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Increase in write up and PIPs

After the news about downsizing broke last week, management was told to increase writing up their staff for minor infractions. 5 minutes late? Write up.. Take a little longer on lunch? Write up

No job security for the next three years

So it looks like we will have zero job security at Wells Fargo for the following three years. The announced ten percent reduction will hang over our heads every day for the next 36 month. As if morale was not bad as it is already, this will just make... read more

October 2018 Layoffs

Layoffs start on October 5th based on span of control. Many details still being worked on. Time to work on my resume...

More layoffs ahead

This article lays out how bad things are. With revenue falling, that means even more layoffs beyond the $4B promised to Wall Street to right size the organization... read more

Hmc watch your back more layoffs coming

Rumors are that hmc will displaced in areas that do not have branches or not enough hmc look out also leads will be taken away and given to centralized they are downsizing hmc in favor of centralized less cost wells wants to be quicken by using... read more

WF is back to firing

Wells Fargo & Co. has fired or suspended more than a dozen employees in its investment bank and is investigating dozens of others over alleged violations of the company’s expense policy regarding after-hours meals, according to people familiar with... read more


http://money.cnn.com/2018/08/27/media/bloomberg-news-wells-fargo-ceo/index.html You can lay off thousands, steal from millions, but can’t take it when someone says something about you! Crybaby! Every time I read an email with his name or his picture... read more

128 Laid off in Orlando (leaving in October)

State of Florida - WARN Notice Company Name Wells Fargo Number of Laid off Employees 128 Address 1 0 Address 2 11050 Lake Underhill Road City Orlando, FL WARN Notice Date Fri 08/24/2018 Layoff From Tue 10/23/2018 Layoff To Mon 12/31/2018 Industry... read more

More layoffs this week?

Are we looking at even more layoffs company-wide this week? I heard something about tomorrow, but I'm hoping it turns out to be nothing.

Is there future for Wells Fargo?

When Wells Fargo, or any other bank, lets their very experienced, well trained employees go they then will likely end up working for the competition. They may then work for another bank, trained by Wells Fargo,with their great skills and knowledge... read more

Anybody actually buying this?

Wells Fargo says 137 layoffs not tied to offshoring The bank Monday said allegations by the Communications Workers of America union that recent jobs in its mortgage division are being moved out of the country are “completely inaccurate.”... read more

This is not in Wells Fargo's best interest

When Wells Fargo, or any other bank, lets their very experienced, well trained employees go they then will likely end up working for the competition. They may then work for another bank, trained by Wells Fargo,with their great skills and knowledge... read more

The number keeps growing

It looks like Wells Fargo had major layoffs this week, but it's just hitting the news cycle now. Over 600 people were laid off throughout the company. We heard about separate instances, but now we finally have an official number, and its higher than... read more

Orlando fulfillment

Orlando fulfillment site is set to be closed. All loans are to be moved to NC... All will be done in 60 days, the winding down activities have started already. It's so pathetic that most of the folks who were responsible for the mistakes are still... read more


Sounds like Wells just had some layoffs that affected many people in mortgage.


Hearing of some new notices given in FDK, but no detail.
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What is going on?

Just received a call about a downsizing and they are changing the accounts over to another broker? What is going on and why call the last number to contact ever given? Why not call my cell phone?
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Wim st.louis mo

Does anyone know what is happening we have been told alot of changes in St.louis Mo ops in September? Alot if empty desks and contractors.

Wholesale Layoffs coming

I was just told be multiple managers that Wholesale is preparing a significant layoff that will be announced by mid-October. Perry wants the layoffs done before the end of the year wholesale can start next year with its lower cost structure. Don’t... read more

Contractor Vacation Question

Does Wells Fargo have a policy of a required 10 day non-paid vacation for contractors or does it depend on type of contract? I’m considering a Project Manager contract in the consent order area. Would appreciate any info you could provide. Thanks for... read more

When can we expect more layoffs?

I was wondering, aside from call centers that are closing left and right, do we know when we will have any more layoffs in the rest of the bank? Somehow I doubt we are out of the woods in regards to layoffs just yet, but there has been very little... read more

The next big scandal


I see this as a good sign

COO of the wholesale business is leaving. My favorite quote is this: Mr. Yorke’s departure comes as Wells Fargo is planning to further integrate its corporate and investment banks in an effort to reduce costs and better serve its clients, The Wall... read more



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