Topics regarding layoffs at Bank of America

Topics regarding layoffs at Bank of America

Who else?

How many of you made a New Year's resolution to find new jobs as soon as possible? That was the first one on my list. I think the leadership would be shocked if they learned the actual number, which I'm positive is significantly higher than the... —  read more 

employee covid vaccines?

Has anyone heard whether the bank will be supplying covid vaccines? Rumor has it that there will be mass vaccination events at corporate facilities (not financial centers) – and that we will be paid to get the shot. Please share what you know. —  read more 

COVID-19 Empathy

Reading some of these posts are disheartening. Let's be thankful that we had jobs in 2020. Let's be thankful that most of us will still have jobs in 2021 and beyond. Many businesses closed for good and others are shutdown and hurting. I am sure that... —  read more 

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Layoff Announcement 2021

I'm hearing BofA leadership is getting ready to announce a first round of layoffs in late/Jan and February. I know several Tech contractors who worked in GT&O whose contract was not renewed into 2021. I'm thinking bonuses will be lowered or not... —  read more 


won’t Cathy Bessant understand that holding onto this antiquated idea of co-location is outdated and unnecessarily expensive for the company? How much money would we save if we seriously looked at location leases where resources could work from... —  read more 

Outside Consultant

My team moved off a project at Bank of America a few months back. However i have contacts at other consulting firm engaged there. Everything points to some massive layoffs starting in late Q2. It seems like the technology budget is healthy or... —  read more 

Thanks but no thanks

Several weeks ago all of my team mates in GTO got an email from Sandy asking us to update our shipping address because SLT wanted to send us a “really nice” gift to thank us for our contributions during an extraordinary year. We all thought it was... —  read more 

CB town hall

big laugh for me this morning as pre meeting elevator music was actually symphony version of 'I'll Be Watching You'......HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA.... '.... every step you take...move you make...breath you take.....' something like that....

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Bonus cuts?

Am hearing bonuses will be cut "significantly", especially for support (staff/non-revenue) units. Not surprising, but wondered if anyone is hearing by what percent?

Who will get cut?

There are some rumours and speculations that there will be big layoffs at the beginning of next year. I have already seen something about this on one of these threads and they say that middle management will be the most affected. Are there any more... —  read more 

Hazard pay gone

BofA made billions in profits yet the company couldn’t see their way to letting us keep the enhanced pay until our country was back to business as usual as a whole. Why am I not surprised?... —  read more 

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Bank of america

Does anyone know what's the deal with the extra bwt officers that came from merchant services?. Are their jobs permant or temporary?...if it's temporary how long does boa keep temporary employees around?

Stock fell 16%

Bank of America Corp.’s profit fell 16% in the third quarter, though the bank indicated that it is well prepared to weather the coronavirus recession.

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Fair Compensation

Global markets is having a good year. But that’s not due to their merit but market condition. Such kind of market volatility won’t last. Bank shouldn’t over compensate market and need to help commercial banking this year.

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