Topics regarding layoffs at Bank of New York Mellon Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Bank of New York Mellon Corp.

Bonus / Comp reductions

I am hearing changes have been made in Oracle to reduce people’s bonus and comp for staff. It’s a joke to read the “managers have to own the conversation” and can’t say that’s the decision was made by someone else. God help us all in BNYM. This is a... —  read more 

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Pay raise over the years

I am disappointed with my pay, especially when I consider how much experience I have and how overworked I am. I've been here for a long time and my responsibilities and overload have grown much more than the pay. If you feel comfortable to share, I... —  read more 

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ESPP Plan and Taxes + Fees

So if you opt into the ESPP plan and you look at your pay stub they treat the 5% discount as additional income. Then I guess you have to pay capital gains on the stock if you sell it immediately, then Fidelity charges $15 plus 2 cents a share to... —  read more 

do you feel bad for Xooglers?

i see a lot of linkedin posts from s-b storied, entitled people crying about them getting fired. boohoo no more free lunches or 200k salaries along with free laundry service. the people fired from lesser known companies should get awareness as well. —  read more 

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I stayed here too long

I can't be mad at BNY Mellon for making such a bad decision, it's my own fault. I believed in many false promises over the years. My former colleagues who left this place made fantastic careers at their new companies. Do you too sometimes wonder... —  read more 


Promotions… Is there a significant increase going from a L (vp) to M (Dir). Is the bonus structure any different? I hear it’s a difficult process to be promoted between these levels.

Custodian bank !

BNY is looking to suck every penny out of Custody business. Well said ! The good question is how long we can let these Zombie companies run their operations in Corporate America and US economy ? Is the Fed not Fed up ?

Unemployment in NY vs NJ

Boy are we getting screwed left and right. If you live in NJ but work in NY you have to file with NY unemployment. Maximum weekly pay in NY is $504 while max in NJ is $804 You pay all this money for "new york city" tax and you get almost $200/week... —  read more 

How much money do you make?

I’m all for salary transparency. I also have no idea what is a normal salary. But I see people say BNY doesn’t pay that high and i feel like i get compensated pretty decently. I’ve been working for under ten years and I’m a level k, making 135k and a... —  read more 

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