Topics regarding layoffs at Bank of America

Topics regarding layoffs at Bank of America

This is driving me insane

So many times I have to sit through meetings where you have a dozen professionals ignoring the obvious, completely ignoring the logical solutions, trying to do the same thing the same way even when it's been proven that it doesn't work... I tried to... —  read more 

Bonus and 401k

Also keep in mind that if you do not want any 401k contributions taken out of your bonus you will need to change your contribution rate to 0% in the BOL app by the EOM Jan. Unfortunately, because both paychecks and bonuses land on the same day, that... —  read more 

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Merrill tech is the worse

Can we get an upgrade that actually works? Daily issues with Synergy site, SMC sends messages to wrong clients, constant profile issues, 17 clicks to submit anything. Stop making useless "upgrades" which slows things down, stop making changes that... —  read more 

What would you do?

Option 1. Stay in current role where you are an expert, train new people, lead work rather than do it because nobody else has the knowledge. Direct manager is excellent. But its a bit unstable, top leadership wants to cut people but can't cut any... —  read more 

GBAM haha

So many useless guys hiding behind their useless titles.. they stole from the old Merrill SOP's .. GBAM was a joke using HPE then WWT .. they had a scam going .. I just hope Tradeplant and Global Rates & Currencies are doing they were kool guys .. I... —  read more 

Leaving the company

I received a pending offer recently. When should I give my 2-week notice in order to receive the bonus? Can I let my manager know in early Feb or do I need to wait until the bonus payout?

Return to Office

I know we've gone over this... Any news on return to office? I loathe the week by week piecemeal of information. Also NO it doesn't mean people are easy if they don't want to return. The bank's numbers and productivity rate reflect this. Most people... —  read more 

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