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Official unofficial layoff tally - ongoing

Looks like 300 this past week across the world. 2,000 in January bring us to total for the calendar year of 2,300 Keep reporting layoffs as the occur and The Truth will add them up and report out for the world to see You can run but you can't hide LE... read more

Shake up in MW

Shakeup in middleware management? What is going on?
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I will not miss Solaris in the least bit.

I learned to be an SA with Solaris, starting in 1995. Over the years I watched it's decline as Linux matured. I also learned that the open source community was way more valuable as an SA when it came to fixing bugs, getting help, etc.

Oracle Beijing layoff ~200 engineers, (Chinese version)

甲骨文冷血裁员,令人心寒! 2017跨年伊始,橙色空气污染预警,京津冀地区又一次笼罩在严重的雾霾污染中,仿佛一块巨大而又沉重的幕布,堵住每个人的口鼻心肺,令人无法呼吸,无处逃避。 然而对于在Oracle... read more

Yes, MH can say Amazon's infrastructure is "old"

We're so far behind that our server farms are "new" or non-existent. Cloud infrastructure team scaled-back their grand expansion after realizing that it would be far too large to support the modest subscription growth.

Hardware support and operations layoffs

Heard that hardware support and operations just had layoffs this morning. Impacted groups seem to be materials planning, backlog management and logistics. This was expected as part of the earlier RIFs for SPARC and Solaris. No headcount yet.

Layoffs in Oracle's Indian subsidiary i-flex

There are forced resignations in Oracle's Indian subsidiary, i-flex (Oracle Financial Services), especially the consulting business, Prime Sourcing. Senior management and HR have called folks and threatened them with bad references and targeting... read more

After the cut

I am an ex-Sun employee who was cut Jan 2017. And I am relieved. I was surprised how much stress it has removed from my life. The constant knowledge that Sun was circling Oracle's drain was eating away at me. Not knowing when I would get the axe is... read more

Sun shutdown

The crazy people that said that Oracle bought Sun just to shut it down and use the patents to sue Google are looking pretty non-crazy now. I guess once the lawsuit was lost (and boy was it expensive) the shutdown was inevitable.

Romania anti- government riots

Did you folks notice, major riots in the streets of Romania against the corrupt government, yes the same government that oracle and sc is in bed with. Funny, well not really, they support DJT and his policies, the corrupt Romanian government, who... read more

Boycott oracle

If you work for an oracle customer and believe that the ban is wrong, put oracle purchase on hold and let your sales reps know that you're looking for oracle to support American values of inclusion. Put your money where your values are. Just look at... read more

Oracle tape anyone?

Is STK tape (T10000D) dead? Will LTO continue (reselling drives from others)? What about the STK libraries?

Optional Practical Training and Tech jobs All jobs end up being given to "fresh grads". Once over 40, laid off engineers find themselves jobless, even if they are eligible to do... read more

oracle's stunning underperformance

Since Jan. 2012 oracle's market capitalization has increased a mere 15% - that right, practically nothing. During the same period the MCap of other tech co's has increased: AMazon - 347%, SFDC - 221%, workday - 118%, MSFT - 107%, appl - 57%. The... read more

Silence from oracle on entry ban

Oracle remains one of very few tech companies to remain silent on the immigration/ entry ban. Shameful pandering. Total greed by the three stooges. Especially SC ought to know better given her family history.

Layoffs this week

Where were there layoffs this week? If you know something say something here: location, number and functions/ product

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