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Time for a healthy round of layoffs?

Many areas still seem seriously overstaffed. Lots of room for reduction of headcount expense. Do lower level managers have higher level managers fooled into thinking they need these bloated staffs? Low quantity and quality of work being done. Just... —  read more 


Was SU responsible for the outsourcing at BOA? Think current employer is headed in that direction? Saw Tata in his history. Not at all promising.

How many people work at Bank of America?

Nobody knows when layoffs will happen, but the overall number of employees should be public info. Do you know how many people work at the company? How about the office at Charlotte?

Any word on layoffs in 2020?

No raise again. 15% smaller bonus. Expenses up. EPS only up due to share buybacks. Things seem shaky. Still lots of idle unproductive staff around.

Cheap A*S Bank

From the Fox Business News: Delta employees will have more than a billion dollars to keep them warm on Valentine’s Day. The Atlanta-based airline announced it will pay each of its 90,000 employees a bonus worth about two months’ salary on Feb... —  read more 

No salary increase ever

No salary increase ever (been here for 3 years) $3K bonus at VP level. Being asked to work longer hours and am routinely told we are lucky to have a job. Stay away from this place...

2019 Q 4 Earnings

The 2019 Q4 earnings were sh–. Expenses also rose 1 %. What do you think this means in terms in terms of bonuses, cost-cutting and layoffs in Q1 2020?

My mobility

Who knows what level/ jobs will be allowed to have a mobile phone now that mymobility is going away?

More Layoffs 2019

We had an impromptu team huddle to in Jax. We were told that yesterday the R A C Team in Georgia were told that effective immediately they are gone, given a package and shown the door. The jobs now are in India. So the now BOA says Merry Christmas... —  read more 

Another desperate attempt at attrition?

It was announced yesterday that many associates in Jacksonville will be moving from the Southside Campus to Deer Lake. Most of the people affected were recently brought back in from MyWork, so why were they not placed there to start with? To note... —  read more 

How Many Branches Does Bank of America Have?

Here is the information on Bank of America branches count - the numbers are reliable, I got them from USA Today, the source is from 2015. Bank Of America * Number of Branches: 5,096 Amount of deposits: $1.17 trillion (#1 bank in the... —  read more 

One of the worst banks to work for

The Bank of America today is indeed one of the worst banks to work for. Toss aside the usual parameters of salary, benefits, job location, etc. and focus on the Culture, the Politics and the Poisonous backstabbing environment that will eventually... —  read more 

Time Tracking

Lately my boss has really been pushing entering time in Workday. Not sure if something is coming from the top of the house, but it seems out of place and highly pressured. I know others on the team enter time in workday, so not sure what this push is... —  read more 


Around 25 people were let go today at Amon Carter, all in the same group. Anybody hear of any others, or if there's more coming?

Badge swipes

Does anyone have reliable info on badge swipe monitoring? How many swipes do you need and is it only for your primary work location? (Ie travel doesn’t count)

Is Micro Managament a form of Risk Control?

When one micro manages something they control every aspect of it to that point that nothing can go wrong conceivably be out of place. This is great for the manager doing the micro-managing but is it effective given the loss of any kind of freedom and... —  read more 

Unforced attrition

BAC latest strategy, at least in the CAO office, is to force people to quit by making life miserable. Don’t they realize only the good people will quit and everyone else will be disgruntled.

So Now What?

So are there additional layoffs coming in September amid all the hiring? And is she going down the street?

Activity Based Costing Survey

I hear there's a new survey coming out, not sure what groups this will impact. Basically, it's something for you to list what you spend your time working on daily. You need to account for 100% of your time. If this doesn't spell layoffs, I don't know... —  read more 

Top Hit in Summer

Big layoffs in mid-August? 4380 Q3 Earning 2750 Where are the layoffs? 2490 I'm ready for the week ahead 2240... —  read more 

BAC Salary Band

BAC Salary Band - I got the info from PayScale, it's fairly accurate (source below)... Administrative Assistant - Average Salary: $55,970 - Salary Pay Range: $41k - $76k Assistant Bank Manager - Average Salary: $49,871 - Salary Pay Range: ... —  read more 

Banking Layoffs and BOFA

I think we mostly lay people off on the tech side. If you look at other companies, #BankingLayoffs are wide spread but they hit mostly business folks. We hit mostly the back office functions and not the business side that much. If you look at... —  read more 

Young blood within GT&O

Do you guys young people on the floors during summer and then they join as FTE? I have been observing more and more of these young people within GT&O. What's the banks plan? I wonder why HR wants young talent given that have to be trained and are a... —  read more 

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