoia and false reports of evil Todd’s layoffs we are down only 3,090 from our high of 54,000, or 6% over the last 4 years. And this includes job security over the pandemic. We should all be feeling very good about our job... —  read more 

Moving up at BNYM

I agree with someone who wrote that there are many of us who have been here for a long time without moving up in the organization. I am one of them and the reason is not that I am not trying to move up, but despite all my efforts so far I haven't... —  read more 


Should Todd and Robin pledge their allegiance to Klause at Davos next week? I wonder if Klaus will have some kind of loyalty test to ensure they are committed to Agenda 2030?

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