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IBM now outranks Oracle in "cloud"????

And is doing it with hardware?

Oracle cuts are company wide

I was at an outplacement session. More than half of the people were ex-Oracle employees. There were people from software sales, consulting, middleware app development, Sun, software and hardware support, everything. I thought Oracle was just cutting... read more

Layoffs compared to other companies.

Unlike Oracle, Intel is much more respectable and human when laying off. Oracle execs are inhuman and immoral. The company proved it does not care about the employees, treats them like trash. "Intel has begun notifying workers in its finance group... read more

Would the next layoffs be on Dec 1st?

Was wondering if the next big layoffs might come on Dec 1st, since there were layoffs on June 1st, then September 1st, 3 months apart. 3 months from September would be Dec 1st? Some posts awhile back were suggesting that there were limits to the... read more

Interview experience

I had an interview today with one of the top companies in the valley , and I was meeting with the director. He was telling me about the platforms their tool support and he said " we used to support Solaris years ago but it was apparent to us its... read more

Oracle does not need to lay anyone off.

Maybe there is some extra dead weight at the management layer, that always happens. I know one or two that add no value, however, I am in the trenches of sales. We have an excellent SC community that is always going the long distance. The problem is... read more

I am an Oracle new hire

I've just started working for Oracle. This is the company I've always wanted to work for so please don't fall for the negativity on this forum. Oracle is a great place to work as it has excellent executive level leadership and an impressive software... read more

This is why Oracle is a joke in IaaS cloud

Oracle is a joke in IaaS cloud because: 1) Never before have C-level executives made so much money by making such bad decisions and having zero vision. LE literally laughed at cloud in 2009 and instead decided that Oracle would become a hardware... read more

Layoff may not be a bad thing

I am one of the 1K+ engineers that were laid off on September. With two months of actively looking, most of my colleagues I know landed a job with better pay. My own compensation gets a 50% increase compared to Oracle with multiple offers. Layoff... read more

ZFSSA is dead

More than 60% of the profitable ZFSSA engineering team were fired in a RIF and the decline is gaining momentum. Our VP (OM) + chief of staff have moved elsewhere. Managers are running for the door. The senior engineers are now jumping ship... read more

Unofficial official layoff report 10/15/2017

A small layoff in EBS this week. Total for fiscal year remakes at 7,150; total since 6/1/2016 is 17,150. More layoffs coming. Keep looking for jobs with companies with a better future. Good luck all!

Can’t even give it away ...

MH thinks it’s sales’ fault so he’s giving SaaS away for free in his big enterprise deals...problem is little to zero uptake. Guess it’s not the sales people’s fault! The clients don’t choose oracle’scloud Products (any of them) over the competition... read more

Gartner audience laughs at Oracle cloud

At a presentation to a large audience at the Gartner Symposium last week in Orlando, DP, a Vice President and Cloud Fellow at Gartner Group, asked the audience for a show of hands on which Cloud they were using. When he asked "AWS?", the vast... read more

Employment Attorney

Anyone knows a good employment attorney in the bay area who focuses on discrimination, retaliation or harassment at work? I know I can google it, but I like to get some feedback. Thank you

Will I get "the package"?

I got RIFed with 30 days WARNing. I've found another job within Oracle, but I'm not sure I'll get the actual offer until after my last day. If that happens, am I an outside hire? And if so, can I accept the package? Has anyone experience this?

How reliable are layoffs rumors?

I've been on a verge of leaving Oracle for a while now. Still don't have a replacement job lined up, but that's mainly because I barely have time for anything but work. I don't doubt I'll be able to find a job once I really get into the search. I was... read more

Oracle needs to lay off Oracle Consulting

These people s---. They log SRs as 24x7 while looking for answers on questions. These people are not qualified yet alone should be working in Oracle. They also want us support people to do their job for them. More likely fudging their resumes so they... read more

Totally Insane

Oracle is in panic mode. They are whacking employees right & left with no thought of what their job was, leaving the rest scrambling to figure out how to cover the rif'ed employees old jobs. Nobody is safe. Totally insane.

Advice from someone who actually got laidoff

I got laidoff back In 9/1 with other hundreds. This is my first time back to this site . Seeing the same email gave me dejavu. Everyone is lost looking for any news to hold to. My advice to stay till they lay you off BUT act like you already got laid... read more

Customer Success

NAA CSM SaaS witnessed the departure of SM. The GVP of OMC, CB, will be leading the charge. Anyone aware of upcoming changes or what to expect from CB style and approach?

New oracle hire

Well, we’ll, well, among all the unannounced layoffs, Oracle still hires new people, but to get hired you must have been the VPs chief of staff - yes in DC, so that you can be the vp of government affairs and cozy up to the White House and Congress

Now we're a security company?

We have software in our SaaS fleet that is over 5 years behind on security patches. No one in PDIT cares about security at all. I've actually been laughed at when I said we should be worried about our customer's data. How on Earth can we help other... read more

Unofficial official layoff report 10/8/2017

Lots of bold, in not necessarily accurate statements from Oracle management this week, but fortunately no major layoffs. Total stays at 7,150 for the fiscal year and 17,150 since 6/1/2016. Expectations of more layoffs to come in coming weeks. Be well... read more

Oracle ICS seems to have gone into bugfix mode

October 2017 This release of Oracle Integration Cloud Service consists of bug fixes. For details about specific bug fixes, log in to and search for document ID 2304552.1. August 2017 This release of Oracle Integration Cloud Service... read more

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