Topics regarding layoffs at NetApp

Topics regarding layoffs at NetApp

Sales always knows first

An entire sales and engineering team in Central as well as major players in the Financial district have abandoned the sinking ship and moved to direct competitors over the last month. This speaks for itself. Everyone knows that cloud strategies are... —  read more 

Strategy needs to change

I’ve been with NetApp for just a few years and came to the realization that there is no room for career growth here. What is also clear is that the strategy which is mediocre at best and poorly implemented by corporate needs to be redefined... —  read more 

Now to jettison the albatross

That's some pretty pricy real estate they got saddled with in the SolidFire acquisition. Especially when you lay off a ton of people, and the rest are working from home. Maybe they can get the old Airport Rd building back?

What's the point?

I have seen so many posts blaming one or the other people for layoffs, I have been in the industry long enough to experience layoffs/startup shutdowns. End of the day, it leaves terrible, longlasting taste looking back to blame someone. My 2 cents... —  read more 

Position eliminated but

My manager notified me that my responsibilities have moved to a different group so my position has been eliminated,,, but my teammates are calling me to get the assets and all responsibilities have been reassigned in my team. What should I do?

SolidFire Bashing

I left SF a year ago. I see many posts here that's bashing SolidFire. So, understand people that SF was a startup when it was acquired and the process that you have in ontap took years to be live. How can you expect a startup to have all the... —  read more 

This is just sad

Former NetApp employee here. This is just sad. I left over a year ago and I remember the constant fear of layoffs ruining my productivity while I was there. I feel for those who were impacted. Time to move on rather than staying there until it’s too... —  read more 

This is nothing new

I worked at NetApp for a decade and was there from the good ol' days (2007) to 2017, when the company was going downhill and had completely changed. Their decline started long before Kurian. Former CEO Tom Georgens didn't think Cloud would catch on... —  read more 

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