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NA CSM - I quit after the all hands

Heard the all hands by CB and then the Ad S our VP in his, I am so happy I am leaving Oracle, this division is very clearly about to shut down. They even got a finance guy to talk about comp, the guy sounded more like a sales guy than a finance guy... read more

Unofficial official layoff report 9/23/2018

Ma major layoffs reported this past week, always some singles and doubles though. Total since 6/1/2016 creeps up to 19,961 - keeping the one for the sale of symbolism. Keep looking!
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I was laid off last Jan 8th

I was laid off last Jan 8th along with hundreds of others that were > 40yrs old ! yes, the severance packet we received that we had to sign saying we wouldn't sue Oracle listed the ages of ALL employess laid off ! The true irony in all this was that... read more

The Motley Fool buy IBM over Oracle

Ouch! Oracle is so far behind on cloud that investors are better off betting on IBM’s resurgence than Oracle cloud growth. Talk about calling BS on oracle cloud and the 3 stooges. Well done!

Oracle is the new Enron?

Stock being propped up by buybacks? What percentage of shares need to be held outside the company for the stock to be considered a Publicly Traded Company? Where are we currently at?

MH interview on CNBC.COM Yesterday - Oh Boy....

Yesterday, MH was interviewed on CNBC, titled "Oracle CEO: Focused on both top and bottom lines." Among other BS misleading comments, MH was asked what is "the pace of movement to the cloud" referring to Oracle's ERP cloud product. Shocker, the Turd... read more

ORCL is a superb growth stock

This Quarter was strong and aggressive which is now being reflected in the upward trend of the stock north of $50. I have invested heavily in ORCL so hope you will too so as to benefit from the superb work by everybody at ORCL. Don't let the... read more

Oracle Customer Care

This is the place to many internal problems at Oracle that this org is essentially the surviving c---roaches after a nuclear war

Oracle Share on FIRE

Looks like they are doing the entire stock buyback today itself. Crossed all wall street predictions after Q1 results

Is PTO included in severance?

I'm sorry if this was asked before, but I can't find it. If you are laid off with unused PTO is it paid out as part of the severance or do you lose it all?

Where is layoff

From last 1 year employee headcount have been aroubd 137K. Last week (today) it reached its peak around 138.6K 10 years back it was around 70K. Even though many acquisition. But after netsuite acquisition also number have increased. After TK leaving... read more

Attrition on your team

Just wondering how bad attrition is (or if it is bad at all) with your teams? My has been decimated. And we are getting no replacements. Are others experiencing the same thing?

ERP Fusion Cloud - howm many are LIVE?

Oracle claims to have nearly 5500 ERP Fusion Cloud customers. How many are fully implemented and Live versus financially engineered DOA ones? It is absurd that the analysts don’t ask how many customers are utilizing the product during earnings calls.

12 Billion buyback and not even a raise

Spending all the money for their shareholders and the top level folks, but those that actually have to deal with angry customers' frustrations(us support engineers) on bad cloud products get zilch.

IBM sued for age discrimination, oracle next?

Industry Week: IBM is being sued for age discrimination after firing thousands. Systematically laying off older workers to build a younger workforce. Sounds like oracle to me! Bey your oracle is next on line to get sued. Another reason to sell !

More of the same.... On a conference call with analysts Monday, Oracle executive chairman Larry Ellison touted what he said was the company’s top position in ERP, or enterprise... read more

Big miss

Google news oracle Revenue numbers were a big miss. Wall street looking at this very badly. Low growth

Another great quarter for ORCL

In terms of its segments, the company reported: Cloud Services and License Support revenues increased 3% year over year to $6.61 billion. Cloud License and On-Premise License revenues decreased 3% to $867 million. Hardware revenues decreased 4% to... read more


How is NetSuite doing in general. Just curious...


LE was a pre-boomer software lord. Held on to a mindboggling % of his company over 41 years. Most subsequent founders got WAY diluted. Maybe not a swell guy but a force. And a real taste for art, not just spike heels. Legacy just slip sliding away... read more

Anybody notices anything familiar here?

A Japanese company and a North American company decided to have a canoe race on the St. Lawrence River. Both teams practiced long and hard to reach their peak performance before the race. On the big day, the Japanese won by a mile. The North... read more

Unofficial official layoff report 9/16/2018

No major layoffs reported this past week. Total since 6/1/2016 remains at 19,911. Ever reason to expect the Upcoming earnings call to be a depressing event. Keep looking for jobs elsewhere!

Burn baby

Better off at amazon

Oracle has a bunch of wanna-be know it alls working there. No real depth of product knowledge. If you are in sales, don’t expect to make your OTE. Expect to make your 50-65k salary and live off that. I feel really bad for anyone who works there. It’s... read more

"Managed expenses"

In advance of Oracle's earnings report, there is an analysis in Forbes about what to expect -- Highlighting one key statement... "On... read more

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