Topics regarding layoffs at Bank of America

Topics regarding layoffs at Bank of America

Next Steps

So what's gonna happen after 11/1? For those who're fully vaccinated, they will probably get their 30-day notice. What about those who're partially or not vaccinated? They said it's required to disclose but didn't say, at least not yet, it's required... —  read more 

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Trust is eroded now..

Daily harassment about RTO and pictures about one is given a voice even the comments are turned off. The mass amount of requests on esat about wfh or hybrid...ignored. Yesterday's email regarding RTO says "this progress is directly... —  read more 

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Loyalty is earned

What did BofA do to earn my loyalty? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. What can I do to earn theirs? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. No matter what I do the company will never show an ounce of loyalty to their employees. I was biding my time waiting for the right moment to... —  read more 

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Required vaccination status

For anyone wondering… I work in HR and here are the dates Nov 1- due date Nov 2- letter of education (written warning) generated from Workday Nov 9- Final written warning Nov 15- termination If you get a written or a final written it will... —  read more 

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Vaccine Efficacy

If the vaccine efficacy wane after several months, how can those people who have not got the booster shot protect themselves from RTO? Never mind I realize the bank does not care about your health.

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How strict is RTO

For those who've returned, how many days per week do you go in? Is your direct or skip level manager watching to see if you're in the office?

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Schrodinger's layoffs

I realized that I both want and don't want to be laid off and until it happens I have no idea how I'm going to feel after the fact. I fear layoffs for the uncertainty of it all, but I welcome it just for a chance to leave this wretched place. The... —  read more 

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Finally relief!

I've never been happier to leave a job than this one at BofA. And I've changed a lot of companies before I came here. When I gave notice in previous companies, I never wanted to celebrate that moment in particular... This time it is much different... —  read more 

Difficulty moving from B5 to B4

Had several interviews, even multiple rounds but haven't been able to land in a B4 role. Feeling dejected, I started interviewing externally and finally signed an offer today making WAAAY more than the 15% bump if I would have continued trying... —  read more 

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Hey BM

1984 called... they want their Rolodex back. Here's a stupid question for you that I didn't need to be in the office to ask... Why are you still here when clearly you aspire to be a politician?

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This is stupid!

The only reason I spend over $6 on parking and 2+ hrs commuting everyday is not to have so called "collaboration" with coworkers but to let me manager know I am in the office. This is ridiculous and makes no sense!

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