Topics regarding layoffs at Wells Fargo & Co.

Topics regarding layoffs at Wells Fargo & Co.

Badging to get out

I noticed today at my site that you must now badge to leave. I'm sure this is related to big brother watching that everyone has RTO and isn't leaving early. Isn't this a safety issue? What happens if there is a fire or mass shooting and everyone is... —  read more 

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Clown Manager

This thread is ONLY for people with bad luck of having a manager who is a clown. If you have a clown manager you are welcome to join our large community and vent a bit in this thread. please do not use names or talk politics as the mods will remove... —  read more 

Hourly to Salary

How can a company/manager/HR change your employment status from non-exempt to exempt without asking for my input? I work in an Employment at Will state, Texas, but does this even make sense? I’m afraid to ask why/how this happened without being... —  read more 

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IT&V is crushing it

We are going to Incremental Compliance Test our way out of this consent order. That will show them. Great way to use it 1,000 testers when it doesn’t even align with company’s framework. It’s a sneaky way of saying “things are broken” without... —  read more 

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There are plenty of jobs

Citi is currently hiring in huge numbers as is Goldman Sachs. They are far from the only ones. I see people panicking for no good reason. If your skillset isn't rusty, then you have nothing to worry about. All you have to do is do a couple of... —  read more 

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I figure it’s time to jump ship

Putting aside everything that makes me unhappy at this company (And the list is long), there was never more reason to try to land a better paying job. Let’s be honest. The inflation is realistically well above 10%. Iz WF going to give me a 10% raise?... —  read more 

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Do not fear layoffs

High interest rates are a blessing for banks. Money will start to roll in, things will be more relaxed. A recession may start but we'll bounce back from it. I am not trying to BS you, I am just putting things into perspective. Mortgage, Refi, will be... —  read more 

It's self-explanatory...

Managers going up the vertical ladder are starting to complain and gripe about productivity dropping and errors increasing. They are all raising a fuss when I am laughing and showing them a mirror. A big delicious fat mirror all shiny and glowing... —  read more 

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Work location

Does anyone know how far away from your assigned office you can live? Can you live in two different cities but the same state? Or is there a specific number of miles you can’t go above

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Enterprise Change group

Whatever ended up happening to that Enterprise Change group? I was going to join awhile back but they’ve had so many leaders leave I lost track of where it ended up and now I can’t find it??? Does anyone know info about that group?

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Home Lending Ops Layoffs

Pretty large number of people were noticed today. Refi volume which has driven a lot of volume over the past couple years have slowed way down. Most people knew layoffs were coming but still doesn't make this feel any better.

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