Topics regarding layoffs at Oracle Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Oracle Corp.

Why do people hate Oracle

I don't understand all the negative sentiment on this board. Is Oracle that bad of a company to work for? I mean, gosh, you people sound like taking a job there is like working for the devil himself. People can't suck that that much there can they?... —  read more 

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Oracle means change

They did it again! Another reorg! One day we are talking about the survey that identified too much change, and the next day our response is generate more change! I’m glad their listening.

Major Layoff This Friday

Oh wait just a wonderful dream I had last night. Now I have nothing to look forward to. Hate it when you wake back up and only then remember you're actually living in the nightmare.

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Accepted an offer

Been at Oracle for 10+ years. Work in one of the GBU’s. Year after year I saw leadership set terrible examples, treat people like cr-p, turn people against one another and overall act like some of the lowest life forms I’ve ever seen. The last 90... —  read more 

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Management and pay

Sr level management sent a memo out this week highlighting 7% CPI inflation. The main ask was for OCI Sales reps to leverage this and turn monthly customers into annual, saying prices will go up. Meanwhile no concern for anyone’s base/ote which... —  read more 

Betting on Oracle HR

I woke up in the middle of my slumber and figured it out. I figured out your odds with Oracle HR. Employee vs Management…you have absolutely no chance no matter what and the employee will always be wrong no matter what. Management could destroy... —  read more 

Family hires????

I was on call with mates from my unit. Things have been terrible financially for my group. I saw a person who had the same last name as a gent who is a director of sorts. Don’t really know that he does much, but this girl is his daughter and she’s... —  read more 

CNN coverage

Fareed Zakaria covered the great resignation and strikes in America. Employers have to improve conditions, or people will walk. Attrition is rampart at Oracle. Will it get worse

To Safra and Finance VPs

Please stop your finance directors from bullying us lower level folks. Most of us are stressed and depressed bc of how your directors are treating us. They’re faking staying “busy” to keep their jobs while enjoy bullying us. Been here for 5 months... —  read more 

Is it really that bad ?

This is just a candid personal opinion. Of course each of us have different experiences and I respect those. This is mine. Before Oracle : Way back in 1998, as a student, I used to look at computer training institutes in Chennai ( IIndia) and most... —  read more 

Stupid managers with egos

I had a stupid manager with an ego that was beyond, beyond. Impossible to even have a conversation with this guy. Every single thing I said was constantly being analyzed by his rat brain for any sign of anything that might be negative about him. ... —  read more 


There are lots of opportunities out there beyond the dumpster fires at Oracle. We all need to be looking to the future and what we would like for ourselves. For myself, I have created my own website and am looking at pushing that out there through... —  read more 

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