Topics regarding layoffs at Western Digital Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Western Digital Corp.

Half a year since I left

I don't regret leaving at all. Now that I remember how much I was hesitant and how unsure I was of leaving and accepting another offer... I shouldn't have hesitated at all. Not only am I paid more, that wasn’t even the primary reason I left, but I... —  read more 

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How does WD layoff work?

I already found my next employer but I am waiting until my September stock and bonus vested. I wonder at what time frame is WD's layoff? I wonder if I can volunteer for layoff, getting severance and the stock/bonus at the same time?

Leading with fear

What can be achieved with fear-based leadership? Are they aware that it is impossible to achieve absolutely anything other than disperse all the talented and hard working people that this company needs into competing companies? I'm not afraid of... —  read more 

How did this happen?

I'm at the point where I hate working here. I actively hate my job. I never thought this day would come yet here we are. Just imagine how much a company needs to change for one of its employees to go from truly enjoying his job to hating it within... —  read more 

mobile phone expenses

To work from home, one needs a mobile phone to answer calls, security confirmation, or read email. What is the experience of getting a company mobile phone approved for work? Better don't try?

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Pay adjustment

Joined WD last year from Cisco. My director just showed me a 2.5% pay raise. Is this too low? With everything getting more expensive, including housing and food, shouldn't the pay raise be higher? What are other people getting?

Liberation, finally!

I accepted a job at a much smaller company that seems to have a lot of potential. I also accepted a much lower salary, it was that important to me to get out of here. I couldn’t stand this atmosphere anymore. I procrastinated with leaving and... —  read more 

Layoffs update?

I would love for someone to tell me that the post below about the layoffs is just a rumor and nothing more. I panicked when I saw the post, so I'm asking for more information. Where are the layoffs happening or about to happen? I really don’t like... —  read more 

More layoffs

This place just gets worse and worse. More layoffs and clearly HR is asleep at the wheel. The level of politics and toxicity is off the charts. Not sure how we won an award of most ethical when employees have been screwed over this year by Goeckeler... —  read more 

Layoff coming soon?

I think many people received email like this recently:" This is a test of the Western Digital Emergency Communication tool. It is only a test. In the event of an emergency, critical information will be communicated to you via the contact information... —  read more 

Too far gone?

Is WD too far gone to get back on its feet? Some of my coworkers believe that it will although it’s got a very long road ahead, but others insist we should just stick a fork in it because the company is done for. With the way leadership hasn’t had a... —  read more 


Lots of weird hiring and firing happening. Clear strategy other than it’s all about Goeckeleker and the team he brought it to create chaos. We are supposed to be innovating and instead losing engineering talent with the game playing and politics. ... —  read more 

Poor HR management

In my opinion, HR should be the voice of compassion, reason and ethics, but that is not the case in this company. They should, of course, be the link between the company and employees to protect us, but they are not. They should help, but they don’t... —  read more 

More Cisco people? Hmmm

Interesting that employees are laid of, forced out only to be replaced by more Cisco people. Makes you wonder if HR is asleep at the wheel or doesn’t care that starting at executive levels across and down it’s happening. Crazy how we have our own... —  read more 

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