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Be proactive

A warning to anyone involved in the FX scandals. If you were involved in any transactions that overcharged customers, you will be found out. You could go to federal prison. Don’t rely on the ethics line to save you. Hire your own attorney and save... read more

More layoffs

More layoffs coming to Frederick this week. They laid off the employees in the mail room, maybe this month they will layoff security and the cleaning crew?! Where is the info about even more Frederick layoffs coming from? I thought all of the people... read more

MD Senator questioning WF layoffs


More news on Frederick, MD layoffs


John Stumpf's Words Haunt Him Into The Afterlife

John Stumpf's words are immortalized forever on the Internet, he bragged how he "dreams of checking accounts in his sleep" so to push workers to cross-sell extra financial products to unsusptecting customers because it made the bank a lot of money... read more

Maryland mortgage layoffs

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Frederick mortgage office layoffs

Seems to be layoff season... Wells Fargo is laying off 63 employees in its Frederick office, part of a nationwide trend of job cuts in the mortgage lending industry... read more
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Another 200 gone

Announced today another 200 let go in CAM. Good news according to Brad M it wasn’t anyone in his area. Maybe if we didn’t have so many of us managed resources they could keep some of the FTE that will be let go. Managed Resources are treated just... read more

New Head of HR

Announced today that the new head of HR was head of HR at WALMART. I guess Sloan and company have given up all pretense of looking like they give a cr*p about "team members". So glad to be retiring soon. This is not the company I joined. All they... read more

Wells Fargo layoffs in Pittsford

I heard there was one of the smaller rounds of layoffs notifications sent out earlier this week, this time in Pittsford in Retail Fulfillment Unit. Not more than 30 people were shown the door (or will be shown the door in a few months). Granted, for... read more

Layoffs in sold branches?

Any chance somebody here knows what happens to (former) Wells Fargo employees at the branches that are sold? What are the chances that the new owner wants to keep all of the employees? And if not, what are the positions that are usually most affected... read more

Wholesale consolidation

Wholesale banking will start consolidating RCBO and BBg offices similar to what happened in Dealer Services with consolidation into two big hub offices. Associate and analyst functions will be centralized or sent to India leaving banker functions in... read more

Embarrassed to say where you work?

With all the bad news around multiple scandals and recent layoff notices, I’ve been looking at other positions with other banks. However, I’ve had recruiters, other banks, etc ask about myinvolvement in the scandals? I haven’t been involved in any of... read more

WFAM Layoffs

Wells Fargo Asset Management team members working in the contact centers in Boston and Menomonee Falls, WI all got their jobs outsourced this week. Approx. 50 people affected.

Massive is a relative term

Massive is relative. If you have a team of 50 and 25 are laid off that may be considered massive in the context of the 50 but in the context of the entire organization it is insignificant. Using descriptors like 'massive' is misleading and designed... read more
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Wells Fargo fined over futures-trading violation

credit: https://www.foxbusiness.com/markets/wells-fargo-fined-over-futures-trading-violation.amp Wells Fargo will pay a $187,000 fine for violating futures-trading rules at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), the exchange announced on Friday. The... read more

Learning Layoffs Coming

In the next few weeks massive layoffs in the learning world will occur! They made all the low level managers reapply for their jobs in the first week in May!!!!


The fraud and internal investigations unit only targets the low level employees, but never investigate the executives. Keep in mind they report under the CFO John Shrewsberry responsible for corporate security and fraud investigations. That's why no... read more

Wells Fargo internal investigation watch out

These people are the German police they violate all labor laws they call or email without warning and ask you not to tell anyone or record the conversation they also tell you not to talk to anyone then blindside side you with two people when they... read more

Wells Fargo is an evil company

Wells has been stealing from its employees especially minimum wage ones by not paying overtime for a long time. The private bankers and tellers and branch staff were pushed to open fake accounts, by working overtime to do so, and they separate from... read more

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