Topics regarding layoffs at Oracle Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Oracle Corp.

Interview at Oracle?

Hello everyone, In the past, I was laid off from a large US tech corporation, so I am very cautious. I was recently contacted by Oracle for an open position. Could you please share your honest opinions about the company culture and particularly if... — read more 

OA layoff in the UK

In a few days it'll be exactly a months that _the big O_ has decided to __exit__ advertising. So far, US employees either have been terminated or have moved internally (plenty went to OHAI). But does anyone know when the redundancy process for OA _in... — read more 

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Fear Mongering Trolls

During the real layoffs a few years ago, I looked at this forum daily. The forum itself caused more anxiety than providing actual details. I thought I would check in today after a year of not looking to see how it is going.... Still the same type... — read more 

Professional titles

With the latest reorg, and many being moved into new roles as Architects or Engineers, you have to ask the validity of using these titles without certification from the appropriate professional societies?

6 years in a row

For the sixth consecutive year, the layoff process continues. It’s no longer if you will be terminated, just when. The VP’S and Director level managers with 2 reports are once again saved to fail another year. Don’t walk, run away. — read more 

We're cooked

Sales org realinment, SE's being replaced by AI, 5 day a week RTO, 3 new class of's coming in. Comp plans probably nerfed, anything to increase that stock price! Good luck!

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