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Expect the unexpected

Oracle has been buying companies left and right in the past so it's bloated. It's trimming fat now that's all. Nothing new in the world of business. For employees, don't focus on the job but beyond it. I always consider the job as a means to an end... read more
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What's going on at IDC Hyderabad?

How many people are laid off at IDC Hyderabad until now? Campus, Ananth and Salarpuria buildings Are the layoffs going to continue for some time? If so, until when? Is there any criteria? Are the low paid top performers targeted as well? I heard that... read more

Oracle isnt even on the top 50 for innovation It was... read more

What happens after?

Any idea on what happens after the layoffs are completed? Some sort of reorg is bound to happen. Any idea what they have in store for us at this point? Are we talking about elimination of some themes, outsourcing,offshoring, merging of teams, or will... read more

Media coverage

Is it just me, or is it seriously lacking? I can't understand why, though, because layoffs at other companies certainly get covered. What makes Oracle so uninteresting when it comes to layoffs?

Who will want to work here?

I'm just wondering, with Oracle's reputation that it's extorting its customers and a growing reputation of constantly having layoffs - how will the company be able to find replacements - even the lowest paid ones - for the people they are laying off?... read more


If you are being laid off and the company offers you another position that comes with lower pay, what happens if you refuse it? Does it mean you are no longer eligible for severance?

Oracle extorting customers? Say it isn't so! Here's what we heard from this Oracle customer, who requested anonymity because his employer... read more

Target is less than 9000 people worldwide?

Target is less than 9000 people worlwide. 3 different rounds, with different targets. First round will close in may, US as usual got hit first, next in turn is LAD and APAC, then EMEA. Slightly more than 2000 people affected overall. Second round... read more

Layoffs in IDC Hyderabad

Too many laid-ff today in Hyderabad , three in my team . As usual no logic here , junior DEV joined 9 months back after 6 months of recruitment drive is sacked . Hearing Directors also laid-off in other teams .

IDC Severence Package

2 months + 1 month notice period + one month pay for each year of service + leaves. No cap on maximum pay. 1 year 7 months is counted as 2 years. 1 year 5 months is counted as 1 year.

Need info

All, Can anyone help me on following. What is the severance package for laid off workers, particularly in USA. How long will they be in pay roll. Also, can anyone tell me what is the bonus planned for OCI employees for May (if you know this already).

IDC Layoffs

When can we expect IDC layoffs next ? This week ? Which teams are more prone for layoffs in IDC?

OCI is a total joke

What a bunch of overpaid losers LE has hired for OCI - it’s almost funny to watch them take him to the cleaners. They cost a F:ing boatload, generate virtually no revenues and produce useless garbage. Oh, LE it serves you so right to get so royally... read more

Warn notice, why different ?

Only two sites in CA got 60 days warn notice. Everywhere else got canned with immediate effect. Why? Oracle is a name of danger and cry. All the folks should leave and show 3 id--ts a lesson.

Here's the real truth from inside

Here's the real truth from inside, as a person that was involved in it from a high level (VP level), and can tell you straight up. The goal was a 20-30% reduction, spread across RIFs and PERFs. This was spread about in late January, and hit most... read more

Be pragmatic

These are not emotional decisions. The company is paying you for a reason. You are working for the company for a reason. If the reasons don’t hold good in either direction, it’s time to move on. This is not a ‘till death do us part’ kind of a... read more
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How it is done

I spent 20 years with Sun/Oracle. When the hammer came down they called all engineering staff into the board room and we were told at 9:05 am. “Your jobs as you know then no longer exist”. We were then given our paperwork. Told to be at an hr... read more

Another round in May

Many OCI colleagues were shown the door last week, soon after DJ sent a ridicolous mail saying how great and shiny we are, and that we are the future of Oracle Corp. Overall, looking at Aria, more than 500 people got rifed. Have heard from my manager... read more

Who will do the work?

Now that they cut even more people from our team, I'm just wondering who'll do all the work they still expect to be done. Do they think we're going to pick up even more responsibilities with no extra pay? Will we be expected to now do the work of... read more

Any rumors about this week?

As Monday comes anxiety and stress are growing, at least in my case. I would feel a little better if I know are they planning layoffs this week and is there any word on when will they be performing them, more precisely. So, Anything rumored about... read more

Anyone knows the layoff criteria behind 03/21.

Wanted to know the layoff criteria behind 03/21, How does the individual engineers selected from the teams ? I already know the poor performances guys are still there and higher (above) performance guys laid off...

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