Topics regarding layoffs at Bank of New York Mellon Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Bank of New York Mellon Corp.

Employee Tracking by management

How are employees being tracked except the swiping of badges at door? Lately we are hearing lot of software's being installed in the system without employees being told that they are being tracked in a particular way. Anyone who can shed some light... —  read more 

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Air quality

Can we say cr-p communications when is in central Ny have been in the hazard zone for the last couple days with yesterday being highest. Headaches, coughing and eyes burning yet hey business as usual . Who cares if you get sick getting there

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Market conditions

I'm happy for those who find a better opportunity and leave this, but honestly, it makes me very depressed that I can't get anything better myself. I believe less and less that I will succeed at get a better opportunity, at least not before the... —  read more 

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Anyone else sitting on these calls about your process being more automated only to hear random teams talk as if they know your process, know the business related to it and talk as if they’re taking your process completely? I don’t even get asked... —  read more 

This is all they know

When you can’t figure out how to actually grow the business, the only way make their numbers is by cuts. Too bad the regular employees will suffer instead of who they should get rid of: the overpaid and useless middle managers. This is 100 percent... —  read more 

60 day notice period

How enforceable is it when you give notice? It’s in the contract, but are you tied to staying the entire 60 days once you say you’d like to resign or case by case in how decent your manager is?

RTO Policy

Is there an official policy? I hear so many different things. For example we were just told that holidays do not count as in office. This is in direct contrast with what we were originally told. The real problem is that as an employee you have no... —  read more 

Elon Musk - what a clown

He goes on a tirade about how it’s immoral for people to use services that require workers to be in the “office” while at the same time expecting to WFH. If he’s suggesting that workers are treated equitably in working environments then does he... —  read more 

NYS sick time

Anyone seeing a major issue with this? It’s constantly the same people calling out and even if you know they’re laying on a beach somewhere as long as they say “ I’m sick “ mgmt cannot do anything until they’ve used all 13 allotted days. Meanwhile... —  read more 

Filling reqs

Anyone else see a major lag with this nonsense? Now they’re trying to save money so are purposely not filling them quickly to save money each money. Makes great for being short staffed with vacations approaching . More genious ideas from up top —  read more 


RV is wall street guy and his hires. They will never understand BNYM and have no intentions either. They are nit Gerald Hassel,Todd McGuinn,Frank Cahouet. These came up the ranks. Kelley,scharf, now RV will sc--w up big time, getting the golden... —  read more 

The noise

How does anyone up top think in office is beneficial ? I get way more done at home when I don’t have to read an email 5 times because of all the office noise and constant chatter. Some teams don’t stop yapping from the time they get in until the time... —  read more 

Think like an owner???

If I was an ‘owner’, I’d want a new board of directors and top level. Considering this company is stagnating for decades. Clorox bleach had the same share price as BNYM in August 1999. Both are earth-shakers, but in that time clorox has quadrupled... —  read more 

There goes Buffett

Berkshire Hathaway sold it's remaining BK shares. Must be they're sick of watching us try to grow by firing our biggest asset and hiring offshore replacement. Or maybe he's just sick of sitting around waiting for profits to increase like we've been... —  read more 

They ignore low morale

Our leadership acts as if they are unaware of how low our morale is. How else to explain the fact that in many ways they try to lower morale even further? They obviously don't realize that almost no one is satisfied working here anymore and... —  read more 

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