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Indian PM visit In addition, in order to make life easier for these unskilled frauds, the bank can arrange limo service to greet the h1 workers at the... read more
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Report H1B Visa Fraud REPORTH1BABUSE@USCIS.DHS.GOV Employers who abuse the H-1B visa program negatively affect U.S. workers, decreasing wages and job opportunities as they import more foreign workers. To further deter and detect abuse, USCIS has... read more
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Infosys visa scams 1 million is drop in the bucket. These f^*#}ing a$&-holes should be fined significantly for compensating the american... read more

New Band 5 Layoffs - Impacting GT&O

I was hit last week, Band 4, out of the blue. Now a bunch of B5's were told they were being let go today. Not sure how widespread it was. But one, who was an incredible developer, was eliminated today likely because he wasn't part of the newer... read more

BofA laid off at Infomart 2017

All that money we make as a company and they still lay off people. It's not cool, it's not what this company represented, times have changed, we are all just numbers.

BofA cuts costs again as usual!

BofA will keep cutting costs. For some reason they don't mention why and by how much the revenue continues to keep declining by! Someone at the top is obviously not doing their job right! Seems to be a recursive cycle - lower revenue, fire more... read more

Same game...

Bank is doing this for cost savings. Then they will hire double the amount India for twice as cheap...issue is their work always has to be redone as they are untrained. Been with the bank 30 years and I'm sure I am next. S---s always worrying about... read more

Richmond Layoffs

I believe a few were let go in Richmond today?
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Reduction in force today!

RIF going on all over - will be hard to know exactly which areas and individuals for a few days but know of some in Charlotte and Plano, TX.

Hong Kong Layoffs

Layoffs happened in Asia as well. I was let go today in HK. Not much to say, just the management like those quiet and no common sense people around. I am outspoken and guess it is the fatal mistake.

Love the passion on this board

Just want to say thank you to all visitors, posters, trash talkers, trolls and others on this board. It really makes the day go much faster.

Address Verifications

Today is only June 5 and twice since June 1 my team has been asked to verify our addresses. First, in a team meeting our manager went through a report with all of our addresses. Next, we got an email about requesting address verification supporting... read more

Trading Revenue is declining

It's surprising that Trading Revenue is declining! Maybe when you fire and lay-off your best people that the organization doesn't function so well? The losers that are left behind are doing the kind of job that I've expected. Things will get very... read more

Working from Home BofA Style

Show up and sign on, then go and pick up breakfast, then sit and talk with coworkers. Attend some lame meeting, then back to talking with coworkers or play with smartphone. Go out to lunch. Come back and turn TV on to watch the ball game. (yes, turn... read more

Next Quarter Earnings

Bank of America Corp (BAC.N) second-quarter earnings will be hurt by a drop in trading revenue, lower-than-expected interest rates and the sale or shuttering of certain assets, according to comments from Chief Executive Brian Moynihan on Wednesday... read more

Flag day?

According to unreliable sources next round willl take place 6/12-6/16

WFH - Working From Home

IBM Just Committed Cultural and Creative Suicide

AI in Finance


God bless all mothers around the world. We would not be here without you. Happy Mother's Day!!!!

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