Topics regarding layoffs at Wells Fargo & Co.

Topics regarding layoffs at Wells Fargo & Co.

Pay ranges

Where in the world are we supposed to see lay ranges for posted jobs? I thought it was said on a prior post it would show for open jobs, but any I look at.. the section is blank. I also can’t even find the pay range for my current role in my... —  read more 

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Performance Review- Incons Meets

I got inconsistency meets, but no issue with my work in comments. Everything is positive as per my manager but they say I missed timesheets and HR is tracking so this is because of it. How true does it sound to you guys? Can anyone help and explains... —  read more 

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I quit WFC last year and wondering how do I get my 2021 W2? I already lost my access to Teamworks and I heard you guys now have the fancier Workday.

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Express personal bias much?

Webster’s essential meaning of ‘bias’: ‘a tendency to believe that some people, ideas, etc., are better than others that usually results in treating some people unfairly’ Take one (Sept 2020): Commented that there is ‘a very limited pool of Black... —  read more 


This week I was on-boarded to Agile .... Yay! I'm going to be more productive! So the next day.... I spent an hour trying to add my epic's and tasks I spent another 1.5 hours attending meetings for the 3 boards I'm on where we all talked... —  read more 

Extended pto

Do people take three weeks at a time, Often? I really really need to care for some things in my life and could use STD/fmla but really don’t want to use the fmla time unless I have to. I have a family member that I must save that fmla time to help... —  read more 

New Testing Regime

Switching to lab tests in Feb. I presume the intent here is to require more expensive testing before transitioning from company-supplied to employee-supplied to coerce compliance? We shall see.

Money CAN buy happiness

I was miserable at work for years with minimal raises, horrible bosses, a toxic environment, and everything else we have to deal with on daily basis. I was ready to leave. Then six months ago I got a promotion with a huge bump in pay. I still have a... —  read more 

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