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Do you think WD is in its last days?

The "right sizing" has virtually become uncontrollable hemorrhaging. They are so disorganized that I've heard stories of folks getting cut and rehired before the ink dries. Those not getting laid off are just jumping ship while they can still swim... read more

Who else is nervous ahead of June?

I managed to relax a bit since the last round of layoffs, but the more June is approaching, the more is my anxiety returning. If this continues for much longer, they won't have to lay me off. I'll leave on my own. This kind of stress is not good... read more

Moving jobs overseas?

https://careers.westerndigital.com/ New positions: United States - 136 Overseas (all countries) - 197 It was different years ago.

114 layed off in Milpitas

http://www.ci.milpitas.ca.gov/city-manager-weekly-report-week-ended-march-9-2019/ Western Digital Economic Development Staff has received a Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) letter from the State’s Employment Development Department... read more

You should have an exit strategy

Actually, NO ONE is safe. It doesn't matter where you're employed, there's simply no loyalty anymore between employer and the employee(s). Update your resume and keep a portfolio of your work, so that you have proof of your abilities and competence... read more
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So, are we safe for now?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not naive to think that layoffs are over at WD, but are we at least safe for the time being? In other words, have they achieved what they wanted wit cuts to this point?

Are all layoffs done yesterday?

Yesterday there were layoffs at my location but today nothing,so far so good, all seem quiet. Does that mean that they laid off everyone they played in yesterday's wave, of course for now, or are they planning to stretch the layoffs to a couple of... read more

Western Digital layoff is actually great for you

My condolences, I know how you feel today. Been there done that. However, you will not regret in year from now: you get severance pay you should not be working for this company when there are better opportunities around

Are we sure it's over?

Any chance Western Digital might decide to spring more layoffs on us today? Or was it truly finished yesterday?

Layoffs Yesterday

In WD doesn’t matter how much you are smart, educated and hard worker. One day they would laid off you because of saving their pocket’s benefits and money for their personal expenses! Good luck to all amazing and smart people got laid off yesterday... read more

How bad will this week turn out to be?

From all the accounts I've read and heard, this week will be the layoffs week at Western Digital. But details are so scarce. Any ideas on the numbers they are looking to cut? And which area's will be hit the most? This weekend has been nerve-wracking... read more

Any more layoffs this week?

Do we know if last week's layoffs at Western Digital are done or will some of it spill into this week? Also, if somebody please could give us more info on last week. primarily which locations were hit the most and what kind of numbers are we talking... read more

Latest layoffs rumors at Western Digital

Latest layoff rumours I am hearing is now 10 to 15%. Stock price has imploded and forward outlook for SSD profitability is going to be in the negative territory for the next several quarters. I hope everyone was saving their $$ when we were doing... read more

People need to realize this

The drive business has always had layoffs as part of their DNA. It just comes with being in the storage industry. Since buying these SSD companies, WD has not managed to produce any new SSD products under their leadership, which says something... read more

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