Topics regarding layoffs at HP (Hewlett-Packard)

Topics regarding layoffs at HP (Hewlett-Packard)

March layoffs

"Husband and all the others in group were laid off today. Yesterday was business as usual and today the call came." I read this in the comments, it was posted about two weeks ago. It nearly gave me a heart attack. What's going on? I haven't heard... —  read more 

Is it getting any better?

The last time I visited this forum was more than half a year ago, when I left the company. In the meantime, several more of my close colleagues have left. Nothing seems to be getting better here? I would love to go back just for one day to see what... —  read more 

HP Boomer Purge Case

The San Jose Mercury reported today that a Federal Court judge in San Jose has ruled that the ageism case against HP can move forward. I explored this case before recently signing off on my WFR (which converted to EER), but figured the likelihood of... —  read more 

This was not a fun weekend

As if the situation wasn't stressful enough as it is, now we have to wait to find out who is being laid off. Which means days - or maybe even weeks - of unnecessary worrying for many of us at a time when we are already overstressed. Am I the only one... —  read more 

Sad but true

I am seven years from retirement, and was laid off by HP. I was informed by my manager at HP that my dismissal was just about numbers. At HP, like many other large companies, you are only as valuable to the corporation as your current managers... —  read more 

Xerox calls off hostile takeover

Xerox has backed away. I guess they could not afford their bid when they lost 50% of their own stock price in the last few weeks. I also wonder if the banks that were going to back the effort also said no deal.

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