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CEO steps down...chapter 11 announced to employees

CEO Tom Barton steps down after 3 months. Employees notified of RIF’s week of June 25th and chapter 11 filing happening same week. Heard employees are pillaging the offices before they close the doors for good.

EVP of Sales and Head of HR pushed out

Looks like they will be announcing that EVP of America's sales and Head of HR are slated to leave end of April. Not sure why they are keeping the CEO until they find his replacement...had to have been the worst CEO in the history of a company!

150+ affected in layoff

Heard it was a huge layoff and more than 150+ affected. Why the operation is not completely closed ?
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More Layoffs at Tintri 3.1.18

Ahead of a dismal earnings call taking place March 5, 2018 after market close Tintri slashes the workforce again. Wonder when the fire sale will begin.

Tintri Layoffs Sept

At the end of Sept (22nd) Tintri laid off a good portion of its sales force to try and salvage Q2 earnings. There was roughly a 10M shortfall, and they tried to cover with no notice layoffs and minimal severance.

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