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Too weird for WF

Received my notice today that WF lockbox is closing in Portland and moving operations to Seattle. We kinda suspected the bank would continue moving out of Portland after they sold the building and haven’t been replacing people when they leave. But it... read more

WF forced into Straight Jacket

Wells Fargo to fire 4 board of directors and put on a straight jacket by the Federal Reserve to prevent them from growing further, until they can demonstrate governance controls are in place. credit:... read more

Tellers get ready. Firing will happen

It used to be if you were the teller and were over 100 bc you Shorted someone but the next day they came back and when you balanced you could link the two for no outage. It affected your percentage but now tellers will be out a full 200 beginning Feb... read more

Mike Loughlin Chief "RISK" Officer Retires

credit: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/business/banking/article195162924.html Wells Fargo said Wednesday its chief risk officer is retiring from the San Francisco-based company, the latest in a string of executive departures since a major... read more

More branch closures but raises and sales

Watching the closing bell today and our CFO got on and said minimum wage up to 15 and those currently making 15 will see a significant increase along with full time employees receiving 3k in stocks. He also stated there will be branch closures. We... read more

Wells Fargo Fires More Executives

Three executives Tracy Kidd (HR), Deanna Lindquist (Legal), and John Sootodeh (Community Banking) all fired or pushed out recently because of account scandal. Good. credit: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/business/banking/article188748929.html... read more

Ineligible to be rehired a form of Black listing

Find Lawyer =“cease and desist” letter to the former employer. This letter prohibits the former employer from releasing any information other than your job title and dates of employment. If you have been tagged and having problems finding interviews... read more

Mortgage division cuts 60

It seems Wells Fargo has no issues with laying people off this close to Christmas. In the past few week 60 people have been laid off from mortgage division. Not sure what this means for other departments and if more layoffs will follow, but I... read more

You in da’Gambino family now!

Any of you smoes still working at da Gambimo family biz, aka Wells Fargo better get your resume polished up. A bunch of you crooks er “team members” need to be in the big House serving time for ripping off your clients... read more

Execs Turning on One Another

Wells Fargo Head of Consumer Lending fired after the person he fired for mortgage fraud turns around and tattle tales on him for saying that misconduct in the bank, is not a concern, and that the regulators were picky for doing their job and calling... read more

Small bonus

If you got a bonus this quarter for Customer Service scores and it was smaller than previous ones it's because they used our bonus money to pay fines. This company is falling apart more and more each day. Why are we paying the bill and not the guys... read more


Has anyone called the new ethicsline to report any abuses? I'm asking because I have suspected WF management monitors this stuff and nothing is really anonymous. If you called, did you remain anonymous or were you fired for some bogus reason? I've... read more

End of year layoffs

Most companies will accelerate lay offs before Thanksgiving and Christmas so I'm expecting some Wells Fargo team members especially on the corporate side will have bitter holidays. If the OCC, FDIC, and Congress are allowing WF to continue with a... read more

Rotten to the core!

Are there any areas of Wells Fargo that aren't corrupt? The WSJ reported that (https://www.wsj.com/articles/wells-fargo-fires-fx-bankers-investigates-foreign-exchange-business-1508518745) four Forex traders were fired and a "senior executive" was... read more


When I worked at Wells Fargo inside the Community Banking division all my coworkers were not only NOT doing work, but also involved in s-xual harassment and stealing and embezzling from the company using the company credit card. The HR manager who... read more

Wells Fargo Offshores To The Philippines

http://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/business/banking/article179747451.html Now hiring — Wells Fargo seeks overseas call center workers as it slashes US jobs Wells Fargo has been quietly bulking up its call-center operations in the Philippines... read more

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