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Future of Sales

Back in 2012, Mark Hurd spearheaded a corporate restructuring program to reduce the number of Oracle account contacts. In the past, customers had to deal with one sales rep for each of Oracle’s pillars: database, middleware, applications, engineered... —  read more 

Digging deeper into Oracles cloud strategy

This really belongs at the top of a thread: This! is telling. River Island CIO Doug Gardner told Computer... —  read more 

How many people work at Oracle?

What's your guess on how many employees the company will have before the end of the year? How about the overall headcount? And headcount at Redwood City?

Unofficial official layoff report 1/26/2020

No major layoffs this past week, but looks like last week’s layoff was closer to a 1,000 than the 500 reported Therefore revising the total. Total number of people laid off since 6/1/2016 is therefore 26,276. Keep looking folks, best of luck!

Cuts are spreading into the startup space

Most of the cuts are in the Bay Area: WeWork Layoffs (2,000) 23andMe cut 16% or 100 people Quora reduced an undisclosed number Mozilla cut 70 people this month Playful Studios big cut staff just this week Also cutting: Zume... —  read more 

Update from The Ax-Man

The Ax-Man here, updating you folks with latest information. Next week (week of Jan 27) there will be major and numerous high-level meetings happening at Oracle HQ in Redwood Shores. Execs from all several major business units and top... —  read more 

Unofficial official layoff report 1/20/2020

Looks like about 500 people were laid off late last week, including BD and cloud success managers, etc. That brings the total since 6/1/2016 to 25,776. It never ends! Keep looking aggressively if you don’t want to be next!

NetSuite TV Ads

Notice that the TV ads for Netsuite are all "Netsuite" and the word Oracle only gets on screen small at end. Are they spinning off Netsuite? Whatva lolz. LE sells it to Oracle, makes 4.5 billion, then sells it to keep stock up? Plus he... —  read more 

There you go on Salaries

I am just gonna leave this salary info here Analysis of compensation, level, and experience details of 19k tech workers

MH passed away 90 days ago but his legacy lives on

What we are witnessing today at Oracle is a direct result of nearly a decade of tenure for MH in his leadership role. LE has been out of touch with his company as he gave full trust and control to MH and SC. Both of them focused on financial... —  read more 

Stealth layoffs continue

Checked Aria: LE had 47013 on Friday, today: 46683 SF had 89612 on Friday, today: 89459 Granted, some left voluntarily. And no, I'm not from Oracle HR you dumb****!

What’s Coming Ahead

After getting back from the Holiday break and looking at mid-quarter numbers and run-rate being nowhere NEAR projections, Oracle leadership was in a state of shock. Previous internal management plans to reduce headcount and optimize the size of... —  read more 

More of the same....

Another dumb idea from above. It's NOT the software. It can't be. If that's the problem, then there is nothing that can be done. So we'll hire a new Chief Marketing Officer. We just aren't selling it right, yeah, yeah, that's the... —  read more 

OCI related - consulting roles.

My team got hit bad. Anybody in consulting labeled OCI is gone. And leaves regular consultants who are useless here. I know US, Canada in a similar boat. OCI is underperforming revenue wise. Whackings ain’t gonna fix it - leadership will.

Rumor has it

If you look in the mirror and say SAFRA SAFRA SAFRA she will actually appear behind you and VIOLENTLY RIF YOU WITH HER SPREADSHEET REDUCTION! Stay safe people. Pray to whatever you believe in. Keep your head down and never, ever, look at the... —  read more 

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Do yourself a favor. Go to your family or a mirror and decide on one of the other for this year. 1) either I am leaving Oracle 2) I am staying for better or worse. That is it. either way, you are not making a wrong decision. the worst if... —  read more 

Cloud Renewals Today

I was let go today. I'll spare you details, it follow the cookie cutter formula described on this site over and over again. There was more than a dozen people axed today, not in mgmt and I do not have an exact number.

Any insight to which orgs will be hit?

It seems that OCI is gonna get hit, CX sales were hit today. Does anyone know of SC’s views on the business development (BD/BDC) and Oracle Digital (OD) orgs and if they’re safe or not?

SC implements travel ban

Turns out the rumors are true. Oracle is implementing a cost-cutting travel ban. No customer facing travel. No overnight travel. For customer facing activity, they want to send the least amount of people possible so no more 8 people showing up for a... —  read more 

Unofficial official layoff report 1/12/2020

No major layoffs this past week. Total since 6/1/2016 remains 25,276. More cost cuts, ie layoffs, coming down the pike - keep looking aggressively to get out. not a good trajectory.

Oracle down the drain

This post has 16 up-votes, can't be that wrong.... I have deep insight into what is happening with OCI from a business standpoint. And I can tell you that it is not only the largest s— of dollars in the company, but OCI is running at an EXTREME... —  read more 

Comment about OCI Support

There was a post "Yes, breaking records all right. Record for the most unsolved Sev1 SRs, record for the most SRs that go past SLAs, record for the most escalation, record for the most downtime, etc etc. I could go on and on..." Please, go on. Due... —  read more 

Entering the Death Star ?

Has oracle, finally, reached the point of the death spiral where cost cuts lead to declining revenues, lead to more cost cuts, which lead to further revenue declines .... as Infinitum until it implodes on itself? The signs aren’t good ...

Happy that Trolls are Gone !

Not a single sign of Dumperman or his alter ego trolls in more than a week. Information of verifiable quality is starting to be posted here again. Posts are not having to be pruned by the moderators. Oracle HR is no longer posting here... —  read more 

Unscheduled meeting

My extended team has meeting this afternoon. It was called on the fly. No details why.

Oracle Sales Dramatically Down & Tanking!

Sales so far this quarter have been dramatically down. This is another impetus for the dramatic cutting of budgets and hiring freeze. The current run rate of sales and pipeline is way behind projections as the company goes into the second half of... —  read more 

Major Budget Cutbacks Happening !

Many departments and orgs across Oracle were mandated just before the Christmas break to “give back” significant portions of their 2H 2020 budgets. Translation: cut drastically and cut rapidly. Some departments’ expenses are being cut up to 50%... —  read more 

Is Google hiring?

Is there anyone out there who has followed the VPs that went off to Google with TK?

please train me


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