Topics regarding layoffs at Wells Fargo & Co.

Topics regarding layoffs at Wells Fargo & Co.

Scharf at it again

Having seen Charlie’s work first hand at his previous gig, I’m not surprised here I wonder why he keeps getting CEO when the only thing he can do for “growth” is to cut deep and hard. Best of luck to you all.

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If/when they sell off WFAM business what are the chances and % of layoffs? What department will be impacted? Trying to decide if I should start looking elsewhere.

Moved on...

I was in a tech position and my health (mental and physical) were going way down... I ended up leaving Wells due to the various issues which I dealt with... I reported the issues to HR and an investigation occurred but as many have said nothing... —  read more 

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Personal Bankers

I am a Personal Banker at one of the busiest branches in my district and was laid off along with another employee today. I've been with WF for 10 years. I was told my position was "eliminated." 60 days severance.

Today & Tomorrow

My mortgage department announced that those affected had already been notified today, which is a Tuesday. There will be a meeting tomorrow to discuss the restructuring. Historically though you are right, you usually find out about being laid off on... —  read more 

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Legal Question

Is there anybody who has an employment lawyer who specializes in cases against Wells Fargo? Asking for a friend, has nothing to do with being laid off it’s being treated like a wounded animal and s-xually harassed and treated differently than... —  read more 


Advice - Get your resume out ASAP - it's always wise to leave a sinking ship. I left a failing high-tech company [ I resigned ] long ago when the "writing was on the wall" - it was the best career move of my life. I never looked back, but I did pity... —  read more 

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Will Auto be hit with layoffs? Or are they exempt, including the managers with fewer than 7 directs? There sure are a lot of managers in Auto.

Facts are facts

Look, I may or may not wind up being affected by this cut or another one, but facts are facts - we are WAY bloated from a people perspective. Denying that is just kidding yourself. And our costs for doing business is around 74 cents on the dollar. We... —  read more 

Embrace Change and you have nothing worry to is the Wells Fargo Mantra. Black Wednesday

While other corporations fire their employees on Friday affectionately known as Black Friday Wells does it on Wednesday. If you are called to a meeting to embrace change you are getting laid off. Must be from the Wells Fargo Manager speak handbook... —  read more 

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Iowa Layoffs

Hello, to piggy back on Austin Weinstein in Charlotte, my name is Tyler Jett and I'm a business reporter with the Des Moines Register. I am following the rumors of mass layoffs today as well. If anyone has any information about layoffs in the Des... —  read more 


Hey again – this is Austin Weinstein, the banking reporter at the Charlotte Observer. If you're hearing stuff about layoffs that's not confirmed, I can maybe help out. In my experience, banks are far more likely to respond if it's a reporter asking... —  read more 

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