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Layoff info

Has any new information come out for upcoming layoffs? Our upper management is conducting a site visit May 4

What's more important regarding your job?

What is more important regarding your particular job or role? Is it to do the job the best you can the way you see it and to make sure that your customer, client, or end-user is serviced in the best possible way in the interests of the company and... read more


Get out now. Your work is going to India. So much for keeping work here.

Time to exercise your stockholder right to vote:

Split of CEO/Chairman roles back on the ballot at BofA The proposal up for a vote wouldn't necessarily strip Brian Moynihan of either job, but would ask the board to adopt a policy that the chairman and CEO spots be separate whenever possible. Not... read more

Bank products

Just wondering how many bank employees use any of the products offered by the bank and what advantages (if any) do they offer over the competition.

Major cuts next week

I heard that GTO folks who are base funded are being targeted. Any insght? Meanwhile i see more jobs transferred ti BACI / GDC and STS in Dallas


I finally escaped. good luck to those still trapped!

Is this a joke?

Had a team meeting today where the VP felt the need to tell us that employees who are mediocre but have a good attitude and kiss the bank's a** will make a better impression and be rewarded over the ones who excel at their job but don't show a... read more

How we stick it to ya

How we creatively fire you!!! For a skilled senior manager within BofA, firing someone is a pretty straightforward exercise. It just takes a bit of patience and an ability to game the system of documenting alleged shortcomings by the chosen employee... read more

Tomorrow is Walkout Wednesday

Has anyone heard of any planned layoffs? There is a lot of hateful things being posted, honestly it makes me sad. So many people are effected and we should be kind to them.


BOA should be ashamed on how they have treated their employees. all of these lay offs are terrible! Especially for the ones that have worked so hard and have followed all the corporate BS rules and went above and beyond! It's been a year since my... read more

Breaking News

Shocking American workers are being forced to train foreigners! Then they are fired!??? How can this be true must be fake news. Way to go CBS 60 minutes for such an eye opening scoop of news. Where have you been for the past 3 decades? Talk about... read more


Just heard from a friend that the Pasadena, CA that they were let go. They were given a severance package and will be escorted out.

Westlake, CA

I was with the company for 16.7 yrs. I got a 30 day non-working this morning. The wonder is finally over. Spent the last 8 yrs wondering when I would be let go. Not sure how many in my building were let go but there were several.

10 let go

In chandler site 10 to 12 people were laid off. Document Execution.

Performance Reviews

Our group has decided to use a quality checklist to grade our work starting 2017. The quality check will be performed by our brown nosing peers and not our managers or any quality unit. We wouldn't have an issue with this if it wasn't being use to... read more

2/15 or 2/21?

Just want to see which day most people have heard as the day for layoffs. So just post which day you have heard and how credible your source is.

Las Vegas CVL site closing?

Looks like the bank has sold/ is selling the building. Any word about shutting down and maybe moving to Chandler or staffing up Alpharetta?
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Layoffs coming late Feb or early Mar

Layoffs are coming in Feb or March, with 4-5 round through 2017. And for those on MyWork, the program is in the target again. Although they "say" they support the program, they will be moving EVERYONE to a core facility or be releasing all... read more

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