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Same areas to be hit

On Tuesday, the San Francisco-based bank said it has cut jobs in its branches, call centers, mortgage operations and other areas where it expects additional reductions this year. For those who can't open the article, those are the positions Wells... read more

MMB, BBG & GIB division manager changes

Heard rumors some of the division manager changes were announced late last week. I’m in BBG and was told by my manager that they were not selected. Does anyone have more details on who the selected managers are and who may be out if a job? It’s just... read more

CNN Business article

Wells Fargo has splurged on stock buybacks since fake-accounts scandal 1:05 PM EST January 14, 2019 New York Wells Fargo's deposits and loans are under pressure from two years of scandal. It's cutting up to 26,500 jobs and shutting hundreds of... read more

College Meltdown shows few signs of slowing in 2019

"Student loan debt continues to rise. In 2018, there was a significant number of news articles disclosing the negative effects of student loan debt on the lives of Millenials and their families. I have posted several links at College Meltdown."... read more
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Wholesale Bank Desimated

Staring late last year, Wholesale Banking will be laying off tons of people. Layoff waves started last October with the bulk of the layoffs coming in Jan-Jun 2019. Customer and non-customer facing positions will be eliminated as management guts... read more

Frederick mortgage site

Rumor has it that the Frederick site will he closing, and it will be announced next month. Does anyone think there’s any truth behind this?

This means more layoffs

Guess who will pay for the $575? Wells Fargo & Company WFC has finally settled numerous investigations and legal cases it had been involved in since the fake account scandal came into light. The bank will be paying about $575 million in order to... read more

WF off shoring massive jobs while laying off

https://www.yahoo.com/amphtml/finance/news/wells-fargo-moves-jobs-abroad-u-layoffs-government-220254120--finance.html (Reuters) - Wells Fargo & Co. has been hiring overseas after pledging to eliminate thousands of jobs, according to a Department of... read more

Layoff Thursday

Has anyone heard of any layoffs today? I won’t put it past WF to do it in December.

Wells Fargo caught lying Again

Wells Fargo sends jobs overseas after layoffs in America | Charlotte Observer https://amp.charlotteobserver.com/news/business/banking/article222369295.html#referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com&_tf=From%20%251%24s

Frederick Servicing Site

Has anyone else heard of WF’s plans to remove servicing from the Frederick site by third quarter? I have heard it several times very recently. That layoffs will start after the first of the year once they have adjusted severance packages again. Each... read more

Any more branches expected to close?

There were quite a few branch-closing announcements made by Wells Fargo in the past several months, and most of them came as a shock to employees at those branches, from what I understand. Do we know if there are any more such announcements planned?... read more

2019 Predictions

1. Wella Fargo executive Tim Sloan and others under him will continue to get fired. 2. Wells Fargo will not meet their yearly stress test. 3. Wells Fargo will continue to have growth capped by Federal Reserve. 4. More businesses will continue to be... read more


Recently let go and noticed I have a ton of Wellswear shirts and trinkets. What have y’all done with your Wellswear after you left? I don’t want to be caught dead wearing a WF shirt in public.

Stock dropping like a rock!

Why is the stock price dropping like a rock? With all the announced layoffs, the stock price should be soaring from expected profit improvements.

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