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Cloud data center opens in Toronto

It’s clear to me that the company wants to expand its customer base, but who will pay for the hirings at this cloud data center, and for that matter who will pay for the other locations they plan to open worldwide. Don’t want to sound pessimistic but... read more

Winding down the cloud at Oracle

Anyone here that Oracle is quietly backing away from cloud? The same way they quietly backed away from sun, from hardware and from engineered systems? My understanding is the focus is now on Apps, not cloud. Basically hosted apps for medium sized... read more

Thinking about leaving?

A Quick Poll - Who's Thinking of Leaving? Are you thinking about leaving the company right now? If so, upvote this post please. What would stop you from leaving the company? Is the writing on the wall or is the company going to come back, stronger... read more

Big Cuts in UX in Feb

After moving most of cloud UX to Seattle there’s a big cut headed to the group in February including all levels of designers.

Has anyone been promotions lately!

I have wondered if promotions are happening in oracle. I see them bringing in people from Microsoft and other areas, but I have not seen an internal promotion in almost a year. I have heard of people saying they were in line for a promotion for 6... read more

TK as Future Google CEO

TK as future CEO of google - that’s funny. I have a cat that can do a much better job and hasn’t hasted tens of billions developing useless garbage like fusion apps. My cat for google CEO and thereafter POTUS !

Get Out of Oracle

Oracle engineering is made up of psychos and freaks!! Get the hell out!! The ship is going down, MH is beached on the shore, thrashing his tail. Every other thrash takes out a deck on the ship! Engineering rats, leaches, thugs and freaks gnaw on the... read more

Oracle's plan to increase stock price

Rumor has it the exec's and LE are implementing an exit strategy to wind down Oracle. It starts soon with a bump to stock dividends. Oracle has about 49 billion in cash and short term investments. It's been spending about 10 billion a quarter in... read more

Class of Turd - update

So, can somebody gives us an update on the great “Class of Turd” fiasco at oracle? Is the newbie turnover still like 60% plus in a 6 month period? Do they still wreck the Marriott of 101 during training sessions? Do their sales totally s--- b/c they... read more

Analytics org NA

Do not join this group of neanderthals. Sad people playing high school chess to close 5k deals.

Cloud isn't' "unprofitable" at least on paper

Cloud isnt' "unprofitable" at least on paper because they're calling onprem revenue + cloud revenue -the total revenue. They stopped splitting out cloud only revenue last year and report a combined number. Can't imagine they'd walk away from cloud... read more

What are unprofitable divisions?

OP is: Rumor is more like March 18th after the Q3 2019 announcement that Oracle is shutting down unprofitable divisions. Can't say you were not warned. 2 days ago by Anonymous | 4 reactions (+4/-0) Post ID: @X3FVF1U-ckv

TK need ?

Anybody had any news about how TK is making out at Google ?

Oracle stock downgraded Barclays is getting less bullish on Oracle (ticker: ORCL) stock due to the software company’s meager sales growth.

Once upon a time...

Once upon a time there was a company called Oracle, it fired it's owned good people and fired itself.

Looks like it's silence before storm

I have not heard of any layoff in past 6 weeks or so. Not saying that there are none. Though I hear that so many ppl are moving out of the door to better places. I do see a change as people at top are collecting data points at multiple levels from... read more

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