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HP Boomer Purge Case

The San Jose Mercury reported today that a Federal Court judge in San Jose has ruled that the ageism case against HP can move forward. I explored this case before recently signing off on my WFR (which converted to EER), but figured the likelihood of... —  read more 


HP with 3rd Party Sales and Marketing company Mosaic(Acosta) at Best Buy Retail Stores. Part Time Reps have been notified that they are let go- out of work.

This was not a fun weekend

As if the situation wasn't stressful enough as it is, now we have to wait to find out who is being laid off. Which means days - or maybe even weeks - of unnecessary worrying for many of us at a time when we are already overstressed. Am I the only one... —  read more 

Sad but true

I am seven years from retirement, and was laid off by HP. I was informed by my manager at HP that my dismissal was just about numbers. At HP, like many other large companies, you are only as valuable to the corporation as your current managers... —  read more 

Xerox calls off hostile takeover

Xerox has backed away. I guess they could not afford their bid when they lost 50% of their own stock price in the last few weeks. I also wonder if the banks that were going to back the effort also said no deal.

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HPQ Corona Virus

HPQ just authorized work from home if you are able. Don't go to office unless physical presence is absolutely required.

Negotiating a Severance Package?

Has anyone ever known someone at HP who has negotiated a severance package? i.e. approached their manager about being let go in exchange for a severance.

Lawsuits begin

Most likely response to HP again rejecting Xerox offer and trying to play defensive with poison pill. Same happened at Xerox with the Xerox defense of Fuji merger.

HPQ Vancouver

Whats going on in Vancouver? Heard rumor of recent work force reduction? Seems strange with the news about them building a new facility there unless the plan is to consolidate all west coast sites there?

Xerox Raises it's Bid


CTO retires

Find it curious that CTO retires and an interim is named. Most reputable companies have a transition plan in place for executive level positions and retirement. What’s up?

Xerox’s Hostile takeover

Greetings HP. I come in peace as an unwilling participant in this potential arranged marriage. So let’s get a discussion going. Do you think it will happen? If so, what is the predicted fallout? What do you think the stock price will look like when... —  read more 

HP needs to move to the WFR process

Considering the overall attrition goal, the EER take rate is rather insignificant. So HP now needs to move to the WFR process. Yes, 2020 will chop the bulk of the 9000 as soon as possible. And from the company perspective the sooner the better. It... —  read more 

Thank you HP

HP told Xerox to go pound salt. Yep they turned down the offer again. https://investor.hp.com/news/press-release-details/2020/HP-Sends-Letter-to-Xerox/default.aspx

HP is now hiring

I guess that way too many managers took the early retirement offer. Now HP is hiring a boat load of managers - in print. Also, many of the production crew in print took the offer too. Those positions are now being filled with CW's. It looks... —  read more 

HP layoffs now

Management informing employees of d-day happening next Monday amongst print. Will be 10% of workforce. Several around me hit.

It's amazing how many people will never learn...

Money talks. Xerox got the needed funding to acquire HP. History tells that shareholders' more than welcome this kind of short term gain for them, so it's now just a matter of time. Any move on HP side to block it will be driven solely for seeking... —  read more 

Don't Let Icahn Win

Xerox is disintegrating internally at an accelerating rate. The CEO is funnelling as much money as legally possible to Icahn while the core business and sales are unsupported. No layoffs this quarter because too many people quit. There are hundreds... —  read more 

Furlough days canceled

I guess that HP is doing better, financially. I was just informed that the 5 furlough days to be taken by CW's before the end of January 2020 have been canceled. Not just my agency either, others are reporting the same thing.

Xerox To Shut Down Impika

https://www.nessancleary.co.uk/xerox-to-close-impika/ A well researched and largely accurate summary of what transpired between Xerox and Impika. This is a recently departed Xerox employee posting on HP's page. To be informed is to be... —  read more 

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Corporate Raiders Knocking

Xerox lost its fight to keep corporate raiders from breaching it's defenses due to some self-serving moves on the former CEO's part. Now those same C-Suite servants of Icahn are tasked with parlaying their temporary gains at Xerox to much higher... —  read more 

This Is Frightening

Xerox taking over HP? Go to the Xerox page on this site and read the posts. What's striking is the vitriol and absolute loss of decorum. I'm reminded of the great zombie movie 28 Days Later. The virus will spread rapidly through HP if Xerox breaks... —  read more 

Furlough days are back - CW

Many CW's are reporting that their agencies have been requested by HP to take an additional 5 days off before the end of January. This is in addition to the 2 week shut down that all of HP has at the end of the year.

If you’re listening HP Execs...

Don’t let Xerox take you over. I worked for them for many years and I now work for an HP dealer. Sales are drastically picking up as customers like HP copiers and people are becoming aware HP is in the A3 market. Be patient and HP will succeed. A... —  read more 

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