Topics regarding layoffs at NetApp

Topics regarding layoffs at NetApp

Such a shame

I have been a customer or an employee of NetApp since it went public. The decline started with Tom Georgens and has accelerated under George Kurian, so and now gutted by former MSFT employees. It's only going to I get worse now as Kurian allows the... —  read more 

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Anthony Lye resigned from NetApp, one of the worst generators of HR issues with a constant stream of "cover ups" to protect a leader. Expect layoffs and cuts around the leadership changes. Other leaders have resigned as well due to quota and culture... —  read more 

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Making every effort

Some are trying to convince me that it is possible to be valued here if enough effort is put into your work. Really? How much is "enough effort"? I don’t think of myself as the best employee, but I’ve been putting in the maximum effort for a... —  read more 

I am setting myself a goal

I cant tolerate this abusive, back stabbing, toxic and cesspool of an environment. If I can get out of this company in 3 months, I will, otherwise I will resign and better my mental health and skillset while being jobless. People stress less about... —  read more 

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What a mess

There are many dysfunctional teams across the company, that's obvious. However, instead of fixing the many problems, our leadership opts to lay off hardworking employees and hire more layers of management because that's what's going to help, right?... —  read more 

Constant fear of layoffs.

It's getting a little tiring. For me that is more hard to bare than the unrealistic amount of work and growing expectations of employees. If were to do a poll, I think it would turn out that more people are leaving here because of the constant... —  read more 

Should I join NetApp?

I'm considering VAST, PURE and NetApp roles. There seems to be a lot of negative energy here. Are there layoffs and how prevalent are they? Is the culture really as bad as the employees claim. NetApp seems like a stodgy old company with legacy... —  read more 

Layoffs underway

NetApp is currently in a reorganization and silent layoff as they pivot to the new Microsoft led strategy and conversion to Microsoft leadership teams. NetApp existing leadership is being replaced while teams are structured to make the Microsoft... —  read more 

So Many Problems

Incompetent management, lack of direction, unreasonable expectations, hypocrisy, sloppy assignment planning, lazy individuals who do nothing but deflect blame, and so many other things are the reason why I've decided to move on from NetApp after 8... —  read more 

NetApp is Netflix

Like Netflix, earnings are no longer a reason to buy the stock. Like Netflix there are many competitors who are less expensive with equal or better quality. Like Netflix, NetApp has a cult like culture and subscriber base. Like Netflix, NetApp no... —  read more 

April fools

April first is always the day NetApp fools find out they have been sacrificed for stock price. Hundreds of millions of dollars flow into stock buybacks for Kurian and their executive bonus. Once a best place to work now a worst place to be. So many... —  read more 

Silicon Valley?

Today, it reminded me of the series Silicon Valley which used to be extremely funny during its initial seasons. So many events that happened today make me wanna believe that most execs haven't seen that series - LOL

Expectations VS. Reality

Basically, I’m talking about this company through my personal experience here, which has been influenced the most by my manager - in a bad way. Maybe I would have a different opinion about NetApp if I had a better manager. Anyway, let’s just say I... —  read more 

Relevance in the cloud world

Unfortunately, I think NetApp will never, or at least not in the near future, have any relevance in the cloud world. And perhaps this company could be relevant in the cloud, only if our leadership had a little more vision, right?

Expanding skill set

I got an offer after only a month of looking for a new job. To be fair, not all things are ideal here, but it is possible to grow a skillset and gain solid technical knowledge, and then it is easier to find a better opportunity. Are you satisfied... —  read more 

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