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Og poster is a troll ...me and my sweater have already set the next round ...keep an eye out when #h1b visas are up ..that will be your clue...later real degree citizens..hello cheap paper degree imports ..make my words

H1B grace period policy -- is it automatic or is there some kind of application? - post regarding Oracle Corp. layoffs - TheLayoff.com
Jan 21, 2017 · According to the new H1B policy there is a 60-day grace period during which time the visa status is still valid and if I can find a new position within this time frame then a simple H1B transfer will be ...
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After layoff, how long is the h1b still sponsored? - post regarding Oracle Corp. layoffs - TheLayoff.com
http://www.immi-usa.com/h1b-grace-period-sgm-law-group/. https://www.uscis.gov/news/news-releases/uscis- publishes-final-rule-certain-employment-based-immigrant-and-nonimmigrant-visa-programs. Thank God for ...
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New H1B Policy Details -- confirmed with BAL attorneys - post regarding Oracle Corp. layoffs - TheLayoff.com
The Layoff discussion - User says: ``New H1B Policy Details -- confirmed with BAL attorneys'' regarding ... after the grace period, either you leave the country, or change status (consult visa attorney to make sure you ...
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How many days a h1b employee can stay after layoff ? Is it ok to leave USA in 10 days from the date of layoff ( last working day ) - post regarding Intel Corp. layoffs - TheLayoff.com
However, when you find a new employer and they file a new H-1B petition for you, you will have to show your recent pay stubs. ... Some people and some attorneys claim there is a 10 day grace period rule. That is not ...
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Oracle H1B worked laid off on Mar 21, 2019 - post regarding Oracle Corp. layoffs - TheLayoff.com
Mar 21, 2019 · The Layoff discussion - User says: ``Oracle H1B worked laid off on Mar 21, 2019'' regarding ... Actually, this 60-day 'grace period' will give you enough trouble next time you apply for visa/gc/h1b ...
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Any idea about layoff package for Engineers - post regarding Teradata Corp. layoffs - TheLayoff.com
Aug 29, 2019 · As a general rule, if a individual on H1b visa gets laid off or terminated, USCIS allows 60 days of grace period to find a new job while still maintaining your status. your petition should reach the USCIS ...
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Anyone on a Visa?? - post regarding General Motors layoffs
H1B grace period policy -- is it automatic or is there some kind of application? https://www.thelayoff.com/t/LqB3kJG. Link @OP+LqB3kJG. How many days a h1b ...
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#h1b hashtag - TheLayoff.com
Posts mentioning hashtag #h1b at TheLayoff.com. ... I talked to BAL lawyer. If WARN gets activated, you get sponsorship for next 2 months after your lay off, thereafter 2 more months of grace period. So you have 4 ...
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Questions on lay off. - post regarding Seagate Technology Inc. layoffs
Based on new procedural rules from USCIS announced on Jan 23rd, 2017, a grace period of 60 days is now available for H1B visa holder once he/she loses job. An additional 10 days of extension will be given if ...
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Serious question - the layoffs so far (in the US) seem to be ...
wait until the H1b issue start hitting the political arena for these upcoming elections. ... with H1Bs as May 30 was official last day + some grace period ~15/ 20 days. ... Visa status are not taken into consideration, neither does Intel care about ...

Here is how @RbaNjYE-1pdg responded to benjamin.geier@turner.com


With the number of people in Bentonville that have been laid off, you could break several very interesting stories about Walmart right about now.

  • Age discrimination in these firings/layoffs

  • Ethics violations

  • Walmart’s quarterly layoffs that have been going on for two years or so now

  • Walmart’s treatment of its workers under the new rank and yank program

  • Walmart’s recent treatment of suppliers

  • Walmart being mostly non diverse in its tip top leadership again

  • #H1b visa abuse in Walmart’s tech sector/systematic offshoring of Jobs

  • Decline of company culture due to obsession with catching Amazon

I would be willing to bet that you could get good stories out of any of these topics. And people are upset enough to spill ALL the beans.

