Topics regarding layoffs at NetApp

Topics regarding layoffs at NetApp

It's too much

What was once a normal job has turned into having no work-life balance because I'm forced to do mine and the jobs of two people who were let go months ago. I get no extra pay or bonus. All of this while my manager keeps telling me to be grateful that... —  read more 

Anxiety creeping in

With layoffs all around us in the tech industry, the frequent layoffs at NetApp come as an advantage for its employees this time? i.e. less or minimal layoffs around the corner? There is always a good time to get laid off and the worst time too, I... —  read more 

Layoffs when?

Given the current trend of widespread layoffs across the tech industry, it feels weird that NetApp hasn't announced layoffs yet. Whats the scale of the layoffs this time around?

NetApp in the cloud

A lot of the posts here are complaining about the working conditions at NetApp, but what about long term prospects of the company regardless, even if the employment is good. Do you believe NetApp trying to reposition itself as a Cloud company has any... —  read more 

Psychological abuse

I work with a team mate who gets very excited about proving me wrong about something, and he would like to do it when there is a bigger audience - I bet he prepares everyday keenly for such an opportunity and lately one more person added himself to... —  read more 

Such a shame

I have been a customer or an employee of NetApp since it went public. The decline started with Tom Georgens and has accelerated under George Kurian, so and now gutted by former MSFT employees. It's only going to I get worse now as Kurian allows the... —  read more 


Anthony Lye resigned from NetApp, one of the worst generators of HR issues with a constant stream of "cover ups" to protect a leader. Expect layoffs and cuts around the leadership changes. Other leaders have resigned as well due to quota and culture... —  read more 

Making every effort

Some are trying to convince me that it is possible to be valued here if enough effort is put into your work. Really? How much is "enough effort"? I don’t think of myself as the best employee, but I’ve been putting in the maximum effort for a... —  read more 

What a mess

There are many dysfunctional teams across the company, that's obvious. However, instead of fixing the many problems, our leadership opts to lay off hardworking employees and hire more layers of management because that's what's going to help, right?... —  read more 

Should I join NetApp?

I'm considering VAST, PURE and NetApp roles. There seems to be a lot of negative energy here. Are there layoffs and how prevalent are they? Is the culture really as bad as the employees claim. NetApp seems like a stodgy old company with legacy... —  read more 

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