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OCI RSU Stock Option Scam

I know this is not something thats appropriate to expect a bonus/hike/stock grant but I want to show the hypocrisy here with DJ, CM from OCI. Last week in OCI All Hands they boasted as if all employees are valued and there is a merit based process... —  read more 

SC and Sales reorgs

Not only was the cloud sales engineering org blown up (Interjeet Singh moved to "greener pastures"), but i don't recall seeing anyone post how Rich Geraffo has been removed as the head of cloud sales. Not that their replacements will be any more... —  read more 

Are there available jobs right now?

People who were laid off recently, how are you doing on finding new jobs? I'm asking about the availability of something that is comparable to your previous job at Oracle in pay and benefits or at least somewhere near it? A few people I know who... —  read more 

Finally a Voice of Reason

Termination in Force while hiring abroad

The truth of the latest layoff/termination in Force as oracle wants to call it (meaning that the job position is no longer needed) applies only for USA based jobs. It is well known that the company keeps hiring in India, 2 or more for the same job... —  read more 

There is hope for older employees

I was laid off from Oracle in 2017 at 57. It was the first time to be laid off in my 33 year career. It took me 18 months to find another job. Great company, 5 minutes from home. But I had to readjust my expectations and went from being a senior... —  read more 

US Gov sues Oracle for employment discrimination

‘Blacks Need Not Apply’ sign would be appropriate for Oracle HQ, lawsuit claims

How many jobs are we expected to do?

They keep cutting people and transferring their workload to those of us who are left. We are already doing the work of two-three people each, and now it looks like they plan to lay off even more people? What do they think we are, robots? That they... —  read more 

Survived July 1st Layoffs...Will there be more?

I'm on the Support end of things. We lost several support people on our team, plus some upper management. I've already started looking for jobs outside of the company...Are more layoffs in August certain?

Will there be more layoffs tomorrow?

Or today, to be more precise considering the time. I guess sleep is not in my cards tonight. I'm getting really tired of ALWAYS having to worry about layoffs. And the current state of our industry and the entire economy is just making things worst. I... —  read more 

July 1 Oracle Layoffs

Reduction in force; after over 20 years of great reviews and hard work..kicked to the curb. Kicked to the curb without the needed Health Insurance. Too old to find another job...who cares. Not Oracle.

Resume Polishing

Hi All - I have access to a resume polishing non profit org, you can give them your resume using any name (or anonimously) Please upvote this post if you'd be interested having them share the link here on - I can also have them do a... —  read more 


It can't be turned around. We've been re-orging every year for what, 5 years or more now? Yes there are problems with all parts of the sales org, but they are just one of many, many problems within Oracle. For starters, the stupidity of separate apps... —  read more 

Let go today

Myself and my entire team was decimated today with layoffs at Oracle. I worked in customer fulfillment and was a focal for OCI and [email protected] Teams. What's crazy is that I was extremely busy.


Got RIF'ed this morning in Burlington. Told 10% across the board in Deb Smith group

Just talked to a former Oracle engineer

I was calling Oracle support and was transferred to an engineer who said he didn't work for Oracle anymore. Must have been VERY recent for his cell phone to still be in the support rotation.

Hardware RIF ?

Heard of a couple of people but not sure if it’s performance related or a big RIF. It’s the AA org in BUR/SCA. Anyone else ?

Big OCI Org changes

DJ is giving up OCI and moving on to LE's personal projects. CM will take over full control. All teams under DJ and CM are going to go through moves over the month. Big Org changes coming there not sure how it will affect headcount.

SC org changes

VK leading SC org. That’s a welcome change . Brace for impact!!!

How is emplyee morale at Oracle these days?

When I left the company a little over a year ago it was really bad. I've been reading the posts here this morning and it doesn't seem like much has changed since then. Am I wrong? I'm mostly asking because I hope that people I used to work with... —  read more 

I love the review of OU

Oh no, not Oracle University! Now how will I get meaningless certifications in software no one uses, like cloud toilet pipeline configuration or serial application cluster diddling optimization? Feculent cesspool of a company. Post ID:... —  read more 

Oracle is irrelevant

Oracle is irrelevant in modern architecture design. It has already died. But much like its stone age predecessors from the 1970s it will aways be around in fossil form, making people think such a beast still exists. The vast majority of customers... —  read more 

Some good news

Layoffs- Probably Sooner than Later

And so the demise of the worlds worst tech organization is once again validated by CNBC ( and other industry analysts. Not even Safra Katz or Larry will be able to talk their way out... —  read more 

OU headcount cut

We were told that the customer training and certification teams have been drastically reduced as well. Don't know total headcount lost, sounds like all departments in OU have been hit. We have always had a hard time working with their pricing... —  read more 

FBGBU Layoffs

FBGBU (Food & Beverage) layoffs this am. Across all departments. Hospitality took a hit because of COVID. Kept everyone through Q4 to pull in orders from Q1 and then BOOM! Thank you very much! 10+ years and been asked to get off this ride...

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