Topics regarding layoffs at Oracle Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Oracle Corp.

How much money …

Has been set aside for layoffs this year? If that’s not enough, don’t worry! There is another new fiscal budget right around the corner, with a fresh allocation to get rid of you!

A word to the wise

Just a quick post to those with linkedin, facebook and other accounts like that. Turn on two-factor authentication. Someone was in my linkedin account a while back. I got a notice from linkedin and later realized someone had flipped a switch... — read more 

Manager/Director view

At the time when the CX team was downsized, I served as a manager. Initially, I volunteered to sacrifice my position to save the team. Secondly, I advised my team to update their resumes in response to the leaked information from June, indicating... — read more 

Why is layoffs quite at the min

Posting from the UK, lot of rumours of layoffs happening on the on-perm teams but would expect them by now any insight ? The atmosphere toxic and a horrible place to be working , everyone is are on PIPs are they trying to manage people out?

No more layoffs at Oracle!

Or at least that’s how it looks with the lack of activity on this board! The last few threads have been off topic, and any actual layoff that have been reported have been small departmental realignments. Perhaps the stress is off!

No More Billionaires

The social contract in this country has been broken, we’re living in the Gilded Age 2.0. We need to tax these sociopaths at 99% just like after WW2. Our country is falling apart and they’re trying to replace workers with AI. A revolution is coming. — read more 

Salary increase?

For those of us that were rifd , if we start an interview process, our time is up and we don’t work there anymore, but still continue interviewing, and then get an offer, are we able to get a higher offer salary than just being there and swapping... — read more 

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