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Kiwis 6-1

Team oracle going the way of oracle the company: down a sh&t hole into oblivion!

Unofficial official layoff report 6/25

Another 500 laid off this past week, bringing the total for FY18 which started 6/1/2017 to a total of 4,000. This is in addition to the 10,000 laid off during FY17 (6/1/2016 - 5/30/2017). No respite in sight, assume layoffs are ongoing and will be... read more

More layoffs to come after 3500 laid off 6/1

SC donated Oracle millions to the Montana election. Largest donor to the Republican candidate. Millions she could have used to save our jobs instead of layoffs. I heard rumors MH us about to be removed and he needed to show huge profits so he hired... read more

What a nightmare... glad its almost over

All the pay cuts, changes in comp and bonus, cuts to overtime and now half my team is gone. Why bother? Its obvious they don't want field sales engineers. I'm tired of waiting for my number to ocme up. This used to be a dream job. Now its a... read more


RIF in Progress in Oracle..and it will continue until 2020. This is their next 3 year plan...Out with the "old" and in with the "new" - but they don't think abt the value and knowledge gathered by all those seniors and actually "drove" the company to... read more

Q4 Bonuses for Laid Off Employees?

I'm out June 30th, but everything I read in the Separation FAQ and the Terms and Conditions suggest that employees in Sales and Sales Consulting are eligible ("eligible"?) for bonus payments for time through separation. Anyone have any actual... read more

Sadly - Treating Employees Like Sh-- Pays Dividends

For the idiots posting these last comments, wait until its your turn next to be tossed aside like a Dog and we will see what snide comments are made on here. Hopefully you will continue to have a great like and existence. Yeah for you.

ORCL posts STRONG earnings

Let's hope this is the end of all the negativity on here from disgruntled ex-employees. Just to be clear, there are no RIFs in progress. There is only strong growth for Oracle Cloud and getting a blue chip on board like ATT means Oracle Cloud will... read more


Rumors are tomorrow Benelux will be announced.

Any news Spain layoffs

Hello, Any news about Spain layoffs? I've heard that they are scheduled to be next in Europe and they supposed to be notified short after France layoff announcement.

Layoffs in France and Spain

Social layoff plans in place for both France and Spain - heard the number is 10% of workforce in both countries but have not had that confirmed. Must be bad as layoff cost big time in France for sure.

Kiwis kick LE's butt

Yes New Zealand won both races today! Well done lads! Revenge is sweet! Eat your heart out LE - you're a loser!

Management clean out

Ok, it's now past June 1, why are TK, MH, and SC still at oracle? Total waste of money, get rid off them !

Nothing new in WARN report Atleast in CA, nothing new reported


Today Italy got the news 40 jobs disappear. More news follows coming days about details.


I was lucky enough to get out. Just heard recently that layoffs affected multiple lob's. From VP's all the way down. Working for Oracle 'used' to be a good thing. Those days are long gone.
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