Topics regarding layoffs at Bank of America

Topics regarding layoffs at Bank of America

Bank of america

Does anyone know what's the deal with the extra bwt officers that came from merchant services?. Are their jobs permant or temporary?...if it's temporary how long does boa keep temporary employees around?

Stock fell 16%

Bank of America Corp.’s profit fell 16% in the third quarter, though the bank indicated that it is well prepared to weather the coronavirus recession.

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Fair Compensation

Global markets is having a good year. But that’s not due to their merit but market condition. Such kind of market volatility won’t last. Bank shouldn’t over compensate market and need to help commercial banking this year.

No more pay increases

If you move from a band 4 to another 4 role, HR considers that a lateral move now and no pay increase. Managers also have no say in pay anymore, as it's a based on equitable outcome. External hires still get market rate

Any IT Layoffs recently or soon?

Laid off from a different large corporation in IT. Have an offer at BOA. Any recent layoffs in BOA or how is the company in the upswing of hiring in IT? Looking for some stability again (if can ever find this in another corp in IT).


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Retail Services?

Anyone have any thoughts about this small portfolio? My thoughts are that though it is small, it tends to always be profitable and that politically, it might look bad for Wells to drop a bunch of merchants during a recession. So, I feel relatively... —  read more 

You can't be this naive

Are people really that naive to believe we'll have no layoffs any time soon? Did you not see the state of the economy? Did you not notice everything that's been going on around you for the past several months? Do you really think we'll be the only... —  read more 

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