Topics regarding layoffs at Western Digital Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Western Digital Corp.


Retention Awards Mr. Goeckeler’s retention award is for a number of restricted stock units of the Company equal in value to $5,000,000 in the aggregate (the “CEO Retention Award”). The first 30% of the CEO Retention Award will vest on June 15, 2023... —  read more 

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Sad and disappointed

All these years, I have been doing my job as diligently as possible, trying to be the best at what I do in order to add value here. At one time I had some solid offers to leave, but I remained loyal to this place. And what now? My experience can... —  read more 

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What's the fuss? We're still WDC

Oh wait...but WDC now stands for Western Digital Cisco. This leadership only cares about lining their own pockets while they drive the company we all worked so hard together to build, into the ground. What a never-ending sh-t show.

Age criteria

Judging by what I hear from those who were impacted, it seems that the age was one of the main criteria for these RIFs. If this is true, shame on this company!

Nov 09 2022 Layoffs

Today I got layoff im from the Finance Department, I'll stay and get paid till mid-Jan and a severance of 10k, also saw a director get the layoff earlier in the week, and people were talking about who's next. I would say that if you made it this week... —  read more 

Goeckler Trickle Strategy

DG will trickle layoffs so he does not have to adhere to WARN act. Hope he and leadership team had a great time in Bali! What a bunch of useless men!

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