Topics regarding layoffs at Western Digital Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Western Digital Corp.

Skills eroded here

I came to WD to expand my knowledge, gain experience, grow a skillset. Now it just seems to me that I lost time here and what is worse, that the skills I came here with have atrophied. I've come to a conclusion that this is not a good place for... —  read more 

I need a new job

Something clicked for me this weekend. I realized Sunday how quickly my mood soured as soon as Monday came closer. This has been going on for a while now but I have been mostly ignoring it. Now I realized that Sunday night dread for Monday is... —  read more 

Where are people going?

I see people are leaving, but where? I've been looking at job openings and there isn't much available in our field. I'm yet to find something that's worth even considering quitting over. Am I looking at the wrong places? Where are all these jobs... —  read more 

Get out

I left 2 months ago and Ive never been happier! Out of that toxic, borderline racist, corrupt place where I "wasted" away over 10 years of my career (including sandisk). Like I say it to others - When in doubt- Get the F*** OUT Create a list of the... —  read more 

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Times are changing

I recently had a little discussion with a colleague about whether it's ever been harder to work for this company than it is now, i.e., did WD always squeeze people this much? I no longer have any life-work balance here. It seems to me that from... —  read more 

It is a good time to quit

I told a few coworkers I was ready to quit even without a new job lined up (I'm having issues with my manager that HR was no help at all with) and nearly everybody called me crazy. I'm confident that in the current labor market I'll be able to find... —  read more 

Layoff if not vac?

Recent email say WD strongly encourages us to get vaccinated. Says we are almost at 90% with daily questions to enter building. Sorry I think it’s BS heard many employees just saying they are so they don’t have answer daily emails. My body my choice... —  read more 

Most ethical company???

Not the first time… Western Digital Caught Bait-and-Switching Customers With Slow SSDs Guess that was too much to hope for. According to a report from Chinese tech site Expreview, the WD SN550 Blue — which is currently one of the best-reviewed... —  read more 

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High upvote/downvote

Came here today and saw high upvote downvote counts generally in favor of. The C - level team. Looks like someone is aggressively up voting pro wd and downvoting anti wd. Get a life you sycophants. And as for the haters, get a life too. If you dint... —  read more 

That day has finally come

I finally got a great offer, which means I’m now counting the days until the last day here. When summarizing my impressions, I would not recommend anyone to come and work here. The stress and pressure I had here was astronomical. I just wonder how... —  read more 

Half a year since I left

I don't regret leaving at all. Now that I remember how much I was hesitant and how unsure I was of leaving and accepting another offer... I shouldn't have hesitated at all. Not only am I paid more, that wasn’t even the primary reason I left, but I... —  read more 

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