Topics regarding layoffs at HP (Hewlett-Packard)

Topics regarding layoffs at HP (Hewlett-Packard)

Why HP will fail

HP truly used to be the best company in the world to work for (I remember those years), with extremely high employee retention and loyalty. "The HP Way" was the glue that held the company together and made it so unique and such a fun place to work... — read more 

HP Applause Only Culture?

With recent reorgs, I'm now working within the broader Consumer Services group. It seems despite the many delivery delays/issues, there is a pervasive Applause Only Culture where even any even valid debate/discussion is strongly discouraged.

WFR and the In Crowd

I'm relatively new at HP (print software) and in a group with lots of old timers (20+ year tenure). They constantly take credit for my work and hint that they are "protected" against WFR as part of the "In crowd" while those with shorter tenure like... — read more 

So much apathy at HP

I scheduled an urgent meeting Friday afternoon and nobody called into the Zoom. Leadership needs to be aware of the lack of motivation of a vast number of employees who do not feel the need to support work during work hours. We have incredible... — read more 

Axed today! Hooray!

Been axed today, first thing in the morning. I hear this will be going today and tomorrow in Spring. Package is cheap. 2 weeks paid for each year of service. ENJOY the management wannabees ! Director is a pushover and manager does not deserve their... — read more 

HP Hardware Subscriptions

When will I be able to get my hands on premium HP hardware via a digital subscription product? I really looooooooooooooooove my Instant Ink subscription and I'm eagerly awaiting the opportunity to do the same for my printer and PC.

Layoffs yesterday?

Heard from my manager that a supply chain team we interact with had two people WFRed. Spoke with someone and the broader team under the director lost 19. Did it happen elsewhere? Seems September is always a WFH month before end of year. Same happened... — read more 

SD site is closed

At least for Monday. The roof in B66 leaks. It leaked since 2010 at least. Under all sorts of property owners. Now it officially leaks under Apple. Apple, remember: Soo soo smart Apple.

Access disabled

I’m currently on furlough but shortly before this I lost access to my software tools that’s needed for me to do my job. I was told that this was an “unexpected” issue that would be resolved by the time I got back but now I’m starting to think this... — read more 

Compaq H1b

I am watching an old 60 Minutes segment from 1993 about Hewlett-Packard using H1B workers. Lewis Plat wouldn’t answer questions. It got me thinking about Compaq and how much they were using h1bs. Anyone know?

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