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LE’s margin calls

Enjoy the margin calls coming your way with the stock at $45.75 and sinking LE - that’s what happens when you hand on to too much stock and borrow against it. And now comes private securities litigation over cloud washing, not gonna help the share... read more
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..." 'Customers are sick of it'..

many years ago when I started w oracle-- I was told there are 3 choices; " Sell, deliver, develop".. we know what happened to sales as of now non-existent we all know about consulting mess.... that leaves us with development.. forget... read more
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Oracle is a great place to work

The commenters here are very angry they got the RIF but sometimes that happens when a company changes but overall Oracle is a good place to work, or for me it has been very good and I like my manager, there are bad teams but that is true at all... read more

The turd that sank Oracle

It does not take any imagination to figure out how mass layoffs reduction in salaries, replacing workers with cheaper and inexperienced labor, hiring mediocre developers and the cheapest support possible can have a negative impact on a company. The... read more

LE is the biggest loser

LE just lost $4.5BN and has to put up more collateral for his loans where oracle stock is security. S---s when the world finds out you’re fraud, doesn’t it LE! Great decision to hire H the Turd! brilliant! And TK what a genius you have running dev!... read more

Well, that didn’t end well

Who knew cloud could be so complicated and you could’t just buy a bunch of cloud start ups, put a marketing wrapper around them and have the Class of newbies sell it would need new management if it wasn’t already too late to save it ... the... read more

Actual oracle cloud revenues

I have to believe that if the purported annual $5 Bn on cloud revenues, no more than $1 Bn are legitimate cloud revenues where the customers actually use oracle cloud products; with the $4 Bn plus being cloud credits that oracle extorted customers to... read more

Down she goes

Lame results, especially anemic revenues show the difficulties of cloud washing that oracle is experiencing, it only gets worse from here. Sell now or forever suffer the result of your stupidity!

Today's the day

Is everybody ready for the big day? In a "please don't let it be so bad they announce more layoffs at the same time" way? Predictions ahead of the report seem to be divided - some believe Oracle will adjust up, some it will adjust down. I guess we... read more

Unofficial official layoff report 3/18/18

No major reported layoffs this past week. Total FY18 YTD remains 8,680, and since 6/1/2016 18,680. More layoffs coming no doubt, keep looking for new jobs. Good luck all!
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The DJT Lie Inversion Service

I've recently become aware of the DJT Lie Inversion Service. Named after our great lying leader, DJT, whom all Oracle upper management seem to strive to imitate. Here is the pseudo code for the service: while (more crap to process) { if ( isLie (next... read more

I have more job security working as a janitor

You all can look down on me and think how it s---s for me because I don't make that much. But guess what? They will always need someone to keep the office building clean. The same can't be said for all of you working on the clown, I mean the cloud... read more

Happy Saint Patty's Day!

Happy Saint Patty's Day to everyone. This day starts the last year before I can access the money in my 401K without penalty. I am 58 1/2. At 59 1/2 I can access the money I have saved for SOOOOOOOOOOO long. Good luck to all those Oracle'rs that are... read more

How many sociopaths could there be at Oracle?

In her 2005 book The Sociopath Next Door, psychologist Martha Stout warned that sociopaths make up four percent of the U.S. population; ref: So, Oracle has 120,000+ employees... read more
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I think someone is worried. It might be posts like the one below that could be a problem? I personally think that every employee is better off being informed of the tactics of some unscrupulous managers. Every employee should read this description. I... read more

The facts about the FAKE NEWS on this board

I think the negative posts are done by the competition and also malcontents who were RIF’ed and instead of devoting themselves to finding their next gig spend their days here trashing their former employer. If you are a current employee and unhappy... read more

Oracle settles with cloud accounting whistleblower

How did I miss this one? Probably all the daily political whiplash, courtesy of DJT and his enablers..

Yes, Oracle Cloud Revenue Could Double

Oracle’s cloud revenue could double in two years to a $12 billion run-rate. As Oracle’s (ticker: ORCL) cloud business continues to ramp, we believe enterprise value (EV)/free cash flow (FCF) could expand to 17 times, similar to how Microsoft’s (MSFT)... read more

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