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Has WDC given up on HAMR don't seem to hear much about it theses days. I know Seagate are still trying to get it to work..

Long Term Plan?

Three different systems, which requires a lot of manual bridging, has made conditions really tough for a lot of people and created so much extra work Lots of good folks leaving because of the chaos. Doesn't seem like there is good long term plan. The... read more
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Integration status

How has the WD/HGST/Sandisk integration been going? I've heard not well. It sounds like both were rushed and not well-thought out (ERP issues, etc.). Any thoughts?

HQ Move Lament

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H1B Visas and layoffs

https://www.uscis.gov/e-verify/employees/reporting-violations https://www.oig.dhs.gov/index.php?option=com_content&id=152 If H1B visa holders continue to be retained and qualified American workers are laid off, these are helpful websites.
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Labor department might investigate visas

Multiple news stories mention that Trump might get Labor Department to look into Visa abuses. If you are an older worker who gets laid off while the company continues to retain its workers in various Visas, then it is time to start reporting the... read more

This isn't a WD thing it is everywhere

I am an older guy in laid off April 15. I need new skills because I was too pigeonholed at WD. Jeez most people were/are. So now I see these cool jobs for interns that I'd love to do just to learn even though my pay would be a third of what it was... read more

WD - Famous for the Christmas RIF

I worked there for over 15 years and was the beneficiary of a Christmas RIF. WD will frequently do some sort of layoff in December right before Christmas. I think because of tax reasons but not sure. No one likes to hear layoff, but it would be nice... read more

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