The same reporter was soliciting employees for spilling beans on SC on Facebook:


i'll tag it my post as well, here you go #h1b - anyhow, here is my 2 cents, i've been doing tech/it/consulting for about 30 years now, i've done outsourcing deals and i've worked for small, medium and large consulting companies and outsourcers, i am an immigrant as well...

in the 60s and 70s you had a number of countries rushing to build the a-bomb - to do so, they needed good engineering, science, etc. they invested heavily in this sector, to be frank, this sector was the only one where they did a decent job during this time and decades that follow - as a result, you have a decent and competitive tech sector in most of those countries today: israel, pakistan, india, ex-soviet bloc, china, etc. india, given it's colonial past had a number of school using english as the primary language so once the tech boom happened in the 90s they had an advantage here.

as tools for remote collaboration were developed, telco costs dropped businesses were looking for ways of saving money and introducing 24 hour workday (multiple time zones) and india made sense. the tech talent was 'good enough', the language 'kind of worked' and they had a scale given the population side. ibm, accenture (andersen consulting at the time) and few other big consulting companies rushed into india big time (as tech and bus process outsourcing was taking off) and a great transfer of knowledge happened. several native indian companies (tata, infy, wipro and others) were starting at the same time. this was all happening in the late 90s early 2000s and things snowballed from there.

enter, h1b program which was starting in the early 2000s - the intent was good, bring the best and brightest to the states - we've done this for centuries. so, we passed laws and established rules - with time, the aforementioned companies learned how to play the game and with time they managed to win most of visa allocations using several approaches. i'll simplify this to an extent, here but here is probably the most important thing here. if you apply for an h1b visa (and any anywhere can do it) you pay about approximately 2k. statistically you have about 10% chance of getting the visa (there is 10x more applicants than visas available), if your name is not pulled out of the hat, you lost the money. if you are an individual from a developing country, this is a lot of money and it makes no senses to take such a risk. however, if you are a large company and if you have scale, you can pay the fee for 10 folks, spend 20k and, statistically, you are guaranteed a visa for 20k.

now, imagine that the same company has ops in india and here, folks here sell work, folks from india ship talent. so, if you can sell work here and charge 100k per resource per year, pay them 60k in salary and spend 20k on the visa, you are still making money. again, i am simplifying numbers here as you need to fully load resource costs, but also the charge to the client tends to be more than 100k. in addition, the person is locked as they have to stick with you for years until they get a green card so you do not need to worry about raises, employee satisfaction, etc - it's a sweet deal.

finally, india has some amazing schools, however the number of folks who graduate from them is very limited - your typical run of the mill h1b will likely not be from a prestigious school - also, keep in mind that an indian bachelors degree is a three year degree, masters is one year - about a year or two short if compared to what we require in the states...

hope this helps...

@uuy posted a good link to start researching this.

I'd like to recommend a frequently used hashtag #h1b here on this site. just hit the link or go to it by copy/paste:


Yet, it's almost entirely US Citizens regardless of ethnic background.

Meanwhile, 200 open roles posted and 107 #H1B visas granted for non citizens in 2017 so far:


How to terminate an employee by UTC

  • Contractors get two weeks notice

  • Indian overseas #h1b visa holders get 90 days notice

  • Direct employees with 5-10 years experience get zero notice, no unemployment, no severance, no disability ( if you already applied for it), UTC keeps your personal belongings if you had any in the office, they block your email so you can't get a reference from anyone in the company. You can try to get unemployment, but HR and management will attempt to block it at all costs, even if you appeal.

@fku the only thing I can do is to continue to harp about this - #h1b is a schema invented to depress IT wages of US workers, a successful one indeed - IT wages have been stagnant (adjusted for inflation) since 2001.

@qmn - this has nothing to do with race or nationality, this is an economic issue and it has to do with foreign labor being imported to depress IT wages. We do not import doctors or vets, hence 300k+ salary levels for those professions. The #h1b program was designed to bring in the best and the brightest, you cannot tell me that a $107k median pay Indian tester is either best or brightest we can do. Also, US citizens and green card holders are regular W2 employees and do nit require any visa. Finally, 87% of all H1B visas went to India, almost all of them to Wipro, Tata, Infosys, Cognizant, Tech Mahindra and Indian outposts of Accenture and IBM - use the website I provided and search for each of the companies I listed - there are tens of thoudands of visas each of the companies got.

