Topics regarding layoffs at HP (Hewlett-Packard)

Topics regarding layoffs at HP (Hewlett-Packard)

I'm getting worried

I've submitted over two dozen applications since last month and so far I've gotten no bites. I usually had no issues landing an interview before now, so to say that I'm starting to worry would be an understatement. I think there are too many of us... —  read more 

Odds of being laid off?

If HP has over 50,000 employees and plans on laying off 6,000 isn’t that only around 10% of the workforce being laid off or about 1 person laid off for every 10 people employed at the company? If this is true then doesn’t that mean that most of us... —  read more 

Get out now

This is your last chance to try and find a new job before the tech job market completely collapses. I have no intention of putting myself in such a situation and neither should you.

New EER for 2023

New EER program rolled out today, details to arrive in eligible folks mailboxes next week. Minimum eligibility is 55 with 10+ years (as of Jan 31), 36 months of insurance at same premium current employees pay Up to 1 year pay (as lump sum... —  read more 

I wish we knew more

I think it's unfair to drop a bo-b that 6k employees will be laid off over the next three years and not provide any additional info. It would be great to know if the management plans to implement a few major rounds or if we're looking at constant... —  read more 

Stop quitting!

Make them lay you off! Make HP pay a hefty price to get rid of you if the management wasn't willing to pay to keep you. Attrition at this point helps nobody but the management. What do you have to lose if you wait a bit longer to make sure you're not... —  read more 

Thankful that we have a job

My manager behaves exactly like that, as if none of us have any other option, and therefore should be grateful that we still have a job here. I assume that other managers also have this attitude?

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Year-end bonuses

Year-end bonuses were very low this year, like one month's worth of groceries after tax. The CEO did warn about it though. What was your experience in other organizations?

No excuses

When the layoffs hit, if you're not prepared with enough savings, several irons in the fire regarding a new job, and an active network you can turn to just in case, you'll only have yourself to blame. HP gave us more than enough advance notice for... —  read more 

Voluntary layoffs

What are the chances HP will offer voluntary layoffs before the actual involuntary layoffs begin? I know there are at least some people who would like to leave with a decent severance package and giving them an opportunity to volunteer would be... —  read more 

Warn Notice

It seems that HP must give employees 60 days notice under the Warn Notice or pay them for 60 days in lieu of. Please comment if you have information to the contrary.

Let the WFRs begin

Layoffs began first thing this morning. Nothing like getting let go just before the holidays. Why does HP have a habit of laying off people just before Thanksgiving? They know companies won't start hiring until after New Years.

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