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Topics regarding layoffs at Oracle Corp.

An Expensive Cloud Sale

Oracle’s Most Expensive Cloud Sale Yet Software company looks to TikTok to cement its cloud reputation, but politics muddles story Spending money to make money is a long established game in the cloud. Oracle’s deal with TikTok takes that to... —  read more 

Avoid ACS under Gary Miller

My friend got laid off there after a long stint there....ACS is a toxic environment with favoritism and tribalism all over the place. Maybe its all of Oracle..if your director likes you are good, otherwise watch out. Great place for women managers... —  read more 

Oracle hardware

Sounds like an uptick in the HW side of the business. Wonder if Oracle will start to hire people back to update SPARC given the market opportunity. Oracle Cloud sounds ready to explode.

OMCS layoff next part

I have heard a couple of rumors that hundreds of people will be layoff in old OMCS (OCI). it was suppose to be happen in march already but delay and put into quaters (next part is scheduled next week). Nobody cares of projects seems so and load... —  read more 

The Midas touch

With a simple magic touch, Oracle can turn a loyal, but unstructured gathering of SC, and turn them, almost overnight, into Cloud Engineers. Just change their title! And not to stop there, with anothet simple word, convert them to make them the... —  read more 

Attrition during a pandemic

Can somebody please explain to me how is it that attrition is as bad as it's ever been (and it's been really bad for a few years now) in the middle of a freaking pandemic? Where are all those people going to? Is there a secret employer I don't know... —  read more 


Is there anyone left is this little company Oracle purchased several years ago? Talk about terrible service to dealer channel and customers....

Rampant fake calls by class of

I’m getting real tired of all the fake calls and interaction everyone is doing. Why can’t leadership crack down on this? I’m mad that I actually do my job and put in real numbers yet it seems like everyone else is just faking call stats and emails to... —  read more 

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