Topics regarding layoffs at Oracle Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Oracle Corp.

The purpose of surveys

It's a joke that they even send these surveys - they don't care, nor do they listen about concerns or criticism. At this point, they're trying to drive people out before they end up axing them anyways. There should be power in numbers, with everyone... —  read more 

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Shocking news, any idea

n a question-and-answer session during Oracle's last quarterly earnings webcast, Ellison noted that Oracle can save cloud users money and offer a better product than Amazon's AWS. He added: "We expect next quarter, we'll be announcing some brands and... —  read more 

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Unclear pattern

It is totally unclear to me how Oracle decides who will be cut. What is the criterion? It seems that there are no rules because I know some excellent employees who got cut, but also some who really did not add any value. What interests me even more... —  read more 

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Skill erosion

I am very interested in how that happened to those who complained that their skills were eroded here. What do you think is the culprit?

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Oracle Stockholm Syndrome

Theory: The longer you spend here, the harder it is for you to think about going elsewhere no matter how much they abused you and suckered you into the idea that the company was 'a family.' How you climb out from underneath, ex-employees?

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Old McDonald had a farm.

In my 10 years at Oracle I often paused to think that Oracle was like a farm, where we were supposed to be milking the customers, but recently realized that the customer is not the cow. They are just the hay that feeds the true animals. The cows... —  read more 

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2 months advance notice?

Any layoffs in California get 2 months advance notice instead of 15 days? Some information showing some people got 2 months. Not sure one state WARN act applies differently in different parts in same state.

increased responsibilities

For now, I have no other option but to accept increased responsibilities... Colleagues just keep on leaving and those of us who are still there are having a really bad time. When I hear rumors about RIFs, now I think it would come as a kind of... —  read more 

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Q1 Numbers are out

O did much better than many here predicted. I recall that some here claimed to have "insider information" that Q1 would be a bloodbath and that a mass across the board layoff would follow. Either their sources were unreliable, or they were fibbing.

15th October

I’ve seen this date mentioned a few times now as the start of another round of layoffs. Does anyone have a source or know if there’s any truth in it? Why the 15th?

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