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We need a statement like this... https://www.cnbc.com/2020/03/27/bank-of-america-ceo-doesnt-want-employees-worrying-about-their-jobs.html

How long will this last?

Any ideas on how long will this reprieve from job cuts last? Are we going to relax just to have them pull the rug from under us once again as soon as next week? This is a stressful enough situation as it is, that would just make it even... —  read more 

Call (877) 690-7098

Wells Fargo Overtime Settlement https://wfovertimesettlement.com/ Dispute between Wells Fargo & Co. and over 38,000 bank employees Merino, et al. v. Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., et al. If you are a Settlement Class Member or Settlement... —  read more 

Wells Fargo Mortage Deferment is a Joke!!!!!!!!

You see Wells Fargo put out the "image" that they are helping homeowners by offering a mortgage deferment during your time of need. They give out a 800 number and everything to help you. The only problem is there is no human at the other end to help... —  read more 

It keeps getting better and better. Ridiculous

VICE: Wells Fargo Demands Call Center Workers Come to Office Despite Coronavirus. https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/4ag8qj/im-terrified-wells-fargo-demands-call-center-employees-come-into-work

Relocation package

How many people that follow this page was given a relocation package? Respond only if you were given the package. Do you plan to relocate? Have you submitted to HR your plan yet or will you wait until last minute July 15th. I have been given... —  read more 

Wave 1 After COVID

They had originally extended the deadline for those in wave 1 to provide an answer to their proposed job change due to the COVID outbreak but now it seems like anyone would have to be insane to accept relocation to a strange city. I certainly don't... —  read more 

New rating system...

here we go.. new rating system.. five-point scale: unsatisfactory, inconsistently meets, meets, exceeds, and consistently exceeds.. more ways to screw over employees and manage them out

Location Strategy Updates ....Karma is a b--ch!

Why not stop the location strategy as the world fights through this pandemic? Locations under 10...meaning geographically dispersed workers without immediate work requirements for socialization because we already telecommute – what part of laying... —  read more 

WF simply asks fed to remove asset cap lol

https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-wells-fargo-idUSKBN2180KN (Reuters) - Wells Fargo & Co (WFC.N) has asked the U.S. Federal Reserve to remove an asset cap introduced during its accounts scandal in order to allow it to... —  read more 

Business continuance plan

Who is in charge of BCP for servicing? Seems odd that the executive office reps had no plan I'm aware of, but we HAVE to be in the office because we are essential......no BCP in place for an essential dept.......oh I hear they ordered laptops for a... —  read more 

Wells loves us

We are the only lobbies open in the area, we have a hand sanitizer missing a part, because it wasn't shipped. There is a shortage of everything. We have stickers 6 feet apart for social distancing to keep our customers safe, but we are a foot away... —  read more 


Typical gutless, disconnected non-caring, mechanical, uninformed Wells Fargo management strategy. The Manila team had some very sharp IT resources and will be missed. The impact of their displacement will be great. I’ve worked at WFB many years... —  read more 

Coronavirus is a golden opportunity

https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/timing-next-financial-crisis-under-construction-dahn-shaulis/?trk=mp-author-card https://collegemeltdown.blogspot.com/2020/03/coronavirus-and-college-meltdown.html

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There is a whole "movement" of people who don't believe in bathing every day, don't use soap when they do bathe, don't wash their arms or legs, think not washing their hands after using the bathroom builds up their immune system, etc. These are some... —  read more 

Dragging their feet regarding letting employees wfh

So both the State AND County of my state have called State of Emergencies yet WF hasn't announced a wfh policy. They are trying to "save face" after pulling people back into the office then implementing a policy where they have to bounce from desk to... —  read more 

Open-floor offices

Who wants to bet cubicles will make a huge comeback after the whole pandemic thing is done with?

Retail employees

How’s traffic in the branches? What are y’all hearing about layoffs?

Covid-19 what?

Welcome to 2020 where enormous changes are coming as a new reality of Covid-19 settles in. As an account holder I was given notice of what WF was doing in branches to battle the pandemic. They claimed hand sanitizer stations would be put installed... —  read more 

Tech layoff

Amidst all this Coronavirus crisis, some tech employees are given 30 days working notice.. goes to show that Wells Fargo doesn’t care about its employees..

Are you supposed to get your bonus if you quit?

I left Wells Fargo IT in August for a different job and am trying to figure out if I’m entitled to the 8 months that I worked in 2019. I couldn’t find any mention of this in the handbook - does anyone know?

Man oh man

As most of the nations large businesses are encouraging employees to work from home whenever possible wells is beginning their continuity plan. Surely they will follow the industry right? Nope. Team members are broken into teams and alternate working... —  read more 

Dirty Money

Any thoughts? To me, it seems like some politicians didn’t get a fair crack at the banking industry during the housing crisis so they made up for it with wells. You also have some former bank employees who probably couldn’t escape the branch so they... —  read more 

Number of direct reports?

Does anyone know the number of direct reports that you need to have as a manager now that Charlie Scharf is CEO ? I heard that it is moving from 3 to 7 Direct reports. Has anyone heard this as well? Does anyone know if there will be any official... —  read more 

Campus recruiting on hold?

Got the offer through the campus recruiting program and waiting to join. But I heard that Wells put new hires on hold. Is that true? Also, I was supposed to get emails regarding training but I never got it. Can anyone tell what’s going on and did... —  read more 

Tone Deaf Much

The COO sent out a message that literally shows the firm wrestling between what to do ethically and financially. Ethically, they encourage team members to remain at a distance and work from home if needed. Financially, they are instructing team... —  read more 

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