Topics regarding layoffs at Oracle Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Oracle Corp.

2024 restructuring plan

As stated in the most recent 10Q this is where we stand. Total estimated restructuring cost is at $609 million out of which $153 million has already been recorded. $456 million remaining through the end of fiscal 2025.

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As I thoughts

Leaving Oracle after 17 years, my two cents. The big shops, financials, SCM, HR, Psoft, will always make money. Usually never have layoffs unless it's from some quirky decision. Always tons of parnters doing that work if you do leave from one of... —  read more 

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0 to 46 regions: 6 years 46 regions to 0: 1 day What Larry maketh, Larry killeth I need to start working on my Azure certs Best multicloud: the converged cloud, two clouds in one datacentre. On 14 September Oracle had a cloud. Had. Hyperscaler... —  read more 

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GLINT -- and the survey says???

Any insight into the glint survey? Is it worth completing? If so does adding comments help or not? Is it truly anonymous or can they track and target someone if they don't like the comments? Does anyone expect changes/actions as a result? Is it a... —  read more 

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Layoff protocol

Anyone know what Oracle approach for notice is? Package? Do they keep it consistent or does it vary? I’m lease pay it forward and share for the collective. I suspect differences could be challenged, especially in the same year.

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