Topics regarding layoffs at NetApp

Topics regarding layoffs at NetApp

RIF Today?

With AMA tomorrow I fully expected to hear of a RIF today. Anyone have any insight if any groups were let go? I agree the stress around here has been unbearable lately.

No layoffs needed!!

The fact that people continuously speculate about impending layoffs is bad enough, like they say, it's not the actual layoffs that hurt , it's the anticipation. So, essentially, whether you are laid off or not get out of the position from which you... —  read more 


Didn’t kurian say they would do more layoffs to get to 8 percent by the end of the current fiscal year? Or were those layoffs already done?

Do you have faith

Does anyone have faith in our VPs and SVPs? After having met Harv and knowing Octavian and George I really don’t believe they know what they are doing. It seems like they have no clear direction and honestly I don’t even get the impression they know... —  read more 

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