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Performance Reviews

Our group has decided to use a quality checklist to grade our work starting 2017. The quality check will be performed by our brown nosing peers and not our managers or any quality unit. We wouldn't have an issue with this if it wasn't being use to... read more

2/15 or 2/21?

Just want to see which day most people have heard as the day for layoffs. So just post which day you have heard and how credible your source is.

Las Vegas CVL site closing?

Looks like the bank has sold/ is selling the building. Any word about shutting down and maybe moving to Chandler or staffing up Alpharetta?
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Layoffs coming late Feb or early Mar

Layoffs are coming in Feb or March, with 4-5 round through 2017. And for those on MyWork, the program is in the target again. Although they "say" they support the program, they will be moving EVERYONE to a core facility or be releasing all... read more

2 week notice and leaving for a competitor

Was told in December that I was being moved to a "special project" that was scheduled to end in February with the possibility of lasting longer. Accepted an offer for a competitor bank and trying to time my 2 week notice so that I can hopefully get... read more

Internal Transfer question

Hi, Can anybody guide if the manager gets notified if i wish to apply to some other position within the Bank.If yes,how to cope with the fact that since manager now knows you are looking to move you might be the first one to go,should the diktat for... read more

Layoffs in 2 to 3 weeks

Sr VP told multiple groups of 'other positions' within bank. on 1/30 ehinger comes to our site for a 'visit.' buddy in another group said they are taking on additional duties on 2/15/17. won't say my site, just that i am in loss mit

Year End Performance Review

Looks like it's starting. Received my year end review on Tuesday. Funny after 8 years being here I now a Meets/Does Not Meet in review with no reasons given? So I call my manager on it or go over his head and open a case with Employee Relations?... read more

Job Performance issues with executives.

Job board showing some Executives requiring help because they do not want to deal with employees . Hire help so we can Play video games all day? Or so we do not need to be involved with decisions on the front line gas chambers. Never attribute to... read more

Job Performance issues with Top Executives.

Job boards showing some Executives requiring help because they do not want to deal with employees . Hire help so we can Play video games all day? Or so we do not need to be involved with decisions on the front line gas chambers. Never attribute to... read more
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As per employee handbook

I witnessed discrimination in purest form. I reported to HR as written in the employee handbook. The person was moved very easily to a new department. The department along with HR turned on me and gamed me out. Is this a class action lawsuit? I have... read more

PART 2--How we creatively fire you!!!

Your job has been eliminated and you do not know it. MGT holding secrets, Might try to relocate you but prob not or could not find a place for you. What do we do? Did your MGR begin to ping you on quarter year reviews. Are they acting weird? Are they... read more

Severance Package Now Discretionary?

I heard that BAC severance packages have recently changed. They are no longer required to provide 2 weeks per year of service. Instead the policy has changed to reflect 'discretionary'.

Best of luck in 2017

For those of you still with BofA - best of luck to you in 2017 either keeping your job or getting a nice severance package and to those who got laid off, I hope 2017 brings you great job offers from companies who really appreciate their people... read more

How we creatively fire you!!!

For a skilled senior manager within BofA, firing someone is a pretty straightforward exercise. It just takes a bit of patience and an ability to game the system of documenting alleged shortcomings by the chosen employee. I witnessed a... read more

Bank of America places employees in harm’s way.

BAC cost cutting savings shifts possible death to employees at satellite locations. After a layoff management announces “you as a valued employee” need to Patrol the halls and doors asking for badges. You have swallowed the Koolaid? While you have... read more

Gamed out again, Band together like other bank ex-employees.

If you weren’t willing to engage in these types of illegal practices, they just booted you out the door and replaced you.” At least 5,300 Wells Fargo employees have been fired for ethics violations. That second group of workers, who claim that they... read more
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Trump agrees to open up more h1b visas...

For those who voted for Trump in order to stem the loss of jobs to foreigners... You have been betrayed.

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