Topics regarding layoffs at Western Digital Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Western Digital Corp.


Leaders are preparing to do layoffs next week. With any luck, you will get a package. Right now we are all on the Titanic!

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Resting and Vesting

Loved article by Google. This is exactly what the HGST people are doing inside of WD. RESTING AND VESTING! You know who you are. get to the 4 year 3 and you are in the cash cow machine. Funny that it is such an open discussion at VP level... —  read more 

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!ts A 5H!t 5h0w

Rumors have been flying over the past week and a half about the potential for a layoff this year. Nothing from official channels, but the rumor is that they will be announced this summer and will be MASSIVE!!!! Stay tuned!! I have heard that a... —  read more 


That's the company pay ratio between the CEO and the median worker pay at Western Digital. Look at that number and tell me there's not something monumentally wrong there. We are having layoffs all the time when just halving the CEO's pay could save... —  read more 

I'm exhausted

It would be interesting to do a survey about stress levels at WD. Have you ever experienced more stress than you do now? Personally, I have never been under a greater load and stress. I have already started looking for other options.

Pac-Man logo $$$

The logo is a little science project once again conceived by Goeckeler and his wannabe SVP of Comms. Seriously nothing about Ukraine talented people leaving, compensation and stock down. What are they doing besides making pretty pics and weird... —  read more 

Archaic practices

Young talented people do not want to come here because WD is failing to get rid of archaic, outdated and unnecessary practices. In my opinion, WD is stuck in the past, and leadership is doing nothing to change that. Isn’t it high time for change... —  read more 

Distrust towards managers

It’s hard to work and in general everything is very hard when you don’t trust the manager. I'm thinking of leaving because of that. My manager doesn't walk his talk at all. I absolutely don't trust him. In addition to making empty promises several... —  read more 

Is severance reduced?

I know of several companies that have reduced their severance and used COVID-19 as a handy excuse. It's low and immoral in my opinion but it's been happening. Does anybody know if something similar happened or will soon happen at WD? Is there any way... —  read more 

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