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You have two choices

Sit back and hope someone tells you what’s going on with layoffs (and hoping it’s not you) or you can take charge of your career and not let WF management control your life like this. Initially, I was concerned about layoffs and wonder when/if we’d... read more
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New CEO?

Wells Fargo in talks to hire Harvey Schwartz as new CEO: Report Wells Fargo board members are reportedly in talks to hire Harvey Schwartz, the former president and chief operating officer of Goldman Sachs, as the scandal-ridden bank's next chief... read more

Double Whammy

Wells Fargo is supposedly looking for a replacement for Tim Sloan and Federal Reserve still won't lift growth cap on Wells Fargo even after settlement of account scandal fraud. Tim Sloan Replacement... read more

Scared of putting Wells Fargo on my resume

After everything that's happened, the way this bank is now seen as one of the biggest villains in the country, I'm honestly nervous about submitting my resumes to other banks with Wells Fargo on there as my longest employment. I'm honestly not sure... read more

WF selling its retirement unit

Principal Financial close to Wells Fargo retirement unit acquisition-sources Principal Financial Group Inc is in advanced talks to acquire Wells Fargo Editing by Peter Cooney)

How low can this bank go?

Just when I think Wells Fargo hit rock bottom, something like this latest Sloan raise happens and I see that there is lower we can go after all. I don't think there is an excuse anymore that can be used to justify any of this - there hasn't been one... read more

Thanks to many in Congress for nailing it!

WF has not substantively changed. WF has no humanity (other than false humanity for PR's sake). They have no real concern for the gravity of harm to customers and the industry beyond share price and bloated compensation. And no one has gone to jail... read more

More layoffs today?

Anybody else worried they might sneak in some layoffs today, while nobody is paying attention to anything else but Sloan's testimony?

Frederick MD Site Closing?

Has anyone heard any more news if the Frederick MD site is going to close? Rumor is a announcement will be made in April, that the building will close in June?

Field rep status

We were strongly encouraged to change our status from field rep and become a flex employee instead. We were told by management that when they do decide to process layoffs they look at the field rep status first and thus if you are remote they... read more

Dillon Sacked

Anybody know what happened? CTO Scott Dillon was well-liked among the troops.

Laid off in 2018, bonus eligible?

As a manager, I received a bonus every year going back to 2011. The way I read the FAQ for displaced team members, if you were eligible for an incentive plan, they will pay you out on the same day as everyone else. Which happens to be tomorrow. I’ve... read more

Questions for people here

I have 2 questions: Do you currently work at Wells Fargo? Do you want the regulatory sanctions on Wells Fargo (asset cap etc.) be lifted sooner rather than later? Do you want Tim Sloan to be replaced as CEO? If yes, do you want him to be replaced... read more

MSCI org update tomorrow?

Just got an invite for the all-team call for MSCI and the org update tomorrow morning. Anyone have insight about this call? The whole MSCI team got the invite

Service side

Does anyone else on the service side feel like they are getting constantly screwed? We help 3x the amount of people, we directly handle the money and have to explain processing large checks, we have to make sure we have those conversations while... read more

Unemployment college grant

Who is taking advantage of the college grants offered to those collecting unemployment after the layoff? I’m interested in how this program works.

annual reviews in March will generate yo layoffs

Every year in March when reviews are given is when HR offices explode with employees and managers complaining about their performance reviews and bonuses. With annual reviews of fail managers vidictively ise it to get back at their reports to push... read more

Good advice (with some much needed positivity)

As someone that was recently let go by WF, I had many of the same concerns around pay, finding a comparable job. But the job market is excellent. One of the things I heard repeatedly from recruiters and hiring managers is the difficulty in finding... read more

Is it today?

What rumors are you hearing about the layoff, EGS, etc? I'm hearing mixed rumors. I'm hearing todayis layoff day, hearing tomorrow is the day but I'm also hearing EGS is no longer taking over claims. What is really going on?

A firm reminder that WF doesn’t care about me

The only two times I ever received anything more than 2% was when I threatened to leave. Both times were met with a 10-20% pay increase the next week. The only way to get more money at WF is to wait till your boss is in a tight spot by staffing or... read more

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