Topics regarding layoffs at Wells Fargo & Co.

Topics regarding layoffs at Wells Fargo & Co.

Put A Fork In Me

I can't stand this place anymore. I'm in various phases of the interview process, from round 1 to offer stage and nothing can happen fast enough. A day is eternity while you wait on the next steps and/or an offer to be presented. I've contemplated... —  read more 

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Mass exodus from WFC

I had a job interview this morning for a position at another company. The recruiter told me that I am the 23rd from Wells that she interviewed, since last week. She asked me what's the deal with WFC, why the mass exodus. The good thing is that... —  read more 

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Sorry folks this is no joke. Vax or no Vax, indoor/in office now requires mask. a RTO email got sent to some managers. I am sure more info coming...

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I thought it was a lie

I honestly thought that people who claimed here they were looking forward to being laid off were full of it. I mean, why would you be on a layoffs page if you're not worried? Well, I was wrong. I'm now at a point where my work situation is so bad... —  read more 

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Can't Wait to RTO

OMG, I cannot wait to return to the office so I can collaborate with my Besties, dine in the cafeteria, and brainstorm the best new digital innovation, and maybe catch the Delta variant and bring it home to my family and friends. Are you guys/gals?... —  read more 

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Everybody have a good weekend!!

Don’t think about this place for the next 2 days. Hug your loved ones, have a drink with your friends, get outside and have some fun. Life is short and we can get back to insulting the C-Suite first thing Monday morning. Enjoy!

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This is going to work out

The whole RTO issue is not that negative in my book. People who can't imagine coming back to the office - and I know there are plenty who can't or don't want to do it for valid reasons - will leave WFC at a time when it is easier than ever to find a... —  read more 

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RTO questionnaire is so weird

That questionnaire is just so weird. It looks more like a layoff questionnaire to me since it asks us to check the address and contact information as well as the number of equipments issued. So am I going to be laid off??? If yes, I would be... —  read more 

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WF Culls Employees With RTO

This is how CC, and other sociopath CEO's, will reduce headcount. Got my popcorn ready to watch the sl------r of the common people with Delta. The CDC says its coming, just a matter of time.

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I have talked to 3 people in last week who told me they are relocating to a hub, at their expense. They must be real Company men/women. It is a risky bet $.

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My LOB has announced the on boarding of contractors to fill open positions and additional support. Is this generally a good sign or a bad sign of things to come?

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Holiday Time Off

WTF...... We were recently told that only 2 people can be off work the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and New Year's Eve. That is a total of 6 people who get time off at the holidays. Not even everyone on my team will get time off. HOW IS... —  read more 

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COO Town Hall

Dear S.P. if you are being held hostage in that NY office and need help blink your eyes 3 times. It's obvious you are being forced to read the return to the office propaganda!

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