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Sinking Ship That article pretty much summarized what I’ve seen internally for the past four years. Sales teams are missing quotas and its only going to get... read more
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More Layoffs - Impacting Sales Globally

Sorry to say, these layoffs are the most difficult I’ve seen in 20 years. Performance ratings have been low for a reason with planned attrition, but through force of another plan, layoffs will happen and impact sales teams throughout the USA.

Thanks Ntap

Thank you NetApp for being so stupid and screwing your top overachievers. We at Pure Storage have our recruiters working overtime to provide them a safe landing spot where they can make millions

Corporate Monitoring

Someone else posted in a thread about this topic and I’ve discovered this is true on my laptop. Corporate IT has deployed utilization monitoring tools on all computers connecting to the corporate network at NetApp. They want to know where staff... read more

No chance this is true

I can't believe NetApp has laid of 2500+ people just since April - it would be very noticeable. I have not noticed or known of a single layoff, but I do hear that there have been some very small impacts. 2500+ people? That's almost 25% and us... read more

Things are truly not going well

You know things are not going well when managers who have it made here are leaving NetApp for greener pastures. I know of two who quit in the past month. If anybody was waiting for a clear sign that it's time to leave this place - that certainly... read more

2500+ resources

Since mid-April, NetApp has laid off 2500+ resources. No notification required at the fed level. They give notice, terminate and pay continued benefits and wages for a time frame of 30, 60 or 90 days based on time of service. That’s no company to... read more

ICP Rate Calculations

Now that we know the ICP rate %. How is the ICP calculated? I believe its based on your base salary plus the grade you received. Could someone give me an example ?

Is this a competition?

Is NetApp in the running for the company with the most toxic work environment? Worst managers? Worst culture? Which is it? Because there has got to be a reason for why our work life has turned into hell in the last year or so. And I'd really like to... read more

Salary Hike?

What is the average salary hike in Netapp? How much percentage increase have you received in previous years (please specific your base salary to compare the salary hike %)?

ICP Rate

What are the expected ICP for this year when results are out this month? As these are based on your base salary, how much can you expect if your performance grade is 2 or 3 or 4 or 5?

Can severance be negotiated?

Somebody at the office mentioned that as an option, but it seems like a pipe dream to me. Why would NetApp be willing to negotiate severance when they're not even obligated to provide it in the first place? Am I missing something here? I'd be glad to... read more

When will this end?

These small layoffs are nerve-wrecking. At least when it's a major round, we know it's coming and we know it'll end in a day or two. This has no beginning and it has no end - just a never ending source of stress and anxiety. This is not good for our... read more

Layoffs this week at NetApp

Redundancies happened yesterday and today, I think all those being cut will know by now. I know 2 cut in Bellevue and few others, all reps in sales. Does not feel a BIG culling this time. There's still time for it keep going, surprised it started on... read more

Ready to leave

I'm ready to leave NetApp, I already have a few job interviews lined up, but I'm still very nervous and hesitant to make that final decision to leave even if I get one of the jobs. I'm wondering, has anybody who left on their own - not taking about... read more

More rumors April

I heard something in EMEA last week and I just wanted to confirm the rumors and how many people was impacted on each country. What about the Middle East office?

Some countries closed?

Heard a rumour today that they let go people in Czech Republic, Luxemburg, Finland and some other countries... Can anyone confirm?

Funny, sad and true

Saw this and thought of NetApp immediately: Employers are ideally looking for an employee with the wisdom of a 50 year old, the experience of a 40 year old, the drive of a 30 year old, and the pay scale of a 20 year old. While I find it funny, it's... read more

2019 - Layoffs soon ??

Have been hearing rumours since the beginning of this week about layoffs ( Bangalore) Infact heard some biggies too travelling to India next week. Have a sudden all hands by Kurious and 8-vian in the middle of next week. Some teams were asked to fill... read more

Interesting Observation

Over the past two months, there’s apparently been a mass exodus of senior level technical staff as well as a few people in leadership roles. Resources with almost twenty years employment have left the building, this time of year. This is probably due... read more

News on layoffs?

Has there been any news on next round of layoffs at NetApp? I've seen mentions of July and August as potential layoffs months, but there is very little additional info. Should we take the no news as good news and accept that we are safe for a while?... read more

Support is always hit hard

Having worked at Netapp and other companies, support is always hit hard when cuts come along. The big reason is that it's very hard to justify the cost. Support was great when I was there and they paid very well for good engineers. But since support... read more

Incoming layoffs at NetApp

Yes, this is confirmed for Support and Services. Low performing TSE will be let go to make room for HCI and Cloud TSE. Some middle management in redundant roles will be impacted. Also some overlay teams are having their functions absorbed. Field... read more

How many in the last layoffs round?

Do we know by now how many employees were affected in the last layoffs round at NetApp? Somebody mentioned around 150, but that seems like a too low number, at least according to what I've heard through the grapevine. I could be wrong though. Do we... read more

Who makes the decision?

Why did we lose one of our best people to layoffs while several useless schmucks are still here? Who makes these decisions and based on which criteria? It would be really nice to know, because no matter how much I try, I can't make any sense of this... read more

Worst Places to Work

Does a company that is constantly chopping away at their workforce qualify for this award? If so, netapp would probably win. Senior management pay raises ahead!

Layoffs In Sunnyvale.

Data Management, Process Improvement F & O, Procurement Operations. Teams hit by layoff today. May. 10, 2018

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