Topics regarding layoffs at Fifth Third Bancorp

Topics regarding layoffs at Fifth Third Bancorp

Fifth Third Layoffs 2020

Fifth Third is silently laying off people since this summer. CIO wants to replace everyone with GE. The company culture is very toxic, it is favorable to 1. to white base 2. you need to be friends with upper management 3. friends with SLK

time to leave

i'm not surprised layoffs were needed. we've been going downhill for quite a while, this is just natural extension of that. when's the last time our equipment has been upgraded? i can't remember, and i've been here for a while. for a long time pay... —  read more 

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Fifth Third is not what it once was

I was not among those laid off but I almost wish I was. This used to be a good company, but things changed drastically in the last decade or so. Unethical treatment of employees and even customers by some of the managers has become the norm. Ethics... —  read more 

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Who made the decision?

I'd really like to know who made the decision on who will be laid off and based on what criteria. At my location we lost some of our best people who have been with the company for decades. Where is the logic in this? Do they not see that saving money... —  read more 

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