Topics regarding layoffs at Oracle Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Oracle Corp.

Oci Any ideas what this is about?

Sales Layoffs

Heard enterprise OD in cloud tech has 33% on PIP w/ 60k quota to hit before end of quarter. Midmarket cloud tech not hiring. Anyone else know of downsizing sales orgs? It's a shame as OD makes sense organizationally, we've just filled it with... —  read more 

On the case...

The problem for Google on the copyrightability front is that "compilations" of non-copyrightable items can be copyrightable even if the underlying items themselves are not, if the "selection, coordination, or arrangement" of those items involves... —  read more 

Oracle Marketing RIF

I work in Marketing at Oracle and we just had a big RIF yesterday, not sure about other departments. Why did it happen? We do have some new executives in Marketing, was it deliberate to replace low performers or forceful because of company not doing... —  read more 

An Expensive Cloud Sale

Oracle’s Most Expensive Cloud Sale Yet Software company looks to TikTok to cement its cloud reputation, but politics muddles story Spending money to make money is a long established game in the cloud. Oracle’s deal with TikTok takes that to... —  read more 

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