Topics regarding layoffs at Nutanix

Topics regarding layoffs at Nutanix

Horrible leadership

Is there any way that we can have a round of layoffs for those who run this place? I think they've proven again and again with their ignorance and incompetence that they have no place here at all, not to mention at the top. If I did as bad of a job... — read more 

Who would buy Nutanix?

I just wonder? Who do you think will buy us? The big hyperscaler's are cutting back in threat of a recession. Hardware providers? Dell just sold VMware, IBM bought Redhat.. So HPe? Nvida? Fujitsu? Rogue companies? Broadcom, Huawei or Vista Equity... — read more 

~270 people to be laid off

from their SEC filing On August 9, 2022, Nutanix, Inc. (the "Company") announced a plan to reduce its global headcount by approximately 270 employees, which represents approximately 4% of the Company's total employees, following a review of its... — read more 

Broadcom eying Nutanix

I've just read that in case the VMware acquisition falls through, Broadcom is planning to go after us instead. What are the chances this is true? I usually take things I read on the internet with a grain of salt, but this has me worried for some... — read more 

Nutanix Ex CTO

Is Mr. R M fired or let go? His exit doesn't sound great to me. His LinkedIn post says "Think Bug" and work hard. But, then why did he join google where he is small fish in a big ocean?

Why M A Left nutanix

Cohesity is Same product as nutanix in a different market segment. Why M A left nutanix? And why nutanix didn't enter into hci secondary market, where it could have entered very easily. Sounds political to me?

Rolling furlough

It is just a forced pay cut in disguise. Another way to say take pay cut or leave , but most can't due to visas and will have to swallow it. Not like managers will not force you to work when you are in furlough.


Per WARN (Total 1465): City: San Jose Nutanix Inc. Effetive Date: 5/4/2020 WARN Filed: 4/30/2020 Nutanix Inc. Affected: 1434 Employees - Layoff Temporary City: Redding Nutanix Inc. Effetive Date: 5/4/2020 WARN Filed: 4/30/2020 Nutanix... — read more 

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