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Alas the day has come 12/4

The day has finally come and gone. I know of 7 in GT&O, including myself. Good luck to you all. No longer one foot out the door but two feet it is. Based on what I was privy to, this is the final round for this year. Rest easy. The day I get laid off... read more
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Ahhh. So much turkey!!

I think I will give some of my left overs to my manager next week.
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The process to corral MyWork people and return them to the office has begun in Morgan Whitacre's underwriting group, target 2019 Q2.

BofA introduces its new logo

I understand I may be off-topic, given that the new company logo isn’t really a layoff-related subject, but I was hoping to get some opinions on this and generally on the new advertising campaign that the company is going to start. What do you make... read more

Action on 11/26

I have heard that there is another action being taken on November 26. I don't know if this is another my work call in or if it's a round of severance ....does anybody have insight? Timing for severance would be in line with years past although I've... read more
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What is current # of weeks severance per year of service? Does it vary by org or job type?

Many employees get cash bonuses next month

In an internal memo that was sent to the employees, the leadership stated that many workers that annually earn 100K or less will be rewarded with a $1000 cash bonus and the employes that are making more than 100K per year will be rewarded by 200-500... read more

Kick the sdm program (in gto) already

Every one in gto esp gbam is frustrated with the incompetent people in sdm program. Many in sdm are just dummy project managers who dont understand changing technology landscape. The actual technical development is outsourced and no one knows to... read more

Time for year end summary!

And front office managing directors going to take credit for things they didn’t do! If your boss are bad MDs, all your hard work won’t be recognized because MDs will take all credits!

House of cards

When you have too many managing directors in a team, it’s like house of cards - every MD trying to gamble for his own interest not team’s interest. Solution? Lay off more managing directors!!!
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Badge swipe monitoring?

Does anyone know where and how they are doing badge swipe monitoring? What locations and what are the parameters to be flagged on a list?

Best Earnings in History

BAC posted the best earnings in company history today! There are people on my team who equate this to HUGE bonuses! Yeah, right. I guess it is nice to dream.

Anyone in EMEA/APAC/LATAM follows this site?

I wonder if the global offices have as much drama/layoffs/vpn issues as the offices in the US. I know the laws in many European countries are much stricter when it comes to layoffs. How about Asia? Do you guys experience the same c-ap your fellow... read more
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Laying off MD

BAML equities have too many MDs. Some MD here are doing nothing! All because head of equities in favor of his old fellow! Need more HR listening! Fire MDs who receive low employee satisficafion score please!

How will they know if you wfh

All my team is in florida and i am only one in texas. So i work from home 3 days a week. Some one mentioned about a 70 hour vpn usage per month policy after which manager gets notified. How to measure how much wfh one can do?

Layoffs at Mortgage Operations 2019

What's your prediction for 2019, given the macroeconomic trends and the overall push to cut costs? Layoffs or massive layoffs? Reorg in 2019? Again?
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employee survey is useless

remember the employee satisficaton survey in June? It’s useless. Nobody care what you said. There is one front office trading managing director, received very low score. Nothing happen to him at all! Because he is friend of head of equities!!!

I'm the loser who does anything to WFH

Unlike the winner who posted @Vl7UWzK; I love to work from home. It allows me to have a better quality of life. During lunch break I can cook my own meals, work out when I feel like it, schedule appointments, fix car when it needs repair, etc. If... read more
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