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Oracle can’t live from old fame forever

Larry Ellison is nowadays looking more to me like the company's spokesperson, or even an actor in a tv commercial, as the level of his optimism always surprises me. But the truth is different, isn’t it? Oracle is failing on the cloud market, as it... read more

Future of the Hardware Business at Oracle?

What do people see as the future around Oracle hardware and systems business? Will they get out of selling to customers and only build hardware for their cloud infrastructure? Or will they exit entirely and second source hardware for the cloud... read more

Protesting the Pentagon cloud deal didn't work

I really couldn't see the point in protesting the bid. The Pentagon is a customer like anyone else and it’s logical that they are looking for a product that suits their needs in the best possible way. Think that this is on a too big of a scale and... read more


Turns out the Pentagon can have a single cloud vendor whether oracle likes it or not. Much relieved as a patriot that oracle’s chanced if selling it’s useless c-ap to the military just sunk substantially! Take a hike 3 stooges. Yes, ruling from the... read more

Slim chances of getting a raise at Oracle

There are and will be no raises for the whole company. I've been with Oracle for over 15+ years and have only gotten 3 raises. 2 of them, I had to kick and scream to justify why. Company's supposed to take care of their employees, but Oracle never... read more

How are we even hiring people?

I'm just wondering how are we able to hire anybody anymore. Do people not check the company out before they join it? Why would anybody accept a job if they knew that layoffs here are accepted as an everyday thing? I know I wouldn't give a job offer... read more

2018 Compensation Review?

Has anyone had an increment this year? After making a fuss, I'd been given a nod I'd get one when the next review happens. Not sure if that's been reneged or if the approvals are just a little slow this year (previously it's been close to the start... read more

SC as a service model.

This program has been created by HD at the direction of RG and MH in order to cut costs. Now that the hubs are ramping up, they expect all reps to now put requests into the system for any SC coverage. The requests will then be routed to a team. This... read more

Why doesn't Amazon hire some Oracle DB people?

It seems to me that Amazon could easily hire the Oracle DB people out from under Oracle. Right? They've got the money and the future to tempt the right people. And if the current Oracle DB people are just leftover posers, maintaining what was written... read more


I hear oracle is going to do some major acquisition soon that is going to help it leap frog on IaaS. Did you guys also happen to hear abt it which is the target company?

Is working from home a good thing?

A lot of developers stay only because of the generous work-from-home policies in some divisions, that's it. If you work from home and are not wanting to be laid off, you need to be aware that people who work from home are not counted in WARN notices... read more

Oracle’s race against time

Amazon initially chose to use Oracle's database back in the late 1990's when they needed to scale during the dot com boom as it was the most viable option that could handle the transactional volumes. Oracle's shared everything, vertically scalable... read more

Why would you take a job at Oracle?

If you are coming in from AWS to save the company, you will not be appreciated for your skill set. You are going to work in an absolute swamp. Everyone will just wonder "what's wrong with you?" and any lies that anyone cares to spread will be... read more

Why would you be working at Oracle

Suppose you are a decent developer and you are working at Oracle. You know who you are working with are lowlifes and lazy a--holes.... country clubbers, working 15-20 hour weeks.... sadistic, sociopathic, weirdo managers with thugs/lackeys screwing... read more

The misuse of ECA’s

The Enterprise Cloud Architects were supposed to be a stable link with key accounts. As we well know, sales reps and their territories change every year; customers hear a ton of promises in may, just to see a new face in july telling them their are... read more


Welcome Hubsters! All good ECAs have left and a few remaining >50 aged ECAs will be just facilitators. This what I call death to ECA role. RIP!


Stay away from everyone who works in this organization. Bunch of id--ts.

Final destination... walking papers for all

Most if not all of our managers are looking for jobs. This is the beginning of the end for our department. If rumors are true we won’t make it to May. Our jobs will just be absorbed into CR current support teams. Oh how mighty the fall has been for... read more

Glimpse of Oracle's future? Critics say stock buybacks are a way for executives who depend upon stock and options as a major form of their compensation to boost their pay. But it's rarely a good idea said... read more

From the ibm page! So true of Oracle too

“In our shop, we have IBM eating itself to death. We have hardware people trying to sell hardware, services mo--ns begging us to hire IBM for services, software people selling Blue Washed garbage, and cloud people trying to get us to stop buying all... read more

Inofficial official layoff report 11/4/2018

Looks like some 30 people were let go this past week, including 20 in tape at Bromfield, brings the total since 6-1-2016 to 20,121. There is no good news coming your way folks, keep looking and get out.

OCI is hiring

Not only that, but they are below their Q2 hiring targets so there is a push to hire people now. Fascinating that on one hand Oracle is laying off a lot of people and on the other hand trying to hire people for OCI.

Attrition getting worse

Two people from my team left within a week from each other. Of course, no indications we'll be getting replacements any time soon. I'm happy for them, but guess who needs to pick up the slack? Might be following after them really soon, to be honest... read more

OCI would not save traditional Oracle's business

Let's talk about two basic tech interview questions: vertical sharding and horizontal sharding. If you disagree, run ctrl+shift+del please. :) Would OCI helps on the vertical sharding database? While OCI is doing their job to 'catch up' AWS's... read more
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Fedex Service Alert email?

I don’t want to be paranoid but I received an email from Fedex today stating that there has been a service disruption. From reading this thread I’ve noticed that can sometimes be a precursor to being laid off. Could this be the case or is it just a... read more

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