Topics regarding layoffs at NetApp

Topics regarding layoffs at NetApp

Expanding skill set

I got an offer after only a month of looking for a new job. To be fair, not all things are ideal here, but it is possible to grow a skillset and gain solid technical knowledge, and then it is easier to find a better opportunity. Are you satisfied... —  read more 

Stay one year and run!

I mean it seriously. All the skills you can get here you will get in one year, and if you decide to stay longer, you will just be wasting you time. At least that's the case with me and I'm terribly sorry I didn't leave much earlier. Maybe there are... —  read more 

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I made the right choice

I left a little over a year ago for lower pay. I already managed to make up for a difference thanks to a recent increase and bonus. To say leaving paid off would be an understatement. I'm happy and enjoy my work once again. I know it may seem scary... —  read more 

I'm done with NetApp

It's not worth it anymore. Why even pretend to care anymore when our hard work is rewarded by low pay, no advancement, and no raises (except for the select few, apparently.) There are plenty of companies out there that still value their employees... —  read more 

Everything still the same?

Just stopped by this forum to see what's happening in this company, which I left exactly a year ago. I'm just wondering if anything has changed for the better or do good employees still have to listen to what mediocrities say? I left because of... —  read more 

surprise salary increases

word has it Netapp is giving select employees raises starting next paycheck. My guess is that they are trying to stem the tide of attrition; maybe they are starting with those underpaid? other criteria? anyways money is a nice gesture, but not a... —  read more 


What have I gotten myself into? Meetings never end, only a few people are allowed to be funny ( or crack jokes ) in meetings, only a few people are allowed to talk at length in these so-called meetings. Articulate colleagues are mostly mute, maybe... —  read more 

Kurians krusade

Leveraging COVID and vaccinations to avoid overt layoffs. Quite sneaky. Have all the executives and board members been vaccinated? How about if you refuse to visit a customer who can't prove that all their employees have been?

Don't make me laugh

You think you're safe? Don't be ridiculous! For as long as there's somebody who'd be willing to work for less than you, you can kiss that safety goodbye. And guess what? There'll always be somebody more desperate who'll be willing to work for... —  read more 

We need more people

I think many will agree? People give notice and leave, here remain people who are under enormous stress with a double workload. For now, I am still grateful for the flexibility and ability to still work from home, but I hope that my superiors will... —  read more 

You are not safe

This place is looking to cut costs further. That's the only thing this management knows how to do. If you are among those who are high earners, consider yourself as good as gone. Their goal is to replace everybody with people who cost less no matter... —  read more 

Compelling Event

So I heard there is a "compelling event" happening at NetApp. Not sure if this means they will finally be acquired or some other big thing. Any news from inside the puzzle palace?

No layoffs at NetApp

The moderators of this board repeatedly take down news of no layoffs. This will probably be taken down too. A reminder that The Layoff is not a source of reliable information, it's a source for stirring junk.

Good luck

Good luck to the people on this board with a target on their back who don't know it yet. Of course that excludes GK and staff as well as other teflon RDs who ride on your backs.

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