Topics regarding layoffs at Bank of America

Topics regarding layoffs at Bank of America

Too much responsibility

I don’t know how I got caught in that trap in the first place but now I can't figure out how to get out of it. All the time I feel like everything depends on me because my manager acts like I’m responsible for things that shouldn’t be part of my... —  read more 

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Absolutely insane

So our site is having a site wide recognition celebration today. It was suppose to be outside but since it’s raining they just ask EVERYONE come to the cafeteria instead and hoot and holler and eat around each other. The absolute stupidity is mind... —  read more 

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A two-year study of more than 800,000 employees at Fortune 500 companies found most people reported stable or even increased productivity levels A two-year study of more than 800,000 employees at Fortune 500 companies found most people reported stable or even increased... —  read more 

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Why do bosses fall for this?

I get more exhausted from unhealthy collegial relationships than from doing my actual job. It will never be clear to me how a brown-noser manages to take credit for someone else's work and get acknowledgment from manager. Are the managers here just... —  read more 

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Finance Technology

So very sick of the daily fire drills and people who can’t do their tasks. Time for a change….yes I should probably leave, but this org needs to be called out for losing so many people. Moods are very negative, not a fun place to work

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Reviews - what a waste of time!

I’m so over these mid-year reviews. Don’t have 2 min to p-e, much less write some stupid review. I just go home and stress about not getting it done.. again. Sorry to vent- just wondered if others struggle with this? This comes around twice a year... —  read more 

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Deleting my bookmark

I was laid off 1+ year ago and have checked this site almost daily in the time since. It took me until today to realize that I’m finally ready to let go of the anger (and pain) that resulted from the event. To all of my fellow FORMER colleagues... —  read more 

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401k Comparison Report

I had the pleasure of looking at my dismal 401k this morning and noticed it was down -$41k or -19.2%, how is your doing this year? I’ve reduced my % from 14% to now 5% seeing that it’s just burning money into the red, moved that extra cash flow into... —  read more 

Pay Increases

When asked by a 20 year tenured associate on a all hands call, what the plan was to increase experienced associates pay compared to entry level pay. The response was basically, we need to attract new people, we pay you what we pay you, and if you... —  read more 

Salary Negotiation - BAC

Has anyone ultimately been turned down for a new role following salary negotiations where you asked for “too much”? Worst case is you accept less than you hoped for, right or wrong? Or did it backfire?

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Outlook not good

Think the recession is a problem? Wait until you add on 12 more months of poor management and young inexperienced workers. 5 hour tasks taking 60 because of inefficiency, continued piling up of work, and morale in the gutter. Yikes

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I resigned

I know most of you don't care but this is a huge step for me. I will miss my teammates but that's it. I will not miss my as----e manager and I'll miss the bank even less. To those of you who are staying, I wish you all the best and I hope you find a... —  read more 

Assessment time help

I really really , did I say really hate doing these self assessments. Yes, through the year I have a document I keep track of what is going on. I jot down what I’ve done etc.. However putting it together for my Manager is where I get lost. A... —  read more 

GT and GO all-hands

Funny how he can say he gets paid well in his position, but they leave out anyone over $100k in the increase while inflation is sky high and gas is the most it’s ever been. How about instead of making insensitive comments about how you’re compensated... —  read more 

New Hires on Hold

We have several open positions and were just advised we had to stop interviewing and could not fill before the end of the year. What the he-l? We are all doing 2 and 3 jobs to try and get the work done and all of a sudden our funding is pulled?

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