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https://www.reuters.com/article/us-wells-fargo-ceo-vetting/fingerprints-and-finances-next-wells-fargo-ceo-will-be-under-regulatory-microscope-idUSKCN1SR0XT WASHINGTON (Reuters) - From submitting their fingerprints to giving up their tax records... read more

Wells Fargone is like a drunk driver...

Wells Fargone is like a drunk driver careening all over the place, destroying lives and putting others in peril... and there's no one stopping it. We all just watch the devastation, with no end in sight. It's like living a nightmare. Customers and... read more

I'm ready

For months, I was fearful of layoffs.. now, I'm begging for a package. My department has been out of work since January, and the pressure to perform (production, quality, "managing risk") is greater than ever. It's hard to be productive when you're... read more

Corporate Risk layoffs?

With the creation of the new Control Executive Group, does anyone think there will be layoffs in Corporate Risk? The testing that is done in Corporate Risk will be just another layer of redundancy since the CEG will now be doing it. Any news on... read more

And they wonder why productivity is down...

Lately every email received about some group meeting initially causes an innate reaction of "Oh No, is this a displacement/layoff notice"? Each day a loyal, dedicated, hard working internal Wells Fargo employee wonders just how much longer they will... read more


As posted by a contractor in these forums the managers in Internal Audit who are responsible for investigating criminal fraud and illicit activities are asking their contractors to work long hours without overtime pay. This must be reported to the... read more

Get ready for reorg and flattening in June

In true Wells form, they are stripping some of the best managers of staff and keeping others who are ineffectual and/or unethical/corrupt. This June will be another demoralizing turn for team members, as staff is cut and managers and staff have their... read more

Execs Life After WF

For the execs fired most of them have savings to not work no more for those who don't what finna happen to them?

Regulator to review next CEO


Show of hands

After everything that has happened in the last several years, who still trusts Wells Fargo leadership? Even with the (very superficial) changes that were made? Anybody?

It's a win win

I honestly love my job. I don’t know where the hate is coming from? We don’t have to be productive and the managers don’t have to hold people accountable anymore it’s a win win. I truly hated hitting goals and targets always having activities... read more

Why do people keep asking about outsourcing?

Seriously, where have you been in the past several years/decade? If things can be outsourced, they will be outsourced. They can't do it all at once, but they've been doing it continuously and very consistently for a long time. Do you really think... read more

This will be Wells Fargo's downfall

Outsourcing the Wells Fargo IT operations will be the final "blow" that will cause the company to go bankrupt. All of the Wells Fargo business units rely on the Wells Fargo IT systems and support. There is a great knowledge required to operate the... read more


Contractors are being asked to work significantly more than 40 hours and they are, yet not allowed to charge the hours they work. Is this legal?


I have heard about a potential outsourcing of system support as a way to cut people and costs. I don’t know if the decision has been made to go in this direction but know it was being discussed. 20,000 people in technology would be a huge cost to cut... read more


https://www.cnbc.com/2019/05/10/wells-fargos-ceo-search-hindered-by-pay-limitations.html Wells Fargo's hunt for a new CEO is being impeded by limits on how much the bank can pay its next leader, a person close to the search and several industry... read more

More outsourcing?

I’ve heard about a potential outsourcing of system support as a way to cut people and costs. I don’t know if the decision has been made to go in this direction but know it was being discussed. 20,000 people in technology would be a huge cost to cut... read more

Allen Parker Town Hall

1) It would seem he's being groomed to stay on as permanent CEO. 2) He's a good speaker, trying to motivate the troops (he was lead partner in law firm, so his public speaking should be top notch). But should leaders expect team members to trust... read more

June 5th Meeting - Layoffs?

Does anyone know what the June 5th Technology Infrastructure Team Engagement Session - EOC Overview is about? That's a group that handles a lot of things, including layoffs (under "Change"), and it's about that time of year.

WF and Executives Wants Interim CEO to Keep Job

https://www.bloomberg.com/amp/news/articles/2019-05-06/at-wells-fargo-some-executives-push-for-interim-ceo-to-keep-job While Wells Fargo & Co.’s board looks far and wide for the bank’s next leader, some of the company’s most senior insiders have an... read more

Meeting with Saul

Anyone know what is this “informal” meeting Saul next week in SFO? In the email that I got, I see only about 50 invitees.

So the seven figure fellas are sweating bullets

The current upper management team is desperate to keep the interim CEO in the job permanently, IOW maintain the status quo and keep their jobs. An outsider would more than likely prefer to build a new management team with his or her own cronies. So... read more

WF deposits under scrutiny. Legal costs rise.

https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2019/05/05/wells-fargo-expects-more-remediation-on-deposit.html?ana=wsoc Wells Fargo & Co. (NYSE: WFC) is investigating two issues with its consumer deposit accounts — both of which will likely come with... read more

Wells Fargo layoffs in Charlotte today

Layoff announced today in Charlotte NC. All of the WFA bankers and managers were given a 60 day notice. About 35 people. Not sure what they did other than submit home equity applications. Their jobs duties will now be handled at one location out west... read more

Question for managers

Who determines who gets laid off at Wells Fargo? Is it direct supervisors or is it somebody higher up who has no idea how good or productive an employee is and only looks at a bunch of numbers to make the decision? Judging by the people we've been... read more

WF employee embezzlement problem

When I worked at WF I knew of employees who colluded and embezzled using their Purchase Cards or Pcards to eat, vacation, and pay for personal expenses. The mindset I can see is that those employees think, well if the company steals from their... read more

No wonder Well Fargo is Hurting?

My Question is, How in this world did Richard Hall get a job at wells fargo? He worked at Grundy Va. Nobody could stand him, he transferred to Bigstone Gap, Va. Came from Florida in 2010, nobody took the time to see what happened in Florida that he... read more

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