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Cloud ARR?

Was there any mention of the cloud ARR on the call? This is the only number that matters for the future of oracle. Was I asleep or did the 3 stooges just happily skip past it?

Did SC really say that?

Let me see, in the last 12 months oracle bought back 734 million shares worth $36 billion - is that right? That’s a staggering amount of money to waste on oracle stock! Desperate!?

Sounds like the end of the road for SUNW

"Sales of Oracle’s servers declined 11% in the period. Catz said the company has chosen to “downsize our low-margin legacy hardware business,” which Oracle acquired when it bought Sun Microsystems." Very sad to see a wonderful company the victim of... read more

5k new autonomous DB trials in Q4

I almost fell out of my seat when I heard that! I would love to know how many of those trials are real. My BDC use to sign up anyone with a pulse including college interns and people that had absolutely no decision making power to influence any type... read more

Did MH just say...

did he just say that Support shrunk 25% and netsuite grew 27% ? Is that a dollar value offset and what impact does support shrinking 25% have? Did he mean that?

Food for thought

Let's put aside our differences in opinions for a moment. I know there are those of you laid-off here and are unreachable. Most of the posts/predictions here are decidedly garbage. This message is for those who are on both sides of the fence. Oracle... read more

Oracle stock is going to be just fine...

Still holding mine since 2010... Buybacks, a decent dividend, and tons of engrained relationships with Fortune 500 companies means there's no way this stock is going to drop 20% in the forseeable future. Think Wall Street will like the partnership... read more

Israel Layoffs

Ravello / Israel - small cuts: US tech giant Oracle is laying off dozens of Ravello employees in Israel, sources have told "Globes." Ravello's development center in Israel has 70-80 employees, more than half of whom have been summoned to pre-layoff... read more

Promotions and New Hires

It makes me laugh how negative some of you guys are on here. All I can say is that in the UK and EMEA there have been plenty of new hires and promotions in the Consulting Sales org and the Retail and Hospitality GBUs. I really don't see the doom and... read more

Layoffs at Oracle Ravello

Oracle acquired Ravello in 2016. The company provided a VMware to public cloud migration solution. They have been part of OCI since working on VM stuff and migration. About half the people (40-50) have been given notice.


IC4, OCI, Seattle 8.5% Salary 10,000 RSU How did you all do this summer?

Comp plan this year

Can any one tell me what is the average pay increase, bonus and Rsus this year for oci engineers.

Oracle revokes offers in the UK

According to Business Insider: Oracle has revoked offers for some people in the U.K., blaiming a hiring freeze. Way to go to get good publicity and great general goodwill. You guys still think oracle is doing great?

Another round of massive lay offs in September?

Today in the cafeteria some group of people were discussing the possibility of massive layoffs in the month of September in the dynamic org that is most discussed in this site. Actually that's the only topic most of the people are talking about these... read more

LE coming back to save the Cloud

When Thomas Kurian, a high-profile former Oracle executive, left the software company last September, his peers at the database software company expected Oracle to replace him. But Larry Ellison, Oracle’s co-founder and chief technology officer, had... read more

What is this with Demotions at O R C L ?

Never heard in my entire life some one getting demoted at Ora. That too at Sr VP levels. Is it an indirect way of telling, "Bro, I don't like you and I don't want to throw money giving severance. Please do a favor for yourself?" I feel very sad for... read more

Where are we now?

Someone posted this a while back, but I hadn't looked at it until now. Here's the whole list from: I think we are at the end of stage 4..... last thing that is being done is propping up... read more


I've been in tech for nearly 40 years and this is nothing new. Most tech companies have the stability of fulminated silver and are one technology shift away from become the next Studebaker. Oracle is big enough that they can absorb a pretty good... read more

Oracle Support Layoffs

I don't get why we are laying off people in support? It takes long enough to get SR's assigned and worked on and that's with the people they have. I suspect they are getting ready to acquire and will be leveraging that to augment and backfill support... read more

Oracle aked me to come back

I was laid off a few years ago and interestingly they now have asked if I would like to come back. I find that a bit ironic. If I was to go back am I just setting up to get laid off again?

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