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How long can Oracle keep going like this?

Let’s face it, we are in a very bad position, trailing in many markets, when you add corporate greed and stupid moves of the leadership,well, that sounds like a great recepie for disaster. How long can Oracle stay afloat with business being so bad... read more

Is there any attrition?

I know personally at least 10 people that left Oracle willingly in the last couple of months for jobs at other companies. Has that become a general trend these days? If it is, is the leadership aware of that, and better yet did they count on it? Is... read more

People are fed up

I've noticed productivity has gone down significantly lately. It's like people are not even trying anymore, mostly just doing what they have to and that's it. Nobody goes above and beyond anymore - and I sure as hell can't blame them. Did Oracle... read more

List of Executive Spokespeople... disappeared?

Is it me or has the Oracle Executives page (which use to list a whole list of Executives) suddenly became shorter... possibly indicative of more changes at the top?

Notify us of H1Bs

Whenever you see oracle bring on another H1B employee let us know here,’especially if you believe they replace a US citizen or permanent resident. Don’t use names but do use other relevant information. Two can play this game.

Taking the severance vs the right to sue

This question is very interesting to me. We all know a severance package is a relation between an employee and a company, and that there is no legal ground by which the company is obligated to provide severance. When going through the process of... read more

More layoffs this week?

Last week there was talk about no more layoffs until May, but I'm not so quick to believe that since this is Oracle we are talking about. Does anybody know if there'll be more before next month? Or am I just worrying for no reason (which, honestly... read more

Topic about CDC (China Dev Center)

Since there is no good place to talk about layoff in China, CDC brothers (of course, and sisters), let's discuss it here. There will definitely be massive layoff in CDC, the only questions are: 1, Will the whole CDC be closed, including PSFT, WLS... read more

5/30 layoff

Ok, so given how poorly oracle is doing mybbest estimate is that the coming layoff at the end of May will be about 10,000 worldwide. Oracle has fallen so far behind it can no longer afford to lay people off on drive and drabs, they will have to take... read more

Unofficial official layoff report 4/21/2019

Looks like another 50 or so bit the dust this past week, bringing the total since 6/1/2016 to 22,086. Keep looking my friends, keep looking: things are not going to get any better at O.
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What does an Oracle layoff look like?

I’m sorry if this topic has been mentioned earlier on this board. I can’t seem to find a topic on that so I created this thread. Do they call you in to the conference room or are you informed in some other way? Is your manager present or just the the... read more


There Is No Shortage of Talent There's a Shortage of S---ers I just started the second real "motivated" job search in my 22 years. The first doesn't really count, since it was during the depths of the 2009 recession (when everyone was out of work)... read more

Know your rights

If you are laid off even for one day, you are a new employee if rehired. If they want to rehire you, they have to follow AB-2282 in California.

why IC5 has no stock options while IC4 has

during layoff, I suddenly find the IC4 hired from outside has a large amount of stock options, while I am old IC5 promoted internally. Is this fair? Why oracle treats internal staff unfairly and gives high benefits to these outsided hires. it is... read more

OCI mess lay-offs Oracle

Anyone aware as OCI dev laid off some of the key leads from Outbound org and due that many directs moved in to safe heavens in sales, marketing, Business Ops, OPN and SaaS orgs despite they won’t fit in those roles by leaving their teams in OCI with... read more

What position were affected the most in the last round?

What positions were hit the most? Is there any job positions that stand out in the context that that position was laid of the most throughout the company? Is there is, what is the logic behind it?
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How’s Q4 ?

So, how’s Q4 shaping up? Normally the best quarter sales-wise by far, is cloud making any progress? My quess is not, but you all let me know. How bad are things?

How long does a internal transfer at Oracle take?

My role was impacted by the 3/22 lay-off. I found another role for which my new manager is working to process the transfer. Any idea how long the transfer process takes in general? Days or weeks? I’m currently in the warning period until 5/21, at... read more

Market outside is good - don't panic

I was not laid off but the fear led look for jobs. I attended 2 interviews and cleared both with absolutely no preparation. All this within 2 weeks of me deciding to quit. The first one offered me 50percent hike and the second offered 150 percent... read more

This is a good lesson

Remember the people who thought no layoffs for a few months at the start of the year meant we are safe for a while? Despite people telling them over and over again that nobody is safe at Oracle and not to get complacent? Hopefully, this time they... read more

PSM & JCS were hit hard in IDC

So last week JCS dev in IDC was removed completely barring the Senior Manager and 2 directs under him. Today layoff happened in PSM Dev+QA, from QA only 1-2 were layed off. At least more than 5 were in list. But some last minute miracle happened and... read more

A lot happening in Bangalore PTP & OTH

In the Managed Cloud Services organization, a lot has happened this week & the last. As far as I know, 2 directors, several managers and a lot of other ICs were RIF'ed. Either they were long timers or they have had some issue with their Senior... read more

Oracle Capitalism

I believe that capitalism is probably the best economic system created, but observing the grotesque level of greed of the executives at Oracle is beginning to shake my faith to some degree. They are simply pillaging the remaining value and enriching... read more

How to expect a breakthrough in the Cloud market?

Seen a lot of experienced , talented and hard working folks get cut from Cloud. Don't even want to mention the ones that left on their own. Wow can we expect to tackle the Cloud market, when we couldn’t make a breakthrough with all those people still... read more

Amazon gunning for DB market

Oracle is more toast than ever before - JB very clear in his letter that relational DBs are so yesterday and far from the best way of handling Big data sets AND that Amazon is developing other types of DBs. Hasta la vista oracle and LE’s fortune - it... read more

rehired after layoff

Has anyone renegotiated salary for a new position after being laid off or do they force you to keep your last salary. The salary is definitely below market since I've been there a few years.

job opportunity

I was part of the layoff in March. I recently got a letter about a job position unrelated to my work at Oracle. I did kernel development for about 10 years. The position seems to be for QA work that needs a response in a week. Are they just sending... read more

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