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Midday progressive bowel report, Washington DC.

Midday progressive bowel report, Washington DC. Chuck U. Schumer wrapped his lips around American progressives today and performed the best liberal on the American people every felt. Watching the Chuck U. Schumer glorious glory hole spew such vile... read more
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More Layoffs to Come in Morrisville? You betcha'

Updated Mar. 8, 2017 at 11:58 a.m. Oracle won't comment on report of 'huge' layoffs in Morrisville Tags: Employment, Layoffs MORRISVILLE, N.C. — Layoffs described as "huge" that hit "all departments" at Oracle's operations in Morrisville on Tuesday... read more

Unofficial official layoff update 19 March

The total for calendar year 2017 has now reached 3,000. That includes the prior 2,900 year to date plus the layoffs this pas week of 40 or so in the CEGBU and unreported singles and doubles. Slow week whereas layoffs are concerned, related to the... read more

Q3 numbers too good to be true?

So oracle makes it look like they had a great Q3, but that doesn't agree with my sense of reality, so any thoughts about what they did to goose up these numbers? I mean, surely this is not just organic growth, got to be lots of acquired revenue in... read more

The Clinton Foundation going out of business, Oracle to layoff .

Clinton Foundation going out of business? Why would such a wonderful important non profit be going out of business? Oracle supported the Clinton Foundations database, any truth to this? Guess she couldn’t sell access anymore, don’t know though.
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MH nonsense on CNBC

Did you folks see MH on CNBC? Cloud will not result in IT layoffs - really? Oracle will do things that internal IT people did before such as set up and run infrastructure, upgrade applications, etc. , but oracle doing it will not cost them their... read more


Do you have any updates on layoffs in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The last I heard was that about 250 will be let go before 5/31. Any truth in this?

Just the perfect Marc Andressen tweet

"show me an incumbent bigco failing to adapt to change, I'll show you top execs paid huge cash compensation for quarterly and annual goals" No F ing kidding how perfectly does that describe Oracle!

Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's The Update

Confirmed: No June shutdown, not that fast. Current product can sell for years, next product is on the shelf, no hurry to come out new product, no too many buyers anyway. Arch hits the wall, high power/frequency/cost but no obvious performance... read more

SC &MH among the most overpaid CEOs

According to Inc and As You Sow foundation SC & MH overpaid by $121m on total comp of $196.5. Shameful greed! Actially overpaid by much more if you understand the extent to which they are running oracle onto the abyss

It all started with Oracle Labs

When Oracle Labs was shutdown we (in the HW group) were told that it wouldn't happen to us. Then BAM! 30% laid off in HW group. To quote MH (I heard him say this in person and as best as I can recall): "I'm not sure why we need the HW group when we... read more

Layoffs this week (3/5) and calendar year to date

Looks like about 2,900 YTD This week so far: 519+ chile 200 CGBU 239 UGBU 70+ HSBGU 10+ Unreported on singles and doubles, let's say abou 100 Prior total CYT 2,300 That gets you about 2,900 CYT Anything missing from this?

AWS matters oracle cloud does not!

When AWS went down the world noticed because AWS matters, when oracle cloud goes down, which it Does regularly, nobody gives a sh.. because oracle cloud irrelevant. Eat your heart out LE - you've failed! And no amount of stupid spam from oracle hr is... read more

Oracle a cloud company? What a joke!

Cloud = service: oracle outsourcing support to India and Rumania, Fusion = unreliable junk code $10bn revenue: LE = senile mushroom cloud == what a F:Ing JOKE, sad really No future

No layoffs this week - Feb break?

What's going on, did they take February break this past week and temporarily stop laying people off? Please report any layoffs you're aware of. Keep their feet to the fire with truth and transparency.

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