Topics regarding layoffs at Oracle Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Oracle Corp.

Last Paycheck

I recently left Oracle, thankfully, but haven't received my last paycheck on the 15th. Does anyone know if the last check is sent in the mail or should I have received a direct-deposit.? Also, if anyone has the payroll number, please pass it along.

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Build things

Oracle needs to start building things instead of buying things. In order to build things you need builders. If you're just buying things all you need - and value - are accountants. When all you do is buy things then the builders become unnecessary... —  read more 

2 years after Oracle

Its been 2 years since I left oracle. After working there the first month I hated my job. The company I worked for 5 years to become a part of, I hated after 1 months. Some fucken manager pi---d me off and had it out to me for 6 years. Should have... —  read more 

Can Oracle survive a recession?

WASHINGTON — Record-low mortgages below 3% are long gone. Credit card rates will likely rise. So will the cost of an auto loan. Savers may finally receive a yield high enough to top inflation. The substantial half-point hike in its benchmark... —  read more 

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Axe-Man … Come back to us

Axe-Man, O Axe-Man, come back to us and enlighten us with your Oracle wisdom. Help us to make sense of what is happening around us at Oracle. Help us to navigate through these rough waters, O great exalted One. Axe-Man, come back to us Sir !!!


Is anyone a part of RT>MS>MG’s org? What are your thoughts on where this org is going? Any intel? Seems to be getting very heavy higher up. Lots of attrition which means more work with no raises.

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