Think about it, they are given a visa because we were not able to find American people who can do the job.

Based on this, we can conclude that if there are no jobs, there is no need to keep extending their visas. This has nothing to do with skills, this has nothing to do with nationality, this has nothing to do with race. Simply, we cannot be saying that we need foreigners to fill job in a situation where we lay off citizens.

Finally, H1B visas are created to bring the best and the brightest minds to our country - now look around and tell me how many of Molina folks with #H1B visas strike you as the best and/or the brightest that the world has to offer...

The whole program is a scam to depress IT wages which have been flat (in inflation adjusted terms) since 2001 when the H1B program got launched in its current form.

Both dems and reps supported this while the population always despised the program. As long as we keep our heads in the sand and do not speak against things like this, opportunistic politicians will go around us and collect the votes of pissed off masses. Behavior like this (oh so racist -omg so sick) led to us having a bigot in the White House.

Think about it.

I totally get why folks hate #H1B resources (import of foreign labor while people are unemployed here in the States) - but this was never the issue at UHC, never. The number are not there to justify this level of frustration, and on top of everything they do get chopped just like everyone else.

Now, go to HP or Dell or some other IT shops around (e.g., Utility companies) you will see departments flooded with H1Bs, as an American you almost have no chance of being hired as you are simply not able to do senior developer work for $60K - I can TOTALLY understand folks who get pissed in situations like this.

They should be frank and openly say:

  • need to be on #h1b

  • need to be low paid

  • need to be indentured

  • need to be obedient

  • no specific work quality requirements

  • strong preference for Indian resources

  • strong preference for resources with family already working here

  • needs to be under 35

  • needs to be able to work 80 hr / wk

  • needs to be able to work OT w/out requesting OT pay

  • needs to be opinion-less

@cfr nails it - nobody talks about Nike and #h1b abuse - but we mastered this skill over last two decades

This is just a beginning - if you are in IT and are an American male and over 50, you have no future here

I was with IBM for 13 years until I was RAed last May (a few years away from retiring). I did my job to the best of my ability and as long as they allowed me to do my job and treat me fairly, I had no harsh words. And then like a lot of people I was given one month severance and my job that was "going away" was really being replaced with a #H1B person.

That is the day IBM lost any respect I had left. I would not consider ever working for IBM again nor would I ever recommend them for employment to anyone. I wonder all the time how it is even possible that IBM survives. I truly hope the employees who remain, the "good ones", can finish their careers but many of us know the reality of that ever happening. To them I say, just know there are so many other opportunities out there.

Honestly, my last day with IBM was one of the best days I ever had.

There is a toll free number to call govt agency and report h1b abuses. Wmt is doing the same thing Disney did a while back. Search #h1b on twitter to get additional information and current threads on h1b discussions

@2bjx wouldn't you blame your ancestors for coming here as well? I am not trying to be smart here, I am just trying to say that it's OK to seek betterment for your family and this place provides safety, security and opportunity to work and do well. I think there is nothing bad with that.

The problems start when you have a corrupt process or system. The cases in point:

  • #H1B program which is heavily skewed towards filling the openings with Indian resources via outsourcing firms which mastered the game).

  • Illegal Latino immigration via a purposefully porous south border (benefits Democrats)

  • Corrupt legislature which benefits from both bullets above (Financially for bullet 1 and via votes for bullet 2)

Just my two cents on this heated topic...

this is horrible #h1b scam

Cognizant Rebadgers Off the Pepsi Account

And so it begins! An untold number of rebadged Pepsi employees that have trained our replacements have gotten an email that our last day on the Pepsi account is 12/31. We have been moved into the "Customer Deployable Pool." We have 8 weeks in which to find other positions within other Cognizant accounts else we are no longer employed.

@3hle - the list is good, let's agree that the US should be happy to grant work visas to the IIT graduate. However, the fact is, 90% of Indian immigration right now is routed through the #H1B channel and onboarded here to replace $100K/yr-good-benefits US workers with $60K/yr-miserable-benefits jr eng folk with, at best, questionable degrees. Again, as a hiring manager, i'd likely (an emphasis on likely) take an IIT graduate in a snap, but I almost never see them in my resume bin.

