Topics regarding layoffs at Wells Fargo & Co.

Topics regarding layoffs at Wells Fargo & Co.

Saul no mask

so Saul VB posts a photo on ljnkedin with Tracy K and no one is wearing a mask. However, they expect us to RTO and wear a mask at our desk. Typical rules for thee but not for me

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CFO on tv

First, the CFO is a terrible speaker. Second, what a baby face. But most important, in one of the videos he said “I’m sure there will be set backs” when talking about the regulatory issues. Between that and Shart comments on the analyst earnings... —  read more 

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Amex Flex work plan

Good to see one major financial service player adopting modern day practices. Please push this down Shart and the OC throat in every AMA and town hall , WFC needs to be at minimum at this standard to compete in years to come... —  read more 

WF Mortgage/ worst ever

I do not work for WF, but work with them in the title industry. WTF is going on there? Worst experiences ever for customers and title companies. Customers deal with 20-30 different people during the process, then takes months and months to... —  read more 

RWF acronym

On the job postings, what does RWF stand for? There’s always a note about how it’s an identifier for internal recruiting purposes. What does it stand for?

Can no longer trust this site

Yesterday someone posted a thread about a financial adviser being fired for not taking the vaccination and how it was coming to Wells soon, it had several comments in it and it is now gone.... deleted... who runs this board, HR?

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