Topics regarding layoffs at Wells Fargo & Co.

Topics regarding layoffs at Wells Fargo & Co.

How petty does it get?

I retired from WF in July 2022. Today in the mail I received a notice from payroll that I was overpaid $15.60 on my last paycheck for used, unaccrued PTO. That is not a typo on the dollar amount. I am asked to write a check or call and give my credit... —  read more 

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I hate my title.

I hate my title because it negatively impacts ability to go outside the firm. Like what the fu-k is a business execution consultant. Did they give me such a horrible title so I could stay unemployable by outside? Any tips on how to leave the firm —  read more 

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KT to push Sunil out

Sunil has created a toxic work culture and KT is not happy. She will start to push him out in the coming months and replace Sunil with a better culture fit. You’ve heard it here.

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Location Strategy

What is the timeline for the location strategy? Is this published somewhere?? If you’re in a non-Hub location, will you eventually be laid off? I’ve been here over 20 yrs and would like my severance, but this wait is annoying!! I’m in a city where... —  read more 

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Is Charlie…that bad?

Hear me out. This may not be the audience for it but hear me out. Is Charlie really that bad? When he took over I remember nobody wanted to be the CEO of wells and this message board was debating on a weekly basis whether the bank would go under... —  read more 

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I feel useless.

I want to do work. I want to contribute to society. Every time I try to do the right thing, and make a difference, I get shot down by one of my 5 bosses. Fu-k the firm. It breeds mediocrity and is literally office space.

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Leaving is an option

I've heard from many people that left Wells Fargo because they didn't feel like they were being recognized for their good work and not one of them said they regret it. I don't understand why more people who feel this way don't do the same. If you... —  read more 

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Mid-year Self-evaluations

Got the email today and went into Workday. Looks like another useless evaluation since the goals setup by my manager don't match my job. I guess having goals that match my jobs would be too much work for my manager. Another check-the-box activity. —  read more 

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Two days before we all walk out.

Two more days before my team and I decided to do no work on Friday. I expect to be terminated. But to take a stand for the people I’ve led and customers I served, it’s worth it. United we stand, divided we fall. FRTO. This bank has fallen so... —  read more 

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June 1 RTO

June 1 starts our RTO. I say FRTO. Listen up Charlie and Hr in India. If I have to go in my schedule is as follows. In at 10. Leave at noon for my 3 hour lunch which includes shopping and drinks. Leave at 3. I have my 2 hour commute built in... —  read more 

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HR called me "4" times.

I have an inquiry open with HR. They called me 4 times in 2 minute period last Wednesday. I was on a work meeting and couldn't answer. They left a message to call back and I did the next day. The rep said they attempted to can be 4 times in the last... —  read more 

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How do you stop caring?

I care…about customers and how it really is to work with us. I care about team members (yeah I said it) and feel everyone who has been here since 2016 has been through he-l and back. I care about doing good work that matters. But caring just makes... —  read more 

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2 weeks notice

I recently gave my two weeks noticed and management “walked” me. Wf management then input that I was using PTO for the next two weeks. It was not my choice to not work the next two weeks. Is this legal for WF to do this?

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We’re all walking out together.

On Friday, we need to walk out together. Don’t open your laptop. Don’t do work. I’m sick of my people being mistreated. One man won’t be heard. But the voice of the many will be. They can’t ship us all to India. Let’s commit to all taking PTO... —  read more 

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Charlotte Hub

Whoever had the bright idea to make Charlotte a hub was smoking crack. Full of Wachovia people who are losers and incompetent. There is no one to hire posting all these jobs. Bring back our folks in. The other states that you axed. We need... —  read more 

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