Topics regarding layoffs at Bank of America

Topics regarding layoffs at Bank of America

Vaccine form, more

Read the second page of the HIPPA release: This authorization is voluntary and you may refuse to sign it. Note: however, failure to comply with the health and safety protocols set forth in the Bank of America Global Human Resources Return to Work... —  read more 

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Imagine that...

After bending associates over last quarter with lowball bonuses and poor year end raises, on 18 billion in profits, they manage to have a stellar first quarter. Sure seems to look like it was a ploy to sc–w the little guy. I’m sure these record... —  read more 

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COVID Vaccine

I feel like my boss is pushing my group pretty hard to get the vaccine. We are not customer facing, so unsure what the push or need for us folks to return to office so quickly, opposed to perhaps other groups. Anyone feeling this same pressure? This... —  read more 

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Not sure how everyone else is doing, but my workload has dropped off a cliff in the past few months. I think overall, everyone feels like they are checking out. I'm sure if I continue, at some point, I'll be RIFed but that isn't bad. Looking... —  read more 

Ruined career

Do you have problems with animosity in this company? I can say for sure that my career was ruined by my superior. He showed this unexplainable animosity for a long time. I never understood the background of such irrational hatred that didn’t stop... —  read more 

No work/life balance

Things weren't like this always but now there's no work/life balance anymore. The bank keeps cutting people and then dumping their work on those of us who're still here. i'm not even sure anymore how many jobs in addition to my own I'm doing these... —  read more 

GTO University

Participate in the challenge that was emailed out this week. If they are looking to let anyone go, it will be those who are not actively updating their skills through GTO University. Earn a badge if you want to stay employed here. Just my opinion. —  read more 

With or without severance

I’ve reached my savings goal “just in case” there is a layoff around the corner. That being said, how many here are waiting on a wave of layoffs to happen and hoping to get offered a severance before moving on vs. those who are actively looking for... —  read more 

I’m not so confident

Here people write that they can hardly wait for the layoffs, which will probably be huge, because they hope to find a job soon. Of course, the skillset is very important, but I’m no longer sure it’s crucial when looking for a new job. A friend with... —  read more 

PPP Work

Does anyone know when the folks who are away from the business working on PPP will be returned to their roles? It looks like more small business relief just passed congress so I am thinking our teammates will be away from their roles the rest of the... —  read more 

Return to Office

I’ve heard some industries are returning to office as early as June 2021. After the odd ENACT messages from our market leaders reminding us that it is as important as ever to remain diligent in not spreading the virus, now I’m wondering if the... —  read more 


Is tradeplant still around ..? .we were first in secaucus nj data center even before ..they followed merrils model ...merrill network was built by guys who fell into the network technology field and they were the best the 90s ....good luck to... —  read more 

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BOA WFH and Layoffs

We were told we would never WFH in our department. Even though our productivity is way up. Here in Jax, FL our building is so run down, break room can only hold a few people and not enough bathrooms on our floor. Our elevator is always having am... —  read more 

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