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Oracle hiring in Burlington - SPARC and x86

Another one posted this week: Technical Analyst 4-Support Oracle - Burlington, MA Preferred Qualifications Collaborate with colleagues on a worldwide basis on identifying product defects and driving them to resolution following Oracle's support... read more

Looking for a new sales job?

My buddy and I were going over his quota and his average cloud deal. His average was about 40k, his quota is 4 million. Wont go into details to pin him down. But we figured to hit his quota he needs 100 cloud deals. 50 work weeks in a year, means he... read more

Anything going on in ICS cloud? Reorg maybe?

I just noticed that the update for August for ICS cloud release says there are only bug fixes for that release. Never seen that happen before. Anything happening in cloud area? Maybe some reorg going on? Layoffs coming?

x86 in Burlington is hiring

This was posted this week on Indeed: Oracle Job Description As part of this Burlington, MA-based team of hardware and software professionals you will work within a sub-team that develops leading edge servers for use in both stand-alone and specific... read more

Time you get wth WARN and without!

Can someone explain the 2 scenarios, lets say an employee has 10 years at Oracle. with WARN notice: 2 months (WARN) + 1 month (for first year) + 1 week for the rest of the 9 years so total : 3 months/9 weeks ( you will keep insurance+ salary during... read more

August 3rd & August 24th Bad Days for Hardware

Rumor has it the Axe falls on August 24th again. Hardware RIF. Colorado will be hit hard as well as other locations. Sales gets cut as well for HW, then sales gets cut across the board the following week on Friday Sept 1st. Good luck to all. Get your... read more

Layoffs in sales are coming... read the news.

Its been out for sometime. The reason Oracle was slow to cloud was because of its sales force. Yes MH is hiring college kids. Yes he is laying off the old farts. Get a clue people and read the trade articles. If you are in sales you are part of the... read more

Who gets laid off September 1st?

Friday after next one thing is certain... layoffs are coming. Who is it going to be? Last layoff was Thursday June 1. Like clock work managers got an email informing them to make mandatory meetings, and phone calls just hours before the layoff was to... read more

Sun layoffs

So everyone has heard about Sun folks layoff in US. Seemingly, since even higher ups are going , including "acting" directors, no one knows for sure (at least I don't). Hopefully Aug 24th is the last day of layoffs, we are practically a fraction of... read more


Hey, lets be positive. You have a job. You might not have a job in two weeks, and no one is talking about it. But, hey Oracle stock is up! Woo hoo!
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The stock is at all time high - how do you guys (the ones who complain a lot) explain this? Given how badly LE messed up (in your view), how come that the company has a 200 Billion dollars market cap... One of the largest companies in the world... read more

And so it goes

Microsoft about to clobber legacy sales groups as the pivot to cloud sales - something from LEs playbook: or @OPbQCak

Doom to engineered systems

Incase you did not notice the US based engineered poc team has been gone for two years now. I have a friend in HW presales who is training a guy from India who dials in to customer meetings. The guy from india knows how to tell the customer to run an... read more

WARN explenation

Someone correct me if I am wrong. But I am not convinced by people's interpretation of WARN here. I found two versions of WARN by googling. One from federal and the other from state California. Federal: Plant closings involving 50 or more employees... read more

Infosys CEO quits . Will he join Oracle?

vishal sikka quit as Infosys CEO . He is a strong candidate to join Oracle. 1) He gave keynote at Oracle Openworld in 2015 and 2016 ( just before Larry's Keynote) 2) Has Experience at SAP ( one of Oracle's main competitor) 3) Stronger Technical... read more


The major hardware groups left are the SPARC teams in SCA and BUR, as well as the x86 teams in BUR and SCA. With the cancellation of SPARC M9, there is no road map for SPARC. The impact on x86 is less certain. The question with x86 is whether Oracle... read more

Public layoff announcement

Hey, MH, when are you planning to publicly announced the forthcoming layoffs? When do you propose to announce what oracle's HW offering is going to be going forward? Date(s), numbers of people impacted, locations, that kind of stuff

Why so quiet $C?

Even hapless IBM CEO GR had something to say about recent events, in effect t criticizing POTUS, not so our $C, just not her thing to speak up like a leader and concerned citizen. Too busy counting her $$$.

What about Oracle's Intel system hardware?

Much of the layoff discussion here is focused on SPARC/Solaris. How likely is the Intel system group going to be impacted? Will this area be spared? Are they considered a key part of the cloud strategy at Oracle?

Vacation Balance as a Layoff Predictor

If you want you know if you will be laid off on any given day, check you vacation balance when you arrive in the office... If your vacation balance has mysteriously been zeroed out that means they cut your final severance check which includes your... read more

Reason to kill HW now?

I'm an engineer in ME and have been thinking about the timing of the currently speculated events. Why kill off HW at this specific moment? The first sign was of course canceling Exadata SL and LoS which was really strange as they had really doubled... read more

Echo chamber

Start a fake rumor and wait until it gets confirmed here with great certainty - my point is that at this time the best course of action is to just prepare yourself while finding something to do that keeps you sane - meaning not this site

Oracle asking for info

I just got an email from the company asking me to verify contact information to updat "tax and payroll" is this my hint about my impending layoff?

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