Topics regarding layoffs at Oracle Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Oracle Corp.

Total number of employees?

Anyone have the total number of employees in aria? I left the company a while ago. Just wondering with the attrition rate going on. Turnover of key, experienced staff is reaching record numbers. I have not seen anything like it in my 12 years... —  read more 

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Took me a decade plus to get this.

I recently took a new role. The last 3 days I’ve spent about 30 mins on a BS run by someone who seems to want to talk cause they’re lonely. It took me decade plus to realize something. It you have no work to do and no one is over your shoulder, do... —  read more 

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Never disclose the numbers.... “Cloud is fundamentally a more profitable business compared to on-premise, and as we look ahead to next year, we expect company operating margins will be the same or better than... —  read more 

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Peyton Maynard-Koran Lawsuit

Anybody have any comments on this lawsuit? Oracle is definitely a dirty player and they are certainly taking advantage of older employees promoting many to Senior and Principal... —  read more 

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After 10 year...(9 of which spent in a great team with a great manager that obviously, being on of the good guys, got laid off a year ago) and after 1 years of nightmare, in a different team with a nightmare manger (he rarely replied to emails or... —  read more 

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Ethics Line

After two terrible things happened in the last 2-3 mos, I filed two ethics reports. It’s more me leaving a trail and when I give my two weeks, leave them my name. I won’t lie. They gave me their actual names to contact them. I plan on going all on in... —  read more 

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Oracle in dumpster fire mode?

Anybody think that the reason they are so secretive on Cloud revenue and cloud in general is there is very little to report. They simply are cutting costs to the bone and losing good people because they’ve already realized that their “growth through... —  read more 

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Get back to work!

Be sure to fill out time reporting on whichever 6 different systems your management team is jamming you with. Then when you're done expect a call from your boss asking you to consolidate another report in spreadsheet form. Be on the lookout for... —  read more 

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Something to watch for

I just got a new job. They told me not to apply and that it would be a “management transfer” and thus no actual promotion or raise. Nothing. Then last week the person that hired me says “can you find this req and apply to it?” Another scumbag... —  read more 

Pleasure to work with...

How many colleagues do you enjoy working with? When I first came here I was really fascinated by my colleagues. These were people who were geniuses in their work and I could learn a lot from them. It was a pleasure working with them. With a few... —  read more 

Oracle Leadershiz

Got to waste an hour of my life today sitting through another iteration of the weekly team meeting with mgmt. Never stop being amazed at how much useless nonsense these clowns can pack into an hour. Pretty much all of it was going over this year's... —  read more 

Oracle = WalMart 2.0

This morning I received an email blast about how Oracle is promoting an “internal first mindset “ for career growth. Clearly the reality is that people are fed up and leaving, and then their positions are never posted internally, and then more... —  read more 

OracleToo Movement

Anyone heard about the AppleToo movement? Can we make one for OracleToo? It’s clearly needed due to all of the harassments and bullying. —  read more 

No training for you

Saying that Support is a mess is bigger than the biggest understatement I've ever heard in my life. This organization is such a sshow. I've been here for five years and had 7 different direct managers, like they're on a merry go round that only... —  read more 

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