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WF employee here

New to WF hired this year feb & received a fabricated 2 rating made to look incompetent. How long before I'm let go?

Horrible workplace

Why does BNY Mellon alway treat its oldest and most loyal employees the worst? People who have been with the company the longest? Do you know of one other company that cares this little about those who are directly responsible for the majority of its... —  read more 


If this joke of an organization somehow survives this whole pandemic, it would be a miracle. It's been a dinosaur of a company for so long with fat cats stuffing their wallets with whatever revenue was generated. The actual heart and soul of the... —  read more 

Business Analyst & Consulting companies should go first

If BNY thinks itself a TECH company, then BA and consulting piece should be rooted out. In modern application development, they are more a blocker then enabler. Everyone gets confused when BA takes the stage, and people have a hard time collaborating... —  read more 

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All hands meeting - truth or dare

For those who are ready to get laid or want to or are on that list and don’t care, let’s stand together at this meeting. It starts with one person. Once that person starts, we all need to jump in.

BNY Already setting up for 2021 Layoffs

Upper management has pushed down the chain that a certain number of people must be put on corrective action effective immediately to ensure that they have a population to fire in Q1 in 2021 and hopefully are able to do so without layoffs and the... —  read more 

BE Returning for Year End Reviews

HR unhappy that everyone seems to be on track to make their goals. Mandating that 10% be coded as off track i.e. same as BE at year end. So much for giving everyone a break as we deal with WFH and COVID!

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Tomorrow you will receive an email from HR. Our base pay was based off of 37.5 hours per week. It is now going to be 40 hours with no adjustments to pay. The extra 2.5 hours were considered extra time. Then overtime after 40. This place gets... —  read more 

CFO steps down !

So what's the real deal ? This pandemic made some of our EC leave . Are they all going to meet Charlie on the other side .

Chainsaw Charlie has been gone almost a year

What happened to the “ding ding the witch is dead” jubilation? Just the same bîtching and moaning as before. Clearly Charlie should have finished the job at BNY before leaving. Looks like he’s learned his lesson and is going big at WF. The truth... —  read more 

BK Earnings

Beat on revenue and EPS. Market up across the board. BK -5.49% 😂😂😂

It's time...

It is time to reallocate all my 401k BNY Mellon stocks to other secured mutual funds. This BNY stock is a joke - only depreciating since brought in long long time ago when I first joined this company because I want to grow with this company... —  read more 

Multiple BE?

If anyone got BE multiple TIMES and still with the Bank, then there is something seriously wrong with the system. It's that time now to think about those managers who are playing fool with the firm.

Offshoring in EMEA

Telling staff their lines of business are safe.... then approaching regulators behind their backs to apply for offshoring. Could this be possible or is it office gossip? Weak management jumping to to tunes of greed.

Going back to office

We were told today that in NYC once phase 3 starts we are required to rotate going back to the office at 240. Same thing supposedly is going to happen in Pittsburg.

Performance Objectives under Charles Scharf

When Charlie was CEO, did you have an Enterprise Transformation performance objective? At Wells, he rolled out a Performance Objective around looking for ways to improve processes and efficiencies. Now we are waiting for him to roll out an Enterprise... —  read more 

Sick of overtime

Is anyone else sick of all the overtime? my desk keeps getting bigger and bigger and the workload increasing. I’m thankful I have a job but I really don’t want to work 10 and 12 hour days every day, peak times would be ok but not most of the time... —  read more 

Zero Morals & Ethics

This organisation is run in to the ground by folks with zero morals or ethics. It is one of worst organisations on the planet to work for. Yet the brazen executive paint a fairy picture. They are interested in one thing only...their own remuneration... —  read more 

Harassment by boss? Voluntary Layoff?

I’m curious, what qualifies as harassment by your boss? I’m not talking about s-xual Harassment, more harassment in the form of subtle bullying by your boss? Has anyone experienced this here? Further any thoughts on voluntary layoffs by the bank... —  read more 

Not a good news for Foreign workers

This will create a lot opportunity for US citizens to skill up and thrive Link:

June Market adjustments and promotions.

There have been bulk promotions in June since last 2 years . Why the market adjustment takes place just one month before Merit .Is this some kind of Cost saving strategy or to retain the most talented employees so that they keep doing the mediocre... —  read more 

New review process: on target, not on target

Anyone have word on this and what management are supposed to do? Honestly, I think it’s better then BE even though they essentially mean the same thing but BE is more demoralizing. I want to get laid off so not on target is fine. Don’t say I’m... —  read more 

Charles Scharff

What a fraud this clown is. He talks about wait until two years before making a judgment. Really? Let's see if you even stay that long. You're going to do the same thing at Wells Fargo as you did with your other short term stays (being a gutless... —  read more 


Does anyone else feel completely unheard when you bring up issues within the product...constantly? When you ask questions about how something works or why it works that way and you never get answers even when mgt is on chain of if... —  read more 

Gutless puppet leaders at BNY Mellon

It’s only a matter of time before they start spewing this nonsense rhetoric about how everything America stands for is institutionalized racism, and how BNY Mellon is so above that fray, and is on the leading edge of diversity and inclusion. They... —  read more 

Spans and layers under Chainsaw Charlie Scharf

Wells Fargo hired Charlie Scharf and he Is about to kick off his spans and layers reduction in Q3 2020. I have 6 direct reports, but I am hearing managers are supposed to have 7. From your experience (I know he cut spans when he was CEO at BNY)... —  read more 

What a crooked organization (Whistleblower Results).

I really hope they go bankrupt and all the horrible so called leaders experience the pain they have caused so many devoted workers who were shown the door. Bonus Watch ’20: BNY Mellon Whistleblower Gets His $5 Million—Plus $45 Million

Volunteer Layoffs?

So the bank is not laying anyone off supposedly this year. I wonder if they’ll offer buyouts or volunteer layoffs. If so, I’d sign up. A lot of people are fearful of being laid off and I totally get that, but I bet people would volunteer to be... —  read more 

New work space design vs social distancing

Not much opportunity to socially distance with the new and expensive floor designs at Greenwich St. Those designs so tight with no privacy on floors like 4, and 19 didn’t really encourage or support a true work environment. Now they’re probably... —  read more 

ER Discretionary Discretionary Contribution?

I checked my 401k balance today and I have a $2345.76 “ER Discretionary Contribution” in by balance. It isn’t vested, though. Does anyone have an idea of what this is? Also why isn’t it vested?

Waiting to sell BK stock

I'm on of those who were let go last year and am looking for the right time to sell BK stock. I even participated in the ESPP. While checking out Fidelity, data in the report PROVIDED BY MSCI ESG RESEARCH AS OF 05/12/2020 Methodology doesn't seem... —  read more 

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