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More layoffs today?

Will there be any more layoffs today? I'm thinking Friday is usually not the day for layoffs, so they've hopefully notified everybody yesterday, but you can never be sure with Wells Fargo. Do we know if we can expect anything more today? Also, good... read more

900 mortgage jobs cut

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Does anyone know which teams got pre-notices on 11-15-18 and what prenotices entail? This week is the first I heard of a pre-notices. How much time does a prenotice give compared to the regular 60 day notice?


Hello, I am a reporter at WHO-TV in Des Moines. I am wondering if anyone who received a pink slip today would be willing to do an interview? We want insight on how this is impacting company culture. I understand doing this could impact your severance... read more

WF Groups notified about layoffs (Nov 2018)

Please add if I am missing anything... November 2018 Layoffs - Groups notified so far: Consumer Banking (Consumer Lending and Payments); Virtual Solutions Innovation Primarily in the insurance/investor claims and default accounts payable areas.

When is it going to hit Moldofsky’s world?

We’re STILL expected to come in every day and act like all is normal. Re- branding WOO-HOO. New stagecoach- ooh and ahh! While the managers smirk and avoid eye contact. Pull the plug already!
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Who else is nervous ahead of today?

I'm not sure if the rumored November 15 layoffs will turn out to be true or not, but I can't help myself but be really nervous about going into work today. Not that that's something new, with all the layoffs we've been having lately that's pretty... read more

Wholesale layoffs tomorrow, 11/15/2018

Full steam ahead! Screw the holidays! We got word today that many WCOO TMs will be laid off tomorrow. Received official, mandatory mtg request today for mtg tomorrow morning. Thanks, Tim Scrooge :(

Understanding compensation article

Is insulting to our intelligence. Having been in management roles I can assure everyone here, branch managers are told how much everyone gets. We do not get to dictate that. It comes from the DM’s. We also are not allowed to let people over MRP. The... read more

Holiday Party?

Has your group scheduled any kind of holiday celebration? Even something as basic as a group lunch together? I haven't heard any mention of anything in my group. Sad.

Are IT folks being let go?

They started Wednesday. One manager and 12 techs that I know of in my group were let go and that's only what I heard of, I'm sure there are lots more, and much more to come throughout IT. You will either get a meeting request that has your manager... read more

Tim Sloan Town Hall today was a joke

More distraction from dinosaur in the room. More ads (tone deaf), shiny new stagecoach logo (sigh), more hyper-focus on philanthropy (patting itself on the back). Shills asking questions (audience largely scowling). Need to spend time focusing on the... read more

Sale of retirement unit


Why are posts being deleted?

I see that Wells Fargo must have their social media monitoring team scouring reviews here and flagging them to be deleted for damage to their reputation any longer. I suggest that viewers and posters here install a VNP solution if browsing from... read more

Pay Me My Overtime Even If you Lay Me Off

Wells Fargo has been stealing from its employees especially minimum wage ones by not paying overtime for a long time. The private bankers and tellers and branch staff were pushed to open fake accounts, by working overtime to do so, and they separate... read more

WF leaves the workers twisting in the wind

The way this layoff announcement has been handled illustrates perfectly the WF attitude towards employees. Make a giant splash to make Wall Street feel comfortable, and leave the people they jokingly call team members twisting in the wind. Why do I... read more

Employees feel lost and abandoned

Nada. Zilch. Nothing. That's the substantive info we've heard from management. Told us up to 26,500 will be cut within 3 years. Benefits gutted soon afterward. Then, deafening silence as we twist in the wind. Death by a thousand cuts. Lives in the... read more

Walk Out Will Have No Impact on Things to Come

I am telling you all to not join the planned (hopefully now NOT planned) protesting Walk Out on November 1st because I do care about my fellow Wells Fargo team members. I know the outcome will not be good for anyone who participates in a company Walk... read more

We need to take a stand now

We all want to work hard but we also want to be compensated fairly for the work we are doing. How can you be happy about your measly 1-2% pay raise when inflation is running 3-4%? You are losing ground if you are happy with that. did Sloan or the... read more

Random Layoffs? NO!!!

There is absolutely nothing "Random" about who gets laid off. I have been Wells for a very long time (Norwest). As the Mortgage side gears up for more of a Centralized platform my guess would be MAP Centers will be the first to close.

Who was laid off in Rancho Cordova Wells Fargo

What groups were targeted and who got axed in Rancho Cordova. I am not asking for specific names of Wells Fargo employees, I respect their privacy, I am just curious about what groups got the axe and how wide spread the culling was this time (not the... read more

Hope Hardison and David Julian sacked?

Breaking news that Chief Administrative Officer Hope Hardison and Chief Auditor David Julian are on "leaves of absence" and are immediately removed from the Operating Committee in relation to regulatory matters - with David being replaced and it... read more

Senator Warren wants to hear from YOU!

Senator Warren is asking for anyone with information about the unethical and abusive customer practices to contact her office immediately. You can remain anonymous. Information should be mailed to the below address or you can also call. 317 Hart... read more

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