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Advice to Millenniums; don't be loyal!

If the company hired you because you are young and cheap take notes because one day you will be old and wrinkled .... Take all your vacation, take full hour lunch breaks, make use of sick days and always be on the look out for a better opportunity.


Hearing the 27th, but not hearing what groups will be impacted; supposed to be "a deep cut". Anyone hearing similar or maybe what groups will be impacted?
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My work and 6 hubs

My team was told that those on My Work must give it up and go to one of 6 designated hubs which are on the east or west coast. Rationale provided was to bring those locations up to capacity. No staffing plans, no thought process regarding impacted... read more

Another view on VPN

I think you all are jumping to conclusions. The reasons are twofold. For many groups, bringing the workforce back to the office creates better communication, team building, learning, etc. Think of how much we complain about our kids being anti social... read more
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Whitacre's office - MyWork vs Laid Off

Word is that within Whitacre's org (UW and Client Protection) that top performers will be permitted to stay in the MyWork program while the others will be laid off instead of being returned to office. Sounds like nonsense. Does anyone know?


I heard this group known as EPO is going to be disbanded. I've never heard of this group before today. Anyone hear the same or even know what this group is and what org they are part of??


Something big must be in the works for this site to be this quiet

College Meltdown shows few signs of slowing in 2019

"Student loan debt continues to rise. In 2018, there was a significant number of news articles disclosing the negative effects of student loan debt on the lives of Millenials and their families."... read more
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Why companies now dislike telecommuting

This is not my post but I thought it was relevant to BAC... ========= It's a part of a bigger shift to hire younger folks with lower salary requirements. Here is how the scam works (many companies are doing this): Create a hub 'only' model Put hubs... read more

Reactions feedback

takes too long easy to manipulate does not render well on iPhone needs to provide sort based on reactions will enhance trollin' experience 😋 the lack of captcha will make it more difficult to distinguish troll vs non-troll. If you add captcha UX will... read more

Working X-mas week

Will you even pretend to do any work next week? 3 hr lunches everyday? Liquid lunches? Brush your teeth in the kitchen sink?😂😂😂

For the WFC folks

I also tried sleeping with a processor back in '95 but at the time it seemed too big and felt too tight. Back then we were both single and life was much simpler. A few years later I tried it again and although it was smaller the processor was no... read more
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4pm All Hands Call

Anybody know what today's 4pm all hands on deck conference call is about?!. After market close so as not to affect stock price. Last time I attended one was 2008 before and during the financial crisis.

10,400 Verizon employees voluntarily leave

Avout 7% of the company decided to leave after being offered a package. How many people here do you think would take a similar package?

Alas the day has come 12/4

The day has finally come and gone. I know of 7 in GT&O, including myself. Good luck to you all. No longer one foot out the door but two feet it is. Based on what I was privy to, this is the final round for this year. Rest easy. The day I get laid off... read more
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Ahhh. So much turkey!!

I think I will give some of my left overs to my manager next week.
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The process to corral MyWork people and return them to the office has begun in Morgan Whitacre's underwriting group, target 2019 Q2.

BofA introduces its new logo

I understand I may be off-topic, given that the new company logo isn’t really a layoff-related subject, but I was hoping to get some opinions on this and generally on the new advertising campaign that the company is going to start. What do you make... read more

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