Topics regarding layoffs at Oracle Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Oracle Corp.

We are turning into IBM

I left IBM five years ago and one of the reasons was the company's treatment of older employees. I didn't want to find myself over fifty and worried about my job every single day. I got an offer from Oracle and I was more than happy to accept. Now it... —  read more 

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Still thinking Still thinking about this. Horrible thing to happen to this man. Glad he had the presence of mind to keep all the recordings and documents. There has got to be nothing more... —  read more 

Late Evening Calls

My Management has asked me to attend late evening calls with Offshore teams. Had to feed them with information and walk through each step. I smell something is not right.

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Oracle stock may not be looking good for the remainder of 2021. this company will make me rich going down. All my puts are lined up nicely for a handsome profit. This is Not a financial advice

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Attrition a problem?

Someone said that layoffs aren't occurring because there is so much attrition going on that layoffs are not needed in a lot of areas. I'd like to hear from those people who have left recently. I left a while ago after being screwed over. ... —  read more 

Same thing each round of layoffs

Don't you find weird how much money Oracle is willing to spend to pay great people to leave the company? Other companies are making sure to keep their top talent no matter the price because they realize their worth, but not Oracle. I'm not sure if... —  read more 

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Yes-man company

When did we become a yes-man and yes-woman company? When did disagreeing with anybody in the management on ANYTHING become something that could endanger your job and fast-track your name on the layoff list? When did new ideas become undesirable and... —  read more 

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Before I gave notice...

They got rid a man who had fantastic knowledge and skills. Real reasons unknown. Then they showed the door to a colleague with whom it was a pleasure to work and from whom much could be learned. What is that? Get rid of people who actually know... —  read more 

Oracle is Hiring

Lots of potential! There are hundreds of jobs available, particularly if you are young and lack any real experience! Where else can you go and get paid more than the guy next to you with seven years experience, and several Oracle... —  read more 


Anyone that was laid off in the US within the last 18 months heard anything from Oracle yet about how to sign up for the free Biden COBRA insurance, now that the IRS has published it's guidance for employers? The law (or executive order, whichever... —  read more 

Start looking now

I was at Oracle for a little over 20 years, and most of those years were terrific for me. I had zero incentive then to leave Oracle most of those years, as I worked with some of the best colleagues one could work with, was valued by my management and... —  read more 

OCI layoff soon

Heard it today from a reliable source. OCI will be culling some people in the coming month or so in both DJ and CM orgs. Unneeded and low priority teams have been identified. Some teams have already had top performers reallocated to other areas... —  read more 

San Jose office tower SAN JOSE — A buying group that includes a veteran local real estate firm and an investment fund... —  read more 

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