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The Death of Oracle

Stock buybacks last but so long. Surely the Covid crisis along with other internal Oracle issues will reveal the truth about a corrupt, greedy organization led by incompetent executives (Hurd, Donato and of course, Katz) hell bent on keeping their... —  read more 

Oracle layoffs scheduled for mid April.

This site is a great place to triangulate rumors. You can tell which ones are correct in retrospect because some of the events are confirmed in that rumor. Another way to tell is that the rumor comes from multiple sources. A third factor is some... —  read more 

Oracle will cure covid

DJT has reportedly been relying on LE for covid pharma advice. Oracle will develop a database to collect anecdotal reports about antimalarial use against covid. Get more cloud customers, too. LE has been invaluable since his fundraiser. Oracle should... —  read more 


Oracle is not a retail outlet. We can conduct business as usual remotely. Literally no different. If you do most of your business via phone/internet with limited to no on site visit visit to customers, than it's business as usual. The virus... —  read more 

Oracle Furloughs

Do you think they will furlough us? Or at least some of us? The schools will likely be closed through the end of year, so you are looking at parents who will have to stay at home. On top of it, if we follow the Italian path, stuff will get worse... —  read more 

Layoff Template Letter due to Coronavirus Sample

Dear [Employee name], Due to the overall economic impact of Coronavirus (also known as COVID-19), [COMPANYX] is implementing measures to protect the financial stability of our company. Due to this, we will have to undertake difficult... —  read more 

Austin office closed

An email was received this morning saying a someone from Austin office got tested positive and they’re closing the office immediately. Anyone knows if it was someone traveling or due to community spread?

Stock Buybacks Will Not Save You Now...

All that money was spent to reduce the number of shares, so that earnings-per-share increased, because that is what the exec bonuses were based on. Under those incentives, management decided it better to spend it that way than, for example, actually... —  read more 


The tide is out and now we know who's swimming naked.

Perfect Time

for LE to retire. If this happens, we stand a chance.

Oracle not cancelling travel at this time

Every other company is doing it. Maybe the idea is that if employees get sick, it will be a cheap way to reduce headcount. Thankfully none of my customers are requiring in person meetings since all of their staff is now working remotely.

Oracle cuts in EMEA

Oracle is planning to cut 2000 people in EMEA. CSM/CSE, Digital Sales and more.

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Winning strategy

Winning strategy = fire 920 people Eliminate EMEA PaaS/IaaS CSMs (the opposite of every other cloud provider on the planet) Eliminate CX and HCM Business Development teams; centralize everyone else in Ireland and Egypt Reduce EMEA SaaS... —  read more 

Oracle "Design"

Wasn't this Oracle Design effort under the Seattle boutique design shop duo supposed to save SaaS and the rest. Senior Execs went about blaming UX for lost details to WorkDay in partic. Was it all BS, typical Oracle By Design? If it smells fishy... —  read more 

Why Salesforce Outsells CX 9/1

I remember standing in front of the crowd of CX Pre Sales in Malaga. And doing training how to win against Salesforce! The problem? When I asked the room (20 -30 people) If they want to know Why Salesforce is overselling CX in 9/1 they... —  read more 

It's just incredible...

According to this Oracle has spent in buybacks 41B in just the last 5 qrtrs, much more than the 10B/Y figure. Actually, Oracle has turn to debt to fuel the buybacks... —  read more 

Fears in Dublin (1,300)

At least it's not us for once

The Irish Times reports that it learned from workers at Oracle’s Dublin offices that the tech giant will eliminate up to 1,300 positions in Ireland, Holland and Spain. Oracle has been restructuring its workforce dramatically over the last year as it... —  read more 


No coherent go to market strategy in most lines of business, infighting over who owns an account rather than equitable account alignment across the whole business (field and inside sales), SE resource only for renewal accounts, virtually no market... —  read more 

EWC Memo - Significant Reduction in Force.

Dear colleagues, on January 27th 2020 the European Works Council (EWC) has been notified by European management that they are planning transnational changes that might lead to a significant reduction in force. These kinds of plans require the... —  read more 

Oracle - The Layoff Artists

Honestly. If Oracle can't win awards for cloud technology, surely they can win the award for strategic and "quiet" layoff strategies. As Oracle's position in the marketplace and lackluster sales continue to go down in flames, they are slowly and... —  read more 

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Oracle Digital re-org

Does anyone know smt about the big reorganization in OD? I mean CX and Fusion Applications...


I'm working on a cover story about #parenting in #SiliconValley, from parental leave policies at big tech companies to the high cost of childcare in the region. Know any parents in tech who might want to weigh in? If so, please pass along my email:... —  read more 

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