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AI Will Wipe Out Half the Banking Jobs

Advances in artificial intelligence and automation could replace as many as half the nation’s financial services workers over the next decade, industry experts say, but it’s going to take a big investment to make that happen... read more

Friday 4/20

Once again four twenty is upon us. I will take a break and come back lost. May have some brownies and cookies for fun. Hope when I get back I can do work. To all the fun people out there enjoy and have fun. If you tell me your plan I may even join... read more
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June 1

04/23 is being talked about - but it's a Monday - and Albany won't care - but... if Monday comes and goes... then what about June 1... people hearing that one?

Are there warning signs leading up to layoff?

Legitimate question for anyone who has been laid off especially or anyone that knows. Did you experience anying odd that could have potentially been a sign you were about to get laid off in the days or weeks prior? Things like all of the sudden... read more

Exit for MDs

Can’t just promote people to MD then let them be MD forever. If a team with lots of headcount, perform poorly, MD should take responsibility. If a MD cannot efficiently manage the team (minimize turnover) and make money,then he should be out... read more

Big Banks Find a Back Door to Finance Subprime Loans A Bank of America spokesman said that the bank limits its subprime exposure in line with its approach to responsible growth.

Where to?

Just wondering if any of those who are quick to say "leave if you are not happy" have any suggestions on where to go? Considering that the situation in banking sector is awful as it is (just take a look at Wells Fargo page on this forum,) please do... read more

Too many MDs in trading!

Less MDs please! You can’t have MDs do not make money yet still get paid well! Some MDs get away from layoff just because they have close relationship with head of trading!
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Re Org in NJ?

Anyone know about this? Apparently it’s going to a big one and I have no idea what to look forward to

Possible layoffs today?

There were several people laid off last week and rumor has it that there is more coming 4/23. Anybody hear that we're "safe" until then or should we be prepared today?

We need an article like this

I know IBM is not a bank, but take the time to read this article and you will see that all industries are the same. This is pretty much exactly what we have been saying for years that Bank of America has been doing to its employees... read more

My Work - Case by Case

I see a lot of comments on here about mywork. These are two true stories that are not connected with either GTO or CFO orgs, but instead Consumer Banking. Two different people I know, one well the other acquaintance posted for jobs recently one in... read more

Layoff at Bofa is a common practice

Doesn't matter how good you are with your work, there is always a layoff. These guys don't have brain to improve the culture. Most of the places favorism is a common practice. A bank with false narrative and management is a complete mess.

Don’t cut technology!!!

In particular, don’t cut global markets technology! Technology are automating lots of things that can save bank money! Redundancies are in front office! Rank revenues by team or headcount, and cut front office team (aka business people) that don’t... read more

Week of April 23rd

All CFO associates who are still on myWork will be severed. myWork employees in hub cities have already been called back to the office so they are safe for now. Should rename this place Bank of Charlotte for its limited location strategy

Incoming March layoffs

Anybody hearing about mass layoffs in GT&O in March or April. I am hearing about reductions of 50+ 100+ people in each application area. Well, the money for the $1000 bonus had to come from somewhere, right? Also, the Agile horsecrap will probably be... read more

MyWork - RIP

over the last two weeks, managers have been having the talk with the few remaining MyWork employees: come back into the office or quit. Anyone else have that chat recently?

BAML Management in News

Eyebrows were raised when Zaimi hired her brother, Alireza, in 2014 (he left for Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund last October). In turn, Gallo has been accused of favouring colleagues he’s hired-in from Morgan Stanley. Source: “Inside the cult... read more

Transitioning away from tech

What is a good age to start thinking about leaving your career in the tech field and transitioning into a more reliable and less stressful field? What field would you choose? Why?

Bank of America HR

Anybody here has any experience with Bank of America HR? Is it safe to go to them with an issue about my manager?

Global Markets needs a hiring freeze

BAML Global Markets is hiring because people are leaving. Perhaps they should think whether or not that team is overstaffed. Do they really need that many of headcount? People are leaving because they are disappointed about money. If a manager can’t... read more

BoA laying off 30 in Belfast

Latest Bank of America (known) casualties are in Belfast - 30 employees were let go off at the end of the last month. Stay tuned for more, I'm sure... The impacted workers were in a small group that handled calls from financial centers that needed... read more

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