Topics regarding layoffs at NetApp

Topics regarding layoffs at NetApp


If you are wondering how someone seemingly unqualified got their job and if it was the DEI quota program, I suggest you take a look at their LinkedIn profile. Over the years, leadership has coached DEI hires to remove work history that suggests they... — read more 

What's up with SPOT?

So i just saw on linked that Kevin is leaving SPOT, and I noticed a bunch of branding changes removing SPOT from logos... wtf? I may have missed an email (checks spam folder). If SPOT gets 'disappeared' what about the rest of the public cloud stuff? — read more 


Exec Mgt is not done yet. I told you about the last round, which was correct. Top Mgrs and AEs I know have confirmed they are leaving or will be pushed out in the next 60 days at the most. Last qtrs results were not because the company is doing well... — read more 

The Market Speaks

Heads will roll NetApp’s AFA revenue went down more than the market average, at 16 percent annually. Its hybrid/HDD array revenue did worse, falling 47 percent. Its share of the overall storage market, Rakers claims, “fell to a… low of 9.7 percent... — read more 

Product team in trouble

I'm not sure how many of you have been following this trend, but there has been a surge in highly technical and exceptionally skilled product managers resigning over the past few years. This seems to be driven by the appointment of opportunistic... — read more 

The company misleads

There is a full time staff who reads the posts here and convinces TheLayoff to delete the opinions that put executives or company strategy in a bad light. NetApp has become a cult of overpaid order takers and corporate thugs. Like Scientology they... — read more 

Layoff coming this week

Another round of layoffs is coming this week following the financial report. NetApp's revenue drops for yet another quarter - Tuesday is the day... — read more 

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What's your plan?

Recent reorgs around a certain product have set NetApp up to lose what little foothold and stake it had in tangible cloud offerings. The leadership of this org has continued to churn and make poor decisions that result in highly experienced engineers... — read more 

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