The fact is, you have top schools in every country - that's the kind of immigration we need - I do understand that Infy needs to make money somehow, however, playing the #H1B system should not be their main revenue driver.

52% of S&P 500 profits are generated overseas. OK, lets play hardball with our trade partners, have fun and watch that 401K melt down...

Oh, on #H1B - I have no problem with it - just open it up to everyone globally and pay the market price - India cannot hog 80% of the allocation pool and pay peanut wages - f--- that, bring in $200K+ PhDs from Heidelberg and Tel Aviv, not fake degree 60K testers.

And, yes, dont forget to auction to the highest bidder every single visa allocation...

This affects only IT, that's 1% of the total workforce. Go talk to Wal-Mart folks, 2 million employees - that's something that can move the needle... How many of you are really affected with #H1B stuff?

#GOLD Post

Sick and tired of Cognizant's #H1B scam

Seriously, the whole game is rigged, they bring in H1Bs, pay them peanuts and let knowledgeable workers go. I wander if it's possible to get Indian citizenship, so I can go on H1B and keep my job. The whole game is rigged, Pepsi knows it, Cognizant designed it and the politicians are supporting it because they are paid off by IBMs, Accentures and Cognizants of the world. Seriously, this is such a scam it's incredible that nobody is paying attention to this. It's not even discussed during the debates. Who will stop this scam and how?

I partially agree with the OP. I'm becoming more sympathetic to unions, but I still don't think they're a panacea, as the union bosses are just as susceptible to greed as CEOs and will just become your new overlords. However, sometimes the pendulum needs to swing all the way to the other side to effect any changes, and a union for tech workers may be what's required.

The root cause of a lot of these problems is not capitalism but "crony capitalism," where the government protects certain businesses and business practices. There's no better example than the various guest worker visa programs (e.g. #H1B, L-1, OPT, etc.) which are being used to both REPLACE American workers and hire guest workers INSTEAD OF American workers.

With 94 million Americans out of the workforce, someone in Congress needs to have the rocks to submit a very simple bill:

"All guest worker visa acts are hereby repealed."

and wait until the REAL unemployment rate gets to "full employment" before re-introducing future guest worker programs.

Top 10 H1B Beneficiaries

Here is the #H1B Top List:

Tata Consultancy (HQ: India) Visas granted 2005 to 2014: 27193

Cognizant Tech (HQ: US) Visas granted 2005 to 2014: 29676

Infosys Limited (HQ: India) Visas granted 2005 to 2014: 31861

Wipro Limited (HQ: India) Visas granted 2005 to 2014: 26540

Accenture LLP (HQ: Ireland) Visas granted 2005 to 2014: 13653

Tech Mahindra (HQ: India) Visas granted 2005 to 2014: 12372

IBM Corporation (HQ: US) Visas granted 2005 to 2014: 9524

Larsen & Toubro (HQ: India) Visas granted 2005 to 2014: 8489

Syntel Consulting (HQ: US) Visas granted 2005 to 2014: 4915

Igate Tech (HQ: US) Visas granted 2005 to 2014: 6312

H1B Top List

Here is the #H1B Top List:

  1. Tata Consultancy (HQ: India) Visas granted 2005 to 2014: 27193

  2. Cognizant Tech (HQ: US) Visas granted 2005 to 2014: 29676

  3. Infosys Limited (HQ: India) Visas granted 2005 to 2014: 31861

  4. Wipro Limited (HQ: India) Visas granted 2005 to 2014: 26540

  5. Accenture LLP (HQ: Ireland) Visas granted 2005 to 2014: 13653

  6. Tech Mahindra (HQ: India) Visas granted 2005 to 2014: 12372

  7. IBM Corporation (HQ: US) Visas granted 2005 to 2014: 9524

  8. Larsen & Toubro (HQ: India) Visas granted 2005 to 2014: 8489

  9. Syntel Consulting (HQ: US) Visas granted 2005 to 2014: 4915

  10. Igate Tech (HQ: US) Visas granted 2005 to 2014: 6312