Topics regarding layoffs at Bank of America

Topics regarding layoffs at Bank of America

Finance Technology

What an example of failed leadership and pi-s poor execution. An incredible amount of "brotherhood" hiring and just outright failures. No strategy, no vision, we have to hold their hand through everything. Wake up!!

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D&I Job Requirements

Is narcissism a prerequisite for working on the D&I team in HR? D&I "leaders" sharing with the world all THEY do at parties and social functions. No thanks to the actual associates who are working on the events and driving the initiatives. Only... —  read more 

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Maternity/Paternity leave

Does anyone knows how long exactly the maternity/paternity leave is and if we could split the leave into multiple sessions for example one month in Dec, one month in the coming summer and 1 month in the following Dec.

Actions speak louder…

All you need know: article on scape with headline of share your thoughts through annual survey. Article speaking how they value your input and thoughts and etc….But……the comments on the article are turned off. You can’t make this up. Where is the... —  read more 

New job is fully remote

I accepted a new job today that is fully remote. It's a good position with good benefits and pay that might be a little lower than here but there are options for improvement. All I wanted to say is not to give up. I've been searching for almost a... —  read more 

Frustrated Employee

Frustration here. Microwave is broken, new one is on back order. Ice machine broken, who knows when that is going to get fixed. Carpet needs to get vacuumed and cleaned, been several years since it has been done. The afternoon the WHOLE SYSTEM is... —  read more 

Level of attrition

Don't get me wrong, I'm happy for anyone who manages to find something better for themselves and gets out of here. However, do you think attrition will continue to increase? I was overwhelmed anyway, but now that my colleague has left I'm facing a... —  read more 

No work to do

I was hired about 7months ago for my new position(Been working in the bank for many years)that was a big change for me(from band 6 to band 5).I was hoping not only to make more money,but to learn new skills and get busy.Well,it turned out that till... —  read more 

Working 40-hour weeks

Has anybody gotten any pushback for refusing to work more than 40 hours a week? I have been working 60+ hour weeks since the last layoffs and I can't do it anymore. Enough is enough. I'm planning to start doing my 40 hours starting next week, but I'd... —  read more 

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