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Phased retirement

The Phased Retirement is fine if you plan on actually retiring but if you want to get another job, the ramp down screws up your ability to work full-time for someone else. You also risk getting a ramp down longer than you wanted (you don't get to... read more

Layoffs started today

Today several people within GSB (print) got WFRs. I know for sure that this is happening at least in a couple of sites inside the United States. I know it varies from team to team. A few teams were more affected than others. I know of at least one... read more

Layoffs in NJ/NY offices

Does anyone know of layoffs that are going to happen within the new jersey/new york area?
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Wave of the future ... Happy New Year - 2019

Change for the good or change for the better? This is a very interesting and long but VERY informational vid. For 3D or Conture Crafting., about 1:57:00., is see HP performing a major shift as other hi-tech companies. Happy New Year H-P. Zeitgeist... read more

Is this some kind of a joke?

How are we among the top one hundred companies to work for according to Glassdoor? Maybe years ago, but today? HPI is not the company it once was and it certainly is not one of the best places to work for... read more

Is HPI bringing jobs back to the US anytime soon

In the AP news other tech companies are building new factories and therefore hiring US labor. I haven’t heard a peep about HP doing the same. With trade and technology theft, other companies have figured out that it’s best to return to On-shore... read more

What is the typical end of year bonus?

I’m new at HP and I would like to know what is the typical end of year performance review bonus? And what is the typical salary increase after each year? I’m an engineer located in the United States Thanks!

Budget constraints?

I am just one of many thousands of temp employees that work at HP. My employer sent out an alarming email stating that due to HP budget constraints, both contract workers and HP employees will not be working the entire 4th of July week. Only certain... read more

This is an upgrade, not a new thing

HP didn't just announce 5,000 new layoffs. This is a part of the 4,000 layoffs that were originally announced two years ago. The company increased its original estimate of 4,000 by 500 to 1,000. In addition, some of these layoffs have already taken... read more

IT restructuring at HP

Looks like a lot of restructuring about to happen in IT....you know what that means... I have come to hate the word restructuring. It is nothing than a sneaky way to announce layoffs without actually using the word layoffs. I guess they think it's... read more

Jobs going to India

A lot of work from Vancouver and Boise is being moved to India, affecting contractors. Not sure about HP positions, but I would suspect some are being off-shored as well... read more

Oh dear ....



BRIEF-HP says CEO Weisler's 2016 compensation was $28.7 mln versus $18.7 mln in 2015 REUTERS 02/17/2017 5:30 PM *HP Inc. CFO Catherine Lesjak 2016 Compensation Valued at $12.7M, Up From $7.3M in 2015 >HPQ DJ REALTIME NEWS 02/17/2017 5:20 PM *HP CEO... read more

Layoff Payoffs



US computer company HP Inc has said it expects to cut 3,000 to 4,000 jobs over the next three years. The hardware business of the former Hewlett-Packard announced the plans as part of a larger restructuring effort. It is hoped the cuts will generate... read more
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It is all about having a senior person as a mentor. I have seen very competent people, go nowhere, while absolute incompetents seemingly get promoted and raises. The company is built on a business plan that stresses month to month financials. They... read more

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