Topics regarding layoffs at Bank of New York Mellon Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Bank of New York Mellon Corp.

My Career Unimaginable

I wonder why grade levels have been removed from postings and search criteria? Why bother posting if you don't have a general idea of salary? Are they retooling grades again? Why are all of my job "matches" irrelevant to my skills and experience?... —  read more 

Bad leadership

I recently read an article that defines a company under bad leadership as that with non-existent results, low morale, interoffice politics, divided team, constant attrition, and the use of fear-based tactics to manage. I missed a few points but... —  read more 

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Don't expect help from HR

The HR team is the company's first line of defense from disgruntled employees. If you submit a complaint to HR, it is directed to the Employee Relations team. Someone from that team should schedule a call with you to discuss your complaint. They will... —  read more 

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Mass Exodus

I know every department is different but probably a dozen people in my area have given their notice in the last 3/4 weeks (including a lot of experience/knowledge) and not a single person was offered a salary match to stay. Pretty much thanks for... —  read more 

Use your vacation days

After a week away from this place, I feel like a new man. Nothing has changed within the company, but being away from all the toxicity and politics did wonders for me and my mental health. I'm not sure how long it will take for this feeling to fade... —  read more 

No sub pay for unvaxxed

You all do realize that when they terminate the unvaxxed people there is no sub pay or unemployment right? Make sure you have enough money set aside to hold you over until you find a new job. Stay strong and don’t cave in to the tyranny! For the... —  read more 

One year later

I joined BNY Mellon a year ago and it's nothing like I expected it to be. Minimal training, too high expectations, and lack of direction in my team are just a few things that stand out in my first 12 months here. I'd be looking forward to being laid... —  read more 

I gave myself a deadline

After having to face crazy deadlines several times, this time I decided to give myself a deadline. I have less than three months to find a new job because I do not intend to work at BNY Mellon in 2022. If I can leave even earlier, that will be... —  read more 


So I just got a letter today that my health insurance ended 9/30 and my COBRA coverage begin date was 10/1, but that I have until 12/5 to enroll. So did it actually begin 10/1? What insurance do I have while it processes?

COVID shots

Thoughts from those of you fully vaccinated and still got COVId. Interested with how it will play out for RTO seeing they think the vaccinated have a super shield around them

Inorganic Growth

After the announcement of the State Street’s BBH acquisition, I wonder if our leadership should've thought more about inorganic growth? Opinions of some close colleagues are divided on whether Mellon should currently add scale to bank through... —  read more 

There's no point

No point in trying and certainly no point in giving it your all. We are all seen as replaceable by the management, especially if our pay is on the higher end. There are plenty of people who'd work for significantly less looking for a job right now... —  read more 

Unprofessional workplace

Is it just me or is this really one of the most unprofessional workplaces you’ve worked at? I had high expectations before I came here and therefore my disappointment is even greater as it turns out that the small bank I previously worked at was... —  read more 

I was disappointed

The last time we had layoffs I was disappointed that I wasn't picked. It sounds awful and I know there are people who were laid off who'd give anything to still have their jobs, but that's how I felt at the time. It makes me sad that this bank has... —  read more 

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