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Open Plan Office (productivity killer)

Based on this article open plan offices are productivity killers I am 100% in agreement with this article as I have seen how productivity... read more

Volunteer for Layoff

Has anyone on this board ever volunteered for layoff? If so, can you please explain what your approach was? How did your ex-manager react? Is there an official process provided by HR for such requests?

Social events

Recently joined and was wondering if this company holds any type of social events/gatherings where corkers can get to know each other outside work. Previous companies I worked for always had these types of events as they realized how important it was... read more

Hasta La Vista Shared Services

In response to a question on another post, Shared Services is not gone...exactly. They are keeping the Production Support teams and some of the infrastructure teams. The rest is fair game. The mystery is how the execs kept their jobs throughout this... read more

Mid Year Review

Received a bad review, that I know I did not deserve. Never had a bad one in all the years that I have been here. Guess its to get me out the door. Im ready!

Higher than expected earnings for Q2

Bank of America just posted higher than expected earnings for last quarter. Hopefully, this will reflect positively on the future, and they will not add more to already enough laid off people in operations and technology division. We can hope, at... read more

Rule of 60

How does this work with respect to health insurance premiums and COBRA?

Severance and Rehired

If you are severed and rehired within under 180 days you retain your continous service days, which I take to mean the day you were hired PRIOR to you getting severed. Question is once you are rehired, do you qualify for the corporate severance... read more

GTO reorg

Anyone knows how long for the announcements of the bottom level employees? Also what is the criteria used this time to distribute the pawns to various teams? I hope the indian execs and senior vps are not taking this opportunity by playing their game... read more

It Was A Good Day

Just waking up in the morning gotta thank God. I don't know but today seems kinda odd. No real issues on way to, on my way from or while at work. Saw what I wanted to see, spoke with whomever I wanted to speak and did what needed to be done. I got... read more

MyWork decommission

So our area got a communication that telecommuting would be "decommissioned". However, we were told "mileage" and "commute times" would be reviewed as exceptions, along with "other burdens". Does anyone know if there is a distance cap? what is it?... read more

Wake up call

A wakeup call... When I got laid off I thought it was the worst thing that happened to me. I had to learn some tough lessons, especially that it is a business and any personal feelings about the quality of work or how invaluable you thought you were... read more

Contractor Furloguhs

BAC loves to furlough contractors. They are also know to make contracting firms reduce their rates which means hour cuts to you. I will never contract for BAC again. Be happy if they are only doing 2 weeks this time. They did 3 weekers for a number... read more

BAC Pittsburgh 7/2/17 WARN Notice Question

So was everybody in Pittsburgh (Allegheny Center/Nova Place) done on 7/2? Or are some in upper management still there to clean things up and benefit more financially before the lights are out for good? I was a former employee there for 10+ years... read more

Severance sent back late

Does anyone know what happens if you happen to send your severance package a day late for Bank of America severance package!? It had to be postmarked yesterday and of course it was a holiday :( I'm freaking out they won't accept it but they should... read more
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How many weeks of furlough are required for contractors? Is it 2 for every contractor or are there exceptions? Do they also have to take a pay cut in addition to furlough? Also, if my rate is $74/hr and have to take 2 weeks of furlough what would my... read more

Buy, Sell or Stay Away

Many people speculate that the last layoff round had much to do with the upcoming earning report. Do you think now it is a good time to invest in this stocks or should I invest my $ somewhere else ?

Loyalty means nothing at Band of America

I was laid off in the most recent reductions. B4 and had no clue. Since I've seen some opportunities to return, but just don't want to as this point. It was a difficult environment to work in and other former work associates who have moved on all, to... read more

It's Good To Be The King

Poor indentured servants, peasants, ..... A---ociates... (LOL) In a repeat from 2015, the top-earning CEO was Bank of America’s Brian Moynihan, who brought in $15.4 million. The biggest chunk of his compensation was a $13.7 million stock award, most... read more

BAML Layoffs

What about the mechanics of the layoff? How do they do it? Do they schedule a meeting, conference call, etc...

Indian PM visit In addition, in order to make life easier for these unskilled frauds, the bank can arrange limo service to greet the h1 workers at the... read more
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Report H1B Visa Fraud REPORTH1BABUSE@USCIS.DHS.GOV Employers who abuse the H-1B visa program negatively affect U.S. workers, decreasing wages and job opportunities as they import more foreign workers. To further deter and detect abuse, USCIS has... read more
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Infosys visa scams 1 million is drop in the bucket. These f^*#}ing a$&-holes should be fined significantly for compensating the american... read more

New Band 5 Layoffs - Impacting GT&O

I was hit last week, Band 4, out of the blue. Now a bunch of B5's were told they were being let go today. Not sure how widespread it was. But one, who was an incredible developer, was eliminated today likely because he wasn't part of the newer... read more

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