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Layoffs week of April 24 - let's verify

Looks like lots of layoffs reported this week, let's review and verify CE org - 350 TK org - 220 JD EMEA org - 140 MCOS - several dozens other ? Is this correct? Is any of this double counting? Anything missing

How to get rich at oracle

Much easier than most people think. All you need to do is persuade gullible LE that your stupidity is actually brilliance. Just loook at MH and how he's singlehandedly destroying the sales organization and how TK has waisted billions producing... read more

What % of sales makes quota?

When Keith Block was in charge of sales, it might have been 65-70% of the people made plan. Now the plan is super complicated, and maybe 25% of people or less make plan. Why would a good sales rep want to work for Oracle when the management team is... read more

Future of Oracle = NetSuite

Well, it was obvious that LE was making a huge bet, just not clear what the bet was. No longer, the bet is that the future of oracle is NetSuite, everything else - Fusion cloud apps, on-prem apps, hardware - is toast. If everybody in those groups is... read more

Fusion Applications Dead?!

Heard from management that the leadership team has more or less thrown in the towel when it comes to FA and have accepted that the future of the apps business at Oracle will be in acquired assets like NetSuite. Feature wise, FA will not progress much... read more

Chip CAD team rumors

Anybody know any rumors about what is happening to the CAD team at Oracle? Will they get acquired? I would think the CAD team would be the most sellable part of the SPARC processor group. Maybe Ansys or something could buy them to compet better with... read more

Oracle, Intel, IBM, MSFT, Dell, Kellogg's..

Whole Foods, Sears, Mattel, DXC, AT&T, Verizon... Exactly how many companies have to be in mass shutdown mode before people figure out there's a problem? And it isn't isolated to their specific company or circumstances. Time to wake up people, the... read more

Time to move on!

Hey oppressed masses at oracle, did you notice how the three stooges are raking it in and you're getting scxed? Time to leave for a better places and enjoy seeing the oracle share price/ LE's fortune calapse. He's not willing to share so screw him!

Layoffs week of April 17 - 21?

What can you share about layoffs this week? Any more layoffs in Poland? How many and which function in India? Where else were there layoffs this week?

Boeing v Oracle announcements

Did you all see Boeing's announcement that there were laying off hundreds of engineers, and then did you see Oracle's? Oh, sorry, oracle doesn't make announcement, the three stooges think that nobody will notice - wrong! Same for when they replace US... read more

Oracle microns engineering work from us to india

So looks like oracle laid off 50 engineers in CGBU in Burlington, MA and immediately started back filling them with Indian engineers from India, brought here to be trained and sent back. In what other areas is oral legal doing a similar thing? Share... read more

Oracle to pull out of Romania?

Romania became a really expensive country to hire and Oracle is desperate to relocate to another country for lower salaries. HR in EMEA is now hiring in Bulgaria. They are using local job agencies and completely outside of official channels (you... read more

Unofficial official layoff report April 10

Well it's a first this year, but the layoff total for the calendar year to date stay the same at 3,050. Yes there was a 5 person layoff in the HSGBU this week, which is sad, but it doesn't move the needle. Unfortunately, this is merely a temporary... read more

Layoffs April 3 - 7?

What layoffs are you aware of this week? Number of people, unit, location? Share what you know!
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eliminating remote work?

I heard a rumor that folks at the top want to eliminate remote work, they want people working at HQ. Anyone else heard this?

Oracle profits overstated by accrual reversals?

If it is in fact correct that Director level and higher employees were put on flex vacation and has their carries vacation taken away, then their vacation accruals which had already been expenses would have bee reversed and would have - artificially... read more

A different take on the vacation issue...

When the new policy was announced – YES, I knew their real motivation was to get the liability off the books…. YES, I knew they just made layoffs cheaper with this move …. YES, I knew this was NOT some altruistic thing done for our benefit… But it’s... read more

There goes vacation.......

Oracle has just taken away all salaried employees accrued vacation and replaced it with "flex" vacation. When you have "unlimited" vacation, you have no vacation.

Oracle looking to buy Accenture?

According to Desperation setting in at top floor of 500 Oracle Parkway, anything that looks disruptive that can be used to explain away poor cloud revenue and profit numbers

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