Topics regarding layoffs at Oracle Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Oracle Corp.

Creating 8,500 new jobs? Are we creating new jobs? In Nashville? Or are we transferring your job? Ready to move?

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ORCL approaching $80

For all those here who were predicting that ORCL would tumble to single digits, may I suggest roast crow with orange sauce, roasted potatoes and braised asparagus?

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Why I don’t care.

I don’t care about being good to my customers cause Oracle hasn’t been good to me in a very long time. I have a call with a customer in a few. If they start giving me attitude, it’s gonna be stopped. The slobs in my GBU’s mgmt would have us wipe... —  read more 

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Attracting talented, good people

This company is no longer a place that attracts talented, skilled and dedicated people, but very average ones who are least interested in their work. Such people think they are something special just because they work at Oracle. I don’t know what... —  read more 

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Forcing yourself to work?

So that's how I would briefly describe my working day at Oracle. I literally have to force myself to start working because I have never been more demoralized and tired. I thought it was just a phase, since I really like the job I do and I tried to... —  read more 

Worse than ever

I was never as unhappy working at Oracle as I am right now. The company is changing every year and none of it is for the better. This used to be a job I enjoyed immensely but by now they managed to suck all the fun out of it. Nobody pays attention to... —  read more 

A dark day for everyone

The Google platform just got bigger and market power greater — the barriers to entry higher and the ability to compete lower. They stole Java and spent a decade litigating as only a monopolist can. This behavior is exactly why regulatory authorities... —  read more 

Quality of OCI Sales

I have been with Oracle for about 6 years and while I have enjoyed working with some of the world's top technical talent , the same cannot be said for much of the Sales people I have worked with here. To start with, many of them are hired not on... —  read more 

Job as any other

I see so much animosity towards Oracle and I can't figure out why. It's a job like any other. There are layoffs but name one company of this size that doesn't have them. There are c-appy managers but do you really thing that's company-specific?... —  read more 

Worth Leaving...?

OCI rep getting screwed on the new consumption based comp plan. Basically every rep gets a “threshold” to surpass before getting paid a dime... Have done over and above number in new bookings but due to strategic nature of projects the ramp to... —  read more 

RIF in Oracle today

I got notice of being RIF's by Mar 31 (employment termination date). If you were on the list, you probably got told today as well. Don't worry, economy is picking up lot of opportunities outside!

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