Topics regarding layoffs at NetApp

Topics regarding layoffs at NetApp

Country discrimination law suit

In our bu the engineers in US soil got used as canon fodder to keep teams in India intact. 95% of the people laid off was in US. No points for guessing that the VP is based out of India office. Do you guys think it will be worthwhile to pursue a... —  read more 

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Good Riddens

I am glad I was able to get rid of all the driftwood. I was brought in to clean house in the silo I manage. Too long many of you have hung around providing now value. I am working on the next cuts already have your Resumes' prepared. It is nothing... —  read more 

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It's A Wrap!

Alright, I think whoever was in charge of laying off people obviously does not know how to choose the right people. One of the FTE who was a literally Netapp library was laid off and now people don't know who to ask for help. The project managers... —  read more 

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Kurian must go

How many layoffs have happened under his tenure versus how many times has his compensation been modified? Being rewarded for firing people can only last so long.

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HPE is hiring!

Especially if you were in the RTP area, many of the “old guard” at NetApp still work there (after they acquired Nimble storage). It seems Netapp never did recover and just continued to get worse after that big split.

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It couldn't be worse

Aging products .... No innovation for a decade .... Failure of every acquisition ..... Corporate nepotism at every level ...... No accountability .... Terrible reputation with both customers and employees. NetApp is now Sun Microsystems and headed... —  read more 

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These layoffs were different

Having experienced layoffs in the past NetApp typically offered packages for those who voluntarily resigned before the sudden "We are eliminating your position" notices. It just proves the culture at NetApp is about taking care of the good ole boys... —  read more 

No leadership

NetApp hasn't had leadership since Dan Warmenhoven and Tom Mendoza left, the culture has been in a downfall ever since. This is 100% true. I don't think that people who are in charge now can even be called leaders, more like destroyers of... —  read more 

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Wrong people being cut

Among those who are affected, there are probably those who did not work very hard and do not have a good skillset, but my perception is that many wrong people were cut as well. Why is this happening? For some people I know, it makes no sense at all... —  read more 

Security Department is a JOKE

Cote and P. Miller were shrills that GK and MB brought in because they are bu-t buddies. I am not surprised what happened nor shocked. The Rats were leaving the ship last summer after bigger rats arrived last spring. Good luck to those who got... —  read more 

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NetApp is now in free fall

The next shoe to fall will be a product line. StorageGrid, legacy Engenio and other non-core non-cloud products. We wasted hundreds of millions on Solidfire. The decision makers who facilitated that acquisition should all be fired ..... Including... —  read more 

Where is the troll hunter ?

The fanboy seems to have been silenced ..... Disparaging all the comments about layoffs as false. In fact it seems that the troll hunter may actually be a NetApp employee whose job it is to sanitize negative comments.

just Fed up

I am tired of laying people off for people that are never worried about their jobs. Complete lack of personal skills at the top. They act entitled and better than everyone. So ready to leave this place, it no longer feels like a home or family. ... —  read more 

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They had it coming

The first day entering and my last day being removed for an injustice reason. I knew stuff was going to go down afterward. First was the stocks, then I heard they were cutting PTO from certain people, then layoffs of contractors, and then layoffs of... —  read more 

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Impacted Areas

Spot PC Number of DM's and VP's to cut out layers of middle management Lot of Development teams on ONTAP GSI team Channel Team (CDM and TPM) Add groups if you know them... but it was 8% public but contractors and open reqs were also gone... —  read more 


Yup . CEO just sent out a ‘today is the day for size reduction’ paraphrasing ofc. 8% !!! Damn.. Lunch: Classical Italian$4.59. Stay civil, and be thankful for any severance you (I) may get .

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