Topics regarding layoffs at Bank of America

Topics regarding layoffs at Bank of America

Constant enormous pressure

I wouldn't be here today if it had always been like that. What I am experiencing now is not even micromanagement, it is worse than micromanagement. How are we supposed to work under so much pressure? Are they aware that the risk of making... —  read more 

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Lack of respect from leadership

Lack of respect towards employees is my biggest issue here. Several managers have a myriad of complaints against them but nobody cares. Nobody wants to deal with it because the ones being bullied are not high enough to matter. No matter how many... —  read more 

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So… we have everyone in America wondering why people didn’t evacuate Florida… Yet this id--t State that is already beyond max capacity on the highways didn’t give evacuation orders, therefore employers fully expected everyone to stick around. Do... —  read more 

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No worries...

"The investor of "The Big Short" fame noted in a Friday tweet that there are 218 companies with a primary stock listing in the US, a market capitalization north of $1 billion, and annual losses exceeding $100 million. Of those, 29 boast market caps... —  read more 

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Anyone know the flexibility the bank will announce? In terms of if they will come out with hybrid? I feel like they need to do something at this point to compete with other banks/employers. Does anyone know?

Please give me the package

The only thing I hope for now is a package, so I can finally leave this place in peace and forget about this absolutely awful leadership. Unfortunately, I think that a poll would probably show that more than half of the employees think the same.

Job Cuts?

I heard on the news that Bank of America, along with JP Morgan Chase and other companies have announced job cuts. Does anyone know which jobs are being cut?

Glad I am out of there

I was so angry when I was laid off, especially considering they decided to keep the most incompetent person on our team, but honestly, today I’m so glad I was. It took finding a new job and settling in for a few months to realize how toxic my former... —  read more 

Egomaniac manager

You must know the type: he or she is always right, no matter what. It doesn't matter if their "solution" will harm the bank and/or the client, they'll do their thing because nobody can be smarter than they are. How the he-l do you deal with a manager... —  read more 

Sabbatical Announcement

Am I reading the announcement correctly that unless you exactly hit one of the milestone anniversaries in the year 2023 no matter if you have already passed the 15, 20, 15 year mark, you have to wait until you actually hit the next milestone to be... —  read more 

Just leaving this here

Sept 6 (Reuters) - Bank of America Corp (BAC.N) will outline flexible working standards over the next six to eight weeks that will adapt to changing conditions, Chief Executive Brian Moynihan said during a New York industry conference on... —  read more 

Does Anybody Know???

I just had a short term disability claim decision changed by Sedgwick from "denied" to "approved". This is after months of them arguing with my various doctors. Now I have been told that I will get back pay for about 20 weeks. Does anyone know if... —  read more 

Just to recap…

“We reviewed compensation and opted to give your hard earned money to the people who are entry level and provide basic services vs the top level associates whose work actually has direct impact on the organization.” Always a nice slap in the face... —  read more 

Quiet quitting

I know this is the new phrase of the month or whatever but I think some of you are misunderstanding its meaning and taking things too far. The point of quiet quitting is to do your job and just your job. It's not to do barely anything the whole day... —  read more 

Time tracking

So if they’re going to track when employees log in and out for the day with the newest micro-managing tracking platform, why don’t they just log hours for them!? I mean, if you don’t trust employees, at least save them the hassle of logging in to... —  read more